Forty Days of Healing

Forty Days of Healing

by J. D. Cobb


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Judy D. Cobb, a gifted writer and minister, puts into words the ideas individuals think, but lack the know-how or courage to express. This fourth book, Forty Days of Healing: Meditations, Prayers and Testimonies of Healings uses scripture, experience and heart compassion to express the prayers for healing that one desires.

In 1976 Judy stood at the altar following a Bible study and was caught there by the Holy Spirit, the Lord God spoke, “I have placed healing in your hand.” The palm of her right hand turned red and warm. While under the anointing, Judy laid hands and prayed resulting in testimonies of feet being healed, backs healed, pains relieved and blessings manifested.

Judy believed it was her task to lay hands and heal; however she realizes it is her task to write the healing words, creating a culture of faith, so that others who may never come into her presence while she is under the anointing may obtain healing as they, by faith, read God’s messages of love and the healing testimonies.

Judy petitioned that her words would have the power to speak healing into the lives of others. This prayer was answered when one man approached her after a funeral recession and told her that he was healed while Judy preached the words of comfort. Judy realizes that life’s time span on earth is worked out between the individual and God. When individuals choose absolute and ultimate healing, their spirit is escorted by the Angel of Death into the appointed place of God.

Judy is married to William P. Cobb, her prayer partner, and resides in Miami, Florida.

Other books by Judy D. Cobb include This Forty Days’ Prayer Fast; Life Eternal Life, Love Eternal Love; and An Affirmation Prayer of Healing and Blessing.

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ISBN-13: 9781629523590
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication date: 01/09/2015
Pages: 130
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