For Cardinals Fans Only!: More Than a Half-Century of Memories from Redbird Nation

For Cardinals Fans Only!: More Than a Half-Century of Memories from Redbird Nation

by Rich Wolfe


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ISBN-13: 9781600788130
Publisher: Triumph Books
Publication date: 03/01/2013
Pages: 256
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Rich Wolfe is the author of dozens of sports books, including I Remember Harry Caray, Remembering Dale Earnhardt, Remembering Jack Buck, and Ron Santo: A Perfect 10. He lives in St. Louis, Missouri.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Leading Off 11

Stan Musial was Just a Regular Guy Who Sometimes Wore a Cape 12

It's Hard to Cheer With a Broken Heart 17

The Hunt for Red October 22

It was Like Playin' Hooky from Life 27

Virginia is for Lovers… of the Cardinals 30

They Painted Peoria Beige 37

Cardinal Fans Call Him Mad-I Call Him Insane 40

The Wright Stuff of Cardinal Memories 43

Chapter 2 Sweet Home St. Louis 45

It was a Ball 46

Racecar Spelled Backward is Racecar 55

The Less You Bet, the More You Lose When you Win 58

Neil Up… Neil Down 64

Experience is What You Get When You Don't Get What You Want 69

Ya Got the Louvre, Ya Got The Smithsonian, Ya Got Trinket City 71

Chapter 3 I Saw It on the Radio 75

Hello Again, Everybody 77

Hear Me Now, Listen to Me Later 80

Chapter 4 Fandemonium 93

Bob Costas was Never as Young as he Looks Today 94

He Drove by the Cubs Museum of Progress. It Hadn't Opened Yet! 97

Wisconsin: Come Smell Our Dairy Air 110

Bits and Bites-Begged, Borrowed And Stolen 119

The Naked and the Dead (Almost) 127

The Dos and Don'ts of Working With Mark McGwire! Do! 131

ENOS Wasn't Going Bald He Was Getting More Head 133

He Prayed That He Would Play For The Cardinals. God Answered His Prayers. God Said, "No." 135

Blind Loyalty 142

Chapter 5 On The Road Again 145

At Bank One Ballpark, the P in Swimming Pool Is Silent 146

Furthermore, Today Marks the Ninth Anniversary of the Last Time Sammy Sosa Hit the Cutoff Man 149

Picture This 154

It Was a Qugpatch is What it was 157

When St. Louis Calls, Ya Gotta Accept the Charges 160

The Cardinals are an Itch that Doesn't Go Away With One Scratch 163

One Mississippi 167

So Say You One, So Say You All 169

Chapter 6 There's No Expiration Date on Dreams 177

Nixon the Cubs 178

That's the First Time that's Ever Happened Again 180

We Chased the Phillies Until they Caught Us 183

I Often Reminisce about the Good Old Day 185

Short Stories from Long Memories 187

Chapter 7 Bleacher Creatures 197

Dick Nen Autographs Are Sellin' Like Hotcakes… Two Bucks a Stack 198

Whistler's Sister 202

But Will Dal Go to Marion, Illinois when they Retire Pete Rose's Number? 208

The Cardinals Fill the Potholes in her Soul 211

Chapter 8 Busch Stadium 215

Why Cant Sugar be as Sweet as Al Hrabosky? 216

Beer: More than a Breakfast Drink 218

A Smile in Every Aisle 221

Quick Hits and Interesting Bits from the Land of AHS 226

Playin' Favorites 230

Chapter 9 Cardinalpalooza 241

She's So Beautiful-She'd Bring a Tear to a Glass Eye! 242

A Jewel of a Guy 244

Quick Hits and Interesting Bits 246

Jack Buck was God's Way of Being Nice to Cardinal Fans 251

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