Food Protection Technology

Food Protection Technology

by Conf for Food Protec


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ISBN-13: 9780873713771
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 09/01/1990
Pages: 416

Table of Contents

PREFACE. INTRODUCTORY REMARKS. SECTION ONE: ADDRESSES. WELCOMING ADDRESS. CHAIRMAN'S OPENING ADDRESS. KEYNOTE ADDRESS: RISKS ASSOCIATED WITH DIET. USDA ADDRESS: REGULATORY CONCERNS IN FOOD PROTECTION. USDA ADDRESS: THE RELATIONSHIP OF NATIONAL CONFERENCES TO PUBLIC HEALTH AND FOOD SAFETY. CONCLUDING ADDRESS. SECTION TWO: ISSUES. COUNCIL ISSUES: LAWS AND REGULATIONS. Opening Remarks. International Harmonization of Health and Sanitary Regulations. Food Labeling Resolution. Standardization of Animal Feed Regulations. Trichina-Free Pork and Toxoplasmosis. Reducing Consumer Risks from Pathogens and Residues. National Salmonella Strategy. Restrictions on the Use of Animal Drugs. Risk Assessment and Increase Analytical Sensitivity. Dairy Products' Use of Pasteurized Milk. Loss of Experienced Regulators: National Food Policy Personnel Shortages. Restrictions on the Use of Single Service for Foodservice. Manufacturing of Packaged Ice. Federal Preemption. Health Claims. Development of Fat Substitutes. Seafood Mislabeling. Unregulated Food Service Operators. Microbiological Criteria for the Food Supply. Water Vending Operations. Temporary Food Stands/Screens. Cook/Chill Regulations. Protection of Canned and Bottled Beverages. Internal Food Temperatures. Unregulated Animal Food Sources. Pesticide Regulation. COUNCIL II ISSUES: ADMINISTRATION, EDUCATION, AND CERTIFICATION. Opening Remarks. Food Safety Education. Public Acceptance of Irradiated Foods. Irrational Pesticide Analytical Methodology. Food Virology. CDC Reporting of Foodborne Diseases. Funding of Studies on Foodborne Diseases. HACCP Training for Food Protection Personnel. Salmonella enteritidis (SE) Issues. Uniformity and Improvement of Temporary Food Service Facilities. Protection of Beverages During Transportation. Standardized Plan Reviews. HACCP Implementation. Required Food Safety Protection Surveillance. Development of Language to Allow the Assembly to Make Editorial or Non-Substantive Modifications to Recommendations on the Floor. Canadian Consultants to the Conference Councils. Voting Status on Councils I and II for Federal Agencies. Council II to Work with an Ad Hoc Committee on MOUs. Clarifying Interim Language for Board Actions. Need for Procedures to Submit Changes. COUNCIL III ISSUES: SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY. Opening Remarks. Trichina-Free Pork and Toxoplasmosis. Risk Assessment and the Increasing Sensitivity of Analytical Methods. Consumer Hysteria Versus True Health Risks. Pesticide Analytical Methodologies and Pesticide Residues in Foods-True Assessment. Development of Fat Substitutes. Natural Toxins and Food Composition Effects. Aflatoxin and Mycotoxin Hazards in Food. Migration of Packaging Components. Restrictions on the Use of Animal Drugs. Manufacturing of Packaged Ice. Viral Testing from Outbreaks of Foodborne Disease. Raw Fish and Roundworm Larvae "Phocanema" and Anisakis. Microbiological Criteria for the Food Supply. Salmonella. Vacuum-Packaged/Sous Vide. New Shelf Stable Dairy Products. Listeria monocytogenes: Public Health Significance. Food Management Test. Rapid Methods. Protecting Against Adventitious Environmental Exposure. Recontamination of Meat, Poultry, Seafoods, etc. CDC Reporting of Foodborne Disease Outbreaks. SECTION THREE: CROSS-COUNCIL ISSUE: SALMONELLA. THE HUMAN ASPECT OF SALMONELLA ENTERITIDIS. SALMONELLA ENTERITIDIS IN EGGS IN MARYLAND. FDA PERSPECTIVE. COUNCIL ACTIONS AND ASSEMBLY DELIBERATION. SECTION FOUR: WORKSHOPS. WORKSHOP NOTES. NATURAL TOXINS IN FOOD. COMPARISON OF THE CARCINOGENIC RISK OF NATURALLY OCCURRING AND ADVENTITIOUS SUBSTANCES IN FOOD. DIETARY METHYL GROUPS IN CHEMICAL TOXICOLOGY. EFFECTS OF DIETARY PROTEIN ON AFLATOXIN TOXICITY. DIET, CALORIC RESTRICTION, AND AFLATOXIN TOXICITY. APPENDICES. INDEX OF ISSUES. SUBJECT INDEX.

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