For the Love of Brynn: Book 2: The Moment of Truth

For the Love of Brynn: Book 2: The Moment of Truth

by Nancy LeBrun


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Can a woman love two men? If aliens are real, can they find romance on Earth? In For the Love of Brynn, author Nancy LeBrun poses these out-of-this-world questions. The answers come alive in this thrilling series, where science fiction gives way to passion.

Who ever said Earth girls had it easy? Irdra comes from the Golytes, a race of aliens living beneath the Earth's surface on the Living Ship. As part of her mission, she has become a Golman, a Golyte who has transformed into a human. She becomes Brynn, a college girl whose life was taken from her in a tragic car accident. As Brynn, her mission is to romance a human with access to classified information so her race can keep abreast of the world's destruction and perhaps reverse its course.

But a steamy love triangle soon complicates things. In their alien form, female Golytes love and marry two males for life. Yet in her human form, Brynn seeks something just short of impossible-loving two men, one human and one Golman. Despite mission orders to the contrary, Brynn falls for Gavin, her Golman guide. The feeling is mutual. Things get complicated when Wes, a hunky human pilot, steps into the picture. He is precisely the sort of man Brynn seeks. Even Gavin encourages the relationship for the good of the mission. But as things heat up between Wes and Brynn, Gavin find himself consumed by jealousy and wanting her to himself.

As Brynn juggles two men, Wes neither knows his girlfriend is alien nor that she has another lover. He goes on believing that Gavin is simply Brynn's tutor, albeit one who wields unexplained power over her. Complicating matters is Ephagee, the ruler of the Golytes, who has developed a deep attraction to Brynn over the course of her mission. Torn between these men, Brynn tries to delay her fateful decision by romancing Wes in the months leading up to his deployment to Afghanistan. He invites her to a Change of Command Gala, where a strobe light accidentally reveals her alien birthright. Wes learns the truth about the lady he loves, and Brynn finds herself imprisoned by the military. Now, the woman who spent months playing two men must depend on them for survival. Her rival lovers, alien and human, must come together to save her.

Nancy LeBrun's wildly inventive novel mixes heady romance with supernatural sci-fi in ways that will thrill fans of Twilight, True Blood, or Avatar. Mixing humans with aliens in the coastal town of Virginia Beach, the For the Love of Brynn series has attracted a devoted following of readers who can't get enough of their heroine's dual life and dual lovers. This highly original novel addresses the pleasures and perils of a woman loving two men at once in a society that holds humans, ladies in particular, to monogamy. Dealing with the affections of two men can be dangerous, Brynn learns; but it can also be deadly, when one is alien and the other all too human.

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ISBN-13: 9781468103946
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 10/01/2012
Pages: 518
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.15(d)

About the Author

Last year saw the publication of Nancy LeBrun's debut, For the Love of Brynn, Book 1: Love Comes Easy. Compelled by the characters and drawn by the strong response of readers, LeBrun plunged into creating a multi-book series of her unusual universe, where sultry love triangles and sci-fi fantasy run side-by-side. LeBrun lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia, which also serves as the setting of her book series. She attended Montclair State and East Stroudsburg State College. She is the mother of two children, a daughter, who is a high school theater teacher and a son, who is a high school student. She works in an administrative role for a group of vascular physicians.

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