Fractured Soul

Fractured Soul

by Rachel McClellan


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Fractured Soul by Rachel McClellan

Llona will do whatever it takes to protect her newfound friends and home, but the dark plot that is threatening Lucent Academy, a school that's supposed to be a safe place for Auras, may be too powerful for even Llona to defeat. This fast-paced tale of love, loyalty, and overcoming the darkness will keep you on the edge of your seat until the last page!

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ISBN-13: 9781462111800
Publisher: Sweetwater Books
Publication date: 02/12/2013
Pages: 329
Product dimensions: 5.86(w) x 8.32(h) x 1.12(d)
Age Range: 12 - 17 Years

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Fractured Soul 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
rockygirl1 More than 1 year ago
Yeah. What a fun, exhilarating series! I really liked this one cause it was different! There is the whole Aura thing, romance, and a bestie with powers as well. Rachel McClellan tells an INCREDIBLE story that keeps you on the edge of your seat through the whole book just waiting to see what who the Vyken is (and if you guess before the end than you are GOOD!) The story was really well written and really pulls you in. I really loved the book and found it to be a really fast, totally engaging page turner.  I don’t want to say too much about either one, cause I’m afraid I’ll give away the story, but this one is one that you will enjoy! It really has such an other wordless to it that I can’t describe. I have to say something about the covers to, they what totally pulled me in and made me want to read the books! They are beautiful and totally evoke the mood of the book!
book4children More than 1 year ago
Wow. I have to admit that after the first book, I wasn't sure I would like this one. Boy, was I wrong. This book was action packed and had a LOT happening. It reminded me a bit of Harry Potter (in a good way). I loved the setting of the all-girl Aura school. I really enjoyed the new characters that were added for this installment, and I liked the developments in the characters that remained the same. I especially enjoyed the challenges that Llona went through and the way she learned to deal with them. The ending was a surprise. I was not really prepared for it, but it definitely has me hooked to see how the next book wraps up. There were a few things that continued to bug me, and some things that I didn't find believable. But all in all, I enjoyed this book a ton. Content: Some violence but still clean
Magluvsya03 More than 1 year ago
There are so many reasons to love this book!! It’s the next part, which takes off where the first book left off, with Llona and May arriving at Lucent Academy. So cue creepy background music and get ready for an extremely entertaining adventure! Really, I was thrilled when I was able to grab a spot for this blog tour and I totally can’t believe how great this series is! I thought Llona was a beautiful character in the first book and she continuously surprises me with how much I like her! I still absolutely adore May and I’ve really become attached to Tessa as well. This book you get to see even more supernatural characters! Llona is in kinda serious trouble. She’s supposed to be submissive blah blah blah- guess what, she can save herself! She hasn’t told anybody about that little bite she got, and things are getting really strange because of it. She’s learning even more about her powers, but truthfully not from the school because they are practically brainwashing the submissive behavior into everyone! And then there’s the Christian issue- they love each other and can’t be together. Boy is that a recipe for disaster or what! I’m so glad Christian is back! I really thought I wouldn’t see as much of him after the whole Sha-bang of last book! He’s just so perfect plus, with him around, at least Llona knows she’s actually safe. And with safe, Llona starts figuring out some seriously crazy secrets! Way to have some majorly fantastic plot twists! The mystery is what kept me on my seat edge and not able to put this book down! That and the oh so cute romance between Christian and Llona! The writing is wonderful and I absolutely cannot wait to see what’s going to happen next! Ugh and now I have to try to patiently wait until book 3 comes out!!! Oh please oh please hurry!! 5 SPECTACULARLY BLOODY PAWS!!
Haddy More than 1 year ago
I had been desparately waiting for this book to come out. Absolutely loved it, had it read in 2 days. It kept me on the edge of my seat and I couldn't put it down. Can't wait for the next one, Fractured Truth. Keep them coming Rachel!! Amazing series!
AlwaysYAatHeart1 More than 1 year ago
Fractured Soul picks up where Fractured Light leaves off.  Llona and May have arrived at Lucent Academy, the school for Auras and Furies, where they will begin their training.  The recent battle with the Vyken who killed Llona's mother is still fresh in her mind, and the bite she received when she fought him still seems fresh on her neck, though she still hasn't told anyone about it.  Upon arrival at the academy, they are shown to their rooms.  Llona says her room smells like blood, but no one else can smell it, which is very strange.  That night, as Llona looks out her window, she finds herself drawn to the darkness, and she doesn't understand why.  She sneaks outside of the wall surrounding the academy into the forest, where she runs into Jackson, one of the Guardians.  They also run into a Vyken, which she ends up killing, and much to her surprise, Christian, her guardian and boyfriend, shows up, who was supposed to have been assigned elsewhere.   Llona gradually finds the darkness, the anger, and the desire to kill growing stronger within her, and she doesn't understand it, that is until she meets Liam, who has also been bitten by a Vyken.  Liam helps her understand what she must do to overcome the darkness.  She subsequently finds the diary of the girl who occupied the room she is staying in at the Academy, which provides answers, and even more questions to regarding what is going on.  Meanwhile, she is trying to keep her relationship with Christian on the down low, which is hard.  She is also fearful for his life, and what he will think of her if he finds out what she really is.  As the story progresses, the conspiracy grows, and they soon discover that what is going on is so much bigger than just the school.  As the mystery unravels further, Llona and her friends are shocked to discover the key players that are involved in the conspiracy.  The story culminates in an epic battle between good and evil, and Llona must learn to fight with her light for good, or risk losing herself to the darkness forever.   This was an action-packed second installment in the Fractured Light Series, and kept my attention from beginning to end.  I really came to love Llona in book one, and even more so in book two.  She is quite the heroine.  She fights many tough battles both within herself and with the Vyken, the greatest battle of all being with the grief and darkness that threatens to overwhelm her after the loss of a loved one.  Llona learns more about the truth surrounding her mother, her family, and her past, and also must find the strength to face an uncertain future.  I loved Christian also and was so glad to see him back in this installment.  The romance between Christian and Llona was sweet and romantic. We also get to see May again, who is growing and learning more about her Fury powers, and we are introduced to some new characters as well.  Tessa is a Lizen, who becomes a good friend to Llona and May, as does Kiera.  Then there is Jackson, a Guardian, who is not what he seems, and Cyrus, who is supposed to be over all the Lucent Academies, but is he on the up and up?   Fractured Soul is filled with mystery, intrigue, conspiracy, romance, some epic battles, and then there is the paranormal element that Rachel McClellan has created, which is both fresh and creative.  I found the story both entertaining and thrilling, experiencing both joy and sorrow with Llona.  This is a great paranormal series that I have thoroughly enjoyed and would definitely recommend.  I am really looking forward to reading Fractured Truth, the third book in the series.   
StephWard More than 1 year ago
'Fractured Soul' is the second installment in the YA fantasy/paranormal series that continues to follow the main character of Llona Reese as she attempts to settle back into a semi-normal life at Lucent Academy after all that had happened last year. After the horrific events that had taken place, Llona is more determined than ever to protect her friends and school from the darkness that is threatening to defeat everything she has struggled so hard to save. Llona must learn to believe in herself, to control the darkness before it destroys everything she holds dear - including her own life. This was a great second book in the series. It picked up nicely where the first book left off and the story flowed seamlessly into the next part of the plot. Llona continues to be a great heroine in the series - she learns a lot about herself, what she's capable of (both good and bad), and also how to wholely accept yourself. She showed a lot of character growth in the novel, which I think shows how multi-faceted a character she really is. The other characters showed some character growth throughout the book as well, which really moved them forward alongside Llona and also allowed the major plot to progress. The plot itself was really intriguing and rivals the intense and mind-blowing experience of the first book. I don't want to ruin anything with spoilers, so I'm not going to say much about what happens in the book - only that it keeps you turning the pages eagerly just to see what will happen next. The writing style was very effortless and clipped along at a great pace - not too fast to feel rushed but fast enough to keep you on your toes. The writing was fantastic and continues to show the talent of the author even as the series progresses. I highly recommend this book for fans of the first novel in the series, as well as fans of YA fantasy and paranormal series. I'll definitely be looking forward to the release of the third installment! Disclosure: I received a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
BuriedUnderBooks More than 1 year ago
Sometimes readers, including me, approach a book that’s self-published or published by a small press with a certain amount of skepticism or even trepidation. That’s because there is so much dreck out there these days and finding the gems is not easy. Allow me to set your mind at rest—this is no schlock put out by a writer wannabe toiling away in her parent’s basement. Well, Rachel McClellan could be toiling away in a basement for all I know but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t belong to her parents ;) Anyway, there is much to love in this book and very little to be snooty about. First, the construction. The author can write and she also has a very good editor. Grammar is good, typos are minimal, the language flows as it should and the ebook conversion (I read an e-ARC) is close to flawless, including some handwritten passages. The only hiccup is that, on occasion, two voices speak in the same paragraph. This occurs infrequently enough that I feel safe in saying it’s one of those ebook glitches that happen sometimes, not because the author and/or her editor don’t know better. Then there’s the story. I have not read the first book and, most of the time, it doesn’t matter. That’s the case here; while I obviously don’t have the details of what went on in that book, the author offers just enough information that I felt up to speed very quickly. You should be aware, though, that spoilers of the first book are inevitable so don’t go getting a mad on with Ms. McClellan if you choose to start with this second book. I really like this storyline, one of the most creative I’ve seen. A school for Auras and Furies with a side of Lizens? Very, very cool. I also like that this is not a school with a bunch of evil adults all bent on misusing the powers these girls possess. The author’s character development is strong and I really felt a connection with the main players, especially the four girls, Christian and Liam. Even Jake, whom we never actually see, is fleshed out enough to truly understand the bond between him and Llona. Oh, and thank you, Ms. McClellan, for painting the Vykens as the nasty, bloodthirsty, powerhungry creatures they are, not a sparkle in sight. A note here—Fractured Soul is billed as a young adult paranormal romance but it also falls solidly into the mystery/suspense genre with the questions of who is behind the dark activities, what is the intent, will the good guys figure things out in time? Llona also shows herself to be a pretty decent lead detective (not to mention being kickbutt in general). Are some things predictable? Yes. It was not hard to figure out who the ultimate bad guy was as soon as I met him and there were a few other events that were no surprise. There were also some “oh, cool!” moments (Arik and Aaron? Love ‘em!) and the motivations of some of the characters were in doubt until at least 4/5 of the way through. On the other hand, the ending is truly heartbreaking and, yet, still left me with a desire to know what comes next. I’ll be looking forward to Fractured Truth coming out a year from now and, in the meantime, I’ll get my fix by reading the first book, Fractured Light.
Jennifer-K-Jovus More than 1 year ago
"Llona is an Auran Superhero who is battling the raging war of good verse evil in the world, and in her soul." My Thoughts:  In Fractured Soul Llona is at Lucent Academy, studying and learning about her Aura history. Because her Aura education is so behind she feels out of place and alone. She doesn’t like the way the other Aura’s behave and is having a hard time fitting in. I don’t want to say much more because I’m afraid I will spoil the book for you.  It had been 12 months since I read the first book, Fractured Light, and I had forgotten a lot of the story. After reading a few chapters all the details of the first book came back to me, but you really need to read the first book to understand what is going on.   The good news is that Fractured Soul doesn’t have second book syndrome. (When book one is awesome and book two is fire fodder) I think book two Fractured Soul is much better than book one. That being said I liked book one as well - the series is just getting stronger. (Read my thoughts on book one Fractured Light here.) Fractured Soul had me so engrossed in the story I forgot it was dinner time and furthermore I didn’t care! I wanted to keep reading. I found myself needing to skip ahead in the story so I could satisfy the book hunger I was having. That gave me enough satisfaction that I could be a productive member of society and make some pancakes for dinner – a go to dinner for nights when I am engrossed in a good book.  What I liked:  That Llona made friends, fought for them and learned more about herself and her history as an Aura.  What I like MOST about this story is that it is a very good book AND it is clean. Free from swearing and sex. There is violence but nothing too graphic. Fractured Soul is about choosing good over evil and fighting for what you believe in until the very end.  I liked the introduction of new characters in Fractured Soul. They were not a distraction like some secondary characters can be, they enriched the story.  What I didn't like:  I liked it all.  Who would I recommend Fractured Soul to?  Anyone 14 and up that enjoys supernatural powers. While the Vyken are not vampires they are vampire like so vampire fans may enjoy this series.  My rating?  PG, like I said, no swearing no sex.    I give Fractured Soul five skulls. It is exciting, fast and doesn't have second book syndrome that most sequels have. Llona is an Auran Superhero who is battling the raging war of good verse evil in the world, and in her soul.
Christiewriting More than 1 year ago
Llona graduated high school and decided to go to Lucent Academy, the school with people like her that she had fought going to. After recent events, she decided to go there with May to learn more about her powers and how to use them. The school is supposed to be safe, but Llona soon found out that was not the case. An evil plot was unfolding, and it was up to Llona and her friends to stop it. My first thought after finishing the book was WOW. I just finished, and I’m reeling with emotions. I loved this book. I really loved the first book, but I loved this one even more. This one was packed full of action and Llona struggling through a lot of bad stuff. I don’t want to give anything away, but this book was killer. Both books have made my heart sad, and I’m still having a hard time believing what happened in this one. If she hadn’t done such an awesome job making the book so gripping that I couldn’t let go of my Kindle, I may have thrown it. The author does a fantastic job at making it so you can’t put the book down. The end of each chapter is a cliffhanger and the only thing you can do is jump off the cliff to find out what will happen next. I really like how she does this. This was a very fast read and was an exciting journey every step of the way. The ending of this book seriously killed me, and the sneak peek of the next book made it worse. I can’t wait to get my hands on the next book. I’m not sure how I’m going to wait for it. I’m going a little crazy right now. This is a fantastic series that I will be continuing until the end. I received this book from the author for review for her blog tour. I also received it from Netgalley after she sent it to me. Thank you both very much; I greatly enjoyed it and can’t wait for more.
MyBookAddictionandMore More than 1 year ago
FRACTURED SOUL by Rachel McClellan is an interesting young adult science fiction/fantasy. It is the sequel to "Fractured Light". It can be read as a stand alone with reappearing characters. Although, I do feel you need to read "Fractured Light" first to get a feel for the characters and such. Follow Llona,who is determined to protect her new friends,home and her treasured school, Lucent Academy,but dark forces are at work and may destroy them all. Filled with drama,romance,silly young girls,leaders without a clue to what's happening,a mixture of darkness and light,manipulation,tension,loyalty,and love.Fast paced and action filled from beginning to end. Aura, vs Vyken,good vs evil. A great story with intriguing,and interesting characters who not only engage the reader who will capture your heart. A not to miss story filled with drama and action. Received for an honest review from the author. RATING: 4 HEAT RATING: SWEET REVIEWED BY: AprilR, My Book Addiction and More/My Book Addiction Reviews