For If You Cannot Fly

For If You Cannot Fly

by Small Factory


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For If You Cannot Fly

For If You Cannot Fly by Small Factory is mid-'90s guitar rock -- tunes that are short, sweet, rocking pop. Small Factory set up the verse/chorus structure wonderfully, never leaving a chance for a boring moment. The success of this record lies in male/female vocal harmonies and the upbeat tempo. The melodies and melancholy singalong vibe are generated by the vocals throughout the record. Alex Kemp's focused delivery of the words seems to come naturally, while Phoebe Summersquash heightens the choruses with sweet backing vocals. "Hi Howard I'm Back" could be a very radio-friendly single with the guitars having a Johnny Marr sound. Many tunes create tension from the build on the initial lines then break into pop dronings. "3 Months Later" has Auchenbach taking the lead vocal with charm. His voice has a familiarity that one can identify with, a calming element, that has a Replacements feel. The highlight of For If You Cannot Fly is "For When You Cannot Land," a straight-ahead driving song in the indie guitar swing style of Versus or Sleepyhead. It is the verse/chorus structure that keeps you singing for days. The mix and production round off this solid record, blending everything with charm. But, the elegance and simplicity of the songs are what stay with you as you leave this record. ~ Francis Arres

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Release Date: 10/11/1994
Label: Vernon Yard Records
UPC: 0017046800921
catalogNumber: 9


  1. The Last Time That We Talked
  2. Expiration Date
  3. Hi Howard I'm Back
  4. Sensible
  5. Everyone's Happy for the First Time in Weeks
  6. Versus Tape
  7. The Bright Side
  8. Sun Goes Ahh
  9. Three Months Later
  10. For When You Cannot Land
  11. Sixteen Years

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