For the Love of Beard

For the Love of Beard

by Lani Lynn Vale
4.4 8

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For the Love of Beard by Lani Lynn Vale

Tobias knows that women are a lot of trouble, and one in particular is more trouble than most. Yet even with the knowledge that she's a pain in the ass, he doesn't stop himself from doing the one thing he knows that he shouldn't do--fall in love with her.

It's supposed to be simple. Get in, get the girl, and get out.

What Tobias isn't supposed to do is fall for the woman he's supposed to rescue. But he can't help being intrigued–and amused–by the defiance rolling off Audrey every time he so much as speaks to her. This fascination only intensifies with every single word from her delectable mouth.
It's been six years since her assault, yet it feels like it happened just yesterday. Audrey's sick and tired of feeling so useless. She's had enough of being scared, she doesn't want to be all alone for the rest of her life. All of that boils down to a woman who's had enough of not doing anything to reclaim her life.

She's at a loss as to how to move on, and every attempt she makes results in failure. Just when she's ready to quit, a sexy biker is there to push her out of her comfort zone.

Under Tobias' patient guidance, Audrey slowly makes her way back to herself. She lands a job that she adores, and she thinks she's finally found her place in this world. Most surprisingly, though, she finds herself falling in love with a man that honestly scares her to death.

Just when she vows to take that final step that'll put her past in her past forever, the life she wants to live is yanked away. Leaving her with nothing to pick up the pieces.

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BN ID: 2940157226541
Publisher: Dixie Wardens, Inc.
Publication date: 08/25/2017
Series: The Dixie Warden Rejects MC , #7
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 2,561
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For the Love of Beard 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
FantasyRaider 8 days ago
At first namely when I finished reading …, I didn’t think I’m going to like this one because with Audrey back-story I was afraid things going to go sideways. However my obsession with all things Lani Lynn Vale didn’t let me skip it. And thank God for that because this story is truly phenomenal and quickly became my favorite in the series. The book starts out slow but sucks you in easily. I was really afraid of how the author is going to address Audrey traumatic past hopefully without overdramatizing it and taking a too strong grip on it. Fortunately, she executed it slowly but seamlessly so that it stayed realistic and didn’t overpower the plot either. I quite enjoyed it even more thanks to how the romance, the relationship, the trust bloomed in it. So as I mentioned earlier it starts out slow and keeps a pretty steady pace thorough the book but for the most part I didn’t mind it. I could break the plot into 3 parts. The first 20 or so percent of it is the trust building, sometimes awkward but still funny stage, then the next 60% is the cruise, the pinnacle of the relationship which is pretty focused on the steamy sexual elements of things. Finally the last 20 or so percent which is the bi twist, the drama and the shocking. Basically here come the only reason why I reduced half a star because I personally would have liked a bit more drama and action in it to balance it out. Because compared to the rest of the story in the last part things happen in light speed. Okay- okay I know it a romance book but still. Other than this purely preferential thing I loved the book. I was honestly surprised how much I adored Audrey. She is a really strong, resilient and apart from her reservations she lives her life to the fullest she is capable of even after what happened to her. But when she starts to let Tobias in she realizes that her numerous security blankets are keeping her back. Slowly she opens up and she start to show a snarky, cheeky and mischievous side too. As thing progresses she first builds a strong friendship with Tobias and then something more starts too bloom between them, an attraction so powerful they can’t deny it. Tobias is also a fantastic character. He has a quite traumatic past as well but he handles it differently, he takes up the role of the protector instead of wallowing in it, but it lets him get close to and understand Audrey. He and his family aren’t strangers for broken hearts and damaged souls. I really liked him, his patience and his silent support. They are a great match and form and adorable couple. I also loved to read about and get to know small details about the other Hail brothers. Since their series is the next in line, this was quite the mood maker for wanting to read it. Just from the little snippets about their troubles promises eventful things to come. I can’t wait. In the end I can honestly say that For the love of beard is not just a beautiful, touching and perfect conclusion for the series but also one of the author’s best too. You definitely need to read it.
Anonymous 12 days ago
Loved this book ... can't get enough of Lani lynn Vale. If she is writing it I am reading it.
Anonymous 16 days ago
Anonymous 26 days ago
Toby and Aubrey have a great mixture of chemistry and this story line brings out the best.
Anonymous 26 days ago
Love fender and aubrey!!!!!!
Anonymous 28 days ago
I cant believe im saying this.but it was bored
Anonymous 28 days ago
Once again Lani Lynn Vale gave me more than I thought I wanted or needed. I fell in love with Uncle Toby and then Tobias and the way he understood exactly what Audrey needed was beautiful!!!
Anonymous 28 days ago
Loved this book! It was the best one yet!! I wish they were longer!! I'm glad Lani writes so fast!!
cherigCG 29 days ago
Tobias' job was to pick up Audrey and move her to her brother's away from her parents. He didn't expect this victim of rape to have such a sharp mouth. He sure didn't expect to like it and her so much. She was skittish. Yet that other side, maybe the side from before, was smart, sassy, and hot as sin. He wanted to bring it out. Of course, he couldn't touch her or her brother would kill him. Audrey was tired of hiding. Tired of only half living. Maybe, just maybe this man, Hiway Patrol officer, MC member with her brother, and someone who didn't treat her like she'd break. She wasn't afraid with him around. This is a story of successes. Of living life. Of finding a way to put the past behind and find a future neither expected. Each of them gives of themselves to the community, a nurse, and a cop. The man who blames himself for tragedies of the past the woman who thinks she too weak to live her life. Watching them find ways to bring the other happiness with teasing and eventually sexually is fun, sometimes emotional, and often funny. Just when it seems there may be a future the past raises that ugly dangerous head. Will they live to enjoy that freedom they have fought so hard to win? Make sure you note the fashionista side of Audrey at the end of the story. Don't miss this one even if you haven't read the rest of the series. It stands alone, although you may want more. A strong recommend from me. Reviewed for Words Turn Me On