Fragile Eternity (Wicked Lovely Series #3)

Fragile Eternity (Wicked Lovely Series #3)

by Melissa Marr

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ISBN-13: 9780061852084
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 04/21/2009
Series: Wicked Lovely Series , #3
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 448
Sales rank: 109,149
File size: 614 KB
Age Range: 13 Years

About the Author

Melissa Marr is the New York Times bestselling author of the Wicked Lovely series as well as the adult fantasy novels Graveminder and The Arrivals. When not traveling, Melissa can be found in Phoenix or online at

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Fragile Eternity 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 747 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Fragile Eternity returns to the story of Seth and Aislinn and Keenan and Donia, the main couples in Wicked Lovely. Seth and Aislinn are perfect for each other. They have been through so much, but there is one thing neither one of them can help. Aislinn will live forever, and Seth will not. Adding to the turmoil, as the Summer Equinox draws closer, so do Aislinn and Keenan, and Aislinn grows further apart from Seth. Seth decides to do the only thing he can do, which is exactly what EVERYONE else DOESN'T want him to do. Keenan still loves Doria, the Winter Queen, but if he has a chance with Aislinn, he's going to take it. And Doria is tired of waiting for her chance with him. In the first two novels, Keenan was not exactly my favorite character (THAT would be Seth) but in Fragile Eternity, his lovely, conflicted, not-all-as-it-seems personality fascinated me. I am just dying to know what he's all about. I am still not sure who is the good guy and who is the bad in this series, which just makes me want to keep reading. And, in case you're wondering, Donia is my least favorite character.
LydiainJoliet More than 1 year ago
This book begins well enough, but as you get into it, it just seems to drag on, saying the same thing over and over just in a different way. I have to admit to really struggling with wanting to finish it, it got that repetitive and had very little substance to the story. By the time that I finally reached page 252, only two things of any importance had happened, the rest was just saying over and over that Ash loves Seth and Kennan loves Donia, beyond that no other message came through. I would highly suggest that you save your money and spend it on a much worthier book. The other 2 books in the series were wonderful and captivating, but this one is boring, redundant and not worth your time. Nothing really outstanding in it.
bookbrat More than 1 year ago
I love this series, the second book (Ink Exchange) was my favorite. The emotional struggle Ash is going through makes my heartache. I don't want to give too much of the book away so I can't say much! Ms. Marr's eloquent use of language paints gorgeous pictures of an otherwise mythical world, helping it pop to life in the reader's mind! one pet peeve..I think she found a new word:'s over used and you'll notice when it shows up...please use a thesaurus ms marr! argh!
PatriciaJL More than 1 year ago
Once again Melissa Marr did an amazing job! Just like Wicked Lovely, the cover is amazing. Having loved the first book of this series so much, and having fell in love with Aislinn, Seth, and Keenan, I decided to skip over the second book and go straight to the 3rd. Aislinn's adventures into the world of the Fey continue. She and Seth are finally together, but she is also taken her place with Keenan as his Summer Queen over the Summer Court. Aislinn tries desperately to keep a foot in both worlds, while fighting her unexplainable attraction to Keenan, and keeping Seth safe from the other Courts in the Fey world. Aislinn also struggles to keep her Court and Earth in harmony and aware from destruction. Seth is very aware of Aislinn's new role ...more Aislinn's adventures into the world of the Fey continue. She and Seth are finally together, but she is also taken her place with Keenan as his Summer Queen over the Summer Court. Aislinn tries desperately to keep a foot in both worlds, while fighting her unexplainable attraction to Keenan, and keeping Seth safe from the other Courts in the Fey world. Aislinn also struggles to keep her Court and Earth in harmony and away from destruction. You really feel for Seth in this book. He is very aware of Aislinn's new role as a Fey Queen. He is also very aware of his mortality. Seth struggles to find and keep his place with Aislinn while reassuring himself that she loves only him and not Keenan. In this book he search for a way to maintain that assurance. In the first book of this series, Keenan was mainly portrayed as a selfish character (even though his search for a Queen was for his Court's good). However, in the third installment, we see a side of him never presented before. Keenan suffers. He knows he is supposed to be with Aislinn, and cares for her deeply, but is it love? Just like Aislinn, he struggles to keep a foot in two worlds, one where he knows he belongs and even wants to be in, another his heart calls for.
lilmudduckmuffineater More than 1 year ago
I loved this book.That's prolly gonna be said about any book written by Mrs.Marr here,she's an amazing author.This is the sequel to Wicked Lovely and we learn what happens to the relationship that were formed and broken in Wicked Lovely and the companion novel Ink Excahnge.Aislinn(the summer queen) is in love with Seth and fears the day he will die because he is mortal.Seth wants to become a fey to be with Aislinn forever and protect her(he's really breakable around the strong fey)Donia(the winter queen) is still in love with Keenan(the summer king) and Keenan loves Donia but wants Aislinn (queen/partner) too.We find out what happens when Seth seeks immortality from the High Court queen Sorcha and what relationships will hold and break.I really hope if you haven't read anything by Melissa Marr you will go and get a book by her now. She's up there now as one of my favorite authors,the three books I have read of hers so far are amazingly good and entertaining. And we get these books from the woman who was voted most likely to end up in jail in high school lol!
Jasmyn9 More than 1 year ago
Finally...a look into Ash's boyfriend, Seth. While this book doesn't necessarily revolve around him, it takes a long, hard, honest look into the relationship between the Summer Queen and her mortal boyfriend. We see how complicated and frustrated both are with the situation. While is immortal, she lives knowing that Seth will age and die and she will be without him for the majority of her life. Seth is terrified of losing Ash to the emotions and needs of her Faery Summer Court, and especially her Summer King. Seth must find a way to stay with Ash forever, but his options are incredibly limited. To top it all off, Bananach, a faery that craves nothing but war and chaos, has her hands in the pot stirring away, hoping to start an all out war between the factions. Seth finds himself stuck in the middle, being used as a pawn to further various courts desires. Will he make the correct decisions, or will he cause the devastating war that Bananach hopes for? This volume of Melissa Marr's series was quite intense. Everyone is at everyone else's throats over something. We are also introduced to the High Court, the court that almost never fully leaves the Faery realm. All the characters are forced to make hard decisions, decisions that could effect the balance of things everywhere. I did get a little tired of hearing Seth and Ash complain about their mortal/immortal situation. We realize this upsets you, I don't want to hear about it every 20 pages or so. However. this series just keeps going strong and it sounds like there may be more to come. I certainly hope so! 4/5
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Ok i kinda really hated this book. i know that sounds kinda harsh but really it was so boring Ash is an idiot because she just soooooooooooo stupid about Seth and Keenan. i really thought this whole book was useless. now don't get me wrong i love he series but i just really hated how slow moving this book was. sorry.
SeeMichelleRead More than 1 year ago
Diving right into the third installment of Melissa Marr's lush written Wicked Lovely series, I was immediately bombarded with the sense of barely controlled tension. After some tricky maneuvering in Wicked Lovely and Ink Exchange, Aislinn, Keenan, Seth, Donia and even Niall have all reached a somewhat tenuous balance but everyone knows the least little provocation could set off a war none of them can afford. Aislinn is thankfully settling into her role as co-Queen of the Summer Court but finding it daily harder and harder to hold Keenan at arms length when every instinct tells her she should get closer as summer draws nearer. And Keenan, well, he's never been a faery to miss a golden opportunity and he's not gonna budge an inch where Aislinn is concerned. He knows the stronger their bond is, the stronger the Summer Court will be and he's not going to let anything, let alone a mere mortal, get in the way of his goals. The mere mortal in question happens to be Seth - Aislinn's human boyfriend who is becoming increasingly frustrated with his mortality. Knowing he's too fragile and weak to truly protect Aislinn against any faery wishing her harm, he's stuck waiting on the sidelines, watching as Keenan draws her ever closer. This little love triangle is further complicated by Donia, who is slowly turning into the Ice Queen she truly is as she watches Keenan woo Aislinn while professing he truly loves only her. I'd be a little bitter too. And Niall? Well, we can all just sit back and appreciate the Dark Lord in action, because frankly, if I was the betting type, my money would be on him. Melissa Marr has such a way with words, sending her readers into this convoluted world full of court politics and murky relationships. Each individual Marr introduces is more alive and solid than the previous with each adding their own spin to events. Often while reading this series, I've found Ms. Marr's faeries to be remarkably human. That could be due to the fact that the boundaries between faery and mortal are so thin in her world - they go to the same night clubs, the same parks - and not surprisingly, they often seem to have more human than faerie qualities. That said, when Seth travels to meet Sorcha of the High Court of Faeries, I was so entranced with her complete 'otherness' as a quintessential faery. I should have fully expected that someone embodying Faerie would be a little bit different but I was surprised by how imperial everything about Sorcha and her court appeared. Just loved the contrast. There are so many characters to love in Fragile Eternity but I found myself constantly irritated with Aislinn. How did she stray so far from being one of my favorites? The girl makes some seriously deluded choices that made me want to strangle her. Out of every single character that has set foot in a Melissa Marr book, Niall has to be the winner - hands down. Who else could have began as a bodyguard and adviser and in one decisive step taken up the role of the King of the Dark Court and no one doubts for a minute that's where he belongs? That's right, NOBODY. I love his friendship with Seth and I love even more his barely controlled violence. He's freaking awesome.
thehushsoundroxsox More than 1 year ago
Well if you've read the first two books (Wicked Lovely and Ink Exchange) in this series then of course you must read Fragile Eternity. About: So, in this book Seth, Aislinn's mortal boyfriend, is struggling to keep Aislinn. He is determined to spend eternity loving Aislinn, not wanting to die and leave her with Keenan. Keenan wants to strengthen the Summer Court by really being with Aislinn, and throughout the story he tries to convince her. My Thoughts on the Book: Fragile Eternity was an alright book, not nearly as good as Wicked Lovely and Ink Exchange (Ink Exchange is my favorite ^.^). In fiction books there is usually a problem that is set out to be resolved through the plot. In Fragile Eternity, I felt that the "problem" was not the core of the book as I feel it should have been. As I was reading, the plot seemed to move along slowly and there were several unnecessary parts used just to fill pages. The story ended too abruptly; it felt more like the end of a chapter than the end of a book. I felt the story was not wrapped up well enough. The reader is left hanging with hardly a clue of what is going on, having to wait for the next book to get the rest. Please, do not get me wrong, although Fragile Eternity was disappointing, I did enjoy it. Having read the other books in the series, there was no way I could not. I hope I helped :D Happy Reading!
Anonymous 23 days ago
Melissa Marr is an amazing writer I love this world she created. Highly recommend.
AyleeArgh on LibraryThing 8 months ago
In short: Though I didn't love Fragile Eternity by Melissa Marr as much as the previous two books in the series, it was still a solid, entertaining sequel. I still hate Keenan.I've never written a review for a sequel in a series before (Ink Exchange didn't really count) so I am going to do my best to try to make this as vague as possible to avoid any spoilers.First off, let me say that I am glad I decided to read Ink Exchange instead of skipping it even though it wasn't technically a sequel. In Ink Exchange, the reader gains loads of information about the Dark Court. As the Dark Court is still integral to the plot in Fragile Eternity, I would have missed some significant developments had I chosen to skip it.Right at the start of Fragile Eternity, there's a promise of action the likes of which we haven't seen before in the previous books in the series. Unfortunately, this turns out to be a false promise because there wasn't really a whole lot going down for the first half of the book. There was a lot of talk of the impending doom of the world, but very little danger actually takes place. The majority of the drama in the story occurs in the complicated relationships. Of course, this is true for the previous books in the series as well but I was able to overlook that because that was during the still early stages of the series. I'm getting a bit impatient for some real action now that I'm more than halfway done the series.In case you were wondering, Keenan is still a selfish prick. He continues to manipulate both of his love interests for his own gain, blatantly leading them both on. He wants the total love and attention of both of them. And somehow they're both still forgiving and sympathetic towards him?! There were some hints that he feels bad for his actions, but I just don't buy his feelings.Okay, okay. Enough of the bad. Now let's talk about the good. I enjoyed the new reveals in the faery mythology. Whereas Wicked Lovely focused on the Summer and Winter Courts and Ink Exchange focused on the Dark Court, Fragile Eternity focuses on the High Court. I've really come to enjoy and appreciate this slow reveal of the Faery World that Marr has been doing with each book, learning about it all in bits and pieces rather than all at once.Although I didn't like Fragile Eternity as much as the first two books in this series, it was still a fairly entertaining read. I look forward to reading Radiant Shadows next!
dbhutch on LibraryThing 8 months ago
What is a decent guy to do? The girl you've waited to find, and to warm to you, and to get over being nervous around you turns out to be more than you ever expected. She's not just a girl you fell for, she's immortal, a fae. And not just any fae, but the Summer Queen, and therefore somewhat bound to the Summer King, the one who noticed her, and started her on her transformation from human to fae. Its not safe for you in her world, since you are human, and while she will barely age at all, you will age and die in what seems a blink to her. but she loves you, you love her, and you both are determined to make things work and be together. So what is your solution? For Seth, Asilinn's human boyfriend, the answer to him is clear. He needs to become fae as well. But that is not an easy task, for none of the fae he knows are willing to change him. So he seeks out the Queen of the High Court to ask her to make him an immortal fae so he can be with his love. But in the world of Farie, everything comes with a price. Will Seth be able to bear the price of the Queen to be with Ash? And will his bargain with her touch off a war in the world of Farie? Marr reveals these answers, and more in her 3rd installment of the Wicked Lovely series
millett23 on LibraryThing 8 months ago
I am giving this book only 2 stars due to me skipping through several of the middle chapters trying to find a moving forward point. I felt like the middle chapters were the same thing just repeated over. The begining and the ending were good, I just felt like there were unneeded chapters in the middle. It was like "we get it Aislinn is trying to resist Keenan and wants to be with Seth."
ericajsc on LibraryThing 8 months ago
Seth has always been my favorite character in these books, so I was excited to finally get to experience things from his perspective. And I must say that it only made me like him even more. This book focuses a lot of time on Aislinn as she attempts to acclimate to her new role as Summer Queen. Even though she came up with a plan to rule on her own terms ¿ Keenan would be her King, but Seth would be her partner ¿ things are more difficult than she expected. Not only does the Summer Court grow stronger if she and Keenan are together in every sense of the word, she has a strong connection to him and part of her is drawn to Keenan in every way. Obviously this poses some problems in her relationship with Seth. Some of Aislinn¿s choices in this book infuriated me, because even though she knows the situation she¿s in is precarious, she doesn¿t act in a way that is mindful of the other two people in the situation with her. While this made me want to throttle her, at the same time it works within the context of the story. What didn¿t work for me about Aislinn was that, despite the fact that she was highly distrustful of faeries before she became one, now that she is one she seems to have forgotten just how manipulative they can be while still abiding by the rule that they can¿t lie. While I can see that she¿d want to be able to trust Keenan implicitly, I don¿t know that she would be able to after so little time. Seth¿s role in this story took a not completely unexpected but nevertheless surprising turn. I say that because, while I would expect him to take the actions he does in this book, I was surprised that it happened in this book. But I¿m glad that it does, because I think these actions will force Aislinn to finally confront who and what she really wants, and also the truth about what kind of a ruler Keenan is capable of becoming. This seems to be the turning point in the series, and I like where the story seems to be headed. The only reason I didn¿t like this book as much as the others was that there seemed to be a lot of repetition throughout it, like characters constantly telling Aislinn how she can strengthen the Summer Court, which I felt could have been left out (or just not repeated as often) and the story would still remain the same
BeguileThySorrow on LibraryThing 8 months ago
Begins pretty slow but all the details are important to character development. Seth, Aislinn's human boyfriend plays a big role in this one. So does the High Court and Sorcha.
liddygw on LibraryThing 8 months ago
Fragile Eternity is the sequel to Wicked Lovely and Ink Exchange. I had read Wicked Lovely maybe a year before I finally purchased Fragile Eternity so I decided that it would make sense in rereading it, skipping Ink Exchange and going straight to Fragile Eternity. It was a pretty good plan, I got into the world that Melissa Marr had created but I also was able to pinpoint the more serious problems I had with the series.I would give Fragile Eternity 3 stars. 1 star for the name. 2 stars for the premise.I enjoyed the plot a lot, I'm always a sucker for Faery books, but I did not feel like I connected with the characters. The love triangle between Seth, Aislinn and Keenan, felt like it was more worried about than shown. I didn't understand why Aislinn was so in love with Seth and hated Keenan so much, other than that he is a faery. Thinking about it there are a couple reasons, but I felt that they were not expanded enough in the plot to really stick out while I was reading. Another thing that I did not enjoy about the Wicked Lovely series, is the writing. I found Melissa Marr's prose sometimes repetitive, clumsy, and confusing. A few of the descriptions were very beautiful, but as a whole the books did not have a smooth narrative.My last complaint is that I did not understand quite why the Summer Court, Winter Court, and the Dark Court would all be situated in Huntsdale, especially because in the beginning Aislinn makes it clear she moved to such an iron filled city to get away from Faeries, yet it happens that all the Courts end up being there? Or...did they all move for Aislinn?However, overall I did enjoy the books enough to read three of them, and once the fourth comes into paperback I will probably read that one too. So yes this series has its faults, but I still do think that it has a couple of plus sides (mainly the plot) that downplay the minuses for a fun, less serious, skimming read.
GRgenius on LibraryThing 8 months ago
Book 3 in the WICKED LOVELY series finds Aislinn faced with a tough whom does her heart truly belong? With Keenan, her Summer King? With Seth, her mortal boyfriend? She's just trying to find where she fits are several others characters, leading to a rather surprising ending. Definitely recommend this 3rd installment in the working my way through book 4....YAY!
cinnleigh on LibraryThing 8 months ago
A great continuation to the Wicked Lovely series and an interesting look into Melissa Marr¿s world of the Fae, FRAGILE ETERNITY turned out to be quite an interesting read. Having heard some mixed reviews about this one, I was a little nervous to see if this third installment could live up to the first two books. Following the incredibly intense Ink Exchange, FRAGILE ETERNITY could have easily floundered. Luckily, it didn¿t.While Ink Exchange took us over to watch the Dark Court, FRAGILE ETERNITY brings us back over to the lives of Aislinn, Seth, Donia, and of course our Summer King, Keenan. Struggling to find love where they can and fend off love where they shouldn¿t allow it, life is anything but easy for these four. While Aislinn and Keenan fight against the lusty call of Summer, Donia becomes absorbed in finding a way not to wage war against the Summer court. After all, the man who is supposed to love her can¿t help but find himself drawn to another woman. Amidst the chaos Seth finds the answer to his dreams, but will the required sacrifice be worth it?Seth and Keenan both soar to new heights in FRAGILE ETERNITY. We see a new, deeper side to Keenan that we hadn¿t really witnessed before. With Seth we begin to see the beginning cracks of insecurity. Aislinn¿s pull to Keenan isn¿t something he wants to witness but with no way to stop it, he¿s at a loss for what to do. I think readers will love Seth in this book as he really becomes the focal point of the story.The overall feel of FRAGILE ETERNITY was quite a bit different from Ink Exchange. Missing the deliciously dark, romantic element that the previous book held, this book stands out as more of a turning point in the series. We learn more about the world and get to meet a few more characters. It is still Ms. Marr¿s world of the Fae, so there is plenty of darkness thrown throughout the pages of this story, but overall it felt that the tension here wasn¿t as great as in previous books.Readers will enjoy getting a deeper look into Ms. Marr¿s world. Many of our questions are answered which, of course, only leaves us with more. One of my favorite aspects of her books is the way she manages to give us a fulfilling story without necessarily giving us a happy ending. Readers of Ms. Marr¿s work will understand what I mean. FRAGILE ETERNITY is certainly no exception to this, but there was something about it, something about the change in the characters that leaves me thrilled and excited for the next installment in the series.
sassybrunette on LibraryThing 8 months ago
this book was pretty good. fun to read and fairly easy. an enjoyable book in this wonderful series. Marr continues to entice us with her world of faeries, both good and bad, and continues to build on two characters who have to love each other and two that love each other but cant.
SaTh0921 on LibraryThing 8 months ago
This book never seemed to end, going on and on about a boring matter. It needed to have more excitement and action in it.
sithereandread on LibraryThing 8 months ago
Finally! I've been waiting to get this book to continue the story of Seth and Aislinn and how they end up happily ever after! Not quite. Melissa Marr does it again with keeping you on your toes until the very end and keeps you wanting more than when you started. In this novel, we get a deeper look into Seth's mind and how he feels about Aislinn and her role as Summer Queen. We see his jealousy and insecurities that were absent in Wicked Lovely.We are also faced with how the relationship between Aislinn and Keenan changes as the Summer season approaches. This love triangle was stepped up a whole knotch which made me read this book at lightning speed. The character shifts were superb to witness and it really did keep you guessing until the last chapter. The way Aislinn tried to balance her mortality to be with Seth and her faery nature as Summer Queen was heartbreaking. She wanted so much happiness for everyone it was almost impossible to succeed. When Seth decided to take it in his own hands, the balance was thrown out of whack and worlds were affected. The character of the Summer King, Keenan, was greatly changed with figuring out how to keep his Summer Queen happy for his faeries and keeping his one true love at the same time. And the natural lust that between the Summer Queen and King tested boundaries only understood by the faery world, which created such confusion for all three main characters.I really enjoyed the story that Marr created for these characters. It was true to life in the fact that not everything is easy or free and you must be willing to trade anything for the one you love!
Kr15tina on LibraryThing 8 months ago
*Contains Spoilers*I am not censoring this review because I want to just say my opinions without dancing around any potential spoilerish information. I also figure that many people have already read this series and if you haven't... well go and read them and start with book 1. In summary they are fantastic faery court books with lots of drama. I also didn't post reviews for the 1st 2 books because I had started rereading them earlier and wasn't posting much yet. I have not yet read Radiant Shadows nor Darkest Mercy and I can't wait to read them.My Biggest IssueI have not been the biggest fan of Ash and Seth being a couple, I have always been rooting for Ash and Keenan to finally find their love for each other and stop fighting destiny. I think my issues with Seth comes from personal bias, I don't find facial piercings attractive, not a huge fan of the emo look on guys and I really don't like guys who sleep around without being in a relationship (male sluts). All of these things have made Seth the guy I don't want to cheer for. On the other hand Keenan isn't my favorite type of male character either, he is self absorbed and thinks he is entitled to everything, but he is the faery king so he is warranted these qualities and even expected to have as a born faery king. Therefor I have given Keenan a pass on his less desirable qualities and crowned him with my approval.Getting Over My PrejudicesAs I was reading through Fragile Eternity I was coming to the realization I was rooting for the loosing teams and I had to go sneak a peak through the last pages of Darkest Mercy to see who would eventually end up with each other. With less than 100 pages to go I realized that I am going to have to see Seth's other attributes and blot out his not so desirable qualities. Seth is a very nice kind loving person and he is willing to sacrifice his human mortality for forever with Ash. Ash tried to love Keenan, but her heart beats for Seth. Donia loves Keenan no matter how many times he betrays her love. Keenan does actually love Donia and does everything completely wrong which is very pitiful and enduring.Still Love the SeriesEven though I am rooting for all the wrong love matches I still completely love the series. I love the faery courts, how dark and mischievous they truly are. The trials of love, loss, betrayal, friendship and many many more things.RecommendationGreat series to reread or to read for the first time.
keycat on LibraryThing 8 months ago
or some reason book #3, ¿Fragile Eternity¿, was a very difficult book for me to get through. This book brings us back to the saga of Aislinn, Seth and Keenan from ¿Wicked Lovely¿, Melissa Marr¿s first book in the series. Keenan finally has his Queen, Aislinn, ruling by his side yet her love for Seth keeps her from giving her heart to Keenan which would strengthen the court. Seth, a mortal, knows that his time with Aislinn is limited since he will one day meet his demise therefore Seth wants to find a way to become a fairy so he can live eternity with the love of his life. This book seemed to highlight character flaws in Keenan, Aislinn and Seth. Keenan was quite manipulative, Aislinn was extremely naïve and Seth was a bit weak. Yet these were all necessary flaws for the books conclusion. I was surprised at how weak Seth was portrayed but then again he was the only mortal so it does make sense. In this book we get acquainted with the High Queen, Sorcha, in the hidden city of Faerie. I found the scenes in Fairie to be a bit boring even though I know they were essential. At the conclusion of the book we are left with many unanswered questions. So much so that we are compelled to read the next book in the series.
shelleyraec on LibraryThing 8 months ago
I couldn't really get into Wicked Lovely and didn't like Ink Exchange much but I enjoyed Fragile Eternity. Not sure why exactly - perhaps I was just in the right mood. It was slow to start with and I nearly just gave up but I am glad I finished it.
macart3 on LibraryThing 8 months ago
After the debacle with her friend Leslie in "Ink Exchange", Aislinn's relationship with her mortal boyfriend Seth takes a turn for the worst when he disappears without a word and rumors fly that War, Bananach, is behind his disappearance. Compounding this situation is the advent of summer and Aislinn's lustful feelings with her growing connection to the Summer King, Keenan. Meanwhile, the Summer Court's former adviser, Niall, is ruling the Dark Court, which is clamoring for war to strengthen it since the peace between the Summer and Winter courts has weakened the Dark Court. But that peace between the Winter and Summer is precarious since Keenan still yearns for Donia, who has become queen of the Winter Court, but is enthralled by the connection to his Summer Queen.After getting off to a rather slow, but crucial, start, "Fragile Eternity" delves into the mounting tensions within the fey world following the recent monarchical ascensions. Primarily focused on Aislinn's attempts to balance the two world she inhabits and varying degrees of success. Extremely interesting if you are interested in word analysis and politics. It might be a little boring since there is no real resolution at the end and no action, or war, but rather the threat of it.