Forever With You: Inspiring Messages of Healing & Wisdom from your Loved Ones in the Afterlife

Forever With You: Inspiring Messages of Healing & Wisdom from your Loved Ones in the Afterlife

by Patrick Mathews


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There is No Such Thing as Death

Our loved ones in spirit stay a part of our lives forever. Join medium Patrick Mathews as he communicates with those who have passed over, sharing their experiences of the other side and the profound impact their continuing presence has on us. With warmth and sensitivity, Patrick answers questions about God and angels, heaven and hell, reincarnation, the purpose of physical life, and what happens when we pass. In his down-to-earth style, Patrick helps us understand what it's like to talk to spirits and explains how they help us overcome life's most difficult moments.

After the phenomenal success of Never Say Goodbye , Patrick invites us back for more inspirational stories of life after life, and describes with grace and humor what it's really like to communicate with the other side.

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ISBN-13: 9780738727660
Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide, LTD.
Publication date: 08/08/2012
Pages: 240
Sales rank: 308,214
Product dimensions: 5.10(w) x 7.90(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

As a medium, lecturer, teacher and author, Patrick Mathews has helped countless people around the world with his gift of communicating with those in spirit. Mathews has appeared on numerous national television and radio shows, including the Ryan Seacrest Show , WGN’s Steve Cochran Show , and has been featured on ABC News and PBS. Patrick has also been the featured medium on the hit television shows Most Haunted and Most Haunted Live!

Table of Contents

Foreword xi

Introduction 1

Part 1 Being MEdium

1 What I Am, What I Do 7

2 MEdiums Misconceptions 25

3 The Skeptical Medium 45

4 Medium Challenges 51

5 Becoming Emotionally Involved 57

6 Being Me 65

Part 2 The Afterlife

7 Body & Soul 71

8 Spirits Watching Over Us 79

9 God, Heaven & Hell 85

10 Religion 101

11 Atheists Go to Heaven 105

12 Suicides Go to Heaven Too 109

13 The Good Die Young 113

14 Passing into Spirit 119

15 We Never Die Alone 125

16 Reincarnation 129

17 Ghosts & Hauntings 133

18 Lost or Trapped Souls 149

19 Animal Heaven 155

Part 3 This Life

20 Classroom Called Life 161

21 Old Souls 173

22 Higher Souls 179

23 End of the World 183

24 Time on Earth 187

25 Fulfilling & Happy Life 193

Part 4 Lighter Side of the Other Side

26 Spiritual Anecdotes 211

27 In Closing 221

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