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Forever Vampire

Forever Vampire

3.9 25
by Michele Hauf

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Vail the Unwanted is a pure-blooded vampire. But raised by Faery, he has neither home nor peace, and when his aid is sought in the recovery of a priceless diamond gown, his price is information. Specifically the whereabouts of his accursed father. His goal is revenge, and the supernaturally sexy Lyric, the icy blond vampiress with whom he must work, is a


Vail the Unwanted is a pure-blooded vampire. But raised by Faery, he has neither home nor peace, and when his aid is sought in the recovery of a priceless diamond gown, his price is information. Specifically the whereabouts of his accursed father. His goal is revenge, and the supernaturally sexy Lyric, the icy blond vampiress with whom he must work, is a distraction he can't afford.

Outwardly as cold as the diamond dress in which she was kidnapped, Lyric has her own secrets. Desperate to break free from her criminal family, she aligns herself with the brooding Vail. Together they seek justice while each secretly works for freedom and a fresh start. For Lyric that means holding herself apart, even from the smoldering blue-eyed Vail. For Vail, it means a battle to the death for revenge—and for a temptress he can't deny.

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Lyric Santiago stepped into a pair of diamond-encrusted Louboutins. They merely twinkled as if they were paste jewels when compared to the fabric hugging her body. A sexy gown shimmered over her skin with her movement. It felt like a summer breeze had wafted through the closed bedroom window. Lyric smiled at the unexpected sensation.

That was about the only thing that could make her smile today.

"Gorgeous," Charish said.

Charish lingered by her daughter's bedroom door, observing. The matriarch of the Santiago clan looked as young as Lyric, but had lived as a vampire for over a century. Her blond hair was pinned up in a I960s beehive hairstyle with a tiny pink bow attached front and center.

No matter how many centuries she lived, Lyric swore she would never get stuck in a fashion decade.

"I'm so glad you decided to try it on before you leave for the exchange," Charish said.

"How could I resist something that is probably a dream to most?"

Striding before the floor-length mirror framed upon the closet door, Lyric gasped at her first sight of the gown on her body. It dazzled. She could not see her reflection, but the dress conformed to her shape in the eerie manner she'd become accustomed to when viewing clothing on her body.

The gown had been made and was treasured by Faery's Seelie court. Fashioned from thousands of faery-mined diamonds, each of them no larger than an ant's head, it had been sewn together with spider silk. The silk was almost invisible, and it looked as though the diamonds that lay upon her skin were droplets of water under the sun, until the skirt swung gracefully about her ankles creating swishy waves of blinding brilliance.

It was rumored to give the wearer unimaginable magic should a faery don the gown. Holes could be torn in the sky to reveal other worlds. Entire faery clans could be leveled. Love (an uncommon sentiment to the fickle sidhe) could be annihilated or made pure.

On Lyric, a vampire, it would grant no such power save the sensual prowess to make men drop their jaws, stumble over their own feet and profess true lust for one promising wink from her.

She turned sideways and looked down her figure. Slender and toned, thanks to her gymnastics hobby, the gown clung to a taut stomach and her lean thigh muscles. The bodice slipped along the sides of her full breasts.

She liked the tease, and yet only wielded it when necessary.

A twist to check her backside showed the gown plunged to just above her derriere. Were the plunge an inch lower it would reveal things even she preferred to keep covered.

The gown, while revealing more than enough, could never keep all her secrets. Tugging her blond hair forward to cover her left ear, she made sure her mother had not been aware of the move.

"You should take it off now," Charish suggested in her quiet yet demanding tone. "Wouldn't want to muss it."

"Of course. It does feel…powerful."

"That could be the faery dust. Take it off, dear, before you get a contact high. Leo wore gloves when he handled that thing."

The gown had once belonged to the Seelie court, yet had been stored in a security safe by Hawkes Associates, a firm that represented the paranormal nations and acted as a sort of bank and store-all for their assets.

Priceless, the gown was a huge coup her brother, Leo, had stolen a week ago after her mother had requested he do so. Lyric had been surprised at Leo's easy submission to the one person he complained stifled his freedom. Yet at the same time, Charish Santiago could squeeze a tear out of the most stalwart warrior: she was master of manipulation.

Fact was, the Santiago clan was nearly bankrupt. Charish needed money. Fast. Pity, the domineering fiancé Charish claimed to love couldn't provide financial support. Lyric thought him worthless, but her mom did seem to genuinely love him.

If it would help her mother, Lyric was in for the ride tonight, even with the danger it promised.

Another glance in the mirror stirred up the frustration Lyric had thought she'd long pushed aside. She hadn't seen her reflection in nearly two decades. Sure, she'd seen it until puberty, when bloodborn vampires came into their blood hunger, but her memory was of a towheaded young waif whose love for summer camp and horses diametrically opposed what stood before the mirror.

She teased a strand of hair over her shoulder. Nothing good had come of that final summer before she'd completely transformed. Tonight brought up memories that she must vanquish once and for all. But would she be successful?

"The demon guards are prepared?" she asked her mother.

"Yes, three of them. Don't worry, Lyric."

"I'm not." Yes, she was.

"The guards will accompany you to the handoff site, and have been instructed not to allow the Lord of Midsummer Dark to take the exchange into Faery. You'll be safe."

Safe? Lyric sighed. If only.

The handoff site was at a known doorway to Faery. One wrong step and Lyric would never return. But she couldn't express her worries to her mother. She'd kept it a secret for so long, it was best she continue. If things went tonight as planned, it would be the beginning of the end.

"Give me a bit to get changed."

"Certainly. The driver isn't scheduled to leave for another hour, so take your time, dear."

"You going to wait with Connor?" She couldn't summon enthusiasm into that question. If the fiancé would show some initiative toward supporting Char-ish, she could at least bless her mother's choice.

"I wish you'd give him a chance, Lyric," Charish said. "He loves me. I need someone to take care of me. It's been difficult heading the Santiago clan since your father's death. People rely on me and expect certain rewards and contributions in exchange for an alliance. I can't do it all."

"I wouldn't expect you to, Mother."

Lyric wished Connor wasn't so…devious. She suspected he was at the root of the pilfered Santiago fortune—it had literally run empty over the past year—but she couldn't prove it.

Five decades earlier, Charish had married a thief, and a damned good one. John Santiago had not aligned himself with a vampire tribe, and had instead created a sort of mafioso ring of unaligned vampires across Europe. He had sought power and money, and all the blood a vampire could drink. Lyric wasn't sure exactly what had brought money into the family, but it did—or rather, had—flowed generously. Her father had died when Lyric was eight, but not before teaching her older brother, Leo, the skills of the trade.

Since Leo had left the family nest two years ago, Charish had faltered, taking on the weight of her deceased husband's responsibilities as if a blow to her soul. Until this newest opportunity had presented itself.

Maybe she could convince her mother to keep the reward she'd win from the exchange and ditch the fiancé? The exchange tonight was not for cash, but the return payment, if handled correctly, could prove profitable.

Lyric ran a finger along her ear, tucking her hair behind it, which was a habit she'd developed when she was thirteen. Last year of summer camp…

"I'll see you in a bit, dear." Charish blew her daughter a kiss—actual physical affection was not in the matriarch's arsenal—and backed from the room, her high heels clicking on the tiles as she went in search of her lover.

Another sigh could not be helped. Tonight would decide her fate. Running her palm over the diamonds felt as if she had skimmed a cool stream. The gown fascinated her, but much as she adored fashion, Lyric preferred a more subdued look. She didn't like to stand out in a crowd.

Behind her, a glass-on-glass scraping noise cut through the twilight. The floor-to-ceiling bedroom window, secured at each upper corner by a large rubber suction device, popped inside the room.

Lyric backed toward the mirror, slapping her hands to it as two figures in dark clothing stalked toward her. Just as she was about to scream, one of them punched her across the jaw, knocking her out.

Her body wilted in a glitter of priceless faery diamonds. The intruders opened up a black body bag and stuffed the vampiress inside.

The granite-colored Maserati GranTurismo convertible squealed around a corner in the tenth ar-rondissement, clipped the bumper of a parked BMW, yet continued onward at twice the speed limit on the narrow, cobbled street. The driver spied a parking space and swerved, hitting the brakes, which swung around the tail of the vehicle and nestled it between two parked cars. Neither car sustained damage, which surprised the hell out of the driver.

He was still mastering the mortal means of transportation.

Killing the ignition abruptly cut off Johnny Cash's voice from the CD player. Vaillant tugged a pair of dark sunglasses from the rearview mirror and slipped them on. He checked his reflection, still not used to the fact he could not see his reflection in the mortal realm—sunglasses hovering above a coat collar was just wrong.

Snakeskin boots hitting the tarmac (fake—you gotta respect the wildlife), he stretched to his six feet six inches and nodded at a passing mortal woman who pushed a pink baby stroller. Her blush amused him.

It was rare Vaillant walked the streets before noon. He was a late sleeper. The nights were much cooler here in the summertime, which decided his preference, though his bad vampire self could walk in the day, longer than most due to his heritage.

"Heritage? Ch'yeah," he muttered as he hopped the curb and marched inside the five-story business complex nestled within view of the train station. "Lot of good family blood has served me."

In truth, such blood had only hindered every step he'd ever taken.

Addicted to the sensory marvel of touch, Vail ran his fingertips along the black marble walls leading up to the elevator bays. The iron rings on his fingers clattered. His boots clomped nastily on the marble floor. The unfastened leather buckles on his right thigh swayed like banners.

Chipped black nail polish from a night he couldn't remember caught the eye of an elderly security guard. Vail didn't usually go in for mortal adornments, but he liked the grungy look of the polish and he wasn't sure how to remove the clingy stuff.

He nodded at the security man, an elderly mortal with a thick crop of gray hair under his official cap. Running fingers through his hair, Vail then stopped before the elevator and punched in the digital code Rhys Hawkes had provided him.

Hawkes Associates was the last place he wanted to visit. He'd been here once, days after arriving in the mortal realm. He'd left with a new bank account, a new car and a new uncle—but no answers.

Now, three months later, he suspected what Hawkes wanted from him. Vail had no intention of working for his pseudostepfather, who was officially his uncle. But Rhys Hawkes—half vampire, half werewolf—was interesting enough for Vail to give him another chance.

He'd swing in, listen to what the centuries-old half-breed had to say, suck down the five-hundred-euro-a-bottle wine Hawkes kept on hand, then breeze off to the Lizard Lounge where he could slake his thirst for faery ichor. It wasn't FaeryTown, but close enough.

The elevator doors slid open to reveal a lean young man with shoulder-length red hair, freckles and muscles that would intimidate a bouncer at a biker bar. The man nodded his head to the tunes blasting through his earbuds. He took one look at Vail and lunged for him, vising his hands about the vampire's neck.

Not about to be taken down, and judging his strength equal to his attacker's, Vail shoved the redhead against the wall. With a glance aside, they were both aware the security guard stood nearby, but the mortal with a pistol secured at his hip belt didn't make a move. Smart guy.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Trystan Hawkes growled. He released his hold on Vail and tugged out the earbuds. The werewolf sneered, and spit, "Longtooth."

"I love you, too, brother. Just come from talking to Daddy?"

"He's not your father." Tryst set back his shoulders and assumed a modicum of calm, but his adamant sneer told Vail what he wouldn't say. He had already said it all, so why bother again? "You slumming with the normal folk?"

"Your daddy called me here." Vail waggled a brow in a malicious tease. "Maybe he likes me better, eh?"

Tryst chuffed. "In your demented sparkly dreams."

Vail did not sparkle, though the faery ichor he had imbibed had seeped through his pores and left a sheen on his skin. It had freaked out Tryst the first and only time they'd met right here in this building. Things had gone downhill from there.

"Glad to see there's no love lost," Vail countered. "Wouldn't want my werewolf brother to go all mushy on me."

He wanted to punch the bastard, but a frustrating sliver of need inhabiting his hardened black heart also wanted to pull the creep in for a brotherly hug. What a wib you are, Vail.

"You must be a force, brother," Vail said. "But wait. You don't run with a pack. Just a sad little omega wolf—"

The wolf wielded a sneak-attack high kick. Tryst's hard rubber sole landed on Vail's jaw and ratcheted back his skull on his spine. He saw stars for a few seconds.

Rubbing his jaw, Vail smirked. "Nice one."

"You keep her insane," Tryst said forcefully.

"She's my mother, too. Like it or not," Vail said, but he couldn't get behind the retaliation. Did he keep her insane?

Meet the Author

Michele Hauf lives in Minneapolis and has been writing since the 1990s. A variety of genres keep her happily busy at the keyboard, including historical romance, paranormal romance, action/adventure and fantasy. Find her on Facebook at: Michele-Hauf-Author, and on Twitter @MicheleHauf, and also on Pinterest at: pinterest.com/toastfaery

Visit her website: michelehauf.com
Email Michele at: toastfaery@gmail.com

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Forever Vampire 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 25 reviews.
K_Radcliffe More than 1 year ago
When the sexy vampiress Lyric Santiago is kidnapped while wearing an invaluable faery gown, Vail the Unwanted accepts the challenge of finding her. Given to the faeries in exchange for a boon, Vail now walks among mortals, a purebred vampire born of one crime and exiled from Faery for another. Vail seeks revenge for the circumstances that stripped him of his family and agrees to search for Lyric, but only if it will lead him to information about the man who raped his mother-his accursed father. Vail quickly locates Lyric, only to find that she has secrets of her own. As a child, she caught the eye of the Lord of Midsummer Dark, a cruel faery that shares a past with Vail. Lyric carries faery lord's mark, and now he wants her dead. Vail finds himself attracted by Lyric's beauty and spirit. Taught from childhood by the faeries to hate his own kind, he resists. But Lyric overcomes his barriers and together they search Paris for the way to save her. With her help, Vail heals his family wounds and overcome the wrongs that mark him as the Unwanted. Hauf graces us with a plot as elegant as her heroine's name. Her hero and heroine inhabit a world both colorful and intricate, and blossom as people for the reader. Beautifully crafted, I found "Forever Vampire" a joy to read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Luv2readNYC More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed it, but it's more of a "B list" book. Predictable, and even the "twist" was not such a big surprise. I won't get more in this series. There are similar, but better world building and better characters created by better imaginations out there. Pass.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
RBtWBC More than 1 year ago
Vail is a vampire raised in Faery all his life, taught to hate the very thing he is. After being banished he is thrown into the mortal realm and must accept the generosity of his step-father to survive. Despising vampires and snubbing the family that abandoned him he keeps to himself. When Rhys offers him information on the father who brought his mother to the brink of insanity and whom Vails seeks revenge on though he cannot refuse. Vail agrees to take on a job for him, recovering a priceless faery gown and the missing vampiress who had it. But when Vail finds Lyric he quickly realizes that there is more going on here than a simple theft. As they face danger on all sides, passion blooms, and Vail will do whatever it takes to free Lyric from the threat of a faery Lord and her corrupt family. This took a while for me to get into but I did enjoy the characters, especially the self hating vampire who thought he was a faery, Vail. His bad boy persona had me falling for him immediately; angst ridden and tortured, seeking love and acceptance from a family who doesn't know how to handle him. Not to mention his penchant for wearing black, leather and guy liner while listening to Johnny Cash, driving fast and living dangerously - sex-ay! He also just happens to have a deadly addiction which he is in denial about but his imperfections added real and believable dimensions to his character, and was endearing. There is much more to his dark, spiky exterior. Vail has an instant connection with Lyric which disturbs them both but they don't fight it. I thought that she made a great heroine in this story and their chemistry sizzled. Lyric has some secrets that she is hiding from Vail but finds out that her family hides an even darker secret. Their relationship was hot, intense and deeply emotional. Together they undercover what her family is up to while Vail grows to love and accept who and what he is with Lyric's help. The story itself what dark & gritty with several surprising twists & turns but I just could not get into the world that Michele Hauf has built of vampires, faeries, werewolves and half-breeds. There was a lot of focus on the Fae and sometimes writing in that world can be difficult and the plot was dragged down by this IMO. I found myself focused more on the romance and dynamics of the relationship Vail had with his family and skimming over the rest. Saying all that, I thought that Forever Vampire was still a good read and I'd be interesting in reading more from this author.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I was not seduced by this sequel to Seduced by a Vampire which I rated a 5 by the way. Definitely if you going to buy this tale you will have less questions if you the other book first. This was a disappointing read for me; I wanted more of the same from the first book. I'm not going to summarize the plot because it has already been done by other readers; but,there was just too much faery focus in this story. Vail could have still been addicted to faery dust; but, the conflict should have been more vamp. Constantine (a good evil villian) could have been more active; forget the faery gown and Zett trying to kill Lyric. Lyric could have been trying to plot to destroy Constantine because of a negative impact on her mother who could have been controlled (battered women's syndrome) by a faery dust addiction and Constantine's powers. Tryst and Vail could still have the sibling disconnect and secret longing for a stronger bond between them. Leo could have been trying to get evidence of Constantine's illegal activities and proof he'd stole their family fortune and take over his father's mafia empire. ANYWAY, I'm getting carried away. The emotional / sexually draw Vail and Lyric had was good but it could have been better with a better plot. I would have like more from Rhys and Viviane. I kept asking why not give her some blood to stablize her. Her character should have plotting Constantine's downfall behind Rhys' back. Oops doing it (re-writing the story)again. I recommend this for readers into sidle tales but not for readers of vamp stories. I definitely wish I had skipped this one.
LASR_Reviews More than 1 year ago
Take one vampire who grew up in a world of fairies and refuses to drink blood, add another vampire who's on the lam from a powerful fairy who wants her dead, and you get a bloody good story (pun intended!) that's chock full of adventure and enough romance to make you swoon. Vaillant, who prefers to be called Vail, is one messed up dude, to say the least. He's been raised by an unloving fairy stepmother in a world apart from his own kind. When he's cast from the only home he's known, he has to figure out how to live in the mortal realm. Having been raised by fairies, he's been taught to despise vampires (despite being one) and that drinking human blood is dirty. Luckily for him, there are plenty of fairies in Paris who are more than willing to share their ichor (blood). Lyric just wants to start a new life. Maybe even join the circus. She loves working out on silks and thinks she'd make a pretty good addition to a traveling show. Unfortunately, the Lord of Midsummer Dark, known as Zett, wants her dead to prevent knowledge of a mistake he made with her several years ago from being known. She's also got this persistent, albeit gorgeous, junkie-vampire on her tail (in more ways than one) who's determined to make her reveal where she's hidden her only bargaining tool (a dress that belongs to the fairies) and take her back to her mother, kicking and screaming if need be. Can Vail, who's never known the love of family and despises his own kind, learn to change his errant ideas about vampires and give Lyric a chance to give him what he's always desired? Can Lyric let go of her Ice Princess persona and let this bad-boy vampire who's got a few deep issues to contend with breach her reserve and fill her heart with an emotion she thought she'd never feel another? It will take a lot of give and take on both ends to conquer their deepest fears, learn to trust, and protect the real prize they're about to discover. Forever Vampire is one of those stories that steadily grows on you. Ms. Hauf does an excellent job with character development. She doesn't blatantly tell all about Vail and Lyric in the beginning, but rather reveals bits and pieces of their personalities-good and bad-as the story unfolds. She has an impeccable knack for giving little details along that way that keeps you engrossed and interested in what's coming next. Even though there were a lot of players in the story, she provided enough information about the secondary characters so you weren't overwhelmed, but knew and understood what part they played. I really liked that she didn't introduce people who were merely fillers with very little effect to the story as a whole. I tend to get lost in the names when authors do that. As for grammar usage and punctuation, I don't recall any flaws in editing. Almost every story has a mistake or two. If there were any, I was too engrossed to notice. I'm a stickler when it comes to point-of-view violations and I can honestly say Ms. Hauf handled this expertly. Read the Full Review at The Long and Short of It Romance Reviews
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
kopsahl More than 1 year ago
In this follow up to her book Seducing the Vampire, we are transported nearly 25 mortal years into the future and Rhys and Viviane's children are all grown up. Trystan, who is full blooded werewolf, has been raised in the mortal realm. Vaillant, who is full-blooded vampire, has been raised in Faery. Vail was taken as Rhys' boon to Cressida, Mistress of Winter's Edge, for taming his werewolf (Rhys is half vampire, half werewolf). When Vail grew up, Cressida was disappointed that he was full-blooded vampire. She was hoping he would be a half-breed like his father and so he was raised to feel unwanted. Vail is now living in the mortal realm after being banished from Faery for insubordination to Zett, Lord of Midsummer Dark. There is no love lost between him and his brother, Trystan, and they usually rub each other the wrong way. Rhys just wants them to get along (since he and his brother Constantine never did) and for Vail to accept his vampire side. He also wants him to see his mother who has still been dealing with her insanity from being imprisoned in a tomb. Because he has lived in Faery for his entire life, he has lived on faery ichor instead of blood. So let's just say he is a drug addict who is now trying to "maintain" in the real world. Vail wants to know where to find his father, Constantine de Salignac, and for that information he must find Lyric Santiago who has been supposedly kidnapped. Rhys wants him to find her and return her to her mother and the dress returned to him and he will then give him the information he wants. Lyric is the daughter of Charish Santiago, matriarch to an old-school vampire mafia made up of thieves, cutthroats and murderers. Charish had her son Leo steal a Faery gown from Hawkes Associates that is coveted by the Faery Seelie court and she is going to hand it over to Zett, who has asked Lyric to personally hand it over. Lyric knows why he wants her to and she is not going to do it so she fakes her own kidnapping. When she first meets Vail they have a stand-off where of course Vail wins and they are instantly attracted to each other. Lyric likes the bad boys and Vail feels he is able to share his secrets with her. There was a lot that could have been better in this book. I was a little disappointed but still thought that it was an okay read. I felt that Vail and Lyric's relationship was forced. I think the main problem I had was the beginning. I jumps right to nearly 25 years after the first book and I was slightly confused until a ways in where it explains what happened and that set up for what the rest of the book was like, explanation after explanation. Mostly it was between Vail and Lyric explaining their lives to each other in great detail. It just didn't have enough now action for me. With that being said, I still like Michele Hauf and will most likely read her next book. This one just fell flat for me.
LizzieLvr More than 1 year ago
Forever Vampire is a fun, sweet and sad read. Vail and Lyric's story is rocky (and fun) ride to an HEA. I've never been a fan of goth / glam rock type male leads, but Vail is an endearing character who you just like (and he's quit sexy as well!) If you've read Seducing the Vampire, you must read Forever Vampire. I believe it can be read as a stand alone, but it's worth it to read them both.
harstan More than 1 year ago
Vaillant the pureblood vampire lives for one thing only; the death at his hands of his father Constantine de Salignac. His sire incarcerated his mother inside a glass coffin for two centuries driving her insane. Meanwhile Vail's life in Faery has been one of misery so when he is exiled by the Lord of Midsummer Darkness he is unconcerned. Vail's stepfather Rhys Hawkes offers him a deal. He wants Vail to locate and bring to him Lyric, daughter of the Santiago vampiric thieves, and the special dress she wears. If he succeeds Hawkes will give him his father's location. Vail begins his quest with youthful vigor and ignorance; unaware that the powerful Lord of Midsummer Darkness seeks the girl and her powerful gown too. This is a superb romantic fantasy as the two protagonists share in common a desire for freedom and justice though there definitions of the terms vastly differ. The story line is fast-paced from the moment Vail begins his hunt and accelerates when the pair meets as the adventures are just beginning. Readers will enjoy Michele Hauf's tense Forever Vampire. Harriet Klausner
badklv More than 1 year ago
It's a captivating and compelling story about family ties, love, and blood thirst! Valliant (Vail) has been living in the mortal realm for a few short months after being banished from Faery. High on ichor, with a giant chip on his shoulder, and believing his own kind is an abomination; Vail is hell-bent on finding and killing his vampire father, Constantine de Salignac. His vampiress mother turned maniacal after his father imprisoned her in a glass coffin underground, and now all Vail wants is payback. His life has been misery in Faery among sidhe so unlike himself. When Rhys Hawkes, Vail's step-father, says he's willing to give up the location of Vail's father for a completed task in return, how can Vail say no? The daughter of the Santiago clan, a mob of non-aligned vampire thieves, has gone missing and along with her a gown with incredible mystical powers. If Vail can find the girl and the dress, and return them both, he may be privy to his father's location. However, his hunt will not come with ease because the gown and the girl are wanted by the Lord of Midsummer Darkness, Vail's nemesis, and the Faery who banished him from Faery. This is my third Michele Hauf book. I fell in love with the first two and this book is no exception. This story "had me at hello." Not only was the sex HOT, HOT, HOT (check out the silks scene *wink*), but I was enthralled by the complicated woven web of vampire, werewolf history. I think this element takes the plot to a whole other level. Her descriptions of scenes are beautifully dark as are her characters. There were times when I was reading this book that the hair stood up on my arms.it's just that good! In all the romance novels, with all the heroes I've read so far, I think Vail is the cherry to my sundae. He is not my typical hero. He is an outcast, a drifter, a bit of a bad boy, and rough around the edges, but oh so hot *as drool runs out of my mouth*. This book promises to enrapture you, and transport you from this world to a cryptic one where vampires, werewolves, and Faeries dwell. I'm ready for the next Michele Hauf book!