Forever True Represent

Forever True Represent

by 25 Ta Life


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Release Date: 06/10/2008
UPC: 0613285918825
catalogNumber: 75


  1. Forever True Represent
  2. Always Remember/Never Forget A.C.A.B.
  3. Survivin You Always
  4. True Spirit/S.I.B. for Lyfe
  5. Believe in Me
  6. Abort
  7. Im Your Enemy/Fuck You
  8. Fight Dirty
  9. Wise to Da Game
  10. Shortfuse
  11. Where It Begins
  12. Make It Work
  13. Hardcore Rules
  14. Let the Past Be the Past
  15. Bullet for Every Enemy
  16. Inside Knowledge
  17. We Got the Spirit/Hardcore Pride
  18. As One (Warzone Cover)
  19. Crucified (Iron Cross Cover)
  20. Lead Song (Negative Approach Cover)
  21. Loyal to the Grave
  22. Question Yourself
  23. Keepin It Real

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