Footsteps Through the Sands of Time: Past Life Dramas Present Life Lessons

Footsteps Through the Sands of Time: Past Life Dramas Present Life Lessons

by Saundra Cindy Blum


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There is a tremendous shift in our consciousness on this planet. We are a nation of seekers, yearning to understand more and more of who we are and what our purpose is. Many of us have undergone one or more forms of psychological therapy to solve life's problems and find answers to our probing and sometimes life-long questions. Yet most of us feel something is still missing, and there are many answers we are desperately seeking.

Why do we seem to repeat patterns in relationships and other areas of our lives? Why do we have such unworthy feelings or suffer from chronic depression? Why did we need to endure the loss of a child or have to suffer from an abusive husband?
It is my belief, shared by others, that we will choose a life script before we come into this life, in our spiritual body, void of emotions, that will create a journey sometimes filled with trauma or difficult obstacles to push us into changing or learning our lesson. We would never choose these traumas or scripts in our physical and emotional bodies that we inhabit in this life, but on the spirit side we know what we need to karmically go through due to our past lives, and the people we need to go through it with, to grow and evolve. There is no judgment around the script; it is only there for our lessons. It is not only traumas and negativity that helps us grow but the one core lesson of love and forgiveness for self and others.

Footsteps Through the Sands of Time: Past-Life Dramas-Present-Life Lessons is the first book to offer answers to our deepest questions through a compelling compilation of stories based on individual and factually verified regressions. Unlike other past-life books, Footsteps Through the Sands of Time: Past-Life Dramas-Present-Life Lessons breaks through the veil of secrecy by sharing the clients' most personal histories and intentions and is formatted like a private session with the therapist. Each story is centered on one session, covering a theme common and relatable to anyone. While the names of the clients and certain data have been changed, readers will get to see a rare and intimate view of a therapist's outline and interaction with the clients' regression from beginning to end. Culled from a database of more than four thousand clients, each story offers truth, insight, and enlightenment. The puzzle pieces these clients have discovered answer burning questions about their present-life dramas, questions the readers will identify with, seeing themselves in these stories and benefiting from the awareness, understanding, and connection the core lessons reveal.

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About the Author

In private practice since 1989, Saundra C. Blum is a certified Ericksonian hypnotherapist and Past Life Regression Therapist. Her formal education consists of a master's of science degree in special education and counseling and a bachelor's of science degree in English and education.
Saundra C. Blum is on the advisory board for Western Connecticut State University's Institute for Holistic Health Studies. In 1998, she co-founded the Katonah Study Group for Integrative Medicine with well-known psychiatrist and author Dr. Mark Banschick. Approximately four hundred members have gathered to explore the most current modalities and techniques in integrative medicine, allopathically and holistically, as well as other, more esoteric fields.
From 2007 -2009, Blum was on the board of directors of the International Association for Research and Regression Therapy ("IARRT"), which is her past-life professional organization, and helped put together many conferences in New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Virginia. She is also a group leader for IARRT, holding monthly experiential workshops and trainings in addition to managing her private practice in Katonah, New York. Between her workshops and private practice, Ms. Blum has seen more than four thousand clients over the past twenty-four years.
Ms. Blum has participated in advanced workshops and seminars with top regressionists such as Brian Weiss, Roger Wolger, Edith Fiore, Winifred Lucas, and Joseph Casta. She has lectured to a plethora of colleagues in the mental health field and medical community. She also trains and certifies past-life regressionists in northern Westchester County, New York, as well as internationally in mind-body-spirit-centered cultures, such as India and Italy.
Due to her international reputation, Ms. Blum has been sought out to help organize and coordinate a number of conferences and workshops, including two New York IARRT conferences and a conference workshop for the Edgar Casey Institute in Virginia Beach and Sturbridge, Massachusetts. In addition, she has created, organized, and presented a new international integrative medicine model for practitioners in Tuscany, Italy (2010).

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