Four Week Fiance

Four Week Fiance

by Helen Cooper


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What would you do if the hottest man on earth made you an offer you couldn't refuse?

What if it was the offer of a lifetime? The sort of offer that would make you blush as he offered you whatever you wanted to make you accept. What if the offers were so spicy, so naughty, so scandalous that you wouldn't even want to tell your best friend?

If you were me, you would say yes.

There are three things you should know.
His name is TJ Walker. He's 28, hot as can be and he's my brother's best friend.
TJ asked me to be his fiance for four weeks.
I'm hoping to make the engagement real.

I know. I can't believe it either. What am I thinking? There are so many things that could go wrong by accepting to be TJ's four week fiance? But, I can't stop thinking that there are also so many things that could go right.

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ISBN-13: 9781516923250
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 08/16/2015
Pages: 224
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.47(d)

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Four Week Fiance 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 86 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I hate it when a story dies not end when the pages are done it's a cheap marketing ploy to get you to buy more . I won't read this author again because of this
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Not Helen Cooper's best work at all.Did not like any part of this book. Will Not buy the Book that is part two either. I usually am a great fan of her work but, if this is what I should expect from her future books,I won't be buying any more. I'm totally disappointed. L.M.A.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The author's writing style is easy to read and not filled with enigmatic plot twists which is about the only nice thing to say about this book. The characters have no redeeming value, and please someone shoot Mila in the head and put us out of our misery.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Suggesting that someone shoot the main charecter is pretty harsh, but thanks for your honesty. Won't be wasting space on this tripe.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book dose leave you hanging. However fear not the 2nd part is coming in Sept. The main characters T.J. and Mila have this amazing comfort level with each other. It's playful and down right HOT! T.J. and Mila have known each other for a long time. In fact T.J. is Mila's brothers best friend. So that complicates some things. Mila is all grown up now and not the little girl T.J. knew and Mila can see that T.J. is all man. In fact he's the only man Mila has eyes for. With many twists and turns that keep you guessing as to what's really going on, why T.J. needs a fiance and who needs who more, this book is a must read! In fact I read this book in 1 sitting and I'm now not so patently awaiting part 2. :)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I couldn't get past the lead up journey to the lake house. Mila sounds way too immature at 22. Sorry...can't finish reading it. Total turnoff...
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is juvenile
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I was expecting a racy love story, but this is way past that plus very dark. I can't recommend it. The information written about it is a misleading. I will be deleting it and not be reading more from this author.
nnevarez More than 1 year ago
Received an ARC of this book for a honest review! What can I say another great book by J.S Copper. I have not been disappointed by any of her books! I am a sucker for girl falls for brothers best friend and he falls in love with her...and this story was awesome!! I was glued to the book until I finished it. I liked Mila and omg T.J was hot! I loved the jealousy they both had for each other. At times I was laughing so hard from all the bickering and other times I was cheering for Mila on her seducing T.J plan. Mrs. Cooper you have done it again I am hooked!!! I cannot wait until the next book comes out..please please let it be soon! Too much suspense! I do not want to give spoilers so all I will say is you will not be disappointed and the end will just leave you wanting more ;). Wish I can give more than 5 stars
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This girl is not just naive. She's stupid. The writing is okay, but I hate that I still do not really have any idea what is going on. $3.99 seems like too much for 170 pages.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved this book, I stayed up until 4 in the morning to finish it because I couldn't put it down!! I love TJ and Mila, at first I thought it was crazy chasing a guy that doesn't want you but once I read more I knew that wasn't the case. The steamy scenes and soooooo good! I couldn't get enough ofbit, now I can't wait for part 2 in September!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Mila is a little naive regarding some of the things that's going on with her and TJ. But overall the book seems to be a good read.
HeatherWish1 More than 1 year ago
Holy heck this book was hot!!! I loved this book from the minute I started until I finished it. Mila has secretly crushed on TJ Walker since she was a young girl. TJ is her brother Cody's best friend. He is basically a member of their family. The problem is that for years as Mila's crush turns into full blown love, TJ only sees her as a little sister. Or that's what she thinks. Mila is recently out of college and resides that's it's time to finally make her move on TJ. On a family trip one weekend Milan enlists the help of her best friend Sally to help make it happen. But as with JS Cooper books there is a great twist that Mila had no idea was headed her way. Just who exactly is TJ Walker? He has many secrets he's kept from everyone and it seems Mila is about to find out exactly who he is. This book was seriously hot. I loved the love/hate relationship Mila and TJ had going on, it created the perfect amount of sexual angst. I highly recommend this book.
Beth1inOhio More than 1 year ago
I received this book free in exchange for an honest and open review. No Spoilers in this review! WOW! The much anticipated, sexy story is FINALLY here!! This is an awesome book full of suspense, sex (many steamy scenes!), angst, frustration, laughs, shocking moments, lies, a fake girlfriend, a fake boyfriend, and a weekend at the lake house. Put together Mila (heroine), TJ (hero), Cody (Mila’s brother and TJ’s best friend), Sally (Mila’s best friend and has a major crush in Cody), Barbie (TJ’s girlfriend) and Troy (Mila’s boyfriend) and you have wonderfully memorable moments and a GREAT story! Ms Cooper introduces us to her bucketful of characters: Mila Brookstone, 22, is in love with TJ (Travis James) Walker, 28, her brother’s best friend and her childhood tormentor (along with her brother). TJ has known Mila since she was in diapers and watched her grow up into a beautiful, sexy woman and now he wants her. Mila has been love with TJ for quite sometime, at first it was school girl love but now she is a woman in love. Enter her brother Cody, over-protective, alpha guy who loves his sister and needs to keep her safe from TJ because he knows TJ’s dark side. Sally comes along for the fun and a chance to get together with Cody. Then there’s Barbie who I just wanted to slap and scream at and kick into the lake. She is the perfect thorn in Mila’s side but then she becomes Sally’s thorn as well. And Troy, Mila’s boyfriend, he comes late to the party but joins in and throws a little anxiety into the mix, although in part 1 he isn’t a well-developed character maybe he is just isn’t supposed to be or maybe he will return in part 2. Finally Nonno, Mila’s grandfather, she spends some heartwarming moments on the phone with her grandfather, getting advice and love. These are loving moments that we see Mila at a different level where she is broken up about her love for TJ and her angst that she will never get together with him. TJ proposes that Mila become his Four Week Fiancé and asks Mila sign a contract which pushes her limits and makes her give up some parts of her life and her privacy. After much debate with Sally and internally, she agrees to enter into the agreement with TJ. Will she be sorry that she did so? TJ has a few secrets that he has to keep quiet from Mila. One involving his lifestyle (handcuffs anyone?) and the other involves his father. We get a couple of glimpses of these secrets in part 1 but I am sure that this part of the story will develop as part 2 releases. Mila’s family business is suffering and they are struggling financially, we see stresses from Cody and Nonno during part 1 on this storyline. A lot of great storylines that were just developing in part 1 that I cannot wait to see where Ms Cooper takes them and us. ~Will Mila be more than the Four Week Fiancé (will it go forever?)? ~Will Mila be able to handle TJ’s lifestyle or will she run away from him? ~What is going on between TJ and his Dad and why does this involve Mila? Is Barbie really going to be TJ’s step-mom? ~What will happen with Mila’s family business? Will they have to close their doors? ~What are TJ’s secrets (dark/sexual and business)? ~Will Mila be sorry that she signed the contract with TJ? ~Will Sally and Cody get together? ~What does Nonno have to talk to Mila about (phone call at the end of Part 1)? ~How will the very hot sex scene, between Mila and TJ at the end of part 1, progress and end? Bravo Ms Cooper!!
Smcfarland13 More than 1 year ago
Wow!!! This was a another great book! I loved the teaser to this book- My Fake Fiance- and I was sooooo looking forward to Four Week Fiance. I was not disappointed. Mila has had a crush on TJ for as long as she has known him. He is her big brother's best friend after all. She believes that he just sees her as the annoying little sister. (There is some sexual tension between the two during their phone discussions, and TJ is overbearing and overprotective when it comes to guys) Well, this year at the family get-together at the lake, Mila is determined to have TJ see her as more than the annoying little sister. There is just one small wrench in the works. TJ has brought a girl with him to the get-together. Mila is determined to just try harder to make TJ see that she is a woman now. TJ surprises Mila by offering to be fake fiancé's for four weeks. TJ definitely has ulterior motives. There are connections between Barbie and TJ that we don't quite know and some issues with the family business, but TJ is keeping everyone in the dark as to why he needs Mila as his fake fiance at this moment. The book is hot and sexy. The characters are well developed and you will need a fan and a glass of cold water to get through some scenes. I cannot wait until the next book to see what happens next.!
Emma Kelly More than 1 year ago
Wow! I was lucky enough to receive this copy in exchange for an honest review. Mila has been in love with TJ Walker for most of her life, he is seemingly unaware of this, but as you read on you find he isn't as immune to Mila as he'd lead her to believe. TJ Walker needs Mila's help, he has secrets, but nether-the-less, he wants and needs her help. He plans to catch her and keep her for a short while, giving them both as much pleasure as possible whilst she's under his spell. I loved it! I loved the gradual build up In the story and the fact that your left wondering what happens next. The twist that I didn't see coming until it was on the page (I'm not saying anymore, of I'll give it away), was brilliant. I can't wait for the next instalment to appear so I can finish the story. Well done!
LaurenLesczynski2828 More than 1 year ago
Well hell way to leave a gal hanging......I can not wait to see what TJ is up to.....I think I kind of have a clue, but OMG Barbie and his Dad......and wait till Cody finds out that he is being played............ugggggg I need to know. This book was very different from J.S Coopers others in a very very dirty and naughty way :) and I very much like it. I have a feeling poor Mila is not going to know what hits her when she finds out TJ is playing not only her, but maybe her whole family. Highly recommend this book!!!
hyjean More than 1 year ago
I received an arc of this book in exchange for my honest review. This book was over the top hot! Mila has been in love with TJ for years, she's finally ready to make her move during a weekend at the cabin with him, but then he brings a girl with him. We are left wondering what is really going on with Barbie and on whose orders is she really there on? We finally see Mila agree to be TJ's four week fiance. As we end the book TJ sees his dad with Barbie. So now we really have to wonder what is going on and how much does TJ really know? Can't wait to see if Mila and TJ get their HEA.
jnmartin More than 1 year ago
Received an ARC of this book for a honest review! This book surpassed any expectations, I couldn't put it down! I absolutely loved it, another amazing book by an amazing author. I cannot wait to see how TJ and Mila turns out in book 2!
Ciliciaw More than 1 year ago
Mila has loved TJ, her brother's BF, forever and he has seen her as a little sister except for the last few years. TJ has never made a move because her brother doesn't believe he is right for her given his kinks. Mila is willing to do anything to have TJ even if that means signing a contract giving him complete control over her for four weeks. There is something going on with both their families but we don't learn what it is we just get hints. There is also a side story dealing with Mila's brother and her BF. Barbie is also another wild card that you just love to hate but the biggest wild card is TJ's father who seems so slimy and you really don't get to see or hear much from him in this book. My favorite character so far is Nonno he is great with both Mila and her BF he gives them the love and advice we would all want. This book does on a cliffhanger and I can't wait to see what is going to happen next. I know there will be heartbreak and I can see TJ having to do a lot of begging to get Mila to forgive him. I received a copy of this book for a honest review
Momof2LovesToReview More than 1 year ago
Loved it!! After reading the teasing prequel I was so anxious to read this one. It definitely gave you more and was just as amazing as the prequel! I can't wait to read the next installment. This one has a cliffhanger but it makes you want so much more that you are willing to wait! ***I was given an ARC copy of this book for an honest review***
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
TJ and Mila have some seriously hot chemistry together!!! They had one crazy weekend up at a lake house that ended with TJ asking Mila to be his fake fiancé for four weeks. TJ is a sexy hot millionaire with a crazy sex drive and definitely is hiding something.... Mila finally says yes to the fake engagement.... But like I said there is something fishy going on!!! The end of the book left me breathless and wanting more!!!! My head is spinning with trying to figure out what TJ is up to!!!!
Lauraluvsbooks More than 1 year ago
Yes, Please TJ Walker!!! TJ Walker - hot, sexy, bad boy billionaire, lady's man, and Mila's older brothers best friend! - prepare to swoon and get you panties in a bunch because he is pulling out all the tantalizing tricks in this book! I don't think Mila really knows what she is fully getting herself into! Will it be what she really wants, or what she needs? What is TJ's plan though? Will he just end up breaking Mila's heart? Or will they get their happily ever after? The stakes are high!! I absolutely loved this book! Another scorcher by Helen Cooper! This book will have you flipping page after page and staying up all night reading to find out what happens next! There are all kinds of twists and turns that will have your head spinning! Follow TJ & Mila's story along with their friends to find out what happens! Be prepared for a cliffhanger that will leave you asking "Did that really happen? and What will happen next?" Can't wait to read the second installment to find out the rest of this juicy story!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Cannot find book 2
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
One f the best books I've read.