Fragment Earth - 003 - Cold Concept (English Edition)

Fragment Earth - 003 - Cold Concept (English Edition)

by Robert Skyler

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Fragment Earth - 003 - Cold Concept (English Edition) by Robert Skyler

An epic adventure into misunderstanding, this series of psychological short stories, explores the finer meaning of the meaningless meanings overlooked by understanding itself.
Cold Concept: Is Easy To Do
Sadly, among those tasks which we excel so greatly in numbers in, thinking cannot be counted. Yet if our history exhibits anything more than our gross capacity for violence, and deception thereof, it is surely that we can do more together than ever apart. The number of tasks a group can excel beyond the individual is countless: Together we hunt greater and gather more, travel farther for cheaper, dig faster and deeper, climb higher for longer; more only makes us stronger, though no body or group ever assembled has thought more freely by increasing its number.
Simple English: Sad, among those thing which we do so great in number in, think can-not be count. Yet if our history show any-thing more than our gross size for violent, and trick there-of, it is sure that we can do more together than ever apart. The number of thing a group can do beyond the person is count-less: Together we hunt great and hold more, travel far for cheap, dig fast and deep, climb high for long; more only make us strong, though no body or group ever made has think more free by more it number.
and Française Édition: Malheureusement, parmi ces tâches qui nous excellons tellement en nombre dans, la pensée ne peut pas être compté. Pourtant, si notre histoire présente quelque chose de plus que notre capacité brute de la la violence et la tromperie de ceux-ci, il est certainement que nous pouvons faire plus ensemble que jamais en dehors. Le nombre de tâches d'un groupe peuvent exceller au-delà de l'individu sont innombrables: Ensemble, nous chasser plus et de recueillir plus, voyager plus loin pour moins cher, creuser plus vite et plus profond, monter plus haut pour plus; plus seulement nous rend plus forts, mais pas de corps ou d'un groupe jamais réunie a pensé plus librement en augmentant son nombre.
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I was born once.
The doctor was late.
I made my own way out.
The nurse slapped my insolence.

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