For Every Tear: Vol. 1

For Every Tear: Vol. 1

by C. Dianna Morris


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Dianna Morris was reared in a small town called Edgard, about forty miles outside of New Orleans, Louisiana. The youngest of her four siblings, Dianna graduated from Second Ward High School and attended Meadows Draughon Business College.

Having given birth to a son and a daughter, Dianna is now divorced. In addition to her two children, Dianna reared her nephew, who she also considers her son.

Being very family-oriented, Dianna's first love is for God. Although often misunderstood, her love for family is undying. Certain issues in life she cannot change; she has to accept and tries not to lean to her own understanding.

The key to her life is forgiveness. Her belief is forgiveness does not mean you are right or wrong, but just letting go with love.

For Every Tear was inspired because of the trials she endured and overcame. She was always blessed with the gift of writing, but she only wrote when it was to her advantage. She strongly believes that God put her in a place where she had never been before. Then and only then she understood why and what she was going through. She swallowed her pride and wrote about everything she went through, the good and the not so good.

For Every Tear was written to capture the attention of all audiences. The material in her book is also written for her to grow. She is not all that her book consists of, but believes one day she will come close. Dianna tried to capture every emotion that anyone may go through.

She is thanking God every day for choosing her to suffer and being a testimony.

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ISBN-13: 9781449756307
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Publication date: 12/20/2012
Pages: 126
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