Foundations of Service Science: A Pragmatic Approach

Foundations of Service Science: A Pragmatic Approach

by Harry Katzan, Jr.


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Most of us are users and providers of services. In spit of the predominance of services in modern society,
we actually know very little about them -- no best practices, no principles, no theories. This book provides information on services for people in business, governement, and education.

If you want to have the competitive edge in your personal and professional life, then it's imperative to understand service science. Service in itself can be described as a client/provider interaction that creates and captures value, while a service system is defi ned as a structure of people and technology that adapts to the changing value of knowledge in the system. Combined, these two concepts form service science.

Harry Katzan, managing editor of the prestigious Journal of Service Science and professor at a local university, takes a closer look at this newly emerging scientifi c fi eld for academics and practitioners alike in Service Science. With an easy-to-understand format, Katzan, offers a comprehensive introduction to service science for people in business, education, and government.

Useful as a textbook and a professional guide, this innovative study contains eight chapters that each end with a comprehensive summary, a list of key words, questions, and additional selected readings. In addition, Harry Katzan, Jr. provides concrete examples and in-depth discussion on such timely topics as:

  • Service concepts
  • Service systems
  • Information services
  • Service management
  • Service business
  • Service technology

Service science has been touted as the up-and-coming discipline for the twenty-fi rst century. Learn more about this exciting fi eld and change how you think and perceive your world with Service Science!

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