Found, Near Water

Found, Near Water

by Katherine Hayton


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Found, Near Water by Katherine Hayton

Rena Sutherland wakes from a coma to discover her daughter's been missing for days. No one's noticed, no one's complained, no one's searching.

The victim support officer assigned to her case, Christine Emmett puts aside her own problems as she tries to guide Rena through the maelstrom of her daughter's disappearance.

A task made harder by an ex-husband desperate for control; a paedophile on early-release in the community; and a psychic who knows more than seems possible.

And flowing beneath everything is a crime - perpetrated across generations - pulling them into its wake.

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ISBN-13: 9780473279936
Publisher: Katherine Hayton
Publication date: 07/02/2014
Pages: 226
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.52(d)

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Found, Near Water 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 14 reviews.
booklover- More than 1 year ago
When Rachel wakes up in the hospital four days after an auto accident, her first words are .. Where's Chloe, where's my daughter? Christine is an ex-psychiatrist who now volunteers as a Victim's Advocate, working along side local law enforcement. She is called upon to speak to Rachel. Police have contacted her ex-husband, who makes no mention of a child. When they look at Rachel's residence, there are no obvious signs of a child living there. Throw in a history of depression, and the reader has to wonder ... is there really a missing child? This all leads to a group of women who Christine counsels .. they have all lost a child, one way or another, including Christine herself. The story is told in part by each of the women in this group. It's a fascinating way of looking at loss and tragedy, secrets that may be kept for fear of being blamed or shame for not telling the whole truth. A 'psychic' makes an appearance and 'knows' where a girl's body is hidden. Upon investigating, they find 9 children's bodies. But who is the woman, and what really connects her to all these other women? And who do these children belong to? An interesting plot .. but it felt a little disjointed at times. What I missed was the back-story on how all these women came together in the first place. There are secondary characters ... husbands and ex-husbands and sons and dysfunctional families who lend an air of believability to this story. Many thanks to the author / Net Galley who provided a digital copy in exchange for an honest, unbiased review. 3.5 Stars
UndercoverBookReviews More than 1 year ago
An amazing story of six lives. A heartbreak story of six lives. Emotionally challenging. Katherine Hayton has a remarkable book that will take you through a the lives and journey of each story. You feel each and every one of their pain or their emotions. This is a great read. *Received For An Honest Review*
JerseyGirlBookReviews More than 1 year ago
In her debut novel, Found, Near Water, author Katherine Hayton weaves a riveting and powerful crime thriller set in Christchurch, New Zealand, that follows the emotional stories of six women in a victim support group, who are connected through the shared bond of having gone through the tragedy of the disappearance or death of their daughters. Christine Emmett is a former psychiatrist turned victim support counselor, who began a victim support group after the drowning death of her daughter. The support group consists of a group of four women: Terry, Ilene, Kendra, and Joanne, who have all endured the tragedy of the disappearance or death of their daughters. Christine is requested by the Christchurch Police Department to talk to Rena Sutherland, who is in the hospital after a car accident and claims that her daughter Chloe is missing. Christine is assigned as Rena's victim support officer and brings her into the support group as a new member while the mystery of her missing daughter is investigated. The reader is drawn into this dark and disturbing tale as each of the women's tragic stories unfold with riveting twists and turns that keeps them turning the pages. The author weaves a chilling and complex tale of the tragic circumstances surrounding the disappearances and deaths of the support group members daughters, you can't help but feel the palpable emotion and raw intensity that each of the women endured through the very traumatic and personal loss of their children. While the women of this support group have bonded over their shared loss and grief, their individual issues makes it really hard for them to be of real support to each other, especially for Christine, their support group leader. While the main focus of the story surrounds around the investigation into the disappearance of Rena's daughter, the author does a wonderful job of interweaving all of the women's stories into a sobering tale that is every parent's worst fear and nightmare. Found, Near Water is a haunting and tragic story that will stay with the reader for a very long time. Disclaimer: I received a copy of the book from the author in exchange for my honest review.
Spidermoon More than 1 year ago
I couldn't put this novel down! This well-written mystery about a missing child constantly drew me along. I stayed up late last night, because I had to find out how it ended. Christine, as a former psychologist who herself lost a child and became an advocate for crime victims, makes a wonderful heroine. First person narratives from mothers who've lost their children for a variety of reasons fill out the story, giving it depth and richness, and pulling me deeper, wanting to know why their narratives were included. At first, I was mystified by this, but, as the story unwound, it started to become chillingly clear. I kept hoping I was wrong, but, in most cases, I wasn't. The author has not shied away from difficult topics about marriage, child-rearing, blame and child abuse, yet it's all done so smoothly, it feels like every bit of it fits right into the plot. It was a little difficult to keep the mothers straight at the beginning, and I was a little confused when Christine's marriage sounded wonderful at first yet turned out to be a problem. I also had a few disappointments at the end, where I thought the story could have been wrapped up in a more satisfactory manner. One of the characters leaves town – it wasn't clear why – and a couple of characters die without sufficient motivation. But these were minor issues which did not detract from my enjoyment, nor prevent me from thinking about the story for hours afterward. I obtained a free copy of this novel from StoryCartel in exchange for my honest review.
Lennette More than 1 year ago
    Meet Christine.  Christine is an ex-psychiatrist heading a group of women who have somehow lost a child; some by death, others by kidnapping or other means.  I am not sure how to describe this book, but it is a fascinating story of pain and the way tragedy can tear apart the lives of those left behind after a tragedy.  Interwoven with the present, we learn about the history of the main characters and thus learn how they come to be in the psychological state of mind that they now find themselves.  The setting is Christchurch New Zealand and some of the wording reflects the fact that Katherine Hayton, the author, is a native of the area.  As stories go, this one grabbed my attention because of the way the emotions of the characters came through.  It is a sad tale of how these women cope with the loss of their children, but there is hope too as a psychic comes forward to find Chloe, a little girl who goes missing at the beginning of the book.     Christine is a volunteer victim’s advocate at the police department where she often interacts with Erik, a detective in the office.  The full extent of their relationship is not clear, but it seems that they tolerate each other at best until this last kidnapping makes it necessary for them to work as a team to save Chloe’s life.  Follow this story as Christine and Chloe’s mother Rena, end up on the rollercoaster ride of their lives as everyone pulls together to help this latest victim.  It turns out that the women's group is connected in ways they cannot imagine and it comes full circle as the past comes back to solve a multitude of questions.  Surprisingly, the psychic is the key to unraveling the whole ball of yarn as she leads authorities to 12 bodies.  The ending is a bit of a cliffhanger and I hope there is a book two.  I need some answers!!  The title of the book gives a great clue to the mysteries that can be so much closer to home than one can ever imagine.     I did enjoy this book and ended up reading it in one day.  I would have enjoyed it more if there had been more history on how the women in the group developed their relationships with each other, because it seemed clear that they interacted outside the group as well.  The relationship between Christine and Erik could have used more development, and even though Christine had a husband, he did not contribute a whole lot to the story.  There are some grammatical errors that some good editing will correct, and overall I do recommend this a good read.  It will open your eyes to pain, guilt, hope, and how the justice system affects cases in ways both good and bad.  You should definitely read this one, and I look forward to book two, because I know it must come! 
Ebienic More than 1 year ago
Christine leads a support group for women, like her, who have lost their children. Some are known deceased, others are unknown. Over time the support group dwindled to a few women who became fast friends as they bonded over their shared grief. But what will happen when Christine, a victim support advocate, has to be there for a new mother who has also lost her child, and a curious psychic tells her that the child is dead, and the body will be found, near water? Will Christine be able to support her and deal with her own past and present, and will the women she calls friends still be able to rely on their own stories to get them through the ensuing scandal? As a mother, one of the worst fears is that of your child being abducted, dieing of some horrible disease, or being killed in an accident. No parent should have to outlive their child, regardless of how old the parents or the child. I think that’s what made this books so compelling, it was one of those train wreck scenarios where it’s just too awful to look away; you are helpless to hold back the deluge of tragedy. Each of the support group women’s back story is told in the context of the unfolding story, and even though I have never gone through any of that the possibility still haunts me. The emotion behind the stories was palpable, and I finished the book in one afternoon - I couldn’t put it down. Even though it was a tragic story it was a very good read, and made me resolve even further to protect my kids and any others that I can from the sickos out there, because no child should be without secure, loving parents, and no parents should have to hang on to a thin thread of hope that their child will be found.
TinaMarieSays More than 1 year ago
“Found, Near Water” by Katherine Hayton is a powerful and raw story about six women and how they lost their children. While the author weaves an interesting tale of tragic circumstances and how they irrevocably change the characters' lives, it pulls you in and leaves you gasping at the sheer horror of some of the events. Christine, a former psychiatrist, leads us through most of the story lending support to a divorced couple who have lost their daughter. That is a complex plot, where things aren't always what they seem and sure to keep the reader on their toes. There are intermittent parts that explain each woman's life and their loss. Christine's marriage is falling apart, her husband is an alcoholic, her support group isn't much support anymore, and a known pedophile that killed one woman's daughter has been released from prison. Christine finds it hard to care about any of it, trudging through every day of her own life trying to forgive herself for what she could or could not have done to save her own daughter. I enjoyed the story. However, there were too many details and events in the plot left unexplained, open ended, or seemed to come clear out of the blue that left me feeling like all the dots weren't connected, and for that reason, I hope it was planned that way and  there is going to be a sequel.
JulieGB More than 1 year ago
Christine runs a small support group for women who have lost a child, her included. One member, Terry, lost her small daughter when her son’s friend molested and killed her. Now Terry informs Christine that the killer has been released after only six years. Then, to make matters worse, Terry seems to be stalking him, believing that he is the one who recently kidnapped another missing girl. Christine is asked to counsel Rena, the missing girl’s mother. When a psychic comes forward with information on her whereabouts, Christine has doubts. But after following her lead, several bodies are discovered, bringing the support group to full circle. This was a chilling read for sure. Christine was not a very likeable person, and was too self-absorbed to be a leader. This support group was unacceptable with her running it. The interaction between Christine and Eric, the detective, was confusing to say the least. The same goes with the friends in the group. It seems like they were erratic and unconnected. I liked the story, but I feel it needs more interaction, or history, between Christine and the other mothers.
CathyGeha More than 1 year ago
This well written story has much sadness and trauma as the threads of a number of women’s lives are woven together through tragedies they have experienced. The story drew me in and made me want to know how it would all end even though it was not a happy book and most of the characters in the book did not end up living happily ever after but instead scarred in some way. I don’t often finish a book with questions but this one left me guessing…and wondering… This is a book I would recommend to anyone that would like to read a book that is a bit different, is set in Christchurch, and has intriguing characters dealing with major life difficulties.
ReadersFavorite4 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite Found, Near Water by Katherine Hayton is a compelling story that will keep readers glued to it with its intrigue and mystery. Rena Sutherland's daughter, four-year-old Chloe, is missing. No one knows since when because no one knew she had gone missing in the first place. Rena notices it first when she wakes up from her coma. Christine Emmett has enough problems of her own, but as a victim support officer, she tries to help Rena. A lot of other people make the search tougher; Rena's ex-husband, a paedophile and a psychic. And beneath all this ongoing confusion is a crime that adds to the intrigue and mystery of the story. Will Rena be able to find her daughter? The plot is mysterious and intriguing and will keep readers riveted. The plot takes you through many twists and turns that enhance the plot. Rena lying in the hospital bed is the main character in the story and her character portrayal has been executed well. The victim support officer, Christine, is another character in the story that will remain etched in your memory once you put the book down. I liked the manner in which the characters get introduced in different chapters. Whether it is Tina, Ilene or Kendra, the author has managed to weave their parts into the main plot with great expertise. The crime angle in the story is what will blow the minds of readers with its suspense and intrigue.
ReadersFavorite3 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Anne-Marie Reynolds for Readers' Favorite Found, Near Water by Katherine Hayton is a tale of suspense. Christine has recently lost her daughter and runs a Victim Support unit. Having been a psychiatrist for many years, she also now works as a Victim Support officer with the police. One day she is asked to visit Rena, a woman in hospital who was involved in a car accident. Rena seems to be saying that she has a daughter who is missing, but when they talk to her ex-husband, he doesn’t mention the child. Christine has to determine if Rena is telling the truth or not. The ex-husband is not an easy man to talk to; a paedophile is on the loose in the area, having just been released from prison on parole, and a psychic who knows perhaps more than she should. The story is intertwined with 6 other stories – women who have all lost a daughter and with a crime that has been committed across many generations.  Found, Near Water by Katherine Hayton was a great read. Full of surprising twists, a great storyline and some very good characters all mixed up to be a thrilling read. Once I picked it up, I couldn’t put it down until it was over and even then, it wasn’t really over. I was left wanting more than the story offered – and that is not a criticism of Ms Hayton. That is the mark of a great storyteller to make someone want more when they finish a book rather than just being glad they finished it!
ReadersFavorite2 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Cheryl E. Rodriguez for Readers' Favorite Katherine Hayton writes a traumatic narrative in Found, Near Water. Christine is a victim support counselor in Christchurch. Leaving behind the years of practicing psychiatry, she turned to volunteer work. “Victims need counseling, not prescription medication.” Working with the police, she now helps others who are living in the aftermath of a traumatic experience. But, could it be that she is burying her own grief behind the grief of others? Each woman in her support group was grieving the tragic loss of a child. When Christine is called in to help in a kidnapping case, her life becomes undone. As horror upon horror is revealed, Christine tries to cope. Christine’s life and the lives of her friends unravel as a result of the abduction of young Chloe. How could the search for one four-year-old girl, change so many lives? Found, Near Water is written in first person narrative. As a reader, you experience the story through the protagonist. Katherine Hayton depicts the heartache and tragedy of trauma. She paints a very realistic backdrop for the story’s plot. As each character’s story is told, you feel the emotion of their personal loss and their struggle to get through daily life. Hayton writes a volcanic conflict; it explodes without warning, leaving in its wake a field of terrifying debris and violence. The plot scheme is written helically; the characters spiral out of control through many unexpected twists. Just when you think the plot has climaxed, it is thrust to a new level. As the action of the plot descends, Hayton satisfies the reader by creating closure for each character. However, the end is intense, emotional and shocking. Katherine Hayton's first novel Found, Near Water is a mystery you will not soon forget.
ReadersFavorite1 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Faridah Nassozi for Readers' Favorite In Found, Near Water by Katherine Hayton, when four-year-old Chloe goes missing, Christine is pulled in to help give support to Chloe's mother, Rena. Rena had woken up in hospital after a terrible accident, only to realise that no one knew where her little girl was. Due to Rena's pre-existing mental issues and injuries from the accident, the police were not sure whether to believe her or not. Christine was called in to help the police ascertain whether there was really was a little girl missing. Christine then found herself in the middle of yet another familiar sad story; a missing child. Bouncing between her usual duties, helping a friend deal with the resurfacing of the man who brutally killed her little girls a few years ago, and her own issues at home, Christine becomes Rena's pillar of strength. The police search for Chloe, hoping against all hope that just this once a little girl would be brought home safe. However, with every day that passed, the chances became more and more slim, and then an unexpected and ugly twist entered the search. Found, Near Water by Katherine Hayton is a story about every parent's worst nightmare; a child gone missing, and the woman whose job it is to be there for these parents in such times. The story is dark and very emotionally gripping and Katherine Hayton brought it to life with a well crafted plot, compelling characters and skillful writing. The way Katherine Hayton portrayed Rena gave the character a real human feel and it was easy to relate to her as she struggled with the pain of her missing little angel and her OCD. Found, Near Water is a well-written story; it is sad with some really dark and twisted parts, but a compelling read and I loved it.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite Found, Near Water is a psychological thriller set in Christchurch, New Zealand written by Katherine Hayton. Christine is a fully-certified psychiatrist; however, she stopped practicing when she became pregnant with her daughter and is now a volunteer victims support counselor for North Christchurch. In that role, she works closely with Detective Erik Smith. He's asked her to interact with a young woman who was brought into a hospital in an unconscious state and who, when she awoke 4 days later, reported that she had been hit by a car, and her daughter was in the back seat. The four-year-old has not been seen since. The police aren't totally convinced that a child actually lived in the victim's house as there were no traces left in the abnormally clean house. Christine agrees to meet with the woman, who exhibits symptoms of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, but is clearly telling the truth about her daughter's existence. Katherine Hayton's psychological thriller, Found, Near Water, is dark and uplifting all at once. Christine is a complicated character whose personal tragedy has forever impacted on her personal and professional life. Her support group is made up of women whose children are missing or dead, and, while Christine's nominally the group leader, it soon becomes obvious that there's more going on. Hayton occasionally interrupts her story of the ongoing investigation of a pond a psychic leads the police to with stories of the women who belong to that group. Reading their stories impressed me with the complete unfairness of biology and the lack of technology that made these young women pay so dearly for a night's excess. Hayton is a grand storyteller; her characters are compelling and the plot is believable and marvelous. She grabbed my attention from the very beginning of the book and kept it through to the last page. Found, Near Water is a taut, well-crafted thriller and is a very impressive debut offering. It's highly recommended.