Four Play

Four Play

by Desiree Holt

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ISBN-13: 9781907010743
Publisher: Totally Entwined Group Ltd
Publication date: 08/17/2009
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 48
Sales rank: 329,314
File size: 326 KB
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

I always wanted adventure and change in my life, and I certainly got it. I grew up in Maine, a beautiful place to live, then lived in the Midwest and Florida. Now I make my home in the Hill Country of Texas, truly God's chosen place on earth. My husband, David, is a sixth generation Texan, tracing his roots here back to the time when Texas was a Republic, so retiring here was a dream we finally fulfilled. I've had a lot of firsts in my life – first female sports report on The Michigan Daily at the University of Michigan; first woman to own a rock and roll agency in Detroit, the home of Motown; first woman president of the Pasco (Florida) Economic Development Council. I graduated from the University of Michigan with a double major in English and History, and a minor in economics., and went on to have at least four careers. When my children were small, I satisfied my need for writing by working for weekly newspapers. I had a wild and wacky time managing rock and roll bands. I joined the insanity of retail with a string of shoe stores. I worked in fundraising, public affairs and community relations. But writing fiction was always my dream. I had a lot of stops and starts, but it wasn't until we retired that I could devote myself to it full time. My wonderful husband, David, encourages me and supports me in my dream. Our children are all grown and on their own, and are my biggest fans. When I'm not writing I'm an avid reader – anything and everything – and watching football, especially my beloved Michigan Wolverines. David and I golf and target shoot., and of course enjoy life in the gorgeous Texas Hill Country, where most of my stories are based. I am a member of Romance Writers of America, and San Antonio Romance Authors, Diamond State Romance Authors, and Passionate Ink chapter of RWA.

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Holly Martin climbed out of the big four wheel drive vehicle, looked around her and let out a long breath. A heavy breeze lifted strands of her auburn hair and whipped them across her creamy cheeks. She pulled her jacket a little tighter around her small frame and looked at the man who’d arrived with her.

“Oh, Michael. It’s beautiful.” She stretched out her arms and turned in a circle. “Just absolutely beautiful. It reminds me of my grandparents’ place in Maine.”

And so it did. This cottage just outside of Glendale, in the Isle of Skye, looked as if it had been set down in paradise. Made of stone and wood, it perched on a windswept bluff overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Surrounding it were acres of natural grounds. Michael had told her it was a wildlife habitat, and this was the only house that would ever be built here. It made a perfect, private setting for the outrageous sexual adventures in which Duncan McLaughlin and his friends engaged in on a regular basis.

Holly had been looking forward to this visit ever since Michael had approached her about it. She’d met Duncan McLaughlin when he’d come to Denver on a business trip and stayed with the two of them. By then ménage with closely selected friends had become a regular occurrence, something she’d grown into and not only felt comfortable with but thoroughly enjoyed. The memory of the week the three of them had spent together sent shivers through her.

The thought of another week alone with both men spent entirely in sexual activities had given rise to many nights of erotic dreams. All through the long plane trip, the connecting flight and the drive, her body had tingled with anticipation, knowing what she was stepping into.

She and Michael had been together for four years. Tuning in to her natural submissive desire on their first date, he’d brought her along carefully to the type of D/s relationship he liked, introducing her to things she’d never thought she’d dare to try. By the time she’d experienced her first ménage, she’d been willing to try anything as long as it gave him pleasure, knowing that she was the one who controlled that pleasure. It was both freeing and empowering.

But lately she’d wondered where this…thing…between them would go next. Never the clingy type, she still wondered what the future held for them. Several times on the plane trip, she’d thought of casually asking him then bitten her tongue. She didn’t want to destroy the mood of this trip and what they would all experience. She tucked her question in a corner of her brain, packing it away until they were back in their own place.

She lifted her face to the sun and let the strong breeze caress her skin. Everything smelled fresh and clean and looked freshly washed. A painting would not have done it justice. Michael came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her, his hands sliding under her sweater to cup her breasts.

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