Four Masonic Children'S Stories

Four Masonic Children'S Stories

by Jaheem R. Hilts

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My name is Jaheem Rashon Marcus Anthony Hilts. I was born in New York. I became Masonic in New York under top-secret observation with guidance. I have many teachers, friends, and ways to study, which enhances my third eye. I wrote my childrens book because I love all my children, whether they are born or not. God knows how to be magnificent to his creation. In this book, you will find four masonic childrens stories for all ageseven elderly people down to a newborn baby. Please be advised. You will love this book hopefully, just like me.

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Once upon a time there was a spiritual man sitting in a chair looking at the flame of a fire holding two dogs that looked like they weren't ordinary dogs. He blew on the eyes of one of the dogs and it winked the man had poor vision but could see something else in the dog. He turned his attention to the other dog it started howling like a grown dog. What the man started thinking made him go deep in thought he fell asleep . He dropped the dogs out his hand, but when the dogs fell they landed standing on two feet. The Adventures of Little Mushroom & Grill Cheese.

The dogs started talking to each other they already knew there names because the man named them by the food they ate when he dropped food cooking in the kitchen trying to get the food from them they would grab it and run every time. The dogs were ok now the master was sleep Mushroom said to Grill Cheese "now is the time for us to do the work of God. We don't have much time the master fell asleep". Grill Cheese said "with the power of prayer invested in us we can call to God in The Heavenly Kingdom to become super and help stop the wicked prophesy". Both of the little dogs prayed to The Lord God of The Unseen World for powers to advance them in their travels. After the dogs prayed they changed dimensions. They were standing by the Garden of Eden its what it looked like. Special Agent Winky which was one of God's Angels said "welcome Grill Cheese and Little Mushroom" they were amazed at how things changed they asked Agent Winky "will our master be ok" Agent Winky said "do you believe in God" they said "yes". Then Agent Winky said "don't worry about what you can not control". Agent Winky said "in this world I am just a reflection of a shadow don't worry about my appearance".

Grill Cheese said "what is happening to me" Grill Cheese was turned in to a King wearing warrior garments that sparkled with some of the precious stones of the earth. Little Mushroom started floating off the ground saying "whoa whoa what is this I can fly". Special Agent Winky said "this is the love of God you must get ready to fight and bring your master out of any type of intentions of the evil one. This journey won't be easy even for the chosen one". A burst of light took them to the Red Sea when they got there Special Agent Winky was gone. They looked at each other now little Mushroom dressed as a Knight on a horse. Grill Cheese said to Little Mushroom "I would have rather been the knight". Little Mushroom said "quick I see a army coming and they look like a legion of evil spirits". They hid behind a rock the legion of spirits walked by looking at the horse to see why the horse was there and they kept walking. A voice from the clouds called out "do not be afraid the way to destroy the army is within". Little Mushroom and Grill Cheese said "now how are we supposed to figure that out". The voice responded "you already should be prepared". A butter fly riding on the back of a dragon that was very tiny flew and landed on the horse. When the butterfly landed it said "hi do you know of Jesus Christ?". They both said "yes we know of Jesus Christ we are here to make sure the evil and wicked doesn't over come our master". The butter fly on the dragon said "we must go we have a little time because that legion of evil spirits is the army of the pharaoh that got swallowed up in the time of Moses. They always will be here at this location leave the horse least they know there is something strange going on". They said "we don't want to leave the horse what if they hurt the horse". The butter fly said "do you challenge what I would say if its commanded by God" Mushroom said "we are with God we came here after prayer". The butter fly smiled because their hearts were clean and it couldn't reveal that is how you beat the evil spirits. So they got low and walked along The Red Sea to a mountain. The butter fly said "look" when they said "what" they were standing outside the heavens gates. The gates were closed but the wise men of heaven Jesus Christ and King Solomon were standing there crying saying "it is Noble that your master didn't know exactly what you held in your heart for him. Even though you ate the food that fell on the floor it was a trick your master would of picked it up and ate it because he doesn't waste food. God made the food that hit the floor poisonous so when you ate it you became Noble without knowing". They said "we must leave to save him again if he needs us". The Heaven dwellers responded "you must do the most important thing to defeat the army around the Red Sea". Grill Cheese said "what is it". In the matter of seconds they were in the hell fire they prayed so fast that God returned them to the mountain by the Red Sea. They were without the butter fly and Special Agent Winky so Grill Cheese said "this our mission we got enough help its starting to freak me out I love that God loves us its cool we got to see heaven what's next". Little Mushroom said "maybe we need to look at all the signs we were given because we need to get back to our master and just be puppies that's what he wanted". Grill Cheese said "watch out here comes the legion of spirits if you run out there we will trick the spirits you have to pray they won't harm you I'll pray they don't get you then we have to pray to return back to master all in the same prayer". Little Mushroom said "bet here it goes". Little Mushroom ran out there the evil spirits looked in the speed of light was going to destroy little Mushroom. Little Mushroom was scared so little Mushroom froze in prayer but Grill Cheese said "prayer" God just froze the spirits from being able to touch Little Mushroom. Little Mushroom yelled "aaahhhhh" then Grill Cheese said "Mushroom say your prayer". Little Mushroom asked God to send Angels to fight his battle out of no where the sky opened thousands of Angels flew down row after row swinging swords destroying the evil spirits it was a battle that took almost a hour God let the evil spirits try to fight back it was a losing battle because it was done through prayer. Now Grill Cheese and Little Mushroom is saying "whoa" Mushroom said "this is real the Majesty from The Kingdom of Heaven has answered me greatly I will live in recognition of the Lords honor". Grill Cheese said "get down before they see us". The leader spirit of the army was watching from a distance and was ready to attack both Grill Cheese and Mushroom just before the strike God commanded one of the Angels to strike the evil spirit leader quicker than it could strike with its evil powers. Mushroom said "that was close". Flashes of what was said to them "its within you" came about then they said "lets pray and get out of here". They prayed to go back and help the master and to be able to protect him when they don't know whats going on. They returned home the master was cooking he seen them and he said in his head "where have you been I saved food for you". He picked a pile of food from off the floor he had two pieces for them and one for himself he got off the floor. They jumped up and ate every piece because they knew all of it was poisonous Grill Cheese played it off. The master said "must of been hungry". He dropped more food on the floor Grill Cheese said "Mushroom you go eat it I'm going to pray that Satan leaves this house because every time the food is falling it becomes poison because Satan touches it before it hits the ground". Mushroom says "ok" Grill Cheese prays Satan leaves laughing. The master yells "what did you do? I knew you dogs were saving me I created more blessings and miracles in the world didn't you like your journey?". Everything burst into light the Master was a reflection of Gods power and Little Mushroom; Grill Cheese were to help that reflection show. There will be another adventure.




The Adventure's of Footprints in a Magical World The blessed is the way to be....

Once upon a time ago when God until had visions of his creations and not yet manifested different spiritual realms were being occupied by spiritual being in dimensional energies reflecting the forms of Gods future creation the human being species. When spirits took the image of forms traveling a quarter of a second at a time. There was a magical mystical creation discovering her powers this was special to The Lord The Most High God he called her "Footprints". Footprints was just the early stage of blessings she was learning her capabilities her powers to travel she flickered in the matter of minutes she was a teenager running from, giants, barbarians swinging viciously at her appearance as she ran through the jungles surrounding The Garden of Eden because of the gigantic leaves on some of the plants she was able to hide for a quick second enough time to sleep she drifted from the exhaust of energy. The giants running by her mad from the instinct of hunger, murder, slaughter they hunted her out and never came to discover her again. The giants and barbarians stopped running and began to roam the earth the night fell and the stars glowed you can see the planets clearly. The next morning when Footprints woke there was a thorn in her foot she couldn't feel pain as she stared at it thinking of what it was she pulled it out and her foot went to the normal spiritual reflection. God was working the day has started she dashed a run in a quarter of a second she was in another World where it was peaceful the fish whispered to the birds in the water Footprints is magical. Everything grew beautiful it was a rain forest over the dessert the sand could not get wet. God yelled his glory and you could hear it as clear as day this was a special place this place was not far from Heaven. Footprints picked up dead flowers that the animals didn't eat picking them out from the grass they fed off from the ground. Immediately the flowers became alive making a bush to show animals the difference from the flowers and grass giving forgiveness to the animals. The flowers shook and sang songs to Footprints thanking her. Footprints laid there gently touching the flowers singing praise to The Lord. Footprints began rolling down the hill of flower bushes it was a magical world the flower bushes moved out the way so she didn't trample over them. Footprints said wee-yeah-wee-yeah until she got to the bottom of the hill. She reached the bottom a beautiful day became a storm starting lightening and thundering before a single drop of rain could hit the ground the beautiful creatures said "oh man" and God found mercy and the day went back to its original beauty. The creatures of this land said all at once "Blessed be the God who kept us happy with his mercy" Coming close to Footprints was a tiny snail on a donkey with a worm with a saddle on a rabbit they spoke to Footprints in cheer saying "welcome Magical Footprints we want to help with your next Adventure". Footprints knew this is beautiful her thoughts spoke loud. The snail got down off the donkey and a scroll came down out the sky right at Footprints feet it landed. The worm blew trumpets the rabbit hopped around in circles. The snail said "Footprints there is other worlds that are disturbed this scroll is sent from God in his majesty you must exhalt your magical abilities and bring down a rising evil one is spreading it is trapped in between two worlds it cannot fully take over both of them because it is trapped the other spiritual beings are scared it is like a fierce punishment to go near it". Footprints said "May God bless my victory". Footprints unrolled the scroll it bounced fully open almost two miles. Footprints flickered like the speed of light as she read the whole scroll. God spoke "Footprints" Footprints started acting silly like she was going to ignore God and read the scroll again then she stopped and started blushing she answered "yes God". God said "you were born blessed your going to the next world". Everything started cheering saying "save us Footprints" the donkey started lighting up magically floating up in the air the snail zipping around Footprints like the speed of light. In the next world there was a evil one stuck between two dimensions trying to take over as much as it could reach with its evil energies and influences you had Freemasons, Christians, Jews, and Muslims trying to fight against it by the scriptures. The evil one was gaining power rapidly not always successful. Footprints entered invisibility traveling to the worlds being invaded. Footprints spoke to God "at least the evil one didn't successfully make it to one world because it may have taken over one world entirely" God did not respond a Angel came quick and said "Footprints the majesty leaves you to save the both worlds and we wait for your return". Footprints said "I am uncertain right away what to do" The Angel said "you must find it in your heart" The Angel was dressed in honorable armor blessed by The Kingdom of Heaven holding a magic wand and sword. Both The Angel and Footprints was invincible The Angel passed both the sword and wand to Footprints then said "May you continue alone". Footprints stuttered "wea wea well then" "I'm left by myself too take on a monster what am I supposed to do". A sparkle in the sky said "look in your heart". Footprints got to the world its magical too her powers were doubled nobody could see her she could see all the chaos and abuse the people were going through some people were killing there own children so they didn't have to go through it. Immediately she brought them back to life and kept them invincible. She said to them "do not grudge your parents because their intentions were good and once we rid of the evil one you can return or live free". The children said "if we return it may create fear so we must continue somewhere else". Footprints said "I will leave you sit here while I do what I came to do you will not want for anything because you have been brought to a new life" they said "ok". Footprints dropped the sword and said "oops" but Footprints didn't use her hands to pick it back up she commanded magic from the wand acting silly she said "alright I'm ready". She poked her chest out and said "I hope this wand can give me wings she grew a set of wings then she flew where the evil one was. The evil one could sense The Holy aura but Footprints was invincible. Footprints threw the sword but only the handle hit the evil one. The evil one said "ouch who hit me" the evil one could see the sword then it disappeared. The evil one got mad and commanded legions of demons to attack more people and land. They listened everything was going into chaos. Footprints was close enough on the evil one the evil one could feel her presence but could not see her. The Chief of the demons was invincible to so she seen Footprints she planned a attack then she said wait never mind then she planned another then she said wait never mind then she planned another then she said smacking her lips and sucking her teeth well I'm just going to hit her out of invincibility. Footprints was sneaking up on the evil one fast with a strike she got kicked in the back by the Chief of demons. The Chief of the demons said "there is our problem". Footprints fell to the ground her wand flew out of her hands she lost invincibility. Angels hovered over the wand nobody could see them staring at the wand amazed saying to each other I want God to give me something like that. Footprints rolled and got up the evil one was fierce and commanded all the demons to get Footprints. Peace fell over the land again they attacked Footprints all at once Footprints fell into dizzy then went for the second attack the Chief getting in front. Footprints heart spoke to her your love for God will save you immediately Footprints surrendered her magic saying God you are the only one who can stop the evil one please save us all. The Angels got wands right before the demons could attack The Angels started attacking the demons with Kung-Fu and Boxing it was magical then they tied them up with magical rope. The evil one tried to use its powers it was defeated The Angels took the demons away never to return Footprints said "ah ha" "that's what you get for messing with me". Footprints walked over to the evil one he was scared he shivered saying "please don't hurt me". He immediately became a servant in Hell giving ice water to those who were going to Heaven after serving their time in Hell but he could not drink the water even if he wanted to because he had no power to do so. Footprints laid on the ground very tired then she got up she flickered back to where the children were because she was not invincible she could not see them those children tried to reach out and touch her they were automatically granted Heaven. Footprints tried to use her full power and couldn't over and over again then she sighed "God" she immediately went back to the magical world back at the worlds there was peace and people looking for their children.

(TO Be Continued)


Excerpted from "Four Masonic Children's Stories"
by .
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Table of Contents

Dedications, 1,
Acknowledgments, 4,
Further Acknowledgments, 6,
Adventure's of Footprints in a Magical World, 31,
The end of Mankind The beginning of Creaturekind, 79,
The Magical Adventure's Love & The Fountain at Story time, 84,

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