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Food & Material Culture: Proceedings of the Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery 2013

Food & Material Culture: Proceedings of the Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery 2013

by Oxford Symposium (Compiler)


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Topics covered by the papers include: Aesthetics and politics of the kitchen in fascist Italy, The bamboo tea whisk in Japanese tea culture, Cooking under fire, 1914-1918, Sugar sculpture in Italian court banquets, Mongolian milk spoons, Perfuming the table in old Baghdad.

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ISBN-13: 9781909248403
Publisher: Marion Boyars Publishers Ltd
Publication date: 02/02/2015
Pages: 368
Product dimensions: 9.50(w) x 6.80(h) x 1.10(d)

Table of Contents

Foreword Mark McWilliams 9

Plenary Papers

Autarchic by Design: Aesthetics and Politics of Kitchenware Diana Garvin 11

Sporks, Pestles and Peelers: Why Kitchen Technology Matters Bee Wilson 20

The Soup that Went into the Tureen: Connecting the Dots between Food and Material Culture Carolin C. Young 33

Symposium Papers

The Future of Tableware and Cooking Vessels Ken Albala 48

Salt-pot / Tuz Testisi: A Salt and Terracotta Water Cooler from Turkey Nilhan Aras 56

Towards an Anthropology of Bimby Food-processors in Italy Elisa Ascione 62

Digital Gastronomy Adrian Bregazzi 70

Bottles, Glasses and Contrasting Beer Cultures in Belgium and the United States Anthony F. Buccini 80

The Bamboo Tea Whisk in Japanese Tea Tradition Voltaire Cang 90

Trench Fare: Cooking under Fire, France 1914-1918 Kyri W Claflin 100

The Significance and Symbolism of Sugar Sculpture at Italian Court Banquets June di Schino 111

Refrigeration and the Americanization of Immigrants in the First Half of the Twentieth Century Betsey Dexter Dyer Jonathan Brumberg-Kraus 123

Shaken, not Stirred: the Story of Mixers and Mixing Len Fisher Janet Clarkson Alan Parker 135

Napkins and Handkerchiefs in Early Modern Drama Joan Fitzpatrick 141

Kitchen Knives: the New Bling Peter Hertzmann 151

Tsatsal: the Symbolism and Significance of Mongolian Milk Spoons Sharon Hudgins 161

Katai: Coconut Scrapers Phil Iddison 175

Moulds for Shaping and Decorating Food in Turkey Priscilla Mary Isin 184

An Examination of Elite Consumption Trends in Ceramic Tableware in Georgian Ireland Tara Kellaghan 197

The Cow Creamer and the 'Cudster' Llio Teleri Lloyd-Jones 208

How to Make Solar Cooking Global: a Beginner's Guide Jeremy MacClancy 214

The Rise of the Picnic Hamper Diana Noyce 224

Vessels and Equipment Used by Street Food-vendors in Istanbul Banu Özden 234

Ushnan and Perfuming the Banquet Charles Perry 241

A Federal-era Kitchen: Hampton's Stew Stove, Iron Oven and Hearth Patricia Bixler Reber 248

Table Manners and what they Looked Like Gillian Riley 256

Endless Eating: the Indian Thali Caroline Rowe 264

'Let's all go eat at the Automat': Machines and Miracles in New York City Laura Shapiro Rebecca Federman 272

The First Thousand Years of Pottery in Prehistoric Oxfordshire Emilie Sibbesson 281

Making Muscular Machines with Nitrogenous Nutrition Lesley Steinitz 289

Nefs: Ships of the Table and the Origins of Etiquette David C. Sutton 304

Turkish Coffee: arte & factum, Paraphernalia of a Ritual from Ember to Cup Aylin Öney Tan Nihal Bursa 314

The Material Culture of the Classical Greek Banquet Stephanos Tanis 325

A 'Knack' for Cooking: what are the Required Tools? Amy B. Trubek 336

The Quederah: the Everyday Cooking Pot of Talmudic Times Susan Weingarten 344

The Role of Extra-domiciliary Kitchens in Great Household Victualling Strategies, c. 1400-1600 Ryan Whibbs 354

Kee Wah Bakery's Mooncake Packaging Makeover in the 1990s Jennifer Wong 365

The Waurás in Brazil Have a Pan that Speaks to the Fire Marcia Zoladz 374

Our Kitchen in 1940s Baghdad Sami Zubaida 385

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