Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy: Of Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa

Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy: Of Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa

by Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa, Tarl Warwick (Editor)


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The Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy must be first by the reader set aside from the triplicate works of Heinrich Agrippa, the famous Three Books of the same, by virtue of its manufacture- generally considered not to have been penned by Agrippa himself but rather by others influenced by his work.

Running the gamut from celestial notations to summoning in a sense not normally seen until a century later, this fourth book is no less a genuine grimoire than any of the texts dubiously ascribed to Moses, Solomon, Adam, Hermes, and other major figures within Renaissance magick. Its pages contain a great deal of occult lore, especially with regards to the classification of, and sigils made for, various spiritual entities- both divine and infernal, as well as those natural forces usually classed aside from both of the same.

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