Forbidden: The Temptation

Forbidden: The Temptation

by Samantha Sommersby



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ISBN-13: 9781602021549
Publisher: Linden Bay Romance
Publication date: 01/01/2009
Series: Forbidden Series , #4
Pages: 212
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.48(d)

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Forbidden: The Sacrifice 3.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
BrookeReviews More than 1 year ago
The Blurbage: Jacob Madison is the accidental werewolf. While hiking in Yosemite Park he fell and was badly injured. A local werewolf pack found him and saved him, but one of the pack mates accidentally bit him while trying to rescue him. Jacob isn't happy about being a werewolf, he would much rather have his human life back. Then he meets Allison Connelly, who has recently divorced, and is wanting to put her past behind her. She has gone back to the spot where she met her ex-husband to get rid of the wedding ring, but a storm rolls in and she falls down the ravine. She thinks she's left for dead, but Jacob and his pack find her, and Jacob is determined to rescue her in his human form no matter how difficult. He will not leave her to the same fate should she get bitten or scratched accidentally. The two have their secrets that they are afraid to share, and neither know that they are going to be under attack by a serial killer. The only way for Jacob to save his pack and Allison is to let the beast inside him take over, even if it might cause him his new relationship and his humanity. The Reviewage: I've enjoyed Samantha Sommersby's Forbidden series, her characters are always likable, even though sometimes their minds get geared to sex and tend to stay there for awhile. I can understand this though, because the beginning of a relationship is the most exciting time. Everything is fresh and you want to be with each other every second of every day. Our hero Jacob is a southern gentlemen, and he really works Allison over once he gets her alone in his cabin...if you know what I mean. The two have fantastic chemistry, and work really well together. The villain is believable, the conflict is interesting, and the characters are well fleshed out. The only problem I have with Forbidden: The Temptation is that the beginning starts off good, but then it dives into quite a few chapters of the couple locked up in a cabin together, making love pretty much the whole time. There are flashes of conversation in here, where you see them connecting emotionally as well as physically, and then the story jumps right back and it's full of plot. I feel had their relationship been spread out more through the book it would have been more believable. I won't lie, erotica isn't usually my thing, but I enjoy what Sommersby has done with the genre. Other books in the series: Forbidden: The Claim Forbidden: The Awakening Forbidden: The Revolution
bridget3420 on LibraryThing 5 months ago
Jake is an experienced climber who decides to be a daredevil and climb all alone has an accident. Some werewolves happened to find him and saved his life. Or took it away if you ask Jake. They made him a were and he is full of resentment toward his pack. When the were's are in the woods, they come to find a woman who is trapped. Jake decides that her fate will not be the same as his. He will save this woman and make sure she isn't changed. He hurries home and gathers some equipment to save this woman that he doesn't even know. It turns out that the woman he rescued, Alison, and Mireya, a member of Jake's pack have a history. A deep, dark, life-threatening history. Who will make it out alive?This book is so steamy I found myself sweating. If you're looking for a fast, sexy read, then you should pick up this book.
morbidromantic on LibraryThing 5 months ago
In Forbidden: The Temptation , after a rock climbing accident, Jacob Madison¿s life has changed dramatically. Rescued by a group of werewolves, he is bitten and turned into one. It has been a hard adaptation for him, as has life with the pack, and not entirely one he feels is for the best. On one of the pack¿s excursions, Jake finds a woman in the snow. This woman, Allison Connelly, has been wounded. Jake takes her back to the camping ground of the pack and nurses her back to heath. As she mends and rests, a romance between the two blooms. Jake is at odds with his feelings for her and his werewolf nature, while Allison treads caution after her recent bad break up. But their reservations do nothing to smother the budding passion and the two cannot keep their hands off of each other.Two of Jake¿s pack mates, Ryan and Mireya, are likewise feeling something for one another. Problem for them is that Mireya has been mated to another male-- a very dangerous and murderous were who goes by the name of Devlin. Allison is familiar with this werewolf since she worked with him as a forensic psychologist. Everyone knows Devlin will soon be there to collect Mireya. How are they going to defeat such a strong werewolf as Devil, who has been killing immortals to increase his strength? And can both Allison and Jake look past his werewolf nature to allow a relationship? This book is steamy and unashamed! I like that there were no cut-outs as soon as the couple got hot and heavy. The plot itself was also very good, and I would recommend it to anyone who is a fan of romance/erotica and paranormal erotica. Jake and Allison pretty much got it on from second one (or three since she had to recover a bit from her accident first), but there was nothing in it that made me roll my eyes and go, ¿oh yeah, not possible.¿ The reaction is what typically keeps me from romance-- I can¿t stand the clichés. Fortunately, Forbidden: The Temptation had no terrible clichés about it. Just lots of sex, drama, and blood.So, do Jake and Allison get together? Can the group defeat the powerful Devlin and release Mireya from his grasp so that she can be with Ryan? You¿ll just have to read it and find out for yourself.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Emptrix More than 1 year ago
We first met Jake in Forbidden The Revolution. He is the accidential werewolf, determined to be "normal" and try to ignore the fact he is no longer human. As with Samantha Sommersby's other male protagonists Byron and his son Dell, Jake is worth trading a 2 pound box of $50 a pound dark chocolate truffles for and like the chocolate truffles, you will still want more when the end comes. Jake is spending some time with a small pack of weres he has joined, attempting to become more comfortable with what he is, and trying to embrace his inner wolf. Jake rescues a woman, Allison, who has fallen onto a cliff ledge. Instantly there is an erotic romantic connection between them. There is also a connection between Allison and one of the women who is a pack mate of Jakes. Allison had helped convict the woman's were mate of mass murder and then helped get the woman into witness protection. There is now a love connectin between one of the other male pack members and the woman in witness protection. The story tells of the rapidly developing mate like relationship between Jake and Allison and the developing romance of the other two pack members and how they overcome a number of problems, not the least of which is the return of the serial killer bad mate and his attempt to take back not only the unwilling mate, but take over as pack leader. We also briefly see Dell, who has obviously developed more of his magical powers in addition to being a vampire he is also an accomplished Sorcerer and there is reference to Dell's father Byron who heads a paranormal organization. Jake wants to find out why Byron wanted to recruit him. So do I. This is really an installment in an ongoing series of short novels or long short stories. A series I happen to think is excellent and one I greatly enjoy. I love the heat, humor and intelligence Ms. Sommersby writes into her characters and scenes. Like other reviewers of her books, I wish the stories were longer or that they were combined into larger books. HOWEVER, I will take what I can get and gladly pay the price. Write faster Samantha Sommersby!