Fossils - Viagra Snuff and Rock 'n' Roll

Fossils - Viagra Snuff and Rock 'n' Roll

by Robert A Webster


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Hilarious British Comedy

Who and where are FOSSILS? The vibrant young rock sensations whose new brand of music now grips the British nation.

Four geriatric rockers at an English Retirement Home know, but they aren't telling.

Gazing out of the window at translucent silver snowflakes falling gently upon the snow-covered lawn at Fossdyke Retirement Home, Charles knows life without his beloved wife Mary will be unbearable.

Furrowing his brow and with tears in his eyes, Charles feels angry when he thinks about how his middle-aged children dumped him in this smelly old folk's home so soon after their mother's death.

A loud rap on the door then disturbs his thoughts.

Never in his wildest imagination could he have known that months later, he, along with three geriatric rockers, would be on a rollercoaster adventure as they flee to several countries in Southeast Asia, to elude adoring fans, escape the ridicule from the news media, and aggravation from ruthless record company executives

Getting old doesn't mean you can't have fun. It just means you know how to get away with it… Viagra, Snuff, and Rock 'n' Roll

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ISBN-13: 9781393525769
Publisher: Chicago Review Press Inc DBA Independ Pub Grp
Publication date: 03/31/2020
Pages: 382
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.85(d)

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