Forbidden Birth: A Chris Ravello Medical Thriller (Book 2)

Forbidden Birth: A Chris Ravello Medical Thriller (Book 2)

by William Rubin


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ISBN-13: 9780997594904
Publisher: Phillip Calenda MD 2 PC
Publication date: 07/08/2016
Series: Chris Ravello Medical Thrillers , #2
Pages: 442
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

William Rubin is a practicing physician who enjoys weaving tales of medical/scientific intrigue. Writing for him is equal parts catharsis, creativity, and escape from the rigors of a busy medical practice and the joys and challenges of raising a family. The works of James Patterson, Michael Crichton, and Patricia Cornwell inspired Dr. Rubin to create the Christopher Ravello Series. Challenges and tragedies in Dr. Rubin's life, particularly the untimely death of his mother, provided some of the underlying drama, conflict, and turmoil for the series' lead character.

When he isn't busy practicing medicine or crafting his next medical thriller, Dr. Rubin enjoys time with his family and friends, running, playing piano, and travel. He values your thoughts, insights, and feelings on Forbidden Birth. Please leave a review on your favorite website(s)

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Forbidden Birth: A Chris Ravello Medical Thriller 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Vigilant-Reader More than 1 year ago
Title – Forbidden Birth Author – William Rubin Genre – Medical Thriller, Mystery 442 Amazon Pages Rating 3 stars out of 5 Posted 11/19/16 Detective Chris Ravello, gave up medical license to become a detective. Kevin Kennedy, partner with Detective Chris The Giver, sociopathic genius, medical researcher. My impressions: interesting, scary, diabolical, intelligent, sociopath, evil. Horribly mutilated corpses turn up with organs ripped out. The young, attractive women's bodies were gruesomely slashed in the genital areas. But upon closer examination the surgical cuts underlying those are precise and those of an experienced surgeon. The women were pregnant; the uteruses and fetuses were carefully removed. What could be the motive for that? Chris and Kevin put together a list of four suspects with medical backgrounds, one of whom they are sure might be the killer. The action while chasing the antagonist is intense, but I grew tired of Chris's personal issues and health problems constantly being rehashed and interfering with the investigation. The ending was abrupt and left many questions unanswered. What happened to the diabolical experiments of the mad doctor? Nothing was said about their status or if the authorities even learned where they were conducted. These issues will likely be addressed in a future book but at the expense of this one. Editing and sentence structure are good, with a few minor editing errors but not a substantial number. Character Development is thorough. Details are too much for those without a medical background or a deep desire for medical information. Research is too involved for those without a medical background Plot, interesting but full of gory detail Writing Style, wordy, too many of Chris's issues are repeated and rehashed too often. Formatting is sloppy and distracting. There are extra lines, the author's name often appears mid-page, sentences are broken mid sentence and continue on the following line. I'm ambivalent on this book. It had potential but came up short. It's a decent read but not great considering the flaws. This review was provided in exchange for a free book. Vigilant Reader Book Reviews.
Clabe More than 1 year ago
Dr. Chris Ravello is an oddity. A graduate of medical school and a promising surgeon, Chris scrapped it all to head the New York City Division of Medical Crimes. Leaping ahead of veteran police officers did not endear him to the rank and file NYPD Officers regardless of his training and expertise. Many hoped he would fail; and as the DMC was both a law enforcement experiment and a political risk by New York Governor Gregory Spatick, the politicians would cut him slack only as long as they did not receive public pressure. But when the bodies of young pregnant women began to appear, mutilated; their uterus removed and both the uterus and their unborn fetus missing, public pressure came down hard and heavy on the politicians. Masters at shifting pressure they, in turn, lay the pressure on Ravello, eventually removing his control of the investigation by bringing in the FBI. But Ravello can’t give up; and the pressure on him is multiplied because the killer has raised the stakes and made them very personal. I have to admit that I had a hard time getting into this book and it was several chapters before it really began to interest me. However, once it caught my interest, I found it very hard to put down. Chris Ravello requires a stretch of imagination; is motives are good, but what up and coming surgeon throws it all away to be a cop? Granted he had a motive, but the skill sets and mentality required for the two jobs seem incompatible. Ravello’s partner, however, is a believable cop. The fact that they have known each other for years and now find themselves partners is another stretch. Forbidden Birth is full of twists and reasonably plausible alternative suspects. The reader will not be certain who the bad guy really is until near the end. It’s an entertaining story that will keep you guessing. Any mystery lover will love it…especially if you can deal with the descriptions of the corpses…serious creep factor.
ToddSimpson More than 1 year ago
It’s always exciting to find a new Author that can grab your attention, with a thoroughly well written and entertaining story. I really enjoyed the extra detail the Author has added to this story with the medical terms, and this shows with his own background as a Doctor. We all read for pleasure, but learning something in a book, just adds another element to it. There is a great balance with this story between a very dark killer, and the good guy detective that has his own issues. The ‘Giver’ built his Laboratory over the last six and a half years. He truly believes with his knowledge and skill, that he will make a name for himself, and being a genius there is no doubt that he will achieve greatness. He’s reprogramming DNA, and this normally wouldn’t be a problem, it’s just that he is obtaining the stem cells by ripping out unborn babies from their pregnant mothers, and without their consent. His ultimate goal is the clone a human, and without the government approval required, the ‘Giver’ is sure he can succeed. Not that the Government would condone human sacrifice to achieve this goal. With medical crimes on the increase, a new Division of Medical Crimes is set up. A fairly new homicide detective Dr Chris Ravello is put in charge of the DMC. He decided after the brutal way in which his mother was killed, that he would change careers from being a Doctor, to a homicide detective. His first case is not going to be an easy one, with what looks like a serial killer on the loose. Young females are turning up with their stomach cut to pieces, and their uterus’s missing. This is definitely not some killer intent on just killing and dumping the body. He’s certainly a sick individual intent on butchering his victims. The police don’t realise that they have one of the only surviving victims of this killer. April has been recused by a couple of patrolmen that found her gagged and tied up. When she is finally interviewed by them, she has very vague recollection of how she ended up in this predicament. Even if April is having the odd flash back, she’s very keen to get away from the police. Being an exotic dancer, she’s well aware that her boss wouldn’t appreciate all the media attention this is going to attract. It probably would have been much better for her health to stay with the police. From start to finish this was a very enjoyable story, and standout for me is edgy characters that keep you guessing. If you enjoy Thrillers, then you will love this book.