Forever After Books 1~3: Limited Edition Release

Forever After Books 1~3: Limited Edition Release

by Natasha Thomas


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Welcome to the world of Forever After...where happily isn't always a guarantee and forever can't be taken for granted.

~ MINE ~

There's only one thing the drummer for My Addiction, Dante loves more than making music, and that's his best friend - the woman he's been in love with for more than half of his life; Faye.

After years of waiting on the sidelines - praying someone else doesn't steal her heart before he gets a chance to claim it for himself - Dante decides it's now or never. And he's willing to use any means necessary to convince Faye to be his.

Sadly, the road to happiness is always plagued with potholes, a lesson Dante is yet to learn. That said, the reward at the end is undeniably sweeter when you've had to work hard to earn your prize.


Lyric and Harleigh have the kind of history that dreams are built on and fairytales are made of. But like so many others, their relationship couldn't defy all the odds, ultimately ending in heartbreak and pain.

Lyric is still plagued by confusion and anger after Harleigh's sudden departure from his life, but it isn't until now, years later, that he feels strong enough to confront the woman capable of shattering his heart all over again.

Intent on salvaging what is left of their relationship and earning back her trust, Lyric track Harleigh down, but in no way is he prepared for her heartbreaking confession, or the devastating effect this could have on their future. Yet what transpires in the aftermath of Harleigh's admission proves that sometimes, if it is meant to be and strong enough to last the test of time, love truly does conquer all.


From the very first day Jake meets, Farrah, he is consumed by her. Forcing himself to give her time and space, Jake realizes that even with a decade and several oceans between them, nothing has changed. Committed to finally telling Farrah how he feels about her, Jake doesn't take into account what seeing her all grown up will do to his dwindling self-control.

Unfortunately, jealousy and desperation get in the way of Jake's plan to woo Farrah, which has him making a monumentally stupid decision in the heat of the moment. Losing hope, Farrah will ever show him more than contempt and indifference in the aftermath of his mistake, all it takes is for Farrah's brother, Simon to let Jake in on her secret to change the course of both of their lives.

Jake knows that proving himself worthy of a second chance at not only loving Farrah but building a life with her won't be easy, but Jake has never shied away from a challenge yet.

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ISBN-13: 9781542358149
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 01/04/2017
Pages: 428
Product dimensions: 5.98(w) x 9.02(h) x 0.95(d)

About the Author

~ About the author ~

Wife of a workaholic, perfectionist, amusing and altogether too sexy husband. Mother of three, and let me tell you this is not easy seeing as they are sixteen, fourteen, and ten. Not to mention, the owner of a large, occasionally ill-mannered Rottweiler called Caine, lastly, I am an indie author.

Born in, New Zealand, I moved to Australia the year I turned eight. Growing up with a younger brother and two loving parents, it wasn't long before I realized my love of reading, creative writing, all things rock 'n' roll, concerts, ripped jeans and vintage heavy metal T-shirts.

With the support of my family, I was able to make my dream of publishing my own book come true in early 2015 with the release of the first book in the Devil's Spawn MC series. Now, with seven books in my first series, it's on to my next projects, the Vengeance MC and Patricks' Brothers series with hopefully many more to follow...

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