Force of Attraction: A K-9 Rescue Novel

Force of Attraction: A K-9 Rescue Novel

by D. D. Ayres

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ISBN-13: 9781250042187
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Publication date: 03/31/2015
Series: K-9 Rescue Series , #2
Pages: 352
Sales rank: 421,749
Product dimensions: 4.10(w) x 6.70(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

D. D. Ayres loves men in uniforms and dogs, making the K-9 Rescue Novel Series with St. Martin's Press a dream come true. She currently lives in Texas where she's at work on her next novel.

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Force of Attraction

By D.D. Ayres

St. Martin's Press

Copyright © 2015 D. D. Ayres
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4668-3984-7


"Here you go. One good bite deserves another."

K-9 Officer Nicole "Cole" Jamieson placed the doggy bowl on her kitchen floor.

Her partner, Hugo, greedily gulped down the first of his two daily meals then checked her out with a hopeful stare from soulful black eyes.

Cole shook her head. "No more for now."

Hugo's ears drooped as he came forward and nudged his big heavy head under her hand.

Cole squatted down and scratched under his chin and then behind his ears. "Okay. You've earned it. But only one." She stood and reached for the jar of dog treats she kept handy for special occasions.

Hugo scarfed down the treat without even bothering to chew then jumped up against her, huge paws resting above her waist, to deliver a lick of thanks before turning toward the spacious dog kennel in Cole's kitchen. Before he went in he looked back at her. She waited. Bouviers liked to think about things before they acted. When satisfied by whatever his doggy instincts were telling him, Hugo barked gruffly once and entered his crate.

The Montgomery County Police Department wasn't initially impressed by her choice of a Bouvier des Flandres over the more popular law enforcement canine choices such as Belgian Malinois or German shepherd. But research backed her up when she had gone on the hunt for a self-motivated, hard-driving, even-tempered pup. When she'd found the six-month-old black brindled Bouvier with uncut ears but docked tail, he'd looked like a fuzzy puppy-faced teddy bear. But as he grew, he morphed into a powerfully built canine with an intimidating bark and a menacing set of teeth. Topping out at ninety-five pounds, Hugo was now a force to be reckoned with.

Cole yawned and reached into the fridge for a sports beverage and drank from the bottle. Usually she went straight to bed after a night shift. Today, she didn't even have time to take a nap.

She glanced at the clock. Seven A.M. She had a job interview in Baltimore at ten A.M.

"Damn! I'm going to be late!"

She hurried toward the shower.

This is big. That's the only hint her K-9 sergeant had given her when he told her about the interview. When the Drug Enforcement Administration approached local law enforcement agencies for manpower, it usually involved mounting a task force.

Visions of covert operations, undercover, and SWAT team takedowns danced through Cole's thoughts, none of which calmed her nerves.

Forty-five minutes later, she came tearing back through the kitchen in full dress uniform. Her blue shirt and trousers had been professionally pressed, all starchy crispness and sharp pleats. Her boots reflected back the ceiling lights as stars. But her expression was anything but self-possessed professional as she lifted one end of a sofa cushion and then another. She was fretting over the possibility of being late.

"I just had them. I know—" She stopped talking to herself and turned back toward the kitchen, propping a fist on each hip. "Hugo. Come here."

Moments later a big black shaggy head with a pink tongue appeared in the doorway.

"Where are my keys? Bring me my keys. Now."

The big head disappeared. Twenty seconds later all of Hugo reappeared with keys hanging from his mouth.

Cole shook her head even as she made a come-here motion with her hand. "Hand them over."

Hugo trotted over and put them in the palm of her hand, black eyes shining with pride. He sat and barked, ready to be praised.

The only thing wrong with this picture of doggy obedience was that Hugo had hidden them in the first place. The game he'd made up himself usually amused her. Not today. That's because she knew that he knew she was about to leave him alone for hours, and he didn't like to be left. She couldn't account for his sixth sense about such things. He was scary smart at reading people, especially his handler.

She shook her head. "Maybe you should be going to this interview instead of me."

* * *

Cole sat stiffly on one of several chairs placed at intervals along the hallway of the Baltimore office of the Drug Enforcement Administration, waiting for her name to be called.

All of her tactical gear had been left behind at security, making her feel unusually light. She looked cool and professional, but she didn't feel that way. Her tie felt as if it was a hangman's noose. Her starched collar rubbed the back of her neck. And, where her hat sat on her brow, a thin sheen of sweat had begun to form. Normally she didn't wear much makeup. But today, she had applied a heavy-duty concealer to try to hide the worst of the black eye she had gotten while subduing a suspect a week ago.

"Officer Jamieson?"

Cole jumped to her feet at the sound of her name. She hadn't even noticed the door opening on her right.

A youngish man in a tie and rolled shirtsleeves gave her a brief impersonal smile. "Follow me please, ma'am."

He moved down past half a dozen closed doors until he arrived at the last one on the right. He knocked then opened the door. "Agent Lattimore will see you now."

Cole stepped into the room to be met by a tall, middle-aged, balding man in a nondescript off-the-rack suit. He had Fed written all over him.

He came forward and extended his hand. "Officer Jamieson. I'm Agent John Lattimore. It's a pleasure to meet you."

"The same, sir." Cole shook his hand firmly.

"Have a seat. And please make yourself comfortable. We aren't being formal today. I understand you go by the name Cole. May I call you that?"

"Yes, sir." She felt his gaze, though seemingly casual, following her every move as she sat and removed her hat, balancing it on her knee.

He sauntered back behind his desk, his gaze never leaving her. "I'm sure you're wondering why you're here."

"Yes, sir." Cole made herself relax back into her chair. "I expect you're looking for local personnel for some sort of team." He nodded. "Would you like me to tell you a little bit about myself?"

"Not necessary. I know everything I need to know."

Cole saw him glance at the open folder on his desk. "You're a first-year K-9 officer with the Montgomery County, Maryland, Police Department. You grew up around dogs. Your first canines were a yellow Lab named Homer and a Bluetick Coonhound by the name of Marge. You were athletic in high school. Played soccer, correct? You also participated in dog sports competitions. Your college transcript is well above average and yet, after you were wait-listed for law school, you joined law enforcement. Your background in Agility training and AKC rallies made you a natural fit for the K-9 law enforcement program. You have one sibling, a sister named Rebecca, who's a veterinarian. From time to time you still serve as an instructor for her obedience classes."

"Wow, sir, that is a thorough investigation." Someone had done his homework on her. Which meant DEA had been thinking about her longer than a few days.

Cole wondered fleetingly what else was in that report. Did they know she needed to do laundry and sometimes failed to remember to put out her trash cans in time for the weekly pickup? Did they know about more private things, like her marriage to undercover Agent Scott Lucca, and what a disaster that had been? Of course they would.

That's when reality hit her. This wasn't just an interview. It was more like a security clearance check.

Her pulse ticked up with equal amounts of excitement and anxiety. Was she being considered for some kind of task force? Or was Scott in trouble again? Were they looking to her for information about him? Had the two-year-old case made its way to court, after all?

Her heart began to pump in heavy thuds. She wasn't going to defend him but she couldn't imagine testifying in any way against Scott, even if he was her ex.

At that moment the door opened and the young man in rolled shirtsleeves appeared. "Your next appointment has arrived, sir."

"Good." Lattimore smiled at Cole. "I'd like you to meet the team leader and your potential partner in our task force operation."

"Great." Task force operation. Not about Scott. This was about her, after all.

Cole stood up, preparing a smile of welcome for whomever stood on the other side of the door. Perhaps she was doing better in the interview than she thought, if Lattimore was prepared to introduce her to the team leader.

"Show him in, Pierce."

One second, Cole was rising with a polite smile of welcome on her face. The very next, she was trying to control her breathing.

"Hello, Nikki."

She knew that voice. That face. And those damned seductive dimples.

It wasn't supposed to happen like this.

For two years, she had engineered things so that she would never again have to be in the same room with Scott Lucca. That plan had been working just fine, right up to a second ago.


"Come in, Agent Lucca."

While Lattimore shook Scott's hand, Cole gave in to the dozen conflicting emotions surging past her defenses. She was a police officer. She knew how to take care of herself in tense and dangerous situations. Yet, she had no idea of how to handle her reaction to this man.

He seemed taller. Or maybe it was his hair. He was no longer a skinhead, only one of the things she had hated about his undercover persona. His dark hair grew thick and tousled, as if he'd been riding his Harley without a helmet. God, how that habit had worried her. And he'd lost that prison-time, balloon-muscle physique he had deliberately cultivated their last few months together. The body beneath his dress shirt and trousers was leaner, more sinewy. Like his face.

Something inside Cole twisted with painful longing. He looked as dangerous and wild as the night they'd met.

The last time she saw him—two years, three weeks, and one huge heartache ago—he was being detained for public lewdness and suspected drug possession, and she was one of the arresting officers. Now she was being confronted with—

Task force leader?

"I don't suppose introductions are necessary, in this instance."

"No, sir." Cole turned back to Lattimore while her mind and body continued to react to her ex's surprise appearance in so many ways she couldn't keep up. Even worse, some of the sensations were more pleasurable than they had any right to be. That was a very bad sign.

She felt Scott move to stand behind her. "Officer Jamieson and I go way back. At least there won't be any awkward getting-to-know-you period for us."

Cole shifted uneasily as Scott spoke. He gave off the kind of sexual energy women craved and other men envied. She felt it now, a vibe she knew too well. It said, Pay attention, danger here.

Cole focused her attention on Lattimore though she could feel Scott's gaze on her back like radiant heat from a fire. "Sir, Agent Lucca and I are—were—we're divorced."

"So I've been informed." Lattimore's knowing gaze moved back and forth between them. "That's not a problem, is it?"

"That depends." Cole felt the embers of anger stir within her as she turned fully to confront her ex. "Why is he here?"

"We're going to be working together." Scott hadn't moved and he didn't smile. Yet, for a moment, it seemed as if his aloof tough-guy expression shifted as he stared at her.

Once she thought she'd seen the full measure of her worth in his sea-green gaze. That's why it hurt so much when she realized her mistake.

He had let me go.

Cole did an about-face and smacked right into the back of the chair she had been sitting in. Ignoring the sharp pain shooting through her kneecap, she looked at her interviewer.

"Sorry, sir. I—ah, thank you for the opportunity but I'm not the best choice for whatever position I have been interviewing for."

Lattimore held her in a stare just short of a disapproving glare. "I understood you had a cordial relationship."

"I believe I said professional."

Cole turned at the sound of Scott's voice. He offered her a sketch of a smile. "We have a professional, cordial relationship. Right, Officer Jamieson?"

Cole ignored his attempt to get her to join in his little joke, praying that no signs of her volatile emotions were on display. She would be a professional, if it killed her. "I haven't seen you in two years. If that's your definition of cordial, then we are cordial."

She shifted her attention back to Lattimore. "If I am being interviewed for a position that would require me to interact with Agent Lucca, then I must respectfully decline."

Lattimore frowned. "You're saying you won't consider an offer because Officer Lucca is part of it?"

"I'm saying Officer Lucca can—" Cole swallowed hard, appalled that she had allowed emotion to leak into her voice.

She squared her shoulders, resisting the urge to simply walk out. "There is a history between Agent Lucca and myself that did not end well. Future association would not improve that history. But thank you all the same."

Lattimore rose from his seat with a sour expression. "Then we're done. Thank you for your time, Officer Jamieson."

Cole shook the hand he offered, more eager than her interviewer to have the meeting over with. "Sorry to have wasted your time, Mr. Lattimore."

Scott hadn't moved from his position. He waited, arms loosely folded, until she was close before he spoke. "Don't you even want to hear why you were chosen to be part of this task force?"

* * *

"She works on paper." Lattimore turned a world-weary gaze on Scott and shook his head. "But I doubt, in any case, that she would have been able to get close to our target."

Scott, who managed to lounge on the hard unforgiving chair his ex had abandoned, frowned. Two minutes before, she had stormed out past him without a reply. "Why? Who's the target?"

His superior toyed with the pencil on his desk. Scott knew it wasn't nervousness powering Lattimore's fingers. It was a diversion while he calculated how much to reveal. That bland expression on his everyman's face hid a sharp and perceptive mind. He was an old hand in the bureau, and tough as nails. "Let's just say our prime target is a young, wealthy, and hip female."

"How hip?"

"Hip-hop hip."

Scott got a mental picture of Beyoncé, followed by one of Nikki in her unisex police officer's uniform. Okay. Big gap. But he knew something practically no one else knew about her. "What if I can bring her up to speed?"

Lattimore's eyebrows climbed to skeptical heights. "Officer Jamieson said no in terms that left no gaps between the n and the o."

"True. But I know her. She'll want this. Give me a few days."

Lattimore seemed to consider it, for three seconds, before shaking his head. "We don't have much time. The series of canine competitions we hope to insert our undercover operation into begins in just three weeks. We can't train a green agent to play against type, bring her up to speed on the technical aspects of the competitions, and set up sufficient covert surveillance in that space of time."

"She won't be surveillance. That's my job. You need a female agent who can believably compete on the dog competition circuit. As you know from the department research, there aren't half a dozen females in law enforcement East Coast division who've had experience. Nikki has. She's here. She's ready. As for her appearance? She's a woman. Change her clothing and hair, you change her attitude."

Lattimore's lids lowered. "You'd trust her with your life?"

"Yes." Scott didn't allow himself to think before he spoke. He knew the truth would come out. "She's what you need. Let me prove it."

Lattimore laughed, as if astonished he was going to give in. "She hates your guts."

"I noticed." Scott shrugged. "So when she pulls off what I'm thinking of, it will be proof she's got the acting skills as well as the canine skills to go undercover."

Lattimore's gray eyes turned into ice chips. "How badly did you hurt her?"

"It wasn't like that." Scott knew Lattimore was thinking of the awful record of law enforcement personnel whose marriages blew apart because of issues stemming from physical abuse. "Our marriage was collateral damage from my time undercover."

Lattimore turned and stared out his window so long Scott began to think he was dismissed. When he turned back, his face was grim.

"Don't lie to her about the risk. Or the likelihood of failure."

"No, sir."

"And don't think I won't change you out for another team leader if that's the only way to get her agreement. You are right in that her skill set is the priority. DEA has other K-9 drug teams."

"Yes, sir."

Scott was on the other side of the door before allowing himself to consider how he thought he might convince Nikki to let him near her, let alone close enough to make other people believe they were a couple who shared the love of competition in the canine arena.


Excerpted from Force of Attraction by D.D. Ayres. Copyright © 2015 D. D. Ayres. Excerpted by permission of St. Martin's Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Force of Attraction: A K-9 Rescue Novel 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 17 reviews.
tigerlilly_liz More than 1 year ago
I have come to really love the K-9’s in this series. You can tell that the author knows her dog breeds and has done her research on training, showing, and all things related to K-9’s. This in-depth and accurate portray just adds to my enjoyment. Force of Attraction is book two in the K-9 Rescue series by D.D. Ayres. Cole and Scott have a serious past. They walked away from each other instead of working things out. Now they are partnered up together to work an undercover assignment, but Scott’s past and undercover work is coming back. The past is far from buried; between these two. A second chance romance with a little mystery and intrigue throughout the story. We are whisking into a world of drug trafficking, the dog agility circuit, bikers, and undercover police work. Add in our 4 main characters, Hugo and Izzy, Cole and Scott’s police dogs and you have a delightful read. I will say Hugo stole the show for me. I just love Hugo and Izzy, the K-9’s. I did had some issues with a few things in Force of Attraction, but I still ended up enjoying the novel. For one I didn’t care for the first sex scene. She was getting into character and being the character when she had sex with Scott and he went along with it. These two needed to get everything out in the open, before they got intimate with each other. I felt they didn’t need to have that much intimacies to pull things off and they weren’t ready to go their, at least in my eyes. They had to much to discuss and resolve from the past first. I also wasn’t fully on board with the undercover angel in this novel. They can be a couple, but not have to get as intimate as they did. It all comes down to them not getting it all out there; before they stared their undercover work. Force of Attraction was entertaining and enjoyable. All in all, I enjoyed this book. This series is engaging and fascinating. I recommend picking up the K-9 Rescue series. Rated: 3 Stars
In_My_Humble_OpinionDA More than 1 year ago
Hot guys and hero dogs it doesn’t get much better than this. Force of Attraction is a fast paced romantic suspense/second chance romance. Scott screwed up and let go of the only woman he ever loved. It’s been two years and Cole hasn’t moved on either and now they have to work together pretending to be new lovers. Scott is determined to make it reality for them. He wants a second chance whether he deserves it or not. A fun read.
DebDiem More than 1 year ago
Force Of Attraction is my first book by D.D. Ayres, but oh, it sure won't be the last. I loved this book! This second chance romance is a perfect balance of drama, action, humor and sizzle. Ms Ayres has delivered fantastic characters that help make this a totally enjoyable read. Cole and Scott's story is a fast paced read, I didn't want to put it down. Hugo, Cole's K-9 partner, is an adorable addition to the cast. Force Of Attraction is book 2 in the K-9 Rescue Series but can be read as a standalone. This is a complete book, not a cliff-hanger. I enjoyed Force Of Attraction and look forward to reading more from the talented D.D. Ayres.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
ReadYourWrites More than 1 year ago
Force of Attraction was fun to read. There was a good balance of romance, suspense, and even a little humor. All in all, there was a decent amount of action in and out of the sheets. DEA K-9 Agent Scott Lucca ruined his marriage to K-9 Police Officer Nicole “ Cole” Jamieson two years ago. He still loves her and regrets breaking her heart while he was involved in an undercover operation that forced him to take part in a public sex act that just happened to be on her beat. Under the guise of needing her to help locate a possible drug smuggling ring involving Dog Agility Competitions, Scott attempts to win her back and prove to her that he is not the same guy anymore. Scott and Cole clearly have a magnetic attraction to each other. Cole tries desperately to deny her feelings for Scott but she must face the truth if she wants to further her career and move on with her life. Dangerous characters from Scott’s previous undercover gig threaten to sabotage their current operation and possibly get someone close to Scott hurt. Scott will have to face down his demons and use his skills to figure out who is behind the drug smuggling while also trying not to get their cover blown. In addition, Cole has to get her K9 partner prepared to compete in the Agility Competitions while embracing her first undercover persona which isn’t so easy with Scott pretending to be her boyfriend. While I enjoyed the book, it was not as great as it could have been. It stuck to a familiar plot line that didn’t make me desperate to keep reading. That’s not to say that it wasn’t good. I just wasn’t very surprised by anything that happened. **Received a copy from St. Martin’s Press in exchange for an honest unbiased opinion.**
PJ16 More than 1 year ago
Second book in the series and for me to read of this author and this book was better than the first book in the series.  Great characters mixed with romance, intrigue and some twists that I did not expect.  Great book and I am looking forward to book 3 in this series. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Enjoying this series
Maria-Rose More than 1 year ago
This reunited lovers romance is a sexy, suspenseful thrill ride! Cole and Scott are divorced, their marriage having disintegrated along with Scott's undercover role with a biker gang in a devastating expose. Cole has since picked herself up, moved on with her life and is a key member of her local K-9 unit. Now Scott's back, having also moved into the K-9 division but with the DEA. He knows Cole's capabilities and is convinced that partnering will help put down a puppy drug smuggling ring if they can work together undercover. But pretending to be lovers supporting each other on the dog competition circuit is harder than it looks when the sexual attraction between them can't be denied and the lines between personal and professional life blur. Can they maintain their focus on the job and learn to trust each other again? Or will specters from the past and the case they are involved in blow everything out of the water? I loved this story! From the very beginning I was thoroughly intrigued with the plot and the characters. I've never read a story involving a K-9 police unit before, so I found the relationship between dog and handler to be really interesting and well researched, as were the scenes involving the dog competition circuit. Scott and Cole were likeable, engaging and realistic characters. They realize that they are both responsible for the disintegration of their marriage and being in close proximity again stirs up all the old feelings, both good and bad. The sexual attraction between them sizzles and leads to several very sexy and emotional love scenes. The suspenseful subplot involving both the drug smuggling ring and Scott's previous undercover work weaves throughout the story, leading to several tense and dramatic scenes that will keep the reader on edge and wanting to know what's going to happen next. For me it was a perfect blend of suspense and romance, and this is definitely an author I'll be reading again. 5 stars!
ravenwolf_EPTX More than 1 year ago
Drug Mule Puppies and Sex with the Ex FORCE OF ATTRACTION (K-9 Force, # 2) by D.D. Ayres March 31, 2015 Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks pages 348, approximately Romance: Contemporary, Mystery / Suspense ** Provided by Netgalley in Exchange for an Honest Review. **  -- MY THOUGHTS -- Cover thoughts: No Shirt, Wield Shield, Will Service? It's kind of an awkward cover that does not accurately represent the story inside. He should have looked more like a motorcycle mechanic or something... but this, it's just gratuitous man-flesh. ;)   Synopsis is pretty on-point. Technically, this is the third book to the series, but each stands alone. The force of attraction between Scott and Nikki was like magnet to steel, leading to a whirlwind marriage and a few good years. Then their marriage fell victim to his two-year UC persona, ultimately resulting in divorce. Now, circumstances bring them together to work on a joint task force determined to put an end to drug smugglers that are using the AKC competitive world as their smokescreen while gruesome, inhumane acts are being carried out behind-the-scenes. Nikki, now going by Cole, takes the position claiming she needs this "for closure" when the truth is, she's just as effected by Scott as she was the day she met him. Scott knows he screwed up and he doesn't deserve her, but damn if he doesn't want her with a viciousness! This is the Love/Hate relationship for the ages and their unresolved issues are epic. The characters are well-written and enjoyable. The secondaries are supportive and beneficial to the story. Hugo and Izzy truly come to life and convey such emotion and personality. I love the natural interaction and dialogue between characters. The fluidity of the story has a smooth progression and even when it only puts you through the mundane, it is still a pleasure to read. The plot does have plenty of action and throughout it all, it keeps you excited to see how things would unfold. I had my suspicions early on about who the "bad guy(s)" is/are and was right about the main one & somewhat right about the lesser players. There were plenty of conflicts which, in the beginning, were denied and avoided or compounded by mis- or non-communication, as the story progressed, the conflicts were resolved much more maturely and cohesively. The conclusion is solid and wraps up all loose ends in a manner that was not rushed or drawn out.     ------------------------ Heat Level: 4.5 ------------------------ Score: 4.4 Stars: 4 ----------------------- Tina J / Happily Ever Chapter
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Oh my D.D. Ayres has done it again this book was awesome I loved it!! If you loke action suspense and romance,and oh if you love a story about dogs you will love this book!! This is Scott and Nicole's story.They are divorced,but they end up having to work together on a task force along with their dogs Izzy and Hugo,not gonna tell you anything more you are going to have to get this awesome book and find out for yourself!! This author is one of my many favorites and she write a great book!! So get it and enjoy I sure did!!
Justpeachy1 More than 1 year ago
Do you love dogs? How about second chance romances? If so... then D.D. Ayres' new book, Force of Attraction will be right up your alley. Force of Attraction is the second book in the K-9 Rescue series. Ayres is a pro at writing romantic suspense. Her stories will have you sitting on the edge of your seat and smiling from ear to ear. There is a good balance between action and romance in this novel as well as fully developed characters, even the canine ones! A great addition to the series. D.D Ayres must love dogs. Her non-human characters are always exceptional. I loved Hugo in this one and thought Ayres did a wonderful job of bringing him to life. He doesn't have any magical powers but he is still a superhero. I think Ayres had a really good idea using canines in this romantic suspense series. I think they are an integral part of a lot of police departments and it's nice to see them get a leading role in a series. Cole was a strong woman. I liked her from the very first page. She changed her life, got a new job, even a new nickname. Not something that comes easy to anyone. When she is suddenly thrust back into the past, working with her ex-husband, she shows a lot of strength of character and I thought Ayres wrote her perfectly. It's never a walk in park giving someone a second chance. Cole didn't take the easy way out and walk away. She laid her heart back on the line with someone who had hurt her badly before... now that's a different kind of courage. I liked Scott too. He is the kind of character that makes you redefine your definition of hero. This is a guy who gave up everything including his marriage to serve and protect. Undercover work is probably really difficult and easy to get lost in. I liked the fact that Ayres shows us that this hero wasn't perfect, he was real. His feelings for Cole never wavered and I was so glad that she gave him a second chance to do it right. Great character. Great chemistry. The action in this one was superb. I was practically biting my nails. He bad guy was really bad. He had this eeriness about him that make the hair on the back of my neck stand up... LOL. Now that's a villain. The balance between the romance and action was excellent. I think there was just enough of each part to keep this book from being pretentious or seeming contrived.Nicely done! Bottom Line: If you are a romantic suspense fan and love dogs, this just might the perfect series for you. The action and the romance are well balanced and I the thought Ayres did a great job with these characters. Hugo was a favorite of mine and I thought the dog show angle was interesting and fun. This was just a good story that I think a lot of romance and suspense fans will love.
ReaderReader1 More than 1 year ago
Ayres does it again! Couldn't put t down. Complex, sexy and oh, those dogs!
BooksAndSpoons More than 1 year ago
Intense second chance on a relationship mixed with undercover police work, and one very dark and edgy villain after the agent and anyone he cares about. The feelings Nicole and Scott have for each other are powerful, vivid and intense. And two years apart hasn't changed much of those feelings. Nicole walked out of their marriage after a night gone to hell, and Scott let her go. But those feelings didn't let go, and now he is willing to do anything to get her back, to fight for her this time around, and not let go. As Scott and Nicole are preparing to go undercover together as a couple, they get a change to get to know each other again, learn to work as a team, and exist in the same space without snarling at each other. The desire for each other is burning hot, and it doesn't take a long time for them to act on it. Nicole, or Nikki, or Cole, or Noel... She had many names, and only one of them was her undercover name. She was not an easy person to 'get to know', she seemed to change with each name she was called. She also pulled hot and cold with Scott constantly, understandable at the beginning from the hurt before, but I think it was played a bit too long. Scott was weary, his past undercover work wasn't the only thing eating him up, also the guilt from the failed marriage, as well as the rejection he felt from his parents, the feelings not measuring up, constantly on his mind. There's more built up in the story than action itself. The undercover operation is left on a sideline and not completely solved. The major conflict in the story comes from Scott's former undercover assignment, but that as well is quickly solved, after the action starts. The main focus of the story are the dogs, and the second chance at the relationship between Nicole and Scott. The heated love scenes are detailed, and hot. Several times during the story scenes were cut short, and the story would continue from later on, with no real sense of the timeline, or what took place after the cut off. I lost count, how many times went went back a page to see if I accidentally flipped two pages, but no. I don't know if this would have bothered me as much, if the book wouldn't have been brimming with details at times, that had nothing to do with the plot, or contributed to the story otherwise. Overall, the second chance between Nicole and Scott was interesting, the development of the characters was clear, and the conclusion real and solid. The action at the end of the story was tense and raw, even with the fast and known conclusion, had a chance to build up fear, bringing the score just at ~ Three Spoons
wkonsunshine More than 1 year ago
Force of Attraction is book 2 in the K-9 Rescue series. A big thumbs up for this book.  Of the three books currently in this series, this is the most cohesive and well-balanced. The suspense plays very well into the romance. Scott and Cole broke up while Scott was deep undercover in a white supremacist biker gang.  Perhaps he took his role too serious or maybe he was just in too deep, but the stress ruined his marriage.  Cole always believed that he chose his job over her.  Scott is also plagued by a sense of inadequacy, trying to live up to his can-do-no-wrong brother, Gabe, who was killed in battle. After divorcing Scott, Cole goes to work for another police department in the K-9 unit.  She has a way with dogs and her aptitude is noticed by the DEA.  They invite her to be a part of an undercover operation being lead by her former husband, Scott. One of things I enjoyed most about this relationship is Scott’s need to discover that the Nikki he divorced is not the same woman Cole is today.  Not only does she have a different nickname (her real name is Nicole), but she has a different attitude, is more assured and confident as a police officer and woman. He is still madly in love with her, but he doesn’t know how to win her back.  In other words, I liked the way he really had to work for it. I also liked the villain in this story.  I thought he was unbalanced and menacing.  Never quite sure what he is going to do, this part of the story is suspenseful, much more so than previous books. My one critique of the writing is that we are constantly reminded that Scott feels inadequate when compared to his brother, Gabe. Gabe was recently killed in action as a member of the special forces, but even before then, he had very big shoes to fill.  It is one of the major themes of the story, but I felt it is slightly over done.  IN A NUTSHELL: A good read with lots of suspense and a dog.  Dogs are featured in this story and who doesn’t love a dog?
weluvdopey More than 1 year ago
Great Series! This is a great series; this is the second book in the K-9 Rescue series by DD Ayres. Cole Jamison is a seasoned K-9 officer and her new canine partner Hugo is protective. She is assigned to a drug task force where she finds out that she will be working with her sexy ex-husband Scott. They must work together undercover posing as a happy couple on the dog competition circuit. Once I started reading this book, I didn’t want to put it down. This book has it all romance, mystery, suspense, and dogs. I can’t wait until the next book in this series comes out. I highly recommend this book and series.  A Review copy was provided to me in exchange for a fair and honest review. The free book held no determination on my personal review.
Barb-TRC More than 1 year ago
Force of Attraction by D.D. Ayres is the 2nd book in her K-9 Rescue series. This series revolves around police rescue that uses K-9 dogs, and their owners. Cole Jamison is our heroine, and she is a K-9 police officer with her dog, Hugo. Cole is on the rise in her department, as she works hard to prove herself. She gets a surprise call to attend a meeting with DEA agents. While being offered an undercover mission, on a dog show competition, she gets a shocking surprise. Cole finds out that her partner in this mission will be her ex-husband, Scott. Scott Lucca has never gotten over Cole, whom he lost due to his reckless undercover assignment a few years before. He is determined to prove to Cole that he still loves her, and it was his then assignment that screwed things up. Cole accepts the job offer, though she wants no part of Scott. What follows is a difficult assignment of pretending to be a happy couple with Scott, and working hard with Hugo, who is more a police dog, not a show dog. While they play the part, and try to find out who in the show circuit is responsible for using dogs to bring in drugs, Scott has another issue that threatens him and his family. It was a nice romance of a second chance at love, with Cole slowly realizing that she still loves Scott, and must find a way to trust him again. Scott worries that he has put her life in danger, as someone has discovered his identity from a previous undercover assignment and wants to hurt Scott anyway he can. The two cases make for an exciting story as we race to the final climax, with lives on the line and a surprising revelation as to the dog drug dealers. Force of Attraction was an exciting, romantic, sexy story, which I wholly recommend you to read.
grandmareads102 More than 1 year ago
Force of Attraction kept me on the edge of my seat. It's a roller coaster ride of suspense and passion. The relationship between Scott Lucca and his ex-wife Nicole Jamieson is the centerpiece of this story. I was caught up watching them struggle to come to terms with their attraction and the issues that remain after their divorce. It was a emotional battle of wills. I enjoyed seeing Scott and Cole work together with their K-9 partners on the law enforcement task force. The characters are well written, the dialogue is snappy and the story exciting. I was a stunned when Cole was kidnapped by X and the biker gang. The real heroes in this book were the K-9s, Hugo and Izzy. I'm looking forward to more books in this series. I enjoy D. D. Ayres writing.