by Elisabeth Naughton

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BN ID: 2940158927249
Publisher: Elisabeth Naughton
Publication date: 04/24/2018
Series: House of Sin , #1
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 15,743
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About the Author

Before topping multiple bestseller lists—including those of the New York Times, USA Today, and the Wall Street Journal—award winning author Elisabeth Naughton taught middle school science. A voracious reader, she soon discovered she had a knack for creating stories with a chemistry of their own. The spark turned into a flame, and Elisabeth now writes full-time.

Elisabeth has penned over thirty novels and continues to write in multiple genres. Her books have been translated into numerous languages and have earned several award nominations, including three prestigious RITA® nominations from Romance Writers of America. In 2017, REPRESSED, the first book in her Deadly Secrets series, won the RITA® for best romantic suspense. Her work has been praised by the Chicago Tribune as being filled with “deadly intrigue, high adrenaline action, and scorchingly hot passion.” Kirkus calls her “a writer talented enough at weaving a yarn to get her readers ensnared in it.”

When not dreaming up new stories, Elisabeth can be found spending time with her husband and three children in their western Oregon home, wrangling two needy cats, or chasing after one very rambunctious Dalmatian.

Visit her at to learn more.

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Forbidden 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 25 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Wow!!!!! This book will captivate you from beginning to end. Can not wait for book 2.
Anonymous 12 months ago
This book could have been amazing if Natalie wasn’t so whiny and hypocritical. She pursued him, told him she would “do anything for him”, and then completely ignored his rules and laughed in his face and completely disregarded everything he told her. I loved the danger and the intrigue and just about everything else about this book, but I could not follow Natalie. I couldn’t stand her. I’m not sure I want to read the other books. I’m going to take a break from it, and maybe I’ll come back. Probably not though.
Cheryl-S More than 1 year ago
More than 5-Stars! This is book one in the House of Sin series and it features Luc Salvatici and Natalie James. The mystery and intrigue was intense. The suspense is nerve-racking. Secret societies, family-good and bad, archaic laws and the desperate need for change is what this first book and series is all about. He tried to save her but in the mist of saving her, he fell in love with her and everything spiraled out of control from there. The characters are fantastic! The plot is out of this world! The writing is superb! This would make an outstanding movie. I can’t wait for book two!
fantasylandblog More than 1 year ago
This is my first Elisabeth Naughton story and I LOVED it. I love darker books with a hint of mystery and this one has it. Luc is an enigma that I can't figure out yet. He is the soon to be head of his family The Salvatici Family. He doesn't want to be, he hates his family and wants out. But sees no way to make that happen. His brothers are harder and meaner than him but he is the oldest and so will take on as the head of the family. When Natalie James walks in for a job he knows there is something off and tells her no. But his brother Gio finds that he wants her. So Natalie finds herself in the middle of the Salvatici family. The thing I love the most about this book is you have NO IDEA what the hell is going on with this family. I mean you think you do, because the modeling and females coming and going, so you go straight to human trafficking, but once you start reading and get more into it, you find there is so much more into this family. And why Luc is so damn scared of his father. Natalie is the idea of what Luc wants if his life would have been different. He has done everything he could to keep her away from his life but no matter what he did, she wouldn't leave. I loved that about her. She is strong, stubborn, sexy, and just what Luc needs in his life. I am so excited to see what is next in this series. I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy for my honest review.
DavaDora More than 1 year ago
Have you ever tried reading a book while covering your eyes, peeking through your fingers, the way you might watch a horror movie at home or at the movie theater? I don’t recommend it, it’s not something that’s easy to do, so I spent the last 25% of Forbidden trying not to hyperventilate while reading and whispering “It’s going to be okay!” to myself. Forbidden, the first book in the House of Sin series ends in a cliffhanger and it kept me up all night wondering in what fascinating way it will go, when the second book comes out. This well written story is fast paced and had me guessing who the good guy and/or villain was the entire time. Two weeks after her best friend/sister, Elena “Laney” McCabe, died of an apparent drug overdose Natalie James flies to NYC to box up the contents of Laney’s apartment and look for answers. Natalie’s convinced her friend, a successful model, never would’ve touched drugs so it couldn’t have been an accident. The only clue she has is an email Laney sent her, hours before her death. “I don’t want to listen, Nat, but I can’t seem to stop. It’s like I’m two people. The innocent model from Montana everyone knows by day, and the seductive bad girl at night who says ‘yes, sir’ and is willing to do anything he commands.” Natalie can’t understand how Laney could have fallen under the spell of someone who would have such utter and complete control over her life. And there lies the mystery to her death; she’s sure the “he” Laney was referring to was someone she knew from working at Covet, the fashion magazine owned by the Salvatici family. Luciano Salvatici, at thirty-two, is the president and CEO and his younger brother, Giovanni, is a world renowned fashion photographer. After meeting them both she’s convinced one of these two handsome brothers holds the answer to Laney’s death. Lucian hates running the family business, but his domineering father has forced him to take his rightful place as the heir to the dynasty. Covet is a front for something much larger, a sinister business the Salvatici family has dealt in, going back generations. When he realizes Gio has shown an interest in Natalie, Luc knows he needs to scare her off while protecting her at the same time. “The things I required from a woman—submission, surrender, obedience—were not things Natalie James was built to give.” So, after hiring Natalie as his assistant, they fly to Italy to attend fashion shows; but Luc’s plan backfires when they can’t deny the attraction they feel for each other. Natalie sees past the domineering and standoffish persona Luc portrays to everyone, to appear unaffected by the life he’s been obligated to live. “You like to dominate because so much of your life is out of your control.” Yikes, and wait until the rest of the Salvatici family are introduced to the story! Natalie should’ve listened to the warnings Luc kept giving her. At this point, I wanted to slap Natalie and yell at her to do as he said! I can’t wait for number two (and three!) to come out.
Andrea-M More than 1 year ago
The cover of this book is what draw me into reading it and I have to say the journey was really interesting.This book had mystery,secrets and passion,everything that i liked. Natalie James best friend has recently died from drug overdose,but Natalie doesn't believe in that story.Her friend was not the kind of person who would surrender herself to drugs.Eager to find out what happened to her friend she applies for a internship at Covet,a fashion magazine.She thinks that she will find answers there. Luc Salvaciti is CEO of Covet.He is one very interesting character.He knows what happened to Natalie's friend and he knows what Natalie is trying to do.So he will do anything to protect her from the same thing that happened to her friend. These two characters were very interesting.Natalie is strong and independent young women and Luc is dark and dominant.They had passion and chemistry and the tension and angst were there too.But at some point while reading this book i felt like the original plot was lost.Like Natalie has put all of her attention on Luc and forgot why she was there.That mystery from the beginning was lost to me.And then the ending left me completely in shock.I didn't see that coming. I hope that the second book has all the answers that i need and I'm definitely eager to read more and find out what happened to Natalie's friend.
Sandy-thereadingcafe More than 1 year ago
4.25 stars--FORBIDDEN is the first instalment in Elisabeth Naughton’s contemporary, adult HOUSE OF SIN dark, erotic, romantic suspense series focusing on twenty-four year old, American Natalie James, and thirty-two year old Italian businessman Luciano Salvatici’s story line. NOTE: Due to the story line content, there may be some triggers for more sensitive readers. Told from dual first person perspectives (Luc and Natalie) FORBIDDEN is a dark, erotic romance story line that follows the building but contemptuous relationship between Luc Salvatici and Natalie James. Natalie James have never been to New York but a interview with the House of Salvatici and its fashion magazine COVET meant Natalie would have access to everything her best friend Elena had so cryptically mentioned in the weeks before her sudden death. Meeting Luciano Salvatici (aka the beast) found our heroine unwittingly drawn to the dark and mysterious CEO, a man whose instant dislike for Natalie disguised an urgency to protect her from the monsters within. What ensues is the acrimonious but highly sexual relationship between Luc and Natalie, and the fall-out as the Salvatici family history demands payment and submission from all those who dare to seek the truth. FORBIDDEN is a story that covertly and slowly reveals a dark and dangerous family secret going back hundreds of years that continues go grow in strength to the present day. The blackened, sexual nature of the family history threatens all those who dare the cross their paths, including our heroine who has inadvertently stumbled down the rabbit hole into a world that is about to destroy her life. Warned numerous times not to tread outside of the lines, our heroine’s constant need to prove she was beyond the reach of mere, mortal men finds herself in the line of fire, threatening her very existence and the heart she lost to Luciano Salvatici. Elisabeth Naughton pulls the reader into a shadow society that plays by its own rules; a family so deeply immersed into domination, power and control their own son struggles to move on from the past. The premise is dark, dramatic, erotic and intriguing; the characters are colorful, charismatic, and astonishing; the romance is fated, passionate and tragic. FORBIDDEN is a familiar story line but a story line I am desperate to see follow through.
Lynn53 More than 1 year ago
Natalie James is looking for answers. She sucks the reader in as she tries to solve a mystery. Luciano “Luc” Salvatici may be a man of power but he doesn’t appear to be happy. He’s something of an enigma. Gio Salvatici is a man with an agenda but does it involve Natalie? Gio may not be a main character but he seems important to the plot. Will be interesting to see if he appears in the next book of the series. I felt that this book was just a tease for what is yet to come. Because it’s a tease, I couldn’t turn away and certainly had no trouble turning the page. I’m terrible at mysteries and Luc was the biggest one. Even though we get his point of view, being told in the first person, I felt as if he was holding something back. If he wasn’t going to tell Natalie, he wasn’t going to tell us. There’s plenty of heat between our main characters but with everything left unsaid, what does that leave in store for us in the next book titled Deceived. I certainly can’t wait to find out. I was not compensated nor was I required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
WOW Elisabeth out did herself on this new series this will have you hook from the first page and wanting more from the last. i have read all of her books and this is by far the most sexy and sensual series, it's a new concept for her but it is fenomonal, I can't wait for book 2 , Natalie is set out to find out what happened to her friend Elena, she knows her death was not from an over dose like they claim, she sets out to find the real reason for her death, and finds her self in more danger than she anticipated. Natalie falls for Luciano the CEO of COVET he's an ass to her since the begining and doesn't give her the job she desperately needs in order to find the truth. Once out of COVET and disappointed she stumbles in the path of GIO, Lucianos brother that has a very dark side, he hires Natalie as his assistant, forcing Luciano to look.after her for her safety and well being. YOU MUST READ THIS SERIES...
Jennifer Jones More than 1 year ago
The first in this series called HOUSE OF SIN, FORBIDDEN begins with Natalie James seeking an internship to infiltrate the magazine company, Covet, she believes holds the key to her best friend's death. The model's death was blamed on an overdose, but she knew her friend would never do that. Along with that, Elena also wrote to her in emails about a man she had fallen for, and he was a part of the Covet world. Luciano Salvatici is the President and CEO of Covet. The handsome Italian had recently taken over after his uncle's heart attack. He exudes power and intimidation. He takes one look at Natalie and dismisses her as being unqualified for such a position. Fuming, Natalie makes her way out of the very brief and unsettling interview to run into his brother, Giovanni. Gio, as he likes to be called, is a photographer for Covet and immediately hires Natalie to become his assistant. With little warning, she suddenly finds herself in the middle of something dark and powerful, where the Salvatici family holds the playing cards. Luciano, however, in order to get her away from Gio, hires her to become his personal assistant for a trip to Italy. There, she will find herself drawn into a world of sex, danger and intrigue. Falling for Luciano wasn't part of the plans, but the more time they spend together, the easier it is to fall under his spell. Luciano is trying to protect Natalie from his family, but she's far to independent and stubborn to listen to his warnings. She's entirely wrong for him, she doesn't listen, she doesn't do as he asks, but he cannot stay away from her. The Salvatici family is too powerful, and with him as the oldest son, there are certain things that are expected of him. He tries to keep Natalie safe, but one wrong move can cost them both their lives. FORBIDDEN is deliciously sinful! Yes, I enjoyed this book immensely. The setting brings back my memories of my stay in Rome several months ago, and the descriptions easily bring the scenery and places to mind. Anyone who has been to Italy can attest to how romantic it is, but just like the layers of ancient stones beneath the roads, another world exists that you cannot see from the outside. The characters are deeply fleshed out, but with enough masks and mirrors to keep you from guessing. The sexual pull in Forbidden gives this romantic suspense a darker edge. Natalie and Luciano have an undeniable chemistry, and the sex is sweltering which is treated with just the right amount of pause to keep the reader wanting more. I recommend reading alone with a glass of wine and settling in for a hot and sizzling ride! Oh, and be warned - CLIFFHANGER! But luckily the next books come out quickly so you won't have to wait too long for the next. Ms. Naughton's books always leaving me wanting more...I'm just glad there is more where this one came from! Bring on DECEIVED!
Marlene976 More than 1 year ago
Overall I quite enjoyed the book. I liked the premise, the chemistry and the sex scenes were quite hot. I enjoyed Nathalie's character from the start, she came across as strong, smart and I was happy that she was not taken in by Giovani or Luc for that matter (and still had her doubts throughout the story). There were some funny parts, I know it was stressful drive for him when he was going home but when he talks about driving into the mountain, I chuckled. I have a lot of questions still unanswered; it ending the way it did bothered me in that I wanted more but not because it was a cliffhanger. I was hoping I was not at the end but 100% told me I was.
TerriK6 More than 1 year ago
Forbidden by Elisabeth Naughton is book 1 in her new series House of Sin. No spoilers in this review! The story grabs you right off and keeps you turning the pages until the end. Unfortunately, the story does not end and there is a cliffhanger. The good news is that you don’t have to wait long until the next one to come out. If you like well-developed characters, mystery, and steamy scenes, then pick this one up! You won’t be disappointed. I highly recommend this series by Naughton.
animation More than 1 year ago
I just finished Forbidden, book 1 in the House of Sin series. Fair warning, there is a cliffhanger at the end and going in I knew this, but was "shocked" because the last half of the book really got going. Brief synopsis: Natalie has come to New York to find out what happened to her best friend. She doesn't believe that she overdosed as everyone thinks. She gets a job at the same modeling agency and immediately is being played between two brothers, Gio and Luc. The question is which one truly has her interests at heart? This leads her down a road that she wasn't ready to go and puts her in all types of danger. I don't want to leave any spoilers, but I will say the cliffhanger is a full circle moment for our heroine, Natalie, as to why she started her quest to begin with. The is a very adult and dark story. It is told from both Luc and Natalie's point of view. It starts a little slow so you have to be patient, but the payoff is worth it. There is a little bit of everything, suspense, action, and some very intense scenes. These characters run the spectrum. They are flawed, confused, entitled, naive, dangerous, possessive, caring and loving. I am intrigued by the storytelling and look forward to the next book. ARC received by author in exchange for an honest review.
BuckeyeAngel More than 1 year ago
Natalie’s best friend was recently found dead in a way that was too suspicion for her so she headed to New York to find the answers to her friend’s death. She didn’t count on the forbidden temptation of Luc. This was a great story. Lots of steamy parts wrapped into the mystery that Natalie is trying to solve. I really loved Natalie’s find the answers. The author keeps you guessing at every turn. I can’t wait until the next installment! I highly recommend. **I voluntarily read and reviewed this book
JenB2725 More than 1 year ago
what a great start to a new series. a lot of fifty shades elements and then some. such a cliffhanger ending
Jenafyre21 More than 1 year ago
Dark, dangerous, suspenseful, on the edge of your seat goodness is what you get in Forbidden, the first book in the House of Sin Series by Elisabeth Naughton. In Frobidden you meet Natalie and Luc. Luc is the CEO of Covet, a fashion magazine. Natalie is looking for a way into Covet to find out what happened to her best friend. Their first meeting is explosive on both sides. They are drawn to each other, they are intrigued with each other, but they both know the other is off limits. When Luc steps in to keep Natalie away from his brother, he realizes his mistake too late. He can't get enough of Natalie, but if she ever truly sees the darkness that is locked inside him, the secrets his family hides, she will run from him as fast as she can. This amazing book kept me on the edge of my seat from cover to cover. I will warn you know, there is a cliff hanger that will take you into book 2. But fear not, you don't have long to wait, cause she is releasing them very close together. I cannot wait to read the next book in the series. I want to see how Natalie deals with the darkness and the secrets. Will she find out what happened to her friend? Will she run from Luc, or will she stand and fight for his soul? Will Luc be able to keep Natalie safe when the truth comes out? Will he be able to make her understand that she is his light in the darkness, or will he lose her forever? Only time will tell in the House of Sin Series.
Sherryreadbychoice More than 1 year ago
WINDOWS!!! WOWZA!!!! this is the most intense, sexy, suspenseful, exciting, keeping on my toes, page turner book I have ever read of Elisabeth Naughton. Natalie is out to find who murdered her best friend but to do so, she will have to get down and dirty in a world she never thought or dreamed of ever being in. She is willing to do whatever it takes, even lose her soul. She gets caught up in a adventure with Luc, a man who can crush her with his looks, and words that can destroy her. But it isn't those things that has taken her to an abyss, it is his touch. Luc, didn't want to be with her, but he most definitely didn't want his brother Gio with her either. But she needed his protection and the only way to do that was to be with her. He has secrets, secrets that will make her run for her life, and never look back. What are those secrets, what can absolutely make her run? They both want more, more of what they feed off each other, and that sensual desire that will have them both lost in within themselves. Until..... This story is so very intense, and so enthralling, that it will make you want more, so much more. I honestly cannot wait for the second book to come out. Yes, that's right it is a three part story, but I am telling you it is worth it, and I do not say that lightly. I do recommend this story. I was given this by the author and I am giving an honest review with my free will.
donnam911 More than 1 year ago
3.5 stars but rounding to 4 because EN’s writing is excellent. I have to be honest and say that certain aspects of this story are not in my wheelhouse; they just aren’t topics I gravitate towards reading about. However, EN has laid out a compelling story that leaves you wanting more. While reading this, multiple times my brain kept registering how smoothly the words flowed across the pages, how the story kept pulling me in and moving me forward. I don’t think there is a book EN has written that I haven’t read and this one struck me as the best yet. The writing is simply that good. What starts off with a woman searching for answers to her friends death quickly turns into something much darker, intense and more powerful than she could have imagined. There are some secrets you are better off not knowing the truth of and nothing could have prepared Natalie for what she discovers. Be warned that there is a cliffhanger but I think that fits so perfectly with this story. Natalie doesn’t know what’s coming next … and neither do we.
gigiluvsbooks2 More than 1 year ago
From New York Times Bestselling and RITA Award-winning author Elisabeth Naughton, the first book in the House of Sin Series. She has no idea what lurks behind the forbidden doors of the House of Sin... He is temptation. Forbidden fruit. A craving I can’t seem to resist. I went after him in search of answers, certain he had blood on his hands. Now I’ve fallen prey to his seductive looks and commanding charisma. I know he is a threat. He's entwined in a dangerous world I don't understand. But even that doesn’t stop me from aching for his touch, for the taste of his wicked lips. Before I can truly surrender to the fire smoldering between us, I need to know more. I have to see behind the doors he keeps firmly locked. I need to discover what he's hiding in the shadowy world known as the House of Sin... Review: First, this ends in a cliffhanger because book two in the trilogy comes out in two weeks. Just wanted to let others know because I know it bugs some people. Second, I cannot wait for part two, Deceived. Now to the story. I do not want to give away all the plot points so this might be kind of vague. Natalie is out to find out who killed the sister of her heart, so she travels to New York City to get into the world of high fashion to find the killer and get justice for her friend. When she gets there everything and everyone is not what they seem. She meets Luc, (who comes off as a world class jerk) who is the head of the fashion house Natalie's friend worked at. A chain of events lead to Natalie being Luc's personal assistant and that is where things really start getting interesting. Again, the Author does a great job of being mysterious with the characters and plot. The story is very dark, sexy and had me on edge throughout. That's it, that is all you get because you really need to read it without me giving away things. I am very excited to read the next installment, come on May 15th. 4.5Stars *I voluntarily read an advance reader copy of this book provided by the Publisher.*
Crazybooknerd More than 1 year ago
Forbidden by Elisabeth Naughton Series: House of Sin book 1 Rating: 3.5 Stars I find it hard to write this review, as I am left with mixed emotions, and I don’t want to give away spoilers. The author’s writing is fantastic and honestly, that was the major reason I kept reading. I have to add though, whenever there was talk of a “punishment,” I felt that part was sorta cheesy, and didn’t seem like Naughton’s writing style at all. Thankfully there were not too many of these moments. The characters are fully developed, which I love, as I feel I know them well enough, that when things seem out of the ordinary for them, I end up questioning it. Halfway in, the content and plot line, made me put the book down and leave it for a while. I started to dislike both the main characters, this was just a personal opinion and due to my aversion to someone having to be in control of someone else in a relationship, and the other person allowing it. Once I got over myself and picked the book back up, I was glad I did, as there was superb suspense in the last quarter of the book, which was awesome! Luc and Natalie - Honestly, they have great chemistry together. Do I wish that she would continue to stand her ground and not let Luc excuse away his behaviour?.. Yes. Do I wish that he would respect her wishes, and not demean her?.. Yes. Do I think that if these things changed in the book, would the story be just as good?.. I don’t know, it would be a different story then and perhaps wouldn’t fit the plot as well.. so I can see the point to some of it, but as sadly there is a cliffhanger!!!!.. Ugh.. I don’t know what is going to happen, I have to assume, it all has a purpose, though at this moment, I don’t see how Luc will earn my trust back enough for me to feel it is ok for Natalie to have an HEA with him. I have faith, even though this is a new direction for this author, and is not one I would normally seek out. Naughton has never let me down, so I can’t wait to see how she wins me back! I bet it will be epic. *Arc provided in exchange for an honest review* ~ Paragraphs and Petticoats ~
carvanz More than 1 year ago
Wow! This book was like the best kind of crazy, drag you in and hold you hostage wild! I’m generally not a fan of BDSM and I suspected this story might involve it with a series titled House Of Sin. But I love what I’ve read from this author in the past and the blurb was just too hard to resist. I expected a sex club with friends of the hero who would be dominant and dark. I did not expect what I found within these pages. Natalie is looking for answers to her friend’s death and ends up in the sphere of the Salvaciti men. As her mind races from one potential suspect to another she finds herself in the company of Luc with all his dominating force. She’s a strong independent woman with no need to submit herself to any man. But what she finds with Luc has her eager and willing…until she realizes she may have allowed herself to become just like her friend. This book really rocked me. I lost myself down the dark and twisted path that this couple traveled. As a witness to Natalie’s fall, I sensed the traps that could snap up and ensnare her when she didn’t. However, Luc’s point of view was a reprieve from the worse of my concern. Unfortunately, there is a deep dark secret that threatens not only him but Natalie as well and as the reader I was on pins a needles waiting for that secret to loom up and swallow me whole. I absolutely loved this story, these characters, the darkness of every secondary character introduced because you didn’t know their agenda, and the buildup of tension and angst. It’s not a particularly fast read but you don’t want to skim because every line is full of emotion or needed information. I knew going in it was a cliffhanger so I had braced myself but oh Lord! I didn’t realize how hard it was going to hit me. I need the next book NOW! P.S. Second book is planned to release three weeks after Forbidden I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book provided by NetGalley and Season Publishing. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
LynnB888 More than 1 year ago
3 1/2 STARS! Exhilaratingly wicked danger! With the first book in her new House of Sin series, Elisabeth Naughton takes us deep into a tortured story that is way out of the realm of her normal type of book. I found myself in a bit of a conundrum reading it. In one sense it felt almost reminiscent of a Eyes Wide Shut type of story where things were happening, yet you couldn't figure out what was happening or why it was happening until close to the end of the book ... but on the other side of the coin, the main characters make a seemingly loving connection that keeps the reader wanting to know what's going to happen and if they will get their happily ever after in the end. We're left on a cliff-hanger with the second book in the series coming in just about three weeks, and yes, I'm impatiently waiting to see what happens next! Overall, I didn't love it, but I want to know how it's all going to play out so I obviously didn't outright dislike it either. The characters were well-developed, the plot was intriguing and had the potential to really pack a wallop, but sadly fell a little flat. She innocently enters a world she is clueless about in order to try to find answers to what happened to an important person in her life. She never sets out to trust him much less fall for him ... now she's caught up in his world and has no clue what she's gotten herself into or how to get out alive! He is taken with her from the first moment he lays eyes on her, but he has to get her to go away and stop poking her nose in where it doesn't belong. If only she wasn't so deliciously intriguing to him. He can't resist having a taste ... but he swears he'll keep her tucked away separate from his diabolical world!
Pebbles92 More than 1 year ago
Forbidden is Book One of Elisabeth Naughton's newest series, House of Sin. I've found over the years authors devote so much into building the back story that the first in a series tends to start out a bit on the slow side. It seemed like once the details were out of the way, I found myself being drawn more into the story. Initially I didn't expect to like Luc's character and instead thought Natalie's had it all together. However, the farther into the story I got, I found my opinion changing. Luc seems like a genuinely good guy mixed up in a really bad situation with his family and he was doing his best to protect Natalie. Natalie however started to act young, naive, immature and by the end of the story I stopped counting how many times I said "how dumb can one person be?" Overall though this was extremely well written and the story line is definitely more different than what I typically read but once I got beyond the details I finished it very quickly and am eagerly waiting to see how this all plays out.
Stalker2014 More than 1 year ago
Amazing story. Natalie is one strong spitfire. Luc is one hot complicated man. He has many layers to his personality. He doesn’t let many people close. Natalie is drawn to Luc from the start. They have a connection like no other. Loved the twists in this book. Could not wait to see what would happen next. Can’t wait to read the next book.
Sue14 More than 1 year ago
A suspected murder. An air of evil. Two mysterious brothers. An undeniable sexual attraction. And a mystery to solve. What more could a reader want in a book? This is Forbidden by Elisabeth Naughton. The book is in first person, with each chapter written from the viewpoint of either the hero or heroine. We see what they are thinking and feeling about the same events, encounters, etc. I’ve learned to appreciate this style of writing. As Luc and Natalie spend time together, they can’t help but feel their mutual attraction. But Luc has dark secrets that has him fighting his true self. And as Natalie begins to uncover them, her fear makes her run, straight into the path of evil. What will happen? Will the murder be solved? Can these two find their way back to each other and stay alive? Can Luc get free of his family’s history? To find the answers, we’ll need to read Deceived, book two of the series. Warning – there is explicit sex in this book.