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For Love of Maggie

For Love of Maggie

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by Fran Shaff

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When Roth Simons ruins “love at first sight” with the beautiful Kayla Franklin he tries to win back her affections in this well-crafted Triple Award-Winning Novel about sacrificial love and forgiveness.


Setup: Roth and Kayla meet for the first time.

Roth parked his truck and walked thirty feet to Kayla Franklin's front


When Roth Simons ruins “love at first sight” with the beautiful Kayla Franklin he tries to win back her affections in this well-crafted Triple Award-Winning Novel about sacrificial love and forgiveness.


Setup: Roth and Kayla meet for the first time.

Roth parked his truck and walked thirty feet to Kayla Franklin's front porch. He stopped at the bottom of the steps and watched as a woman struggled to move a heavy set of old wooden shelves.

She had short, light-brown, curly hair, and perfect pink skin. She groaned as she struggled with her heavy burden. Roth smiled at her determination and admired the curve of her jeans when the wind blew her light blue shirt off her hips.

She groaned again, and Roth decided it was time to give her a hand. He bounded up the steps and strode toward her. He stood directly behind her, raised a hand over her head and pressed against the shelving unit, forcing them to move instantly.

“Whew,” she uttered. She spun around and looked up at him. “Thanks,” she said, panting and wiping her brow with her fingers.

The second her gaze connected with his, Roth felt his chest tighten. His eyes widened and his throat began to constrict. “You're welcome.”

She fidgeted from one foot to the other.

He blinked and steadied himself with the hand which was still pressing against the shelving unit. “I'm Roth Simons. We had an appointment,” he said, managing to regain the breath she'd stolen from him.

She extended her hand. “Kayla Franklin.”

He grasped her hand with the one he’d had against the shelves. “Glad to meet you.” A thousand sparks ignited the nerves in his arm, and current traveled from her hand directly into his heart.

She didn't pull her hand back right away. Instead she stared up at him with an odd look on her face, one he couldn't specifically identify, but it looked an awful lot like the way he felt in his gut at that particular moment.

He reluctantly let go of her and placed his meaty palm high on the shelving unit where it had been before. “We had an appointment.”

“Yes, I know,” she said, blinking blueberry eyes at him.

“You talked to my partner J.T. Baskin a couple of days ago about a remodel project.” Roth reminded himself he was there to renege on J.T.'s agreement. He was just too darn busy to take on the Franklin job.

A warm April breeze blew a bronze curl off Kayla's forehead. “I can't tell you how pleased I am you've agreed to do this project for me. I've been trying for two months to find a carpenter who would take on this job. It's hard to get someone to do remodel projects. It seems most carpenters are looking for larger, more lucrative jobs.”

Roth swallowed hard. She was right. They are, and so was he. “About your project,” he began, working up the courage to cancel the job this lovely lady had expected him to do for her. “I'm not sure--”

She fidgeted again within the small space he'd allowed her between himself and the shelving unit behind her. “I am,” she said, smiling up at him. “I'm sure you will do a wonderful job. I can feel it.”

He pulled his hand from the shelves and straightened up. “What I'm trying to say, Ms. Franklin--”

“Call me Kayla,” she said, blinking at him again. “Would you like to sit down and discuss the project?”

You don't have time for this! Roth's common sense shouted. “Of course,” his overruling fascination with her forced from his lips.

As he followed her to the opposite end of her porch he ordered himself to get on with refusing her job before he did something really stupid--like promising her anything she asked of him or taking her in his arms and satisfying his curiosity about the taste of her flawless, full lips.

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Just about all of us want to get away from the demands of everyday life from time to time. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have the luxury of being able to take off to some new, exciting place whenever we feel the urge--unless we like to read.A book can take us anywhere we’d like to go. For readers who enjoy living vicariously in pastimes or in modern times Fran Shaff provides a great escape in the more than twenty novels she’s published over the years. Fran’s fictional books have won awards from readers, reviewers and fellow authors, and her non-fiction has been acknowledged in this way too.Love is the main focus of all of Fran’s books, whether they’re contemporary or historical, serious or humorous, written for adults or teens. Love between men and women and among friends and families is featured in her books because there is nothing most of us want more than to love and be loved. Happy endings abound, but the journey to reaching that joyful final moment is always a rocky struggle, just the way we want our fiction (even though we could do without the drama in our real lives).Look for new, full-length historical romance novels from Fran Shaff in the ten-book “Tender Mysteries Series,” available now and debuting throughout 2013 and 2014. The first novel in the series “Resurrected” is available as a free download at most Internet bookstores. The series is available in single e-book and two-pack paperback formats.Reviewers say:“Ms. Shaff is a gifted writer that always delivers in her stories.” (The Romance Studio)“I have discovered a great new author in Fran Shaff. She writes with depth and understanding and digs deep into the emotional lives of her characters bringing the reader with her all the way.” (A Romance Review)“Fran Shaff is a wonderful writer whose prose speak with passion from her heart.” (Fallen Angel Reviews)“Ms. Shaff writes about characters that warm your heart and give you a good chuckle as well.” (Coffee Time Romance)

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For Love of Maggie 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Riterchick More than 1 year ago
For Love of Maggie by Fran Shaff Kayla Franklin has one goal - to make sure her special child, Maggie, lives with joy, love, and the opportunities she needs to develop her full potential. Roth Simons just wants to turn down a remodeling job his partner accepted without consulting him. When their three worlds collide, everyone but Maggie is thrown for a loop. Leaving Milwaukee for a farm in Wisconsin, Kayla needs Roth to make her new home Maggie-safe, as well as remodel her barn for the animals Maggie adores. The proverbial sparks fly until Kayla gets an unvarnished look at Roth's face when he realizes Maggie has Down Syndrome. From that moment on, no matter how much she wants his arms aroiund her and his lips on hers, he's not the man for her.   With a wealthy neighboring farmer out to buy her land and marry her in the bargain,  and Roth ready to get under her defenses at the slightest proximity,  Kayla has her hands full.  When her barn burns down one night, Roth is sure Vint, the neighboring farmer, has a hand in it when he shows up before dawn,  arms open to console Kayla and a crew to clean up her destroyed barn. Every time Roth has tried to tell Kayla how much he's grown to love Maggie, Vint shows up, flowers in hand, to upstage him, and Roth doesn't trust him to love Kayla, much less treat her right. Wrong first impressions, ones both new and long standing, get righted. Maggie blossoms and makes her first childhood friend.  Along the way, Kayla figures out why she's afraid to face her feelings for Roth. Roth learns to let Kayla go, if that's what she wants.  Finally, their divergent paths meld to make a family. Ms. Schaff writes with passion and understanding of the difficulties and highs involved in raising a special child. Her characters are both flawed and human, yet capable of learning from their mistakes and rising higher. While the sexual tension between Kayla and Roth pulses from the page, there is no sex before marriage.  Passionate kisses a-plenty, though!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago