Foundations of a Free Society: Reflections on Ayn Rand's Political Philosophy

Foundations of a Free Society: Reflections on Ayn Rand's Political Philosophy

by Gregory Salmieri, Robert Mayhew


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Foundations of a Free Societybrings together some of the most knowledgeable Ayn Rand scholars and proponents of her philosophy, as well as notable critics, putting them in conversation with other intellectuals who also see themselves as defenders of capitalism and individual liberty. United by the view that there is something importantly right—though perhaps also much wrong—in Rand’s political philosophy, contributors reflect on her views with the hope of furthering our understandings of what sort of society is best and why. The volume provides a robust elaboration and defense of the foundation of Rand’s political philosophy in the principle that force paralyzes and negates the functioning of reason; it offers an in-depth scholarly discussion of Rand’s view on the nature of individual rights and the role of government in defending them; it deals extensively with the similarities and differences between Rand’s thought and the libertarian tradition (to which she is often assimilated) and objections to her positions arising from this tradition; it explores Rand’s relation to the classical liberal tradition, specifically with regard to her defense of freedom of the intellect; and it discusses her views on the free market, with special attention to the relation between these views and those of the Austrian school of economics.

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ISBN-13: 9780822945482
Publisher: University of Pittsburgh Press
Publication date: 03/26/2019
Series: Ayn Rand Society Philosophical Studies Series
Edition description: 1
Pages: 536
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About the Author

Gregory Salmieri is a fellow at the Anthem Foundation for Objectivist Scholarship and teaches philosophy at Rutgers University. He is coeditor of A Companion to Ayn Rand and cosecretary of the Ayn Rand Society.

Robert Mayhew is professor of philosophy at Seton Hall University. His most recent work on Ayn Rand is an annotated edition of her previously unpublished play The Unconquered

Table of Contents

Note on the Series James G. Lennox ix

Introduction Gregory Salmieri 3

Part 1 Reason, Force, and the Foundations of Politics

The Place of the Non-Initiation of Force Principle in Ayn Rand's Philosophy Darryl Wright 15

Force and the Mind Darryl Wright 45

The Scope and Justification of Rand's Non-Initiation of Force Principle Darryl Wright 76

Part 2 Rights and Government

Ayn Rand's Theory of Rights: An Exposition and Response to Critics Fred D. Miller Jr. Adam Mossoff 117

A Critique of Ayn Rand's Theory of Rights: Response to Miller and Mossoff Matt Zwolinski 152

Selfish Regard for the Rights of Others: Continuing a Discussion with Zwolinski, Miller, and Mossoff Gregory Salmieri 166

Ayn Rand and Robert Nozick on Rights Lester H. Hunt 193

Rand (contra Nozick) on Individual Rights and the Emergence and Justification of Government Onkar Ghate 206

Anarchism versus Objectivism Harry Binswanger 228

Defending Liberty: The Commonsense Approach Michael Huemer 237

Egoism, Force, and the Need for Government: A Response to Huemer Harry Binswanger 261

Part 3 Rand and the Classical Liberal Tradition on Intellectual Freedom

A Wall of Separation between Church and State: Understanding This Principle's Supporting Arguments and Far-Reaching Implications Onkar Ghate 283

The Arc of Liberalism: Locke, Mill, and Rand Robert Garmong 304

Part 4 The Nature and Foundations of Economic Freedom (and Its Opposite)

Economic Theory and Conceptions of Value: Rand and Austrians versus the Mainstream Robert Tarr 327

Mises, Rand, and the Twentieth Century Peter J. Boettke 384

The Head, the Heart, and the Ethics of Capitalism: Response to Boettke Robert Garmong 401

The Aristocracy of Pull: An Objectivist Analysis of Cronyism Steve Simpson 410

Uniform Abbreviations for Rand's Works 429

References 433

Contributors 449

Index 453

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