For Always

For Always

by Danielle Sibarium, CT Cover Creations

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BN ID: 2940013748286
Publisher: KFR Communications
Publication date: 01/15/2012
Series: Eternity , #1
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 262
File size: 178 KB

About the Author

Danielle Sibarium was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. She earned her BA from Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey. For Always is her first novel. She lives in New Jersey with her husband and three children. Visit her at

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For Always 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Par512 More than 1 year ago
For Always Is a beautifully written love story . It follows two teenagers over the course of a few years. It's an emotional roller coaster. I read it in one sitting. I couldn't wait to see what happened next. I definitely would recommend this book! It's a page turner that leaves you wanting more!
withabook More than 1 year ago
Vampires, werewolves, faeries, and all the paranormal creatures you can think of have been taking over the Young Adult shelves. No matter what library or bookstore you step into, you are bound to find tons of them. It's time to take a break, and curl up with an outstanding contemporary YA novel. For Always is just perfect for that. The emotion and page turning plot, will have you falling in love with story and characters. The main character, Stephanie, doesn't feel like she's wanted or fits in. Everyone feels that at one point which makes it so easy to relate to her. For Always is Stephanie's story of how she grew and she learned who she is. It's through the relationship she has with Jordan that gets her there, yet this is more then just a romance novel. One things that I loved about For Always is how you follow the characters over a few years. It's not one night or a school year, you get to see how the character change and their lives develop over a longer period of time. While you'll want to know more about Jordan and Stephanie, you won't be left with the feeling that your missing something like in parts of a series. You get to see the beginning, middle and the end in one book. Which I know many readers have been missing. The relationship between Stephanie and Jordan in For Always was another high point in the novel. Throughout the plot they struggled with their emotions and wanting to be together but life always got in the way. The things these two characters have to go through will bring you on an emotional roller coaster ride. Danielle Sibarium's writing will you laughing and crying right along with them. Whether you need a break from the haunting and scary paranormal books out there, or just love a good contemporary novel (especially fan of Sarah Dessen or Stephanie Perkins) For Always is the book for you.
Kissablysweetone More than 1 year ago
  Being a freshman and a magnet for death doesn't usually put you in the popular circles.  Stephanie was in that position now.  She has a secret crush, but she never thought it could be more than that.       Jordan Brewer is the cutest guy in school and a senior.  He notices Stephanie everyday.  Problem is, she's a freshman. In his eyes, too young for him to date.  He set out to be a very close friend.       Events unfold bringing Stephanie and Jordan together in a way neither imagined possible.  Trouble is neither knows if it will last forever.        I really enjoyed this book.  I was Stephanie in high school, without the outcome she has.  I was sent right back to those days while reading this.  My heart really went out to both characters in this book.  I just wanted to jump in the book or shout at them.  *smile*  The writing is excellent and the characters, ones you won't forget.   You'll be asking, how much can two people stand before they break.  This one will bring laughter, tears and frustration to you.  It's got it all!  This couple travels the long way around.  Just when you think it's over.... it isn't.      I found no issues in this one.      I gave this one 5 cheers out of 5 because it really touched my heart.  ~Copy of book provided by author in exchange for a fair review~
chapterxchapter More than 1 year ago
When I first saw the title of author Danielle Sibarium’s, For Always I had a feeling I would be reading something teen fiction meets young love. I was spot on. I have to admit that I don’t read much teen fiction and am not all that used to reading it, however it was quite the adventure to get out of my comfort zone and delve into the life of main character Stephanie Barrano. For Always starts off with a fourteen year old (death trap named) Stephanie who has just entered high school. Awkward and the shadow of her popular best friend Maria, Stephanie didn’t expect that calling one of Maria’s crushes would result in him remembering her existence. Jordan Brewer is an eighteen year old senior and one of the most desirable boys in school. When Stephanie begins to fall for Jordan he becomes the only thing she cares about and it doesn’t take long for Jordan to start to feel the same way. Just when things between them start to get serious Jordan leaves Stephanie, but she decides to wait for him, sure that one day her and Jordan will finally be together the way she wants them both to be.  Four years later, Stephanie is almost eighteen and loses her prom date when she accidentally calls him by Jordan’s name. Jordan appears out of the blue, returning for Stephanie. However things aren’t as picture perfect as Stephanie imagined them to be. Jordan has a girlfriend and he doesn’t seem to have the same strong feelings he used to for Stephanie. When he becomes her prom date Stephanie is sure she’s won him back and she does, finally managing to obtain the special spot in her heart she’s been dreaming of. Then the unthinkable happens: As Jordan breaks up with his girlfriend he gets into a car accident and she dies. Jordan immediately thinks that it’s his own fault, blaming himself… and his love for Stephanie for killing her. Jordan ignores Stephanie, trying to get her away from him to honor his girlfriend’s memory, but the romance between the two of them isn’t yielding. Stephanie won’t give up on him and she’s sure that he feels the same way about her. She won’t lose him, not again. What I was really caught on when I started the novel was the age similarity between me and Stephanie. I like realism and I have to say that most of fourteen year old Stephanie was genuine. I could relate to her in some ways and in others I couldn’t. I got her need to fit in and the way she viewed herself however I personally didn’t agree with her and Jordan’s relationship because of the age difference. There’s a four year age difference. I really didn’t like the idea of a fourteen year old girl and an eighteen year old guy going out together all romantic-like. Sure I think that some of the guys at my high school who are seniors are hot, but I doubt that we’d have anything in common because of the gap between our ages (after all, Stephanie just got out of middle school…). Stephanie was a character that I both loved and was irked by at the same time. I found it interesting that she was a walking death-magnet for the people closest to her. It sounded like a paranormal aspect when I first started reading, but eventually turned out to just be something that happened around Stephanie. Do I want a concrete explanation about her “curse” besides poetic murmurings meant to comfort her? Oh yeah. Do I hope this concrete explanation is cool? Totally. My only real issue with Stephanie were her choices, they had me feeling she was absolutely spiralling out of control. I understand that she’s in love with Jordan and that she doesn’t want to let him go but honestly, some of the things that she decides to do and comes to conclusions with had me fuming. Not only does she fall for some of the creepiest dudes (excluding Jordan) but when Jordan tries to push her away and hurts her by trying to protect himself she decides to go gallivanting and try to get revenge on him in some of the most insane ways. It was not crashing the mode. Sibarium did a good job of creating a romance in which readers try to cheer on the protagonist to end up with her Prince Charming. I did like the relationship between Jordan and Stephanie and I did want them to end up together. Maybe it was the backstory or the fact that he accidentally got his girlfriend killed so he could be with her, there was something about Jordan and Stephanie that I adored. For Always is a novel that I would recommend to readers that are fans of teen fiction and teen romance. Readers who are looking for a novel about true love and high school romances will definitely fall for this title. 
AlisMac More than 1 year ago
This is somewhat of a hard review to write because my feelings about the novel changed throughout the storyline, the end being very strong and emotional. The book begins with Stephanie Barrano in her freshman year. She meets Jordan, a senior, and she falls hard quickly. The problem I had with this is the age difference. In my experience, a senior boy would not take a second look at a freshman girl unless for unsavory reasons. My doubt here washed away when more realism was added, Jordan obviously shows feelings for Stephanie but tries to distance himself from her because he is uncomfortable with her age. Their relationship is very sweet and powerful, especially toward the end. They face so many hardships and problems and it really is a test to see if they can prevail through it all. At first I thought the twist of her being a "death magnet" was a little too paranormal for this novel but then I realized it was not really meant literally. Bad things just happened to her and she always blamed herself. Jordan looks past this and is always there for her, even through other boyfriends. Stephanie decides to wait for Jordan as long as it takes, it is in her senior year where the story picks back up again. They both are in separate relationships and when tragedy strikes, they are pushed even farther apart. Stephanie is just a normal girl who was always surrounded by death and wanted someone to love her. This is a very emotional story and once you really get into it you might shed a tear or two and really think about the meaning and how realistic this story is in the end. A real, true relationship must be worked and fought for. I was glad Stephanie and Jordan's story followed through with this. Give the whole story a chance before you make a decision on how you feel about it.
uponalovestory More than 1 year ago
I really cannot say enough good things about this book. I was lucky enough to receive a signed copy for review from the author awhile back and just had not got around to reading it. I really wish that I would have picked it up the day it came in the mail and read it. This book takes you through so many emotions it was like a roller coaster ride. I loved the two main characters Stephanie and Jordan. These poor teens go through some tough stuff in this book. It was up and down happy then sad. I really liked that it wasn't your everyday YA story. There was just so much emotion wrapped up in this tiny little book. Love, death, betrayal, and crashes it has it all. Stephanie and Jordan secretly love each other but neither one of them wants to clue the other one in to how they feel. This is the point in the book where I wanted to grab them both by the shoulders shake them and say "what the HECK are you thinking tell him/her you idiot" I would absolutely 100% recommend this book to anyone and everyone. If I could have given this book 1,000,000 hearts I would have. There are two things I would recommend while reading this book though. One have some tissues next to you because you are going to need them. Two do not read this book at work unless you don't mind crying in front of everyone (I finished it today while at work) What are you waiting for grab the book and sit down for an awesome read. Happy reading!
Cupcakegirly More than 1 year ago
This is really a 3.5 Stars for me! Thank you to author, Danielle Sibarium for this e-book! This is a nicely written contemporary albeit a little darker and heavier on the teen angst and depression than your traditional YA read. Stephanie's story sucked me right in but hers is not an easy one and I was left feeling emotionally drained. Despite all she's been through, she showed courage and a willingness to make the most of her life even after she felt as though she'd hit rock bottom. (Refusing to give up is rarely a bad thing.) Jordan was a mixed bag for me because while I liked him, I also found him extremely frustrating. He had his own set of issues to deal with but I couldn't help feeling like he was stringing Stephanie along and using the age difference as an excuse. It was encouraging to see Stephanie hold onto more than just her hope for a future with Jordan, but I was a little surprised with how it ended. I stayed up until 1:30 in the morning to finish this and was like, "Wait. That's it? But...but...I want to know more!" This isn't a negative thing, it's just where my need for an Epilogue comes in. I am an Epilogue junkie after all. :D
WhatsBeyondForks More than 1 year ago
For Always took me under ten hours to read. I picked it up, and couldn't make myself put it down. The romance between Stephanie and Jordan isn't something that develops easily. Over the years, they see other people, they fight with each other, push each other away, and save each other. I really enjoyed the fact that the story took place over a few years so you could see how the characters grew up and matured. It's not always flowers and butterflies for the characters. They are full of so many strong emotions such as love, loss, depression, guilt, and hopelessness. The story also touches on teen issues such as drugs, drinking, and sex. For Always is an emotional roller coaster full of love, loss, and hope through the lives of these teenagers as they live life moment to moment.
abarker More than 1 year ago
I love this book! I was sucked in from the very first chapter. You can feel the love Stephanie has for Jordan in every word. Stephanie thinks she causes death where ever she goes. So she makes it a point to not get close to anyone. Except Maria, her best friend. When upperclassman Jordan starts to notice her, she doesn't believe it, but it makes her days in high school so much better. Stephanie knows Jordan is the one for her, but he has a problem with their age difference. So she vows to her self she will wait for him, no matter how long it takes. And she does just that. I don't want to give away any details, so you need to go out and buy this book right now! You wont regret it, I promise! This story takes you on a few emotional roller coasters, so be sure you have some tissues handy. Any one who loves romance will love this book.