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ISBN-13: 9780995150904
Publisher: Judy Weir
Publication date: 02/18/2017
Pages: 422
Product dimensions: 5.51(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.94(d)

About the Author

On our cattle ranch, when an animal was in distress or injured, I was put in charge of nursing it back to health. Never mind that I was just a kid and hated the sight of blood, but I had to muster up the courage to apply home remedies. My survival rate was pretty good. It seemed like a foregone conclusion that I would progress to nursing - humans. After one year into nurses training, I bolted. Bed pans and chronic diseases pushed me in different direction; a career of dealing with drug addicts, murder, suicide, fatalities, and biker gangs. In 1983 I graduated with honors as a paramedic and worked in the City of Edmonton's Emergency Services.
For the next twenty years, I came face to face with scenes most people would rather not think about. I loved it. Having experienced life in the most deadly and gut wrenching events, and work alongside the police service, I gained the fodder for creating intense novels.
My creative DNA shocked me when I was driven to write a dystopian / paranormal / romance novel, The Guardian's Wildchild. After taking several writing courses, I presented the manuscript to Omnific Publishing who published it in 2011. Just when I thought I could get my life back, another story took me prisoner - Forbidden. I couldn't believe there was this kind of story within me and desperate to be told. I resisted. It was futile.
Retired and focused on home life, I'm back to being a mom to four pets and one husband. We travel and taste the excitement of other cultures. In between adventures, I've dabbled in water color painting, photography, needle work, gardening - the list goes on. In my next life, I plan to explore the cosmos.
I've learned a few things in my seventy years. Thoughts are powerful. Intention is everything. Passion is the key to success.

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Forbidden 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
franellan More than 1 year ago
Forbidden: F Stone Within this world there are many who would destroy our hopes and dreams for a better life and freedom. Within the hush comes the gunfire and sounds of people silenced. Beyond the screams comes the truth behind the slaying of 15 people coming to help others from Habitat of Humanity. Americans with a mission to help those less fortunate. So, who wanted them dead? Terrorized, brutalized, silenced and the hush becomes a silent whisper. When Police Captain Hashim Sharif is enlisted to find out what happened to the others he meets the one person hiding in the right place and not executed Eliza Mackay who becomes his captive. Wishing at first and wondering why she was spared links her up in an unholy alliance with Sharif. The heads of his government wants the entire situation buried along with Eliza. He becomes her jailer, keeper and boss you might say in order to keep the city’s secret and the failure of his force to protect the Americans. When Sharif tries to remember that Allah forbids murder, yet we hear about those that worship Allah killing all the time, Sharif has not choice but to at least appear to be following the orders of the Chief of Police and the Mayor to bury Eliza or his family and him will permanently disappear and pay the ultimate price. It’s not about justice and fairness it’s about restoring the dignity of their government for failing to protect these innocent victims. Learning more about the murders, trying to find forensic evidence, and wonders whom ordered that these 15 American volunteers be slaughtered. As Eliza and Sharif begin to bond and develop a steady rhythm and pattern something changes it all when he learns her real name, about the loss of her family and realizing she might not be trusted either. PTSD is what she suffers from and the people assigned to watch over her hear her scream in her sleep. Hearing the voices of the Mayor and Chief, learning what the others did to her to prove she is nobody special and Sharif coming to her defense we wonder whether he will dispose of her while testing his beliefs. Murder an innocent person for no reason will he? Things spiral out of control and Sharif immediately goes into action and moves not only Eliza but his family hoping to keep them away from harm. Added in a CIA agent is being brought in to investigate the murders and find out who was behind them and bring them to his brand of justice. He is thinking Sharif is guilty but the true killers have yet to be identified and who were these men driving the truck with the volunteers? Things take on a different turn when the CIA agent sets his sites on hoping to take down Sharif. But, Sharif is smart and when he learns that Eliza purloined her own cell phone that he confiscated why does he allow her to keep it? She is confined to a small space and knowing that she has PTSD and is still dealing with the fatal car accident of her own family, husband and two children, you can understand why she panics when Sharif places her, for her own good in a small room. Added in he takes chance and calls her boss hoping to leave subtle clues as to wanting him to begin a search to find her. A meeting reveals to the representative from Habitat for Humanity that the Americans are dead, how will the President of this country and others proceed to find out who was behind the massacre and why take down Eliza in the interim? Thinking they were home free and the CIA was not going to track them down again, think again as ag
JBronder More than 1 year ago
It is 2047 and in the City of Samarra which is the capital of the Republic of Islamic Provinces & Territories (RIPT). Eliza MacKay has come to be part of an American Habitat team. But the team is abused and everyone except Eliza is killed. Captain Hashim Sharif keeps Eliza safe but then finds his family threatened if he doesn’t kill her. Sharif has to walk a balancing line to keep his family safe, Eliza safe, and find those that killed the Habitat team. But the more that Sharif and Eliza are together they find themselves becoming attracted to each other. But Sharif is a devout Muslin and loving this white woman is forbidden. This story starts out with a bang and just keeps going. Eliza arrive in a different flight from the Habitat team and ends up being questioned. After that things seem odd to her and her sense of danger keeps increasing until she finds herself in the middle of a shootout. Thankfully Sharif is there to protect her but he finds himself in a bad position doing so. I think Sharif is a great character. He wants to protect those that need it and finds himself torn between his love for Eliza and his religion. This is a great story that is filled with action and a great romance. This is one book that I normally would have just flipped by but it is definitely worth the read. I received Forbidden from Partners in Crime Virtual Book Tours for free. This has in no way influenced my opinion of this book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book was absolutely amazing. Action packed, on the edge of your seat kind of book. To watch two people go from hatred to love the way Shariff & MacKay do is just indescribably. MacKay has a lot of issues from her past that get brought up during her capitive time. Her mental illness comes into play. So much happens and just when you think you have figured it out. BAM! This is def a worth while book to get in your hands!
CMash More than 1 year ago
OH MY GOD!!!!! I can now breathe! This book was recommended by Wall-to-Wall Books and she said it was fantastic! I disagree, it was freaking fantastic! This story has everything! Suspense, love, murder, government intrigue, well-developed characters that the reader wants to be friends with, extraordinary writing, religion with some teachable information, PTSD and so much more. Did I say SUSPENSE? The story takes place in 2047 when there is peace in Iraq. However, even with peace there will always be some evil. And in this case, a convoy of Americans from Habitat for Humanity are massacred. And thus begins the edge of your seat read. International intrigue has never been a go-to book for me. But this novel was different. It was exceptional. I was quite impressed with the research the author did for this book including the Muslim faith, the language, customs, etc but without it being so in depth that it was preachy and exhaustive to the story line. I will admit, however, I did learn quite a bit. This book is what I call a "transport read", one that I become so engrossed in the story, that I am not cognizant of my surroundings. The suspense was so riveting that, on one hand, I wanted to find out the conclusion but I also didn't want it to end because it was such a phenomenal read. This was one hell of a nail-biter!!! And then the author throws in one more curve ball on the last page: THE END, or is it? This reader sure hopes there is more to come!!!!!! Either way, F. Stone just ended up on my "authors to read" list. I highly recommend that you read this! Take the thrilling journey with Eliza and Hashim but be prepared, you won't be able to put it down once you start reading!! Kudos Ms. Stone!!! This novel will definitely be on my 2017 Top Ten best reads!
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Ruffina Oserio for Readers' Favorite Suspenseful and beguiling, Forbidden: Better Wear Your Flak Jacket by F. Stone is a thriller that features terrorism and political intrigue, a story with breathtaking intricacies of plot and red herrings that will have readers guessing and leafing through the pages with excitement. After a gruesome terrorist attack, police captain Hashim Sharif captures one survivor, Eliza MacKay. There is a cover-up and the police captain has to live with the secret, but there is more to the story than meets the eye. Can he get the truth from the lying MacKay? While working to keep the respect that his government requires, the police captain is determined to find out the truth and to uncover the brain behind the terror that has cost the lives of fifteen American volunteers. Things get complicated when he receives orders to kill MacKay, the only person who can lead him to the source of the terror. With a CIA agent on his heels and his life threatened, Hashim Sharif has to choose his path wisely and determine what is worth dying for. F. Stone’s novel is an engrossing story, a page-turner that is masterfully written to keep the reader turning the pages. The plot is strong and has the potential for great entertainment. I loved the writing that features excellent prose, captivating descriptions, and great dialogues. The characters are rock-solid and the reader will enjoy navigating the complex political setting and the powerful conflict that drives the plot. Forbidden: Better Wear Your Flak Jacket is swiftly paced and masterfully crafted to offer readers the kind of entertainment they'll enjoy in a thriller. You won’t be able to put it down once started.