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For the Love of Cats

For the Love of Cats

by Anna Cavelius


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• Breathtaking pictures that perfectly illustrate the many facets of each cat's personality

• With witty and informative text all about our beloved feline friends

Every cat thinks it is the master of the universe, and that is precisely what makes them so endearing to so many people. They skillfully wrap us around their little paws as they brush against our legs, telling us to please hurry up and fill up their food bowls. They sprawl across our computer keyboards, purring loudly while we try to finish that important letter to the IRS. Whom else would we forgive for artfully shredding our expensive designer sofa, refusing to sleep anywhere but the head of the bed, and decimating the backyard bird population? A proper cat has its (human) can opener firmly under control, generally ignoring that human's wants and needs, but suddenly shows how cuddly and loving it can be when Mom or Dad is home sick or needs some comfort after a bad day. The bond between a cat lover and his or her four-legged-individualist is special and unbreakable, lasting a lifetime. This beautifully-illustrated volume is a love letter to the housecat who so enriches our lives. Take a look at the complex soul of a cat, with so many human qualities, and get ready to learn, laugh, love, and cry, because cats are so much more than just pets — they are family members and lifelong companions.

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ISBN-13: 9783832733308
Publisher: teNeues Publishing Company
Publication date: 02/09/2016
Pages: 144
Product dimensions: 8.30(w) x 10.20(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

After receiving an MA in Philosophy, Anna Cavelius worked in Munich, Siena, and Salamanca for an American magazine publisher. She has been a freelance editor, ghostwriter, and author writing on health and lifestyle topics since 1995. She has also written about culinary topics (with Johann Lafer and Holger Stromberg, among others) and has published many successful guidebooks (including with bestselling author Dr. Detlef Pape), non-fiction books, and biographies.

Table of Contents

Why I Can't Live Without Cats 6

How We See Cats 12

How Cats See Us 26

What Your Cat Is Thinking 33

About Proper Cuddling 36

About Dogs 43

About Veterinarians 51

About Christmas 56

Cat Types: Every Cat Is Really a Puma 65

The Gourmand (or the Fat Cat) 74

The Wanderer (or the Adventurer) 86

The Rat Teaser (or one Killer 99

The Playful Cat (or the Sweetheart) 108

The Diva (or the Princess) 121

The Shy Cat (or the Fraidy Cat) 131

Biography 143

Imprint 144

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