Four Seasons of Leadership

Four Seasons of Leadership

by David Neidert


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ISBN-13: 9781441414014
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 02/27/2009
Pages: 314
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.66(d)

About the Author

David Neidert is a leadership author, speaker and instructor at Anderson University in Indiana. His prior works include GOD QUEST and METAMORPHOSIS. The recipient of the 2003 National Wilbur McFeely Award, he continues to teach, write and contribute to the field of leadership.

What People are Saying About This

Thomas Snyder

I read David's book virtually without stopping. He truly captures the leadership journey, and his ability to force introspection is a defining attribute. One cannot move to senior level leadership without a grasp of this concept of Seasons. (Thomas J. Snyder, President and COO, Delco Remy International)

Holly Miller

The Four Seasons of Leadership is not a book for passive readers. The easy-to-follow format, the encouraging tone, the prodding questions combine to nudge readers into participating in a self-discovery process that unfolds around a four seasons theme. (Holly Miller, Professor & Travel Editor for the Saturday Evening Post)

Robert Reardon

Neidert has written a powerful and useful book bringing together contemporary thought and the wisdom of the ages to guide us in our pilgrimage. (Dr. Robert Reardon, President Emeritus, Anderson University)

Don Kyzer

The Four Seasons of Leadership speaks to us where we are and moves us to where we ought to be. In a thought-provoking manner it challenges us to reflect upon our purpose and then to invest that new energy of purpose into actions which move us toward our life dreams. It asks the right questions and points in the right direction to enable us to live a life that really does make a difference in the lives of others. (Don Kyzer, Associate Director for Character Development, YMCA of the USA)

Christie S. Stephens

David Neidert puts our feet on the right path and fixes our eyes on integrity. He decodes the mystery of responsible, effective, honorable leadership. Leadership is not a matter of position, but a becoming. A professional manual and spiritual text, The Four Seasons of Leadership is good news for all people. (Christie Smith Stephens, Writer/ poet, Chinaberry House)

Larry C. Spears

The Four Seasons of Leadership sparkles with great insights into the nature of authentic leadership. David Neidert's viewpoint is one of servant-leadership. This book is essential reading for all who aspire to ethical, caring leadership. (Larry C. Spears, CEO, The Greenleaf Center for Servant-Leadership Editor, Insights on Leadership)

Laurie Beth Jones

David Neidert has turned "mustard seed" principles into sheltering truths. How blessed we are that he shares these truths with all who will listen. (Laurie Beth Jones, author of Jesus, CEO; The Path; Jesus in Blue Jeans)

Max DePree

This is a refreshing, innovative, often poetic book on how to think seriously about polishing your leadership skills and living a meaningful life. Neidert's essay on the power of invitation is itself a thing to cherish. While at times light-hearted it gives short shrift to easy formulas and shallow talk about management style. Four Seasons of Leadership is a wonderfully challenging and perceptive book. (Max De Pree, author of Leadership Is an Art; Leadership Jazz; Leading without Power)

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