Footballs Never Bounce True

Footballs Never Bounce True

by Robert Holland


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ISBN-13: 9780965852340
Publisher: Frost Hollow Publishers, LLC
Publication date: 05/01/1999
Series: Books Boys Want to Read Series
Pages: 163
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x (d)
Age Range: 11 Years

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If ever, Damon thought, a place sounded like wussville it was Wally's Falls, which meant that when you played football for the Wally's Falls Beavers, you had to be tough, if only because the name of the school was so bad. No wonder the football team didn't win anymore. Maybe a name like Wally's Falls was okay when his dad was on the team, because old people from those times never noticed stuff like that. But this was modern times, and kids noticed everything now. And as if the name of the town wasn't bad enough they had a beaver for a mascot, not a real beaver, but a guy dressed up in a beaver suit. To win games, you had to have a mascot that was nast and mean. Beavers did not exactly have a reputation as fierce or nasty. And around here, he thought, everyone knows that beavers are so dumb that a lot of the time they get whacked by the tree they're chewing down. No. You had to have a mascot like a grizzly or a wolf or maybe a cougar.

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Jonathan Marcheterre

I thought this was a great book! Hopefully more of these books will be written for kids my age to enjoy.

Matt Sullivan

Excellent, exciting, great cast of characters, and probably the best book I've ever read!

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