Food Safety Management in China: A Perspective from Food Quality Control System

Food Safety Management in China: A Perspective from Food Quality Control System

by Jiehong Zhou, Shaosheng Jin


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Food Safety Management in China: A Perspective from Food Quality Control System by Jiehong Zhou, Shaosheng Jin

In recent years, China has taken a number of effective measures to strengthen the supervision of food quality and safety, but food safety incidents still occur sometimes. The recurrence and intractability of such incidents suggest that, in addition to the imperfect supervision system, the greatest obstacle to China's food quality safety management is that China's “farm to fork” food supply chain has too many stages, the members on the supply chain have not form a stable strategic and cooperative relation, and on the other hand, during the transitional period, some practitioners lack social responsibility. Therefore, China's food quality safety management and the establishment of food quality and safety traceability system should follow the development trend of international food quality and safety supervision, and should combine with the establishment of China's agricultural industrialization and standardization, integrate China's existing but isolated effective measures, such as the establishment of bases for the implementation of the system of claiming certificates or invoices, for the performance of Management Regulations for Pig Slaughtering and Quarantine Inspection in Designated Places, and for the conduct of World Expo, as well as the establishment of market access system, take into consideration the demand, the dynamic mechanism, and the performance of important measures of food supply chain members for food quality and safety control, as well as the difficulties and the deep-seated reasons in the implementation process of such measures.To this end, this book chooses important agricultural products of vegetables, pork and aquatic products as the subjects investigated. From an “integrated” vertical perspective of the supply chain and according to the degree of industrialization of different products, focusing on the key links of quality and safety control of vegetables, pork and aquatic products, this book carries out empirical analysis of the construction of food quality and safety control system, such as HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) quality control system and food quality and safety traceability system, deeply analyzes and straightens out the dynamic mechanism and the performance of different business entities implementing the food quality and safety management system, as well as the bottleneck and deep-seated causes of promoting advanced experience of pilot areas and enterprises in China, and put forward ideas and suggestions of establishing long-term effective food quality and safety management system with regard to vegetables, pork, and aquatic products, which can provide scientific basis for the government to design food quality and safety management policies.

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ISBN-13: 9789814447751
Publisher: World Scientific / Zhejiang University Press, China
Publication date: 03/28/2013
Pages: 240
Product dimensions: 6.20(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.80(d)

Table of Contents

Preface v

Acknowledgements vii

Chapter 1 Overview of Food Safety Management in China 1

1.1 Changes in the Focus of Food Safety in China 1

1.2 China's Food Safety: Understanding Based on the Perspective of Non-Traditional Security 3

1.3 China's Food Safety Supervision: Progress and Achievements 6

1.4 China's Food Safety Supervision: Problem Analysis 11

1.5 Conclusions 29

Chapter 2 Safety of Vegetables and the Use of Pesticides by Farmers in China 33

2.1 Introduction 33

2.2 Method 35

2.3 Results and Discussions 37

2.4 Conclusions and Implications 46

Chapter 3 Adoption of Food Safety and Quality Standards by China's Agricultural Cooperatives 49

3.1 Introduction 49

3.2 Methodology 51

3.3 Data Source and Variable Description 53

3.4 Results and Discussions 58

3.5 Policy Implications and Conclusions 60

Chapter 4 Implementation of Food Safety and Quality Standards: A Case Study of the Vegetable Processing Industry in Zhejiang, China 65

4.1 Introduction 65

4.2 Food Safety and Quality System in China 68

4.3 Theoretical Framework 71

4.4 The Survey and the Data 74

4.5 Empirical Analysis 76

4.6 Conclusions and Policy Recommendations 86

Chapter 5 Adoption of HACCP System in the Chinese Food Industry: A Comparative Analysis 91

5.1 Introduction 91

5.2 Method 93

5.3 Results and Discussions 94

5.4 Conclusions and Implications 100

Chapter 6 An Empirical Analysis of the Implementation of Vegetable Quality and Safety Traceability Systems Centering on Wholesale Markets 103

6.1 The Status Quo and the Reasons for the Implementation of a Traceability System in China's Agricultural Products Wholesale Markets 105

6.2 Analysis of Factors that Influence Suppliers of Vegetables Wholesale Markets Implementing a Traceability System 108

6.3 Results and Discussions 114

6.4 Policy Recommendations 117

Chapter 7 Investment in Voluntary Traceability: Analysis of Chinese Hog Slaughterhouses and Processors 123

7.1 Introduction 123

7.2 Related Literature 126

1.1 Materials and Methods 128

7.1 Results and Discussions 130

7.5 Conclusions 138

Chapter 8 Quality Perception, Safer Behavior Management and Control of Aquaculture: Experience of Exporting Enterprises of Zhejiang Province, China 145

8.1 Introduction 145

8.2 Aquatic Products Export Restrictions: the Situation from Zhejiang Province 147

8.3 Related References 151

8.4 Materials and Methods 152

8.5 Descriptive Analysis 153

8.6 Conclusions and Recommendations 162

Chapter 9 Outlook for China's Food Safety Situation and Policy Recommendations 167

9.1 Outlook for China's Food Safety Situation 167

9.2 Policy Recommendations 171

Appendix I Food Safety Law of the People's Republic of China 177

Appendix II Law of the People's Republic of China on Agricultural Product Quality Safety 213

Index 227

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