Forsaken Dreams

Forsaken Dreams

by MaryLu Tyndall

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ISBN-13: 9781620299937
Publisher: Barbour Publishing, Incorporated
Publication date: 03/01/2013
Series: Escape to Paradise , #1
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 320
Sales rank: 378,220
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

MaryLu Tyndall, a Christy Award finalist and bestselling author of the Legacy of the King’s Pirates series, is known for her adventurous historical romances filled with deep spiritual themes. She holds a degree in math and worked as a software engineer for fifteen years before testing the waters as a writer. MaryLu currently writes full time and makes her home on the California coast with her husband, six kids, and four cats. Her passion is to write page-turning, romantic adventures that not only entertain but open people’s eyes to their God-given potential. MaryLu is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers and Romance Writers of America.

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Forsaken Dreams 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 142 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Forsaken Dreams is a powerful book about forgiveness, and what it truly means to obey God. MaryLu Tyndall has written yet another winner, and I they just keep getting better! This book had me on my toes, yelling out loud, laughing, and smiling. I couldn't get enough of it! Eliza Crawford, the heroine, is a lady who is fiery and independent, but has a sweet, loving spirit. Blake Wallace is a haunted man filled with talent and a but of stubborness. The characters were so real and it was so fun to see them change over the course of the book. Amazing plot, thrilling adventure, powerful spiritual message, and wonderful romance. Go out and buy this, you won't be disappointed!
LizD1 More than 1 year ago
Escape To Paradise Let me take you on a seafaring adventure in a brand new series from best selling author MaryLu Tyndall. This book had me drawn in on the first chapter. You think you can maybe stop at the end of a chapter, but when you get there you want to go on...I loved it. Colonel Blake Wallace, A leader and organizer of the expedition to Brazil and decorated war hero wanted for war crimes by the union and suffers from post traumatic stress disorder. He has seen enough death to last him a life time and is eager to leave his homeland for the pristine shores of Brazil and the prospect of a new utopian community. Eliza Crawford , Widow, was married to a general in the northern army. Eliza seeks passage on Wallace's ship as a nurse. She is harboring a dirty secret and not being wanted by the south or the north, not even her southern father. Thoughts of Brazil, of its golden shores, lush jungles and fertile soil, caused tears to flood her eyes once again. Would she be a part of the new world these colonists were building, never have a chance at a new life, a new beginning. Forsaken for one mistake.. Would danger from the seas and man keep them apart from the peace and love of the land they long for ?? " Love does conquer all, "  " and good does conquer evil ." This book was so good i did not want it to end.. If you have, or have not read any of MaryLu Tyndall's books this would be a good one to start on,,, I rated it a five star because it was that good.. Don't forget to pick up the second book in this series November 2013.. 
BMace More than 1 year ago
Put tall ships, the sea, pirates, black magic, unexplained occurances, a little romance and lots of adventure together and you have the beginning of why this book is worth every moment it takes you to read it! MaryLu Tyndall has done a fabulous job of starting this new series in grand fashion. Escape to Paradise is something we all dream of doing at times, I'm sure. This is the new series starting with this wonderful book, set just after the end of the civil war between the North and the South. I found myself relating to first one character and then another, even disliking some of those less desirable. A little romance only increased the tension between the main characters, as well as several of the lesser ones.  The overall theme of learning to forgive and trust those whose path had followed a different course, created tension and an unwillingness to put the book down. Learning to follow the still small voice of the Lord is difficult for all of us. A must read and I am looking forward to the second installment due to come out later this year.
DianaFlow More than 1 year ago
Absolutely Riveting! In Forsaken Dreams, author MaryLu Tyndall sweeps us away on a riveting, seafaring journey -- beginning in the ravaged, post civil war torn South to the lush beauty of Brazil -- a literal utopia with fertile soil, the sounds of tropical birds permeating the fresh air, a myriad of fruits, vegetables, and fish, and most of all -- HOPE. Colonel Blake Wallace, a decorated war hero, embarks upon a journey to Brazil to begin a colony there, unable to deal with the atrocities that he witnessed during the war, not to mention the death of his entire family. It is aboard the ship, the New Hope, that he meets the widow, Eliza Crawford, a confederate nurse who signs on to give medical assistance to the new colonists when they arrive at their destination in Brazil. Eliza, however, carries a deep, dark secret that threatens to ruin her dreams of a new life in Brazil, and her budding romance with Blake should he ever discover it. Each passenger on the New Hope has their own reasons for wishing to start life anew, and many are still struggling from the war's terrible after effects. As disease, deadly storms, and evil permeate the ship, will the passengers make it to their promised land? And will Eliza be able to keep her secret from Blake?...or will her hopes become "forsaken dreams"...forever? Just when I thought MaryLu could not possibly top her last book, she totally blows me away with another! This book is utterly fantastic, and I had a terrible time putting it down. Not only does the plot surround the hero and heroine, but there are also fascinating subplots involving the secondary characters aboard the ship. MaryLu covers many heavy issues -- post traumatic stress disorder, alcoholism, anxiety attacks, etc. without sugar coating, and weaves a very strong spiritual thread throughout. Very well written with realistic characters, an utterly compelling storyline, and tremendous use of descriptive imagery, I can honestly say...MaryLu Tyndall has crafted a masterpiece here! I simply can't wait for Book Two in this series! I was provided with a copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for my honest opinion.
Espan_Rose More than 1 year ago
MaryLu Tyndall has created yet another masterpiece! Pick up any book from this author, and you will not be disappointed, but this one is quite a rare treat. Delving into a part of American history that has been all but forgotten, MaryLu weaves a wonderful story richly stepped in History. The Civil War may be one of the most well-known eras of American History, but rarely is it seen with such clarity. Being neither pro-Confederacy nor pro-Union, this story shows the evils of both sides of that war, drawing on the truth that all have sinned, including her protagonists. This book will open your eyes to that era in history, allowing you to glimpse how people thought at that time, rather than just throwing our 21st century beliefs onto that era. But she balances out the truth of the period with the truth of God’s Word. Her characters are forced to face their mistakes, their prejudices, and forced to admit their flaws, especially to themselves. Through the characters of Blake and Eliza, MaryLu allows us to watch as they each have to confront their past demons, and personal prejudices, to come to a point to allow God to become the center of their lives. Full of freedom, faith, and redemption, this book will open your mind, and your heart, to a world long since forgotten, take you on a great adventure, and give you a heartwarming story that shows just how strong true love, and the grace of God, can be. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
In the years following the Civil War, nearly three million Southerners migrated from the former Confederate States of the loss and devastation of war and persecuted by the North. Many moved out west or to larger cities of the North in the United States and a mass number traveled to Canada and Mexico, but it is unknown to the amount traveled to Brazil. All Southerners had to do was simply board a ship and sail away with no requirement of a passport. In MaryLu Tyndall’s newest novel, “Forsaken Dreams”, a group of Southerners embark on a ship to Brazil as their destination to build a new Southern utopia!  Going back to around May 10, 1866 in Charleston, South Carolina is where Colonel Blake Wallace, a honored war hero, puts together a group to journey over to Brazil to begin a whole new colony for the Confederates. He has no more use for being in the United States with the Union officers wanting him arrested for war crimes and the North murdered his entire family. Aboard the ship, New Hope, young widow Eliza Crawford, a Confederate nurse, seeks passage on this journey harboring a dark secret in hope for a clean fresh start in Brazil. As for the other passengers as well are on this journey hoping and dreaming to start a new life that have been affected so badly from the Civil War.  Throughout the journey to Brazil, Blake and Eliza’s relationship grows through many turns of events. While out at sea the ship and everyone else aboard have to face many different trails from alcoholism, anxiety attacks, disease, deadly storms, post traumatic stress disorder, and much more. Read on to see how the many different trails and evil are fought off with those putting faith towards God, the Almighty. Will everyone arrive safely to Brazil? Can Eliza keep her secret hidden from everyone, especially Blake? When trails come, will forgiveness come easily or will there be a lot of mockery and shunning going on? You’ll need to read the book to find out yourself with all the action, adventure, drama, and suspense romance, which happens throughout the whole story!
CherishD More than 1 year ago
Started off a little slow for me but once I got past the first couple chapters I couldn't put it down. Such vivid imagery...loved the suspense, the how God was revealed. Really good story.
MommaRog More than 1 year ago
In book 1 of the Escape to Paradise series, Forsaken Dreams is full of adventure. Follow Eliza, Blake, and the other characters in love, war, adventure, and the quest for a new life. The story is full of it's share of dangers and enemies. Will love conquer all? Will they come to rely on God more than themselves? This seafaring adventure will keep you moving and strengthen your faith.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Strong characters and adventure are always a hallmark of MaryLu Tyndall's books-- and I've read them all! This author just keeps getting better and better. Both the hero and heroine (Blake Wallace and Eliza Crawford) has lost so much during the American Civil War, but both fight, through a faith in God, to rise above their circumstances and once more try to rebuild their lives....until they discover that the secrets they hold may destroy their chances at a future. Ms. Tyndall's Forsaken Dreams--the first in a three book series-- is exceptional!
Bookishqueen More than 1 year ago
Who hasn't done something that they wish they could take back? When are scapegoats not searched for? Do we all not first hate and then learn to forgive? A search for Paradise will always pull Shoel into our face. Satan will do what he can to keep us from Christ's forgiveness and our tendency for sin makes it difficult to fight back. It is easiest to pretend that we don't need to. I found that Forsaken Dreams did a great job of expressing this. Beyond that, I was grateful that MaryLu did not try to make any side but God's (which is not that of man's) right. Both North and South had and still have their faults and committed their own wrongs. Thank you, MaryLu, for not sugarcoating! My one complaint was the lack of a tangible villain. There were many who did wrong, and nature even took its turn beating on the passengers, but there was no one person to be thwarted. It took away a bit of the urgency.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
“Forsaken Dreams”, Book 1 – by renowned author, MaryLu Tyndall A brand new series for MaryLu ... this historical-based, fiction romance novel will captivate you from beginning to end ! 1866, “somewhere in the Caribbean” ... the characters are aboard the ‘New Hope’ ship (Chpt 1), fighting for their very lives .... as they find themselves caught in a violent and death-defying storm. The Civil War in the United States has just ended – excruciating and horrendous battles, tortures and murders ... between the North and the South. (* No personal side-taking of History intended here – MaryLu writes this particular story through the eyes of her Southern characters.) Each is seeking to run away from a past that has left them with various degrees of -- guilt, shame, secrets, and personal losses ... “Jonahs if you will, running from God”. All wanting/needing to begin life anew, each character ventures on this excursion to the land of Brazil ... for a fresh start, to escape their memories and past haunts – while hoping that no one on this journey will recognize or remember them from Charleston, South Carolina. On the high seas, they are confronted with – prejudices, jealousy, unforgiveness, hatred, fears, evil, life-and-death situations, thievery, twists and turns at every corner (just when you ‘think’ you know what is about to happen next), and even ... romance. By the end of Book 1, although MaryLu has revealed “some” of the characters’ personal lives (their secrets, quandries, etc), there are still characters remaining whose lives have yet to unfold -- about their troubled pasts and what each are running from, or, to. Weaving into this novel, Mrs Tyndall beautifully shares the amazing love of God and His forgiveness, to each and everyone who simply ‘asks Him to’. “Forsaken Dreams” presents not only intrigue, excitement, drama, mystery, and heartbreak ... but forgiveness, trust, hope, and love as well. You will NOT want to put this book down ! I can highly recommend it... a 5-star rating without question !!! (Book 2 of this 3-part series, will follow in November 2013.)
Griperang72 More than 1 year ago
Let's set sail on a journey together to a vast new land and escape the harsh war ridden country that we currently live in. Climb aboard the ship with Colonel Blake Wallace and his crew to see where the sea is going to take us. Are you up for it? I was and I am glad I set sail. Ahoy Matey! I loved this book and have nothing but good things to say about it. What a fun and safe way to go on a journey to a new and foreign land than through an exciting new book by MaryLu Tyndall. Forsaken Dreams dealt with some real life issues like anxiety, post traumatic stress among others - this is just one of the things that made this book come to life for me. I felt as if I was right there on the ship with the rest of the passengers.  We have the captain who was an officer in the war who is wanting to start life anew and forget the things he saw in the war, an Army nurse of the South named Eliza whose husband was from the North and she holds a secret that if the rest of the passengers find out what it is they may just make her walk the plank. Then there is an array of other passengers that are anyone from plantation owners to freed slaves. Such a mish mash of people to travel with and all looking for the same thing an escape to paradise.  This book has everything from danger and adventure to forgiveness and romance. It is sure to not disappoint any reader who may dive into it. If you have not read any of MaryLu's books yet I suggest you start now with this one. I myself had not read any of her books yet, but I will be on the hunt for all of her books now. To me this book is a good one for all historical fiction and Christian fiction fans alike. I am going to be on pins and needles waiting for book two to come out. 
LotsAReading More than 1 year ago
Great story.  Just over 300 pages of adventure, love, and forgiveness.   It has a strong spiritual theme throughout.   If you want people hopping into bed with everyone on board the ship, this isn't for you.   If you want a beautiful story of love, faith, and forgiveness, read it.  
DebbieLynneCostello More than 1 year ago
Wow! I was blown away by this story of MaryLu Tyndall. The Civil War was a dark time in our history and I loved that Ms Tyndall expounded on what a small group of southerns chose to do. Start a new life in a new world--Brazil. A history lesson I never learned in school. It was not your cookie cutter romance. She filled the story with wonderful secondary characters that you learned to love, hate, and distrust. The conflict between hero and heroine sizzled and kept you turning the page hoping they could some how overcome insurmountable odds. Her hero had some major flaws both physical and mental that made him real and so easy to relate to. It was such a nice change to see some real issues that a character had to work through. She did a wonderful job taking the hero through the steps he needed to take in order to come to true healing. I tire of stories where some devastating thing has to happen every time to make a character overcome an obstacle. That isn't realistic. Granted sometimes in life we do, but more often than not God speaks to us through the smaller things in life, which Ms. Tyndall did beautifully.I loved the heroine as well as the hero of this story. Ms Tyndall's takes you from the storms on the high sea to the beautiful shores of Brazil and gives breathtaking descriptions putting you right in the setting. I can't recommend this story enough especially if you are tired of being able to out guess a story. This one will keep you guessing all the way through the last page.
AngiOakley More than 1 year ago
To say that MaryLu Tyndall's books get better with each release, is an understatement. Forsaken Dreams far exceeded my expectations. Her attention to detail...every description, every thought, every word...draws the reader into the very story that is being told through the eyes of her characters. I loved how she used an actual historical event to base her story around, something she has done before in previous books, which in my opinion really enhances the reality of what people of that time could have gone through. And the fact that she weaves a strong spiritual thread through the story, in my book, is a plus. The story opens in the year 1866, after the end of the Civil War, and a group of Southerners have embarked upon a journey to a new land, to begin again after losing nearly everything they own. Among them is widow, Eliza Crawford. Her prayer is that by boarding the New Hope, she will be able to keep her past a secret and start over again. What she doesn't count on is ever getting close to anyone ever again, especially the handsome Colonel Blake Wallace. Colonel Blake Wallace is the epitome of strength and courage, and yet he struggles with the after affects of war. Anxious to get away from all that reminds him of what he went through on the battlefields, he leads this small group of people to Brazil, the place that will become their new homeland. Unfortunately, he is still dogged by continuous nightmares of the hellish war that he survived. While aboard the New Hope, he finds an unlikely friend in the beautiful Eliza Crawford. But will memories of the war be the one thing to keep them from having a true friendship, or maybe even romance? MaryLu, once again, pens a beautiful story of the importance of forgiveness and God's love for each of us. I give this book five stars and two thumbs up!
weatherlover1 More than 1 year ago
Eliza is heading to Brazil to start over. She was a southerner who married a northerner and her family and fellow country men can not forgiver her for her choice. She hopes to keep her secret hidden and begin a new. Blake is in charge of the group heading to Brazil. He had been an officer for the south during the civil war and he needs to leave before he is hanged. The ship just gets out to sea as the north was on Blake's trail. As the ship makes its way south there are many issues and problems that have some people on board thinking the voyage is cursed. Will Eliza get her fresh start or will her past catch up with her? Can Blake over come his war memories to lead the group to their new promise land and can Blake and Eliza find love when everything seems stacked against them?      I am very excited about this new series by MaryLu Tyndall. It’s a little different then some of her other books but very exciting. What I liked: The characters are very likable. Not only do we learn about Eliza and Blake we also get to know the other people on the ship and a sneak peak at the main characters of the other two books that will make up this series. I really like how the spiritual side of the storyline of the series is being set up and I am very excited to see where it goes. What I did not like: Over all there is not much I did not like with this book. The one thing that I did not love was the book started farther into the story and then jumps back quite a bit and we have to work our way back to that point. Not a huge deal but I so wanted to know what was going to happen next and I had to wait. A good way to get people into the book and hooked from the get go!      This was a great book and I can’t wait to read the next book in the series. I love how the author tells her stories from the sea and how her characters are so easy to like and so real. The one thing I will also ad is her books are not easy reads they have depth and quite a few characters that the reader has to learn. Thankfully she gave a cheat sheet at the beginning of the book which I had to go back and reference a few times at the beginning to help keep everyone straight. She also brings the dark side of the spiritual realm to the story and it really made for a interesting read and left me wondering how the next book will go. A must read!
leahhhh12 More than 1 year ago
Forsaken Dreams is an amazing adventure full of trials, love, friendships, and storms. I was swept right into the story when we find the ship, New Hope, in the middle of a storm. We soon learn that this ship is full of Southerners who are on their way to Brazil to begin a new life after the Civil War ended. All of these Southerners are dreaming of a better life and hope to escape the pain of their pasts. Blake was an officer for the South. He lost everything after the war so he put together a group of people to begin a new colony in Brazil where he hopes to build a new life. Eliza is a war widow. She worked as a nurse during the war and she is trying to escape her past. Eliza’s deceased husband was a general for the North and she is rejected by both the North and the South, causing her to keep her past a secret from the rest of the passengers. Most of the passengers are excited to embark on their journey and begin anew. However, they encounter many trials and hardships on the way, causing them to question whether this is what they really want to do. Different enemies try to keep them from their destination, whether those enemies be storms, Yankees, thieves or other kinds of weather.  With different secrets swirling around the ship, it’s hard to keep things hidden. When different passengers find their lives connected through the past, it’s even harder to keep the past in the past. Bitterness will rise as people become prejudiced against each other, and especially Eliza. If their colony is going to thrive, everyone must learn to overcome their bitterness and learn how to forgive. I have read several of MaryLu Tyndall’s books and have greatly enjoyed each one. Forsaken Dreams was no exception. Each chapter left you with questions that you wanted answers to, so you kept reading, unwilling to put the book down! Just when you think you know what is going to happen or you think everything is going to be resolved, another twist enters the story, sending you on a new surprising path. I really enjoyed the historical part of the book and learning about Confederate soldiers who relocated to Brazil. I never knew about that until I heard about this book and it definitely makes for an interesting story! I thought MaryLu did a great job at capturing the bitterness of the South. I was shocked at how bitter and angry the Southerners could be in this book, but we can see that their lives have been turned upside-down and they are very upset about it. Overall, I thought this was a fantastic book. I was sad when it ended but I am happy to know that it is a part of a series and I have the next book to look forward to. I thought the book ended satisfying enough as it leads us into the next book but doesn’t leave us with a huge cliffhanger. As I said before, I loved this book very much and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for an adventuresome romance that will sweep them away!
Lynn_Mills More than 1 year ago
In 1866, the New Hope sailed out of the Charleston harbor toward Brazil…but instead of hauling heavy cargo, the ship was laden with the weight of dark secrets. In Mary Lu Tyndall’s newest release, Forsaken Dreams (book 1 in the Escape to Paradise Series) a group of defeated Southerners sail away from their American homeland dreaming of a better life in Brazil. But will un-forgiveness and prejudice destroy the peace and freedom they so desperately long for? Forsaken Dreams is the story of Colonel Blake Wallace and Eliza Crawford - one, a war nurse who seeks to cover up her youthful blunders by running away from her mistakes, and the other a bitter solider who can’t live another day in the country run by the side who murdered his family. As a result, Blake organizes a colony of Southerners and charters the New Hope to take them away from all of their troubles, but then trouble boards the ship in the form of Eliza Crawford…or so the colony claims. As uncommon mishaps begin to threaten the safety of the voyage a treacherous secret demolishes the growing affecting between Eliza and Blake. Can the two come to an understanding before they reach Brazil? Or will a mysterious pocket watch seal their fate as enemies forever? I have read just about all of Mary Lu’s books, and just when I think she can’t write a more adventurous, heartbreaking, romantic story - she does! It would be easy to say this is a well written, suspenseful book with characters you’ll just fall in love with - but let me tell you why I think that. First of all, I had trouble putting this book down! There were no “low spots” in the story, every page had something exciting to tell. It held my attention 100% of the time! Secondly, the character development was superb. With a ship full of people, there were a lot more characters than just the hero and the heroine - but Tyndall weaved their stories together so well I in love with everyone before the last page…well, maybe not the bad guy, but I won’t spoil it for you! Truly, it was just enough to cause me to think, “Hmm, I wonder what her story, or his story is…” yet, not drawing away from Eliza and Blake. (Certainly, there is no one shallow on that ship!) Actually, it just makes me more intrigued what the next book in the series will hold for our characters! And last but not least, the spiritual theme of forgiveness shone through in every situation. There were some points where I couldn’t believe some characters would say “certain things”…yet they did, and it reminded me that no matter how clearly we (the readers) can see what they were doing was right and/or wrong, the seed of hatred can take others so far they can’t see anything else. Which challenges me to be a better person and less judgmental. I highly recommend this book, not just because it’s one of my favorite authors, but because within it you’ll sample the best of Mary Lu’s insight into people, culture and more importantly, the Lord God Himself.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A land where dreams come true. That is what is promised in the first book of the Escape To Paradise series from MaryLu Tyndall. Forsaken Dreams is a fine telling of how there are always consequences to our actions whether they be good or bad.  After the destruction of the Civil War a group of war ravaged people set sail to Brazil, the land of new opportunities, but secrets and a supernatural power wrap each person in a grip that threatens to crush them before they reach their promised Utopia. Eliza Crawford is a woman who knows what it is to regret a decision and when she sails on the New Hope she is hoping to leave behind the consequences of her actions and start anew. But secrets have a way of becoming known no matter how hard she tries to conceal them. Blake Wallace knows what real loss is. After the Civil War stripped him of all he held dear he is determined to build a new life away from the dangers and memories that surround him. As his feelings for Eliza develop he finds his dreams taking on a new form. The relationships among the characters felt real to life. From the feelings of betrayal to the longing for love even when one feels forsaken, the emotions will ring true for many people.  I really liked Eliza's character because she was strong without being annoying and I could understand her wanting to be loved and accepted for who she was, and not attacked for the mistakes she made in her past.  The cover is what first drew my interest, the misty mountain tells a story all its own and the cover does indeed match the story. I love how the author can make one feel like they are sailing on the ship, hoisting sails, manning the guns. She paints such descriptive pictures that even people who are not well versed in nautical terms can understand and envision what is happening. All of MaryLu Tyndall’s stories are filled with historical gems and Forsaken Dreams is a fine addition.  MaryLu Tyndall has done a fantastic job, perhaps one of the best I’ve read, answering the question that so many people ask: Why didn’t God save us? The answer is a powerful one.  A story well worth reading. 
Natalie11 More than 1 year ago
I am and have always been a fan of MaryLu Tyndall and this book did not change my mind at all. I wasn't sure if she could create another thrilling sea voyage tale, but she has. This book does a great job of showing how we all have our own demons and history of mistakes we would like to run from. However, running is often times not possible. History has a way of catching up and making you face it head on. I enjoyed the mystery tied to each character, which makes me want to read more of this series, and learn how they face their individual pasts. This is a story about trusting God and knowing that His plan is the best plan, and if you have had trouble with that in your own life, this is the book to remind you that letting Him take control is the only way to go. It's romantic, tragic, thrilling and full of hopes and dreams. I give it a thumbs up and am ready for the next one.
StaceyNV More than 1 year ago
First of all, I would like to extend a heartfelt “Thank you” to MaryLu Tyndall and her publisher for sending me a copy of "Forsaken Dreams" to review for them. I am truly grateful for this generosity. I really appreciate the time, effort and expense it takes to make a reviewer copy available to me. MaryLu Tyndall’s latest adventure casts a group of Confederates onto the high seas in search of a place to call home where the South can rise again after the Civil War. Eliza Crawford, a war widow and nurse, signed on to the ship bound for Brazil for a fresh start. Because she is the widow of a Union Officer, her Southern family wants nothing to do with her but this Rebel doesn’t belong among the Yankees, either. She’s just hoping she can keep her secret. Colonel Blake Wallace is accused of fighting for the North. But this Confederate officer bears the scars created by Yankee guns and swords. He hates everything having to do with the North. “Forsaken Dreams” is a breathtaking adventure! MaryLu Tyndall crafts an exciting and thought-provoking tale that transports the reader aboard the ship New Hope sailing to Rio de Janeiro and encountering many thrilling and frightening events. Even though I did become a bit frustrated with the rocky relationship road traveled by Blake and Eliza, the book was immensely enjoyable. It was a difficult book to put down and kept me reading well past bedtime. I am anxiously anticipating future books in this series. This novel was not merely an entertaining read. It opened my eyes to the climate of our country post Civil War. It also enlightened me on flaws in my own character and Christian walk. As I walked with Eliza through several trials, I realized that I would not be as peaceful or understanding or forgiving as she was. This experience brought me face-to-face with areas of my life where I need to be more like my Savior: slow to anger, abounding in love. I was also convicted of my tendency to ask God to bless my plans rather than asking to desire and do His will. Thanks, MaryLu, for bringing me to life-changing realization with your writing once again. I pray that this book will touch the hearts of everyone who reads it in a similar way.
MarieBurton More than 1 year ago
4.5 stars! Forsaken Dreams is an intriguing blend of romance and adventure but it is very character driven. Eliza and Blake are very easy to like, and I loved the historical atmosphere of how they were all struggling with the aftermath of the Civil War. It's written very realistically and the voyage was both literal and spiritual. Although Brazil is mentioned as the ultimate utopia - and readers may think 'Brazil? I am not interested in Brazil' this is not a novel about Brazil. It is about survival on the seas, and survival from the effects of a war which stripped faith from those on this journey (and perhaps utopia could mean wherever God is..). Blake's entire family was wiped out by Union soldiers, and just like many other Southerners after the Civil War, he seeks some peace of mind and peace of soul. The only way he can do that is to travel far away from the country who wronged him. Several travelers join in on his journey to Brazil, including Eliza, and former slaves. Eliza was a Southerner through and through - until she married a man from Pennsylvania. Even though that was before the war, no one can forgive Eliza, even after her Yankee husband is dead. No one wants to be around Eliza, and she attempts to keep her true identity a secret as she seeks new life in Brazil. The fellow passengers on the ship New Hope have secrets as well, and they unravel slowly during the voyage. Each character lends to a bit of a truth to the atrocities of the war, and puts a face to those who suffered, even the former slaves. Tyndall boldly portrays the story as historically accurate as possible with regards to how the Southerners relate to having the former slaves sharing their space with them, and I felt it was told with as much truth as possible. Slavery was a way of life that was an integral element to the Southern plantations, and after the war there was little hope of carrying on with those plantations without help. It is these former slaves and southerners - with pasts littered with transgressions such as thievery, alcoholism and prostitution - that make up this hopeful voyage as they yearn for a new beginning. The struggle with faith is a leading factor of this story as Eliza and Blake desperately try to make their peace with each other and with what God has thrown at them. Deftly portrayed, we can feel empathy even for the worst voyagers on the ship, though we really would like to know their secrets. There are some creepy and frightening moments aboard New Hope, and I can only imagine what is going to happen in Brazil. The minor complaint with this novel was the time shifts in the very beginning, but soon enough things evened out and I was able to invest myself fully in the story. Forsaken Dreams is the perfect novel for those who are interested in seeing if romance can survive very extreme circumstances - and for those ready for a voyage with some intriguing characters! This is book one in a series, so there will be some things left unsaid which will make you want to read book two, just as I am eager to. I enjoyed this story for not being a predictable 'boy meets girl and sees the light' type of christian historical, as the author offers a plausible, well written drama that kept me intrigued throughout the novel. Even as we are left longing for book two, my fellow readers will come away with knowledge of the hopeful message of faith that satisfies any Christian reader.
Broadwayphan902 More than 1 year ago
Each of MaryLu Tyndall’s books gets better and better as new ones are published, which is saying a lot, because I have loved every single one of them! Forsaken Dreams is no exception. It encompasses many page-turning qualities that I loved: adventure, romance, and a thrilling plot-line. This story centers around a group of Southerners who leave everything they once lost home to start a new life in Brazil after the devastations of the Civil War. They hope to create their own Southern Utopia in the new land which is called a paradise. What is amazing is that this really happened in history. I never knew that before, but Southern colonists really went to Brazil in hopes of creating a utopia!  Colonel Blake Wallace, who lost his whole family in the war, leads this group, wanting the very same goal as them: a new life. He wants to escape his past and all the memories of the war and begin again. Blake suffers from PTSD and a limp, both resulting from the war. I really liked this character, and MaryLu Tyndall displayed his conflicting emotions beautifully. She has a true, God-given talent for creating amazingly real characters and edge-of-the-seat plots. Eliza Crawford also goes on this journey to escape her past, one she doesn’t want anyone else to find out about. She was raised a Southerner, but after her mother died and her father became very protective, she became rebellious. She married a general in the Northern army before the war began, against her father’s bidding, and was disowned by her remaining family. When her husband died in the war, Eliza was rejected by both the North and the South, even after serving as a nurse for Southern soldiers. She goes in the voyage to escape her past and hide the secret of the man she married. Eliza was another character I enjoyed, and I was always eager to keep reading to discover her fate. And when she and Colonel Wallace begin to fall in love, she fears he could never forgive her for marrying the enemy. This story is also filled with a full cast of well-developed minor characters who truly seemed like real people.  The colonist’s voyage is threatened, however, by countless events that seem to plague them. Mysterious fog, enemies chasing them, and terrible storms follow them all the way, but God is always with them. I enjoy reading but I don’t say this very often: I literally felt like I was living inside of these pages because it was so wonderfully written. I definitely recommend this to anyone; especially to readers who enjoy history, romance, adventure, mystery, or a sea-faring tale. You will not regret reading it.
CinnamonG More than 1 year ago
Set sail on a dangerous expedition for new hope and dreams with a forgotten group from history. After the destruction and hatred of the Civil War, a group of Confederates seek new beginnings in the tropical land of Brazil. Their leader, Colonel Blake Wallace seethes with anger against the Yankees who killed his family, yet he is drawn to Eliza Crawford, the widow of a Yankee soldier.  Eliza deeply regrets her impetuous decision to wed before the War, but she cannot escape the consequences of her choice or the hatred of the other crewmembers.  However, more risks exist on the journey across the sea. The crew begins to suspect a curse as accidents and incredible elements of nature strike, and who could be easier to blame than the woman who had married the enemy? In order to survive in a new land, everyone will have to learn forgiveness and work together before resentment tears them apart. Read MaryLu Tyndall’s outstanding new book, Forsaken Dreams to discover the outcome.
lmbartelt More than 1 year ago
I'm a big fan of Gone with the Wind, and Scarlett O'Hara, love her or hate her, is a complex and well-written character. (If your only reference to GWTW is the movie, then I tell you now, READ THE BOOK!) And if you're a fan of the Civil War-era stories and strong leading ladies, then MaryLu Tyndall has a new book you'll want to add to your to-be-read pile. Forsaken Dreams, the first in her new series Escape to Paradise, introduces a group of Southerners, just after the Civil War has ended, who are looking to start over. They all pay for passage on a ship headed for Brazil to start a new colony. Among the passengers is Eliza Crawford, Southern-born widow of a Union general, and Colonel Blake Wallace, wanted for war crimes and suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. Eliza and Blake are the central characters in this book. In subsequent books, other characters will take center stage. The story takes us along on their journey from Charleston, South Carolina, through the Caribbean and Atlantic waters to Brazil. Of course, nothing is easy, and the tension that unfolds from the beginning of the story until its end is gut-wrenching and soul-piercing. Tyndall crafts an action-packed story from the first page and it doesn't let up until the end. Even as I neared the final pages, I wasn't sure how things were going to turn out. The characters in this story are well-developed and realistic. I especially liked Eliza. She had me at this line: "I fear I've always been too adventurous for my own good." I wouldn't say those words about myself, necessarily, but they stir something in me. Eliza is no wilting Southern flower. She is strong and capable and steps forward where others step back. She's described this way by Blake: War has a way of stealing one's innocence. As well as strengthening their character. However, in your case, this pluck of yours seems more something you were born with than something acquired. And Blake is a flawed hero--the best kind, really. He's not perfect. He often reacts with his instincts and his PTSD episodes are painful and frighteningly real. Eliza describes her attraction to him this way: Yet something about him tugged on her, drawing her thoughts and heart like the needle of a compass to true north. And as with a compass, there seemed to be naught she could do to change its direction. Perhaps my favorite part of the whole story is that it's based in history. An unknown number of Southerners migrated to Brazil after the war to create what they hoped would be a utopian society after the devastation of the Civil War. This is a piece of history I've never heard before. It makes for a compelling tale. As Blake says to a fellow passenger, "Brazil is the last hope for many of us." The second installment of this series releases in November, which seems a long time from now. I'll be waiting anxiously for the continuing story and a chance to journey further with this group. They feel like friends already. In exchange for my review, I received a free copy of the book from the author.