Forged in Fire

Forged in Fire

by Trish McCallan


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ISBN-13: 9781612185330
Publisher: Amazon Publishing
Publication date: 09/04/2012
Series: A Red-Hot SEALs Novel Series , #1
Pages: 396
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.20(h) x 1.20(d)

About the Author

Trish McCallan was born in Eugene, Oregon, and grew up in Washington State, where she began crafting stories at an early age. Her first books were illustrated in crayon, bound with red yarn, and sold for a nickel at her lemonade stand. Trish grew up to earn a bachelor’s degree in English literature with a concentration in creative writing from Western Washington University, taking jobs as a bookkeeper and human-resource specialist before finally quitting her day job to write full time. Forged in Fire came about after a marathon reading session, and a bottle of Nyquil that sparked a vivid dream. She lives today in eastern Washington.

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Forged in Fire 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 19 reviews.
frosty1 More than 1 year ago
I will be the first to admit, I was very skeptical about this book. I am not normally a paranormal lover, and went in to reading it with a very closed mind. I couldn't have been more surprised when I loved it. My book pals will never believe me when I tell them, I can't wait for the next in this series. The psychic connection between Beth and Zane is wickedly awesome. Their banter and his "your mine" attitude ratcheted up the lust level for me. There was so much going on in this book. My heart broke when the SAC watched the video of his wife, and then when she put all of what had been done to her aside to help the others. I sincerely think my favorite part was when Mac blew off the bad guys balls, I gasped and giggled at the same time. My only issue with this book, was that it seemed to end rather abruptly. I am hoping the next book will pick up where this one left off, although waiting isn't my best attribute.
aakerr More than 1 year ago
Loved Zane and Beth. Zane is a great alpha hero. Can't wait for the 2nd book in the series!
halo776 on LibraryThing 19 days ago
Beth has a dream about a terrorist group hijacking a plane and murdering everyone in coach. Meanwhile, Zane (who is a SEAL lieutenant commander) has had a premonition about the same thing, and he and his team are the victims. When Beth approaches him at the airport with clues to the terrorists' identities, Zane knows two things: 1. She's telling the truth, and 2. She's his soul mate, the woman he's been waiting 10 years for. One trait in Zane's family is that they all have a psychic link with their true soul mates, and he knows Beth is his woman from their first meeting. He just needs a little time to prove it to her, but a deadly terrorist group who've managed to infiltrate the FBI keeps getting in the way. Zane's hoping Beth will give him a chance, but first he'll have to take on a group of trained criminals and rescue hostages, including a close friend of Beth's.This is NOT a typical romance novel. Zane is not about hearts and flowers and pretty words. He is a conqueror, in his military career and in his personal life. He wants to claim Beth from the moment he lays eyes on her, and he instantly becomes aroused and possessive. Beth isn't sure how to handle herself around someone so sure of himself and so decidedly male. Zane's a tough guy who isn't used to taking no for an answer. However, the real story here is the plane hijacking (or the attempt to do so). Every answer raises more questions as Zane's team uncovers a trail of deception and violence that forces them to act alone, trusting no outside law agencies. It's very suspenseful as the action shifts from Zane's POV to Beth's to the "bad guy." Just when one sub-plot slows down, another one accelerates.I loved this book so much, I ran through the pages quickly. I could not put it down. I deducted a star for its unsatisfactory ending. There's no conclusion to any part of the story, really. The author has announced her plan to make this into a 4-part series, and my guess is that she's trying to hook the reader into buying the second novel as soon as it's released. However, with such a long wait between installments, some sort of conclusion would be appreciated.
cameling on LibraryThing 20 days ago
Take a Navy SEAL with psychic abilities, waiting to board a flight to Hawaii with 2 of his friends when their deaths flash in his mind. Take a woman, in the departure lounge, having dreamt of a plane hijacked by terrorists, with everyone in coach, including 3 Navy SEALS being killed. Take a leak in the FBI, and a plan gone awry and you have a thriller that grabs you by the throat from the very beginning.The action speeds up as the story progresses as does the tension when the plot thickens, and our heroes race against time to find the terrorists and their hostages before more harm comes to them. There was some telekinesis that I could have done without, but it didn't bother me so much as to detract from my overall enjoyment of the book. The cliffhanger at the end has me looking forward to the next in the series.
SandraHoover More than 1 year ago
Lieutenant Commander Zane Winters and his SEAL Team 7 buddies, Cosky & Rawls, are ninety minutes away from boarding a flight to Hawaii when Zane has a vision of their bloody deaths aboard the aircraft at the hands of hijackers. Zane comes from a long line of men with psychic abilities, but he only gets flashes of the future, not normally enough details to abort tragedy from occurring. As he scans the airport for signs of trouble, his eyes zero in on those of Beth Brown triggering an instant attraction that sears him to the soul, even as warning bells start ringing in his head emphasizing the inconvenient arrival of his soul-mate (Mine!). Beth is at the airport because of a horrible nightmare she can't disregard, and she is looking straight into the eyes of one of the men whose death she dreamed. But why is he looking at her like that? Unlike Zane, Beth knows every gory detail of the hijacking including where the guns are hidden on-board and what the hijackers look like. She has no choice but to tell Zane and his buddies what she knows and hope they believe her. What ensues is an action-packed story in which all hell breaks loose and lives are forever changed. Forged In Fire is a great start to the series as the action is intense and fast paced. The hunt is on for the mastermind behind the thwarted hijacking, as well as the FBI "insider/s" manipulated into participating. Families are torn apart as women and children are kidnapped and used as leverage against some powerful people - incentive for their continued cooperation. McCallan's attention to detail adds to the suspense as every scene is delivered in an authentic, believable manner, especially the storming of the house where the kidnappers/hijackers are holding their hostages. You can almost hear the gunshots ringing out, smell the blood, and see the gory horror as it unfolds. In the midst of the suspense, the "romance" between Zane & Beth plays out as he works to convince her that they are "meant to be". Zane has a one track mind when it comes to Beth - quite simply she is his. Beth, who caught her ex-fiance cheating, is not so quick to accept their connection as anything more than lust. I would have liked to see more relationship development, but with a timeline of only 24 hours, the author does a good job of convincing readers that the romance is believable and inevitable. Forged In Fire is an on the edge of your seat, action-packed suspense story. I actually think it could have worked just as well without the paranormal aspect (instant soul-mate), but the author did a good job of incorporating it into the story line in an "almost realistic" manner. While readers don't get answers to every plot line in this book, they do get a satisfying ending and the promise of some exciting reading in coming books. A Must Read for fans of Romance/Suspense!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
“You’re mine,” he said again, his voice flat, yet in that you-just-need-to-be-reasonable-about-this tone that men had been driving women crazy with throughout history. Lieutenant Commander Zane Winters should be renamed Lieutenant Commander Alpha-Bonded Male! A Navy SEAL with a “special” gift that has saved him and his teammates countless times! Even though he and his team are as hardcore as they get, they never question his abilities. So it comes as no surprise when a beautiful lady comes to them claiming something bad is going to happen, and they believe her and act upon such an unverifiable info. The problem is this lady is Zane’s soulmate! Yep, his soulmate, one he recognized even before laying eyes on her. And right in the middle of a high alert situation. Beth has a normal life, a normal job, a normal everything, so it is a bit strange that she has had an ongoing nightmare for the past three nights on a row. What is even more weirder is that things are starting to unravel just the way she dreamed, from the spilled coffee to the detour right down to the gorgeous hunk of a man she saw gunned down during an airline hijacking in her dreams! What is a girl to do in a case where apparently she dreamed the future? Well…… she had to do something right? Even though nobody would believe her, right??? right???? This book is a a nonstop action thriller novel. The SEALS have no time to wait for local law enforcers to arrive on the imminent hijacking of an airplane leaving for Hawaii. So they act based on their training and their current info, while Beth is dragged along because of her involvement and the incredible attraction to LC Zane!!! The characters are rich and very likeable. Beth is very relatable. And what I like about her is, even though Zane is a bit domineering she never backs down. And contrary to most books where the leading lady decides to be stubborn bordering on stupidity, Beth usually is calm and collected and sees the merit in what the SEALs are telling her. She does have a brain inside that pretty head of hers. The chemistry between our heroes is undeniable, even though Beth is set on her ways and finds that bond between them is simple and an idea that Zane has, except she cannot deny all the new feelings and sometimes thought that fleet through her head and are definitely not hers! “You can fight what's between us all you want. It won’t change a thing. You’re mine. And sweetheart, you don’t want to bring another guy into this, not unless you want to watch him bleed! You must know this book doesn’t end in a cliffhanger, but it is definitely part of a series, because the arch of the story is just beginning to unfold. Definitely a series I plan on reading whole. I can't wait to read about the other guys on the team, specially Mac!! That book is going to be fun!!!!!
TSRBR More than 1 year ago
Overall Rating: 4.5 Rockin’ ★★★★☆ What if you had the gift of foresight? A gift that is both a blessing and a curse. In Trish McCallan’s, first book in the Red-Hot SEALs series, Forged in Fire the reader is introduced to an amazingly gifted SEAL and a beautiful woman with premonitions. Beth Brown and Zane Winters are meant for each other, even before they meet under dire circumstance. The dream haunts her, over and over again, the same dream, the same beautiful man that is killed. The darkness of the dream and its outcome, makes Beth decide to check out the possibility that her dream is really a premonition of what is to happen. When she arrives at the airport, the man of her dreams is there. If he is there then was her dream a warning? There is a connection between the man that she has been dreaming about that cannot be denied. Who is he and how can she stop her dream from becoming reality. Zane Winters is more than a member of SEAL Team 7. He has a gift that when it rears itself, he listens to it. Something is wrong with the flight that he and his brothers in arms are about board. The warning has him searching for answers. What he did not expect was the beautiful woman that walks up to him and tells him a story that substantiates his own psychic warning. She is the other half of his soul. The two of them will need to pool their knowledge to prevent what is about to happen. This is more than a suspense or military romance. The added psychic twist will keep you on the edge of your seat as you turn the pages. I cannot wait to read the next book in this series. Great addition to my library.
The-Book-Diaries More than 1 year ago
There is nothing hotter than a man in a uniform :) Especially a military uniform. Ok, I'm bias, that was my life for 12 years, being surrounded by men in uniform everyday...torture. Forged in Fire was the perfect story for me, and was a little bit paranormal, jackpot!. This story has strong alpha males, intense realistic action, and a heart stopping love scene. Trish did such a great job with her descriptions and knowledge of the military, the fight scenes, the descriptions and use of weapons, it made it all believable. Her characters were not invincible but heroic and strong, and that pulls you into the story. You actually worry for the safety of these characters she has created. Not only is it easy for you to fall into the story and feel like you are there with them, but the intense bond that these characters have makes you wish one of them was sitting there next to you. This book was non-stop action from beginning to end, so be prepared to never put you book down for a minute. Forged in Fire is a great beginning to a fantastic series. I cannot wait to read book 2. *Hey Trish? Might your characters be based on real life people? Just ah, let me know, I got some vacation time saved up :)* ENJOY!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It was amazing, until the ending! It ended too soon.
ChrisSNJ More than 1 year ago
I LOVED this book! I had been in a reading rut until coming across Trish McCallan's "Forged In Fire" while browsing for books online. Once I started reading "Forged In Fire" I didn't want to put it down. I found this book to be an exciting and well written Military Romance (with a believeable touch of paranormal) that kept my interest from beginning to end. I really enjoyed Zane and Beth's story and can't wait to read more about Ms. McCallan's characters in her next book Forged In Ash.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
MonicaEmme More than 1 year ago
Zane Winters and his SEAL teammates are schedule for a flight to Hawaii to attend a friends wedding, unaware that their flight is going to be highjacked. Beth Brown has never believed in psychic abilities but her beliefs are put into question when she comes face to face with the man she watched die aboard the flight the night before in her dream. Without any proof to back them up, Beth and the SEAL team must find a way to stop the flight and save the lives of those aboard. Trish originally posted a first teaser scene prior to publishing on a site I'm part of. I was hooked from that first scene. I couldn't wait to get my hands on the full thing and find out if it lived up to the first pages and boy did it. I mostly read Young Adult because I love it and also because I write in that genre but I love any story as long as it's good. I couldn't put the book down! The tension starts in that very first scene and doesn't let up. The action is awesome and makes one wonder if maybe Trish is hiding some navy SEAL training of her own. The romance is just the perfect amount to make you really care for the characters without getting in the way of the action or being overly mushy. Don't get me wrong. I love a good romance. Trish delivers the perfect balance of action, suspense and romance with Forged In Fire. I can't wait for the next one in the series! *Just an FYI if you didn't get from the fact that this book begins with a dream of a hijacking that ends the life of all the passengers, there is brutality in this book, including rape that, though isn't described in detail, a loved ones response to it is. The response is handle incredibly well and almost too true to life. If your squeamish about violence consider yourself warned.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Gethsemane More than 1 year ago
While waiting for the flight that would take him and his friends to Hawaii for a wedding, Zane Winters experiences a vision that rocks his entire world. A vision he hopes to keep from coming true. While his psychic abilities have never failed him, he also knows that things can sometimes go awry depending on the outcome of certain events. When a leggy blonde crosses his path, Zane's instincts are thrown into limbo. Every part of him clamors to make her his, something he's never experienced until now. Yet this fact doesn't exactly deter him from what he needs to do. Realizing that she's a key witness to the events that have been set into motion, even if he can't quite understand how that came about, his protective instincts make him all the more determined to keep her by his side. Recognizing the men that she saw within her dreams, Beth Brown begins to wonder if their being at the airport at the same is more than just a coincidence. While she's never believed in premonitions, she knows that something has brought her and Zane together when the things she's dreamt of begin to come true. She also has a hard time denying the fact that she's very much attracted to him. As she and his group band together to thwart the hijacker's plans, they inadvertently set into motion a chain reaction of events that leave them all wondering whether they'll make it out alive. Even more disturbing is the fact that someone seems to know what they'll do next. Despite this, they're determined to do their best to keep the terrorists from achieving their goal, while trying to keep all the innocent souls involved safe. I was hooked from the moment I started reading. Totally loved how Trish made the action and suspense flow throughout the book. I know that some have said that they felt the romance aspect of the book left a lot to desired, but in all honesty, the way she built up to that aspect made it all the more intense and so much sweeter. This book wasn't really about the romance, but rather about a group of friends that band together no matter what's thrown at them at any given moment. The romance was more of a bonus. I'm looking forward to reading more of Trish's books soon. She's got a great flair for writing. Enjoyed it immensely!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
RBtWBC More than 1 year ago
Lt. Commander Zane Winters is waiting to board a flight with two other team members to Hawaii when he has a vision of their deaths. Use to his strange psychic abilities, everyone is on instant alert, especially when a strange woman approaches them with a crazy tale about a dream, hijackers and all their deaths. But what really catches Zane¿s attention is the instant and complete pull towards her and the knowledge that this woman is the soul mate he has been waiting a decade for. When Beth Brown wakes up from a bloody nightmare she blows it off as a bad dream until the things that played out there start happening to her. Then when she recognizes the three men that she watched die in her dream, Beth knows that she must do something to stop that plane from taking off. Teaming up to stop the hijackers Beth, Zane and his team discover an intricate plot of kidnapping, blackmail, murder and a complex scheme that reaches far beyond the people set to board the plane. But with when highest officials seem to be compromised, who can they trust to help them end it? Forged in Fire is a fabulous romantic suspense with sexy SEALs and a psychic twist that I absolutely loved! The plot was fast paced and intense, with nasty evildoers, mysterious villains pulling the strings, and a country wide conspiracy. Dark, gritty and not at all a light romance, this novel played out like an action movie. Well written, the scenes and characters were brought to life on the pages. I loved hero and heroine, Zane and Beth. Zane is the total package in alpha hero and with a paranormal twist to his heritage that added an extra dimension; though I would have liked to see more of the history behind his and his family¿s abilities. Beth doesn¿t start off as a butt kicking heroine, but she is determined and does not back down to anything that comes her way, including an over-bearing psychic male. The romance between these two was slow to build which lent it believability but once things started heating up, whoa baby! My heart was pounding and I was gasping for air like a fish out of water! The secondary cast plays important roles throughout the story, deeply entwined in the plot, and each of them intrigued me. I can¿t wait to see what happened next with Cosky, Rawls and Mac! The only thing that made me want to throw my Nook across the room was the ending. It ended EXTREMELY abruptly. I didn¿t believe it was the end at first, I thought I was missing something. The author left a major cliff hanger, you are literally left dangling off the jagged edge and I really wanted to get some quality time between Beth and Zane, after such a crazy adventure I think they deserved it and would have leveled out the romance better since there was a notable lack of it. Besides that though, Forged in Fire was a superb read that I¿d recommend to any romantic suspense fan!
Hesperia_Loves_Books More than 1 year ago
I LOVED this book, plain & simple! No fancy adjectives or flowery words are needed to describe it, just know that if you read, you'll love it too. :) The story is intense, action-packed and will keep you on the edge of your seat page after page. The cast of characters is just yummy (SEALs, hello?!) and the set-up for the next books leaves me wanting tons more. Zane is a member of a SEAL team on their way to a wedding. While waiting in the airport for their flight Zane has a vision of death when he touches two of his platoon members. Then his soul mate, Beth, shows up and tells them about her dream. From there, the action starts and NEVER stops! The cast of characters that Ms. McCallan introduces us to is amazing. Even though this book is centered around Zane & Beth, the remaining secondary cast plays an equally important role. Their development and involvement are crucial to this book and future ones. They work as a team and you become invested, interested and intrigued by them. You want to know about them, and their future! From Cosky to Mac to Amy - they don't disappoint. The story is gritty, sometimes dirty (no not gutter) and the bad guys are really bad. The measures that the SEAL team have to take are not pretty, but you're doing a fist pump & saying "Hell Yeah" when they do them. If you want a cutesy military story where nobody dies, bleeds or gets hurt (which is not real-life)- then this is not the story for you. I cannot stress enough how much I loved it <3 The book was advertised as paranormal romantic suspense. While it did have mind-reading & communication elements, as well as, a psychic character - that was it. If you're looking for mythical creatures or supernatural beings, you won't find any. However, if you are a fan of Romantic Suspense, then you won't be disappointed. Kick-A** story that everyone needs to read and a series that will definitely be on my must read list!
NiinaCs_Blog More than 1 year ago
Zane Winters, and his two fellow elite SEALs Rawls and Cosky are on their way to a friend's wedding in Hawaii, being on leave isn't easy and Zane can't shake the feeling of foreboding. But a playful bunch sets off his psychic visions, he gets two quick flashes, his partners, dead, in the plane. And to top that few minutes later he sees her, a woman who's magnetic pull ignites everything territorial and possessive in him - his brothers and father have found their soul mates the same way and now... here she is, his. - Beth Brown isn't going to Hawaii, but here she is anyway, events of her dream have started coming true, but the most disturbing, a plane full of people slaughtered by hijackers she can't just sit and wait to see if it happens... she has come to the gate to see if she recognizes any people from her dream. And suddenly there they are, the three big guys. Suddenly the dream is true, and she has to find a way to stop it. - Beth decides to try and convince the three men to hear her as she heard other call Winters a Lieutenant in her dream, hoping they are military. And Winters convinces her that they should play lovers to not attract attention of the hijackers, but Beth feels there's bit more to his touches and embraces than just acting. - Before you can spell SEALs things get out of hand and time is against them as they have to a way to protect Beth's dream from getting her in jail, fight to try and get a step ahead of the hijackers, and find out just who they can trust and who is compromised, and it all becomes more dangerous when they realize this is about something much more sinister than just hijacking a plane, there is an agenda and they've yet to discover what the hell it is. - I loved this book! McCallan's writing is fast-pace and exciting, you don't want to skip any of it! She built a story world with compelling villains, torn victims and sexy SEALs and not forgetting the main couple - I love books where the man knows exactly what he wants and isn't afraid to be little scheming to get it, especially when it's a woman. Zane was all this! He's hot, seductive, possessive and yet so genuine with his desire to be with her for the rest of his life. I loved that Beth wasn't the dumb woman getting in the way of people who know how to do their job, she had her own strengths and Zane had his, she didn't go busting in anywhere and getting herself in trouble for the hero to save - I loved that! Go smart girls! - The story flows so easy, you want to keep reading, and even when the POV goes to the villains from Beth and Zane you don't want to miss it. As multiple POV, this book is a success, I especially loved Mac's POV even though he despised women he still did the most heroic thing in my book, in this book when he took out "the driver" ( you'll know what I mean after you read the book ). - I could easily keep gushing how great this book was and what little things I loved, what scenes and what moments were superb, but that would ruin the book for you so I won't, but just know that there were all those things! - This book is perfect for readers of romantic suspense, good old suspense and those who like their books to have a little twist of supernatural. This was just my kind of book, filled with action, thrills and romance, this one I will definitely go back to when I want a sexy thrill ride with a trio of hot SEALs!
BOOKS07 More than 1 year ago
Why is it only offered in CD???