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For One Night Only

For One Night Only

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by Luxie Ryder

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FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY. For one night only-that's all Dr Bethany Shaw tells herself she can handle. Still reeling from a past relationship, she trusts no one. The encounter with a mesmerizing rock star threatens to change her life forever. Can she let go of the pain and learn to love again? For one night only-that's all Latino rock singer Ruben Navarro can promise, both


FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY. For one night only-that's all Dr Bethany Shaw tells herself she can handle. Still reeling from a past relationship, she trusts no one. The encounter with a mesmerizing rock star threatens to change her life forever. Can she let go of the pain and learn to love again? For one night only-that's all Latino rock singer Ruben Navarro can promise, both on stage and in bed. Bored long ago of the readily available women, his sole passion is his charity, until he meets a reserved but sexy doctor who makes him want to forget his past. For one night only-that's all she ever had, but it would never be enough for the damaged young woman who watches Ruben's every move from the shadows. The promise of being with him again is all she lives for--and nobody is going to get in her way. *** "This story is the result of a few years spent writing as a hobby for my friends on an Internet forum. They encouraged me to take it further so, here it is. My first book. My story is about a strong woman, a hot man and lots of sexual tension. I hope you enjoy it." ~Luxie~ ***
5 Bookmarks: "FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY is a refreshing unique contemporary romance that I thoroughly enjoyed. I was riveted by the characters and read the entire story in one sitting. From the very beginning of the story where Bethany goes to medically check out Ruben, the chemistry and sexual heat is there between them, and sparks fly. Yet you can feel the characters struggles with leaving it as one night only or trying to build a relationship. How does a strong, independent doctor with her own career like Bethany Shaw emotionally build and maintain a relationship with a rock star, a person who is bigger than life, but is just an incredibly sexy man when it is just the two of them. Ruben's life is open to the public and his every move is scrutinized and stalked, could Bethany handle his lifestyle and constant travel, would she want to, and what does she have to give up to be with him. The two travel to Miami and across the world to Paris together to see if there newfound love can work, while at the same time they are stalked by a crazed fan. As Ruben's past transgressions in life catch up with him the story unfolds at an emotional heart stopping pace. I highly recommend this hot steamy love story and I look forward to reading many more stories written by Ms Ryder." --Daria White, Wild on Books. ***
5 Stars: "For One Night Only is a sizzling love story. You could feel the sexual tension between Bethany and Reuben. The characters worked well together and were well-developed. The plot caught my attention and held it to the last word. Great summer reading." -- Anne Boling, Review Your Book

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She held the discarded dress against her, unable to simply stand there with his eyes on her body.

'No,' he said throatily. 'Don't hide from me.'

Obeying him, she felt self-conscious as she waited, watching him strip slowly. He sure knew the value of anticipation, she realized as he took forever to undo his jeans before letting them slide down his legs. Her attention centered on his groin as he flicked his thumbs into the waistband of his underwear, easing them carefully over his erection. Bethany swallowed dryly, unable to help but stare. His wasn't the first hard-on she'd ever seen. It wasn't even the biggest. But damn he looked good and she wanted him inside her. She felt the wetness dampen her crotch as her muscles convulsed in anticipation.

'I've been trying to imagine what you had on under that dress all night,' he said, moving to stand in front of her. Snaking out a hand, he clasped the back of her neck and forced her to close the gap between them. The soft skin of his erection touched her first, sliding up her abdomen and resting there as he pressed his body into hers. A bunched fist in her hair dragged her head back and he looked down at her briefly before trailing his tongue across the slash of her lips. She palmed the skin on his back, letting her fingers trail slowly down to his firm butt. His warmth filled her hands as she pulled him harder against her groin. Taking her lead he slipped the straps of her underwear from her shoulders. Filling his hands with her breasts, his thumbs brushed across her nipples repeatedly and he paused to watch her reaction briefly before dropping his head. His lips started a slow, tortuous journey down from her neck, overher collarbone and onto her breast. She could feel the warmth of his breath as he sucked a nipple into his mouth. Cursing him silently as he removed his lips to focus again on her camisole, she waited as he stroked it down her body, kissing every inch of skin he exposed until coming to rest at the apex of her thighs.

Staying on his knees, he kissed her abdomen, using his weight to push her back to lie on the bed. Bethany began to sit, but he stopped her by hooking her legs over his shoulders, forcing her to lay back. Strong fingers parted her thighs as his head lowered. He didn't touch her instantly, but she began to writhe as his soft hair trailed along her skin. Just his breath against her nub caused a little tremor and she pulled back instinctively. He held her still as he flicked his tongue over her the first time--as if he knew she would buck against him as the sensation shot through her. Gentle at first, his strokes became bolder until finally he sucked her fully into his mouth, moving his head randomly as he groaned against her.

She was shocked by her reaction. Throwing her head back, she bit down on her lip, trying to stifle the sounds coming from her. Barely able to breathe, she gasped and jerked as his tongue stroked her over and over again. His attention moved suddenly to her inner thigh, nibbling and sucking the skin between his teeth.

She sagged against the bed as the overwhelming heat building in her subsided briefly, allowing her time to register the pain she was inflicting on herself by digging her nails into her palms. His mouth returned to her clit, sending sensations slamming through her again. Clutching desperately at the bedcovers beneath her palms, Bethany started to shake--amazement that she was about to climax replaced by a desperate need to. Her torture increased as he circled her pussy with the tip of his finger, causing her to writhe against him, moaning. Her thighs trembled against his cheek as he kept her on the brink. What was he waiting for? She began to groan and rub against him, praying that he knew what she needed. The teasing finger plunged into her immediately--his mouth and tongue still moving against her as he began to take her with his hand.

'Oh my God ... Ruben!' she exclaimed, lifting her hips from the bed and grinding against him as the first spasm hit. He rode it out with her, not letting her go until she collapsed, chest heaving as she struggled for air. Finally opening her eyes to find him leaning over her, slightly breathless himself, she clasped his face in her hands.


'You liked that?' he smiled, fishing for compliments. Reaching up, she brought him down to her for a scorching kiss.

'What do you think?'

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