Fragile Tears: Stories and Guidance for Youth on the Passing Away of Beloved Animal Companions

Fragile Tears: Stories and Guidance for Youth on the Passing Away of Beloved Animal Companions

by Alan Blain Cunningham (Compiler)

Paperback(BOOK & CD)

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ISBN-13: 9781888106671
Publisher: Agreka Books
Publication date: 04/15/2005
Edition description: BOOK & CD
Pages: 103
Product dimensions: 8.12(w) x 9.98(h) x 0.26(d)
Age Range: 7 - 17 Years

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George, Our Pekingese

Dear Son,
I sit here as you come to me with tears in your eyes. You have just laid to rest a friend who has stood by you for twenty of your twenty-two years. For a few days you will remember him vividly. But then he will pass into the other special memories of your childhood as you go on to other pursuits and perhaps one day even replace him. You will never forget him entirely because he was your first pet.

He came to you with wagging tail and licking tongue when you were but a lad of two. He asked no quota of anyone, except love, a pat on the back, and food when hungry. In return, he gave of himself many fold - unconditional love at its best.

When young, he was full of life - enjoying everything to the fullest and making you and others around him feel good just by his antics.

As you grew into a teenager and were out at night, he waited up for you - no matter if it was midnight from a date or earlier in the evening from church or school. He knew you would be home by ten p.m. and in some way he knew when it reached that time. He began his vigil then, which often included more pacing than even I did. His curfew was tougher than mine.

Each morning he would wait at the head of the stairs for you to turn on your light, then would go about his business, knowing all was right with his boy. At other times he would stop, not bothering you, but watching his special friend study or read, and be content just to be near.

When you left home, he kept up the ritual, not understanding why the light no longer shone nor his friend appear and why no one waited up for you at night.

Advancing years caught up with him, as it does withall of us, and he began walking slower, with a touch of arthritis in his legs. He was happy to spend his time lying against the heater.

His teeth were knocked out when his legs gave away and he tumbled down the basement stairs. Gradually his eyesight failed and his hearing went, but still he didn't complain, asking only for love, food, and a warm place to sleep. Then, having lost his erception, he began going in circles when attempting to move alone. And yet, he remained a faithful friend.

Now he has left us, but his memory will always be with us and his presence felt in our heart - a small black Pekingese with his distinctive white markings.

Just a dog, although a female, named George.

Table of Contents

SECTION 1 - Tribute to a Best Friend.
Tribute To A Best Friend - Author Unknown.
The Fourth Day - by Martin Scot Kosins.
Angel - by Alan Cunningham.
Beau - by Laura Taylor.
Dolly - Author Unknown.
George, Our Pekingese - by Ann Shields.
I Stood By Your Bed Last Night - Author Unknown.
Henry, My Parrot - by Dale Layer.
Angel's Eyes - by Alan Cunningham.
Ole Blue: A Story for KD Lawrence - by Diane Hunter.
Jessie Saves the Day - by Wes Treptow.
I'm Not Here - Author Unknown.
Judy, "My Beautiful Girl" - by Debbie Pedersen.
Nicky's Life Was Way Too Short - by Doug Robinson, Deseret News columnist.
My Best Friend Pepper - by Ashley J. Sprankle.
Puffer - by Jane Meyer.
Our Beautiful Sophie - by Marisa McKinnon and Michele McKinnon.

SECTION 2 - Goodbye Good Friend.
A Letter to Pug - by Alan Cunningham.
Be Mine - by Alan Cunningham.
Yoshi - by Alan Cunningham.
Wings to Fly - by Isabel M. Gordon.
Preparing Children for Pet Loss - by Marty Tousley.
The Price of a Dog - by Neil Moss DVM.
St. Peter - Author Unknown.
Overcoming the Grief of Beloved Animal Companions That Have Passed Away by Alan Cunningham.
Additional Information on Pet Loss and Grief Support by Alan Cunningham.
Grief Counseling - by Alan Cunningham.
Euthanasia - by Alan Cunningham.
Belker - by Author Unknown.
Just A Minute - by Diane Hunter.

SECTION 3 - The Journey.
The Journey - by Crystal Ward Kent.
Simple Things: A Lullaby - by Alan Cunningham.
Small Wonders - by Alan Cunningham.
Rainbow Bridge - Author Unknown.
Simple Things - by Alan Cunningham.
My Prayer to You - byAlan Cunningham.
About the Author.
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