Forests of the Fae: The Raven Queen

Forests of the Fae: The Raven Queen

Paperback(Book Two of Three ed.)

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A summer spent untangling a century-old mass disappearance, communing with ghosts, fleeing dark Fae Folk, and enduring her nefarious cousin Lexie would seem like tribulation enough for 13-year-old Anne, and yet her struggles have only just begun.

Though she’s closed Devlin’s Door behind her, it would seem that something sinister has followed Anne from the other side. Her dearest friend Grace is not as she would seem. Something dark has taken hold of the girl . . . something not of this world. Ravens surround her, people mindlessly do her bidding, and wickedness drips from her lips. It’s only a matter of time before Anne uncovers her secret and with it, her vengeance.

Meanwhile, somewhere deep in the Forests of the Fae, the real Grace struggles to retain her humanity and escape the revolting Faerie body that imprisons her. With pet raven Onyx at her side, she is heralded a Queen, and worshiped by the very creatures that she despises. Set atop a throne of thorns, she feels all is lost, until a stranger with human eyes and a sorted past is shackled at her feet.

Though worlds apart, both girls must race against time if they hope to unravel the mysteries of the Fae folk and unmask The Raven Queen.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781944589202
Publisher: Incorgnito Publishing Press
Publication date: 02/15/2017
Series: Forests of the Fae Series , #2
Edition description: Book Two of Three ed.
Pages: 241
Sales rank: 547,489
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.60(d)
Age Range: 12 - 18 Years

About the Author

K. (Kristine) Kibbee is a Pacific Northwest writer with a fascination for all things literary. Kristine’s passion for creative writing began in her early youth and led her to the doors of Washington State University, where she earned a degree in Humanities, with a focus in Professional Writing. Kristine followed her scholarly pursuit of writing with published works in The Vancougar, The Salal Review Literary Review, Just Frenchies magazine, and S/Tick Literary Review. She is presently a regular columnist for Terrier Group magazine.

Kristine’s novella, “The Mischievous Misadventures of Dewey the Daring,” was her first and only self-published release, and is still currently available on Her middle-grade fantasy novel, “Whole in the Clouds,” was released in expanded edition by Incorgnito and her two recent series, Forests of the Fae and Theodore and the Enchanted Bookstore, are both with Incorgnito Publishing Press.

Kristine regularly engages on a variety of social media platforms and can be followed:

On Twitter @K_Kibbee         On Facebook @

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Forests of the Fae: The Raven Queen 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
JBronder More than 1 year ago
Anne has just gotten home after closing Devon’s Door. But she has a serious problem, although the creature looks like Grace it is really a changeling. This changeling is bound and determined to keep its new place in Anne’s family and will take control of those around them to put Anne away in a mental facility. At the same time the real Grace is still in the Brown Forest in the changeling’s body. She will have to navigate the Fae world to try get to a portal and change back into herself. Thankfully she has Onyx and a journal to keep her humanity. I really enjoyed Devon’s Door and was very excited to see what was going to happen next. Anne knows instantly that Grace is a changeling but she has to try and hide that knowledge. It doesn’t matter because eventually the changeling finds out and starts to turn everyone against her. At the same time it is heartbreaking to follow along as Grace is trying to navigate the Fae Forests. She can feel the changeling body corrupting her but it is a continual battle to keep her humanity. This is a great follow up to Devin’s Door. It’s so easy to slide right back into the story and be on pins and needles following both girls. There will be one more book to end this series and I can’t wait to see how things end. This is a great story that will appeal to all ages. I received The Forest Fae: The Raven Queen from Sage’s Blog Tours for free. This has in no way influenced my opinion of this book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Thid book was amazing. The author did a splendid job of depicting the charaters emotions, thoughts, and surroundings. I simply cannot wait for the next book in the Triology to come out, for I know it will be just as good as the first and second.