Forget Me Not

Forget Me Not

by Vicki Hinze


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ISBN-13: 9781601422057
Publisher: The Crown Publishing Group
Publication date: 03/16/2010
Series: Crossroads Crisis Center Series , #1
Pages: 352
Product dimensions: 5.10(w) x 7.90(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Vicki Hinze is an award-winning author of multiple novels including Forget Me Not and Deadly Ties. Hinze’s willingness to take risks in writing and genre has earned her a reputation for trail-blazing skill. She holds a Master of Arts in Creative Writing and a Doctorate in Philosophy, Theocentric Business & Ethics and served as vice president on the International Thriller Writers Board of Directors. She lives in Florida with her husband.

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July 12
You know what I want.”
Hearing him behind her, she jerked and dropped her paintbrush. It slid across the canvas, streaking the emerald gulf water with a bold, jagged slash of white.
“Gregory,” she said, her voice half croak, half whisper, her eyes seeing far beyond the easel and canvas in front of her.
She had made this confrontation inevitable, but she hoped to finish one last painting before—
“Well? Are you going to give it to me?”
Shaking, she turned. He stood closer than she expected, towering above her and blocking both studio doors. The one to the deck overlooking the gulf was closer, but with his stride and reach—she didn’t stand a chance.
Putting down her palette, she squared her shoulders and stiffened, unable to see past the bloodlust in his eyes. Would her response push him over the edge?
Regardless, she had only one choice. Her mouth as dry as the sand between her and the surf, she hiked her chin and looked him right in the eye. “No.”
“Reconsider—and think carefully.” His hands curled into fists at his sides, his face darkened to red, and the blood vessels in his thick neck protruded. “Is that your final answer?”
How could anyone that angry sound that controlled? She darted her gaze from door to door, still seeking a way out. But there wasn’t one. No one would interrupt, would hear her scream. There would be no escape.
She glanced to a painting of a young girl hanging on the wall. What more could she have done? The man was rich, powerful, and more manipulative than anyone she’d ever known. She had gone all the way to the mayor looking for help. Well, to his wife, Darla, but even she had to admit how outrageous her claims had sounded. Gregory Chessman did seem incapable of anything that wasn’t wonderful.
Yet she knew better. She studied the painting, the innocence and promise in that beloved face. If he found her—and sooner or later, he would—then she, too, would die. That left but one option. One. And who knew if it would work?
“I know the truth about you.” She injected her tone with confidence and a warning of her own. “If anything happens to me, others will know it too.”
“You tried that and failed.” He grunted. “You’re a crazy woman. No one believes a crazy woman, not even an airhead.” He followed her gaze to the painting.
Something inside him snapped. His face contorted and he closed the gap between them in a flash, clamping his fingers around her throat. Fury pounded off him in waves, rivaling the six-foot surf. With a throaty growl, he jerked, lifting her off the ground.
She fought hard, kicking and swinging her frail arms, trying to break his hold, but she couldn’t make contact beyond his forearms. Her vision blurred, her starved lungs burned, craving air. Her limbs turned leaden. Then the brilliant light flooding the studio faded to black, and she knew no more.

Gregory watched the life leave her eyes, taking pleasure in the fact that his would be the last face she would see. How dare she refuse him? Threaten him? The crazy fool.
When the last spark of hope for revival passed and she hung limp and lifeless a foot off the floor, he dropped her.
Her body crumpled in a heap.
He didn’t look down, just walked over her, knocked the aged painting off the wall, and then crushed it with the heel of his shoe. Three years, and the subject in it still taunted him. Still made him vulnerable to Alik Demyan. Gregory shuddered.
Now she would suffer for both, for trespassing on his peace.
The portrait lay tattered and torn, its brittle frame cracked. He went at it again, and kept at it until the painting was utterly destroyed.
Though he despised dirtying his own hands, NINA would be pleased. No one had messed up this one…

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Forget Me Not 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 44 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
"THEIR ELUSIVE ENEMIES TOOK EVERYTHING. NOW THEY WANT MORE. Crossroads Crisis Center owner Benjamin Brandt was a content man-in his faith, his work, and his family. Then in a flash, everything he loved was snatched away. His wife and son were murdered, and grief-stricken Ben lost faith. Determination to find their killers keeps him going, but after three years of dead ends and torment, his hope is dying too. Why had he survived? He'd failed to protect his family. Now, a mysterious woman appears at Crossroads seeking answers and help-a victim who eerily resembles Ben's deceased wife, Susan. A woman robbed of her identity, her life, of everything except her faith-and Susan's necklace. The connections between the two women mount, exceeding coincidence, and to keep the truth hidden, someone is willing to kill. Finding out who and why turns Ben and the mystery woman's situation from dangerous to deadly. Their only hope for survival is to work together, trust each other, and face whatever they discover head on, no matter how painful. But will that be enough to save their lives and heal their tattered hearts?" I can't deny the appeal of this book. Christian suspense is my "go-to" genre so I was immediately intrigued. However the book description was so attention-grabbing that I had to wait my turn, as my 12-year-old son snatched it up and read it the day it arrived! With his hearty approval I was eager to jump in the next day. Before I could finish I found myself having to take turns with my husband, who saw it lying around and couldn't help but get sucked in as well! I must admit that I had a bit of difficulty with parts of this book. It may just have got me at a tired week, but the 'who is double-crossing who and how does this all tie in' was very hard for me to follow. I know a lot of people read books like this, or watch movies like this, and can happily just sit back and enjoy the ride. I'm not one of them by nature. I was able to follow the big picture of what was happening but the details I often had to force myself to just read over and not worry that I didn't completely follow. Once I was able to allow myself to do this, I had no further complaints about the book. This book started fast and never stopped. There was no 'just get through the first couple chapters and it will suck you in' with this one! The pacing was fabulous and the major characters likeable while still fully human. I will admit that I am a bit jealous of the relationship the heroine has with God. She has learned to hear Him speaking to her on a level that I am still working towards. The Crossroads Crisis Center is a perfect setting for future adventures and I am eager to get to know these characters better as the series continues.
ReDefiningAwesome on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
This was Vicki Hinze first christian novel and to me it definitely shows. To me a lot of the christian elements seem forced. Apart from that the novel was very good. The mystery plot was great and had many twists and turns that make it hard for reader to figure out. This is good for those looking for a good mystery read, but don't mind dialogue that sometimes states the obvious, and some stereotypical actions, like the budding love interest between the main characters.
ReviewsbyMolly on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Suspenseful. So suspenseful, I was confused through most of the book trying to figure out the who-dun-it's and the what's-next's. Wow! Over all this book was good. I just was so confused so many times during all the twists and turns! Whew! When you read this book, be prepared for a roller coaster ride. The plot is written (though at times, confusing!) with characters that blend well with the author's plot. By the end of the book, your jaw will be on the floor! The last few pages really opened my eyes and I wasn't totally sure I wanted the book to end. There is romance, friendship, faith and mystery all rolled into the start of a thrilling new series. I do recommend this book with 4 stars to anyone out there who loves a thrilling, inspirational book with lots of emotions, ups and downs, twists and turns. A lot of suspense novels out there are full of gorey detail. But with Forget Me Not, you get the fast paced, edge of your seat ,white knuckle thrills, without being grossed out. And all that being said, I am sitting here, as I type this review, wondering what book 2, Secret Servants, has in store for us! I can't wait! Well done, on an intriguing new series, Vicki! *This book was provided for review by Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing Company*
jennyrosewriter on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
We begin with an unidentified (her name changes three times through the story) main character who loses her identity. She was carjacked, beaten, kidnapped and dumped. She's left with a spotty memory, gut feelings and her faith in God. She was dumped in a town with plenty of drama. She looks a lot like Ben Brandt's late wife. Three years and he's still not over it. Mayor John Green and local philanthropist Gregory Chessman aren't who they seem. And Vickie Hinze's main character is still being followed, shot at, and hit. She doesn't know who she is or why anyone would want to hurt her. She does believe God loves her and will take care of her through it all. Hinze does a great job of building suspense and creating mystery. She knows how to create cliff hangers that make the reader keep turning pages. However, the romantic and Christian dialogue seemed forced and a bit preachy. Sometimes the point of view jumped around so quickly I didn't know who was thinking, speaking, or where I was supposed to be in the scene. Overall, it wasn't bad. In fact it was good except for a few parts that dragged (the romantic and Christian dialogue, but I'm not much of a romantic).
busygirllibrary on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Forget Me Not is the story io Kelly Walker, a young woman who is attacked and winds up at a crisis center with no memory of who she is or why she is being chased. The complex mystery that follows involves a large cast of characters trying to figure out who Kelly is and who in the town can be trusted. I found the characters undeveloped and confusing - I had to keep flipping back to figure out the relationships from one character to another. The character development that we did see, such as the dependent relationship between Ben and Kelly that builds in the matter of a day, seemed unrealistic. This book was an easy read, but not one that I would necessarily read again.
The_Book_Queen on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Forget Me Not by Vicki Hinze was a slow, albeit semi-interesting, read. It's not that the writing was poor by any means; in fact, it was fairly well written. However, the storyline, the characters, and the slow progression towards the climax took the novel down a few stars. Unfortunately, I do not have much to say about Forget Me Not¿good or bad. It was one of those books (for me at least) that was simply ¿OK.¿ Nothing stood out, nothing inspired me, and yet there was also nothing that pushed me away, either. It was a book to pass the time with, and one that had it's good moments, but not one that I would go out of my way to read again. 3 Stars! A mediocre book, due to the subject matter more than a flaw in the author's writing. Again, this is just my opinion¿I'm sure there are plenty that would love this book. However, this was simply not the book for me. I don't regret reading it, but neither am I anxious to read it again and again. If you like a good Christian novel, with a touch of suspense, a subtle hint of romance, and an over all theme of moral values and finding God again, then this is the book for you, even if it was not a 5 star novel for me.
DARKANG3L on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Forget Me Not is a great book, in the beginning I had my doubts but that quickly changed. The plot was quite interesting and makes you wonder what it would be like not knowing who you are while having people trying to kill you. Hinze created a captivating story that will have you turning the pages wanting more.
Tinasbookreviews on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Jane Doe wakes up in the woods beaten, her head bashed by a rock and her memory gone¿¿.the only thing keeping her alert is the killer headache pounding in her skull and the old man¿s head she¿s about to smash. Luckily for Clyde (the old man) he escapes the head beating and convinces the woman he¿s there to help. All that she has is a business card with the name Susan on it and a cross necklace. For reasons unbeknownst to her, she decides she must be Susan and trusts Clyde who then takes her to Crossroads.Shortly thereafter ¿Susan¿ meets Ben- the owner of Crossroads and husband to deceased Susan, who has an uncanny resemblance to the living Susan. The meeting is not friendly and although intense I couldn¿t help cracking up at the dynamic of these two characters. I knew once Ben could get through all the glaring and necklace snatching he would see ¿Susan¿ in a different light¿¿¿ Never a dull moment and the plot moves very fast. Almost too fast-We go from murder, to beatings, to a huge mystery to love and romance with no breather in between. The first few chapters are confusing, it was hard to make connections to the prologue and pull the pieces together until about mid-way through. It¿s pretty much non-stop until the end and has a great climatic finish.
lawral on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Forget Me Not is a sometimes complex mystery. It is awesome that it is not the kind of mystery that the reader figures out pages before the main characters do. Unfortunately, with a large cast of characters, many twists, and a case of mistaken identity, I had a hard time keeping up. I really wanted to like this book, but I spent so much time flipping back to the first couple of chapters trying to figure out who people were and how they were connected that I couldn't enjoy it.
knittingmomof3 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
From My Blog...When a prologue has the ability to command the reader's full attention and leave the reader no choice but to continue reading the novel without a single pause, that is usually the mark of a well-written novel and Forget Me Not by Vicki Hinze is indeed that sort of novel. The beginning of the novel is quite a mystery; the reader is introduced to all the key players and a fair amount of unknowns. A woman is being warned that NINA is after her and she must once again vanish, but before she could, she was carjacked and left for dead in the woods. A nearby resident to the woods, Clyde Parker, saw headlights and decided to investigate as he stumbles upon this woman who has no recollection of who she is, but does have a card on her for Crossroads, a local crisis center with the name Susan written on the back. She further learns she is in Seagrove, Florida, which terrifies her and she does not know why. She convinces Clyde to take her to the local Crossroads Crisis Center rather than the local hospital where she sees a portrait of a woman, her exact likeness, named Susan Brandt. She is elated until she notices this woman has been declared deceased for 3 years. Benjamin Brandt, the owner of the Crossroads Crisis Center has been reluctantly called in. Since his wife Susan and son Christopher we murdered 3 years ago, he has been rather reluctant to be involved and unfortunately in the last three years many have claimed to know who murdered his family or have claimed to be Susan, all for monetary gain. When he discovers this mysterious woman is wearing his deceased wife's necklace, Benjamin becomes even more enraged. Peggy Crane, the head of the crisis center and also Susan Brandt's best friend is able to calm Benjamin down and the center comes up with a solution to keep the mystery woman safe until they can either discover her identity or her memory returns. Meanwhile, Gregory Chessman, who is believed to be an upstanding philanthropist and above suspicion is a murderer and is looking for this woman through an extensive network of contacts. Why is he after this woman? Who is she and why are two of Gregory's men trying to set him up? Forget Me Not is a brilliant suspense thriller that will keep the reader turning the pages, trying to solve the web of secrets and untangle the crosses and double crosses. Hinze weaves in a Christian influence, which is not at all peachy, but rather adds a delightful characteristic to the mystery woman, giving her a self assured confidence about who she is, even if she cannot recall her name or anything about her life. Forget Me Not is the first novel in the Crossroads Crisis Center series and I anxiously await the second in the series. I would recommend this novel to any reader looking for an excellent mystery/suspense thriller.
celticlady53 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
My thoughts:Forget Me Not by Vicki Hinze is a fast reading suspenseful story with the main characters living on the edge of sanity and are drawn together to solve the mystery of Ben's loss of his wife and son and"Susan", who does not know who she is and why people are trying to kill her, knows that somehow she is linked to the Ben's loss. I liked "Susan" because even against the odds of her surviving the attempts on her life she keeps her faith in God intact in spite of her tortuous past that she is slowly remembering. Her life as she knows it is turned upside down but she finds that many people at the Crossroads Crisis Center want to help her find out who she is and why she is in jeopardy of being killed. She is a strong determined woman and as she slowly remembers who she is, she knows what her goal in life is and she wants to help other people down on their luck. She knows that God is always with her in good and bad. Ben is going through the motions of his life every day but finds in "Susan" a person that he can confide in and they are becoming involved in a romantic sense even though he has lost his faith and her faith is strong, there is just some spark of something there. There are also some really nasty and self centered characters in this story of greed and murder.This first book in the Crossroads Crisis Center is a great start in this series with likeable and some not so likeable characters and enough suspense to keep the story interesting. It is an enjoyable read.
Cajunbooklady on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I was pleasantly surprised by this one to be honest. I expected alot different but came away really happy with it.The characters in this one were diverse which made it really enjoyable. The main gal, Kelly, was built up well, and not to give to much away, but I appreciated the struggles the characters faced with such grace.This one had an amazing storyline IMO. There were several totally unexpected plot twists. It really kept the book exciting. I think the author did a wonderful job at keeping the suspense level up, and the reader guessing. Ms. Hinze managed to really pull it all together at the end and left me feeling satisfied with the story.Now, this one is christian fiction~let me say that I thought it was excellent for the genre. This is Vicki's first time writing in this genre and I think she did an excellent job with it. The story had the message of having and keeping your faith, but it also had the strong air of a suspense novel. I think this one can appeal to a wide group of readers and cross over to several genres.
ldrumm16 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
An intensely suspenseful story, I never knew what to expect with each turn of the page. The author managed to keep me guessing without confusing me. Every time I thought I had it figured out, I was proven wrong. I really enjoyed the development of the relationship between the main female character (I won't mention her name because it changes throughout the story) and Benjamin Brandt. I was particularly engaged by the change in Benjamin from beginning to end - devastation to anger to fear to he once had faith, lost it, and came to find it again.
NWADEL on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Forget Me Not is a suspenseful mystery about mysterious woman, found in the woods, severely beaten, coming out of unconsciousness. She didn't want to go to the hospital, she didn't know why but she was scared, scared of someone so the only place Clyde new to take her for medical attention was Crossroads Crisis Center.This woman doesn't remember who she is, what happened to her or why she was in the woods but she has this dreadful fear and she doesn't know why. As she is getting medical attention, the staff at Crossroads try to find out who she is but everything comes to a dead end. The only clue they have is a necklace, a cross, that she had in her pocket and on the back of it, it said Susan. She remembers someone calling her Susan so that must be her name and she also remembers that she is a woman of faith and God is the only one holding her together. As the clues start unfolding and danger at every turn, makes this book an awesome read!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Jenny_Rose More than 1 year ago
We begin with an unidentified (her name changes three times through the story) main character who loses her identity. She was carjacked, beaten, kidnapped and dumped. She's left with a spotty memory, gut feelings and her faith in God. She was dumped in a town with plenty of drama. She looks a lot like Ben Brandt's late wife. Three years and he's still not over it. Mayor John Green and local philanthropist Gregory Chessman aren't who they seem. And Vickie Hinze's main character is still being followed, shot at, and hit. She doesn't know who she is or why anyone would want to hurt her. She does believe God loves her and will take care of her through it all. Hinze does a great job of building suspense and creating mystery. She knows how to create cliff hangers that make the reader keep turning pages. However, the romantic and Christian dialogue seemed forced and a bit preachy. Sometimes the point of view jumped around so quickly I didn't know who was thinking, speaking, or where I was supposed to be in the scene. Overall, it wasn't bad. In fact it was good except for a few parts that dragged (the romantic and Christian dialogue, but I'm not much of a romantic).
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
ilovemy5kids More than 1 year ago
This book is not lighthearted. It is filled with suspense and keeps your attention. The book is not for young eyes. It does have mature intense material all through out the book. At times, I even had to put the book down and try to remember who was who. There were a lot of characters who each had their own story. I liked how the author tied in all the events at the very end. It kept me in wonder how the story would fold out. I wouldn't mind a second book to further explanation of the characters and how the future folded. All in all, I would recommend this book for a reader who likes suspense and an action packed novel. Again, for mature eyes only. Blessings to you! You are loved! Note: I was sent complimentary copy for review purposes only. This review has not been monetarily compensated. The review was my honest opinion and views and not influenced by the sponsor in any way.
onedesertrose More than 1 year ago
My Review: The loss of one's faith through tragedy does not separate anyone from the love of God or His faithfulness--"when we are faithless, He is faithful." Benjamin Brandt, owner of Crossroads Crisis Center, had an ideal life--his faith, his wife and son, and his work. In an instant, he lost all but his job. His family had been murdered. Although grief-stricken, he continues to search for the murderer(s)--but it's been three years and leads are slipping away fast. One day, a woman, who looks remarkably like Benjamin's wife, Susan, is brought to the Crisis Center, seeking help and answers. She's been the victim of a beating so severe she doesn't know who she is. Why? By whom? She's lost everything, except her faith. Ben's mistrust of this 'Susan' woman, and the mystery 'Susan' woman's confusion about her identity and life, get magnified out of proportion, yet they must work together to figure out who and why someone is willing to kill them to keep the truth hidden from them. The situation goes from dangerous to deadly once 'those someones' are able to track her whereabouts. Will they find the killer(s) before they are killed? Forget Me Not, by Vicki Hinze, is an action-packed, intense, crime-laden novel that changes plots on a frequent basis, keeping you alert, absorbed and hooked to the end. You will need to keep the circumstances and characters straight in your mind, but the pacing isn't so fast that your lose your way. It's complex, but that's what makes it good! Vicki is definitely keen on character reactions and emotions. The intricacies of the many characters were handled very aptly. They were consistent throughout the book. Evil was punctuated with good, which were great antagonists throughout. In the life of crime, do you really know who your friends are? I was always on edge, wondering what would happen and when, with either the evil, vicious end of the book, as well as between Ben and the mystery 'Susan' woman, and those that they interacted with at the Crisis Center. For this, my first introduction to Vicki's writing, I know I'll definitely be reading more of her books! The spiritual truths presented are relevant to everyone. This book was provided by Susan at The Suspense Zone for my honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Wyn More than 1 year ago
Usually in amnesia books we know all about the victim and watch while they learn about themselves but in this case, we learn along with the victim. A twist that I really enjoyed. This is Vicki's first Christian themed book although she is a famous mystery writer. The mystery is indeed polished, entertaining, and suspenseful. The Christian background, although heavy in places, suited the personae of the victim. The romance was of course predictable but then aren't they all! It was definitely a page turner with lots of twists and turns and unexpected connections.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Suzie2672 More than 1 year ago
Benjamin Brandt's life went spinning out of control the day his wife and son were murdered. Grief-stricken, revenge became his constant companion; he vowed to find and punish the one responsible for his misery. Three years past and Benjamin has yet to locate the one responsible for his family's murders. He questions why God would allow him to live when all that he loved had been destroyed. At Crossroads Crisis Center, an amnesia victim appears. The only clue she has to her identity is a card from Crossroads Crisis Center with the name Susan on it and a necklace. She hopes that someone at the Crisis Center will recognize her and be able to fill in the blanks of her missing past. When Benjamin meets the mysterious women he is stunned at how much this woman resembles his deceased wife, Susan. He is determined to help her find the answers to her lost memories. Will he be able to accept what he uncovers, or will be putting his own life in jeopardy? Vicki Hinze has written a high adrenaline rush in Forget Me Not. As the title suggests, you will have a hard time forgetting this high action packed novel. Those that crave roller coaster ride thrillers will definitely be pleased when they discover Forget Me Not. This is one book that will keep you on your edge of your seat.
bookwormjanet More than 1 year ago
She wakes up in the woods, beaten and left for dead. She remembers vaguely the men who were trying to get her car from her. She remembers little else. One thing she does remember is her strong faith in God. Who is she? Why is she here? She finds a card in her pocket with the name "Crossroads" on the front and the name "Susan" on the back. Also, a cross necklace is with the card. She is found and taken to the Crossroads Crisis Center where she see's a large photo of the founder, Susan Brandt, on the wall. Looking at the picture is like looking in the mirror, minus the bruises and swelling of course. So, she must be "Susan". The only problem is that Susan has been dead for 3 years. Benjamin Brandt has been trying for the last 3 years to find the killers of his wife and son. He has also been consumed with guilt that he didn't protect his family. Isn't that what a husband and father is supposed to do? When he's called to the shelter about this "mystery woman named Susan", it's the first time in 3 years he's been in the Center. At first he is certain that "Susan" is there to extort money from him. But after she tells her story and begins to remember tiny pieces of her past, he begins to believe her. He sees how hers and Susan's lives have many common connections. Ben believes that maybe this is the lead he's been hoping for after 3 long years. Can this mystery lady help him discover who killed his family? The book is full of suspense, intrigue, romance and Christian principles. Vicki doesn't "beat you over the head" with the Christian aspect of it. I really enjoyed "Forget Me Not" and would highly recommend it. I was provided an advanced reading copy of this book by the publisher.