Framework for Human Resource Management / Edition 2

Framework for Human Resource Management / Edition 2

by Gary Dessler
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Pearson Education


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Framework for Human Resource Management / Edition 2

A Framework for Human Resource Management provides students and practicing managers with a concise but thorough review of essential human resource management concepts and techniques in a highly readable and understandable form.

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ISBN-13: 9780130912824
Publisher: Pearson Education
Publication date: 06/28/2001
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 336
Product dimensions: 6.46(w) x 11.24(h) x 0.52(d)

About the Author

Gary Dessler has degrees from New York University, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and the Baruch School of Business of the City University of New York. Dr. Dessler’s best-selling Human Resource Management is also available in more than 10 languages including Russian and Chinese. Dessler’s other books include Framework for Human Resource Management, Fundamentals of Human Resource Management, Managing Now, Management: Modern Principles and Practices for Tomorrow’s Leaders, and Winning Commitment: How to Build and Keep a Competitive Workforce. He has published articles on employee commitment, leadership, supervision, and quality improvement in journals including the Academy of Management Executive, SAM Advanced Management Journal, Supervision, Personnel Journal, and International Journal of Service Management. As a Founding Professor at Florida International University, Dessler served for many years in its College of Business as Professor of Business, Associate Dean, and Chairman of the Management and International Business department, teaching courses in human resource management, strategic management, and management. For the past few years, Dessler has focused on his research and textbook writing, and on giving lectures, seminars, and courses in Asia and around the world on topics including strategic management, modern human resource management, evidence-based human resource management, and talent management.

Table of Contents

Preface     xi
Managing Human Resources Today     1
What Is Human Resource Management?     2
The Changing Environment and Duties of HR Management     6
The Strategic Role of Human Resource Management     10
The Human Resource Manger Today     16
The Plan of This Book     19
Case Incident: Jack Nelson's Problem     22
Continuing Case: Introduction     22
Experiential Exercise: Helping "The Donald"     24
Managing Equal Opportunity and Diversity     27
Selected Equal Employment Opportunity Laws     28
Defenses Against Discrimination Allegations     43
Illustrative Discriminatory Employment Practices     45
The EEOC Enforcement Process     48
Diversity Management and Affirmative Action Programs     51
Case Incident: A Case of Racial Discrimination?     57
Continuing Case: A Question of Discrimination     58
Experiential Exercise: Too Informal?     59
Recruitment and Selection
Personnel Planning and Recruiting     64
What Is Job Analysis?     65
The Recruitment and Selection Process     74
Workforce Planning and Forecasting     74
Recruiting Job Candidates     79
Developing and Using Application Forms     95
Case Incident: A Tight Labor Market for Cleaners     100
Continuing Case: Who Do We Have to Hire?     100
Experiential Exercise: The Nursing Shortage     101
Enrichment Topics in Job Analysis     106
Testing and Selecting Employees     116
The Basics of Testing and Selecting Employees     117
Using Tests at Work     121
Interviewing Prospective Employees     128
Using Other Selection Techniques     140
Case Incident: The Tough Screener     151
Continuing Case: Do You Have Sales Potential?     151
Experiential Exercise: The Structured Interview     153
Training and Developing Employees     159
Orienting Employees     160
The Training Process     161
Training Techniques     166
Managerial Development and Training     173
Evaluating the Training and Development Effort     180
Case Incident: Reinventing the Wheel at Apex Door Company     184
Continuing Case: The New Training Program     184
Experiential Exercise: Flying the Friendlier Skies      185
Training, Development, and Compensation
Performance Management and Appraisal     190
Basic Concepts in Performance Management     191
An Introduction to Appraising Performance     195
Basic Appraisal Methods     197
The Appraisal Feedback Interview     206
Toward More Effective Appraisals     207
Performance and Career Management     210
Case Incident: Back with a Vengeance     218
Continuing Case: The Performance Appraisal     218
Experiential Exercise: Appraising An Instructor     219
Compensating Employees     224
What Determines How Much You Pay?     225
How Employers Establish Pay Rates     228
Current Trends in Compensation     234
Incentive Plans     237
Employee Benefits     243
Case Incident: Salary Inequities at Acme Manufacturing     255
Continuing Case: The Incentive Plan     256
Experiential Exercise: Job Evaluation at the University     257
Managing Employee Relations
Ethics and Fair Treatment in Human Resource Management     262
Ethics and Fair Treatment at Work     263
What Shapes Ethical Behavior at Work?      266
Ethics, Fair Treatment, and the Role of HR Management     272
Employee Discipline and Privacy     276
Managing Dismissals     280
Case Incident: Allstate's Disappearing Agents     289
Continuing Case: Are Our Ethics Out of Control?     289
Experiential Exercise: To Discipline or Not?     290
Managing Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining     296
The Labor Movement     297
Unions and the Law     299
The Union Drive and Election     303
The Collective Bargaining Process     312
What's Next for Unions?     321
Case Incident: Disciplinary Action     325
Continuing Case: Keeping a Watchful Eye Out for the Union     326
Experiential Exercise: The Organizing Campaign     326
Protecting Safety and Health     330
Employee Safety and Health: An Introduction     331
What Causes Accidents?     335
How to Prevent Accidents     340
Employee Health: Problems and Remedies     345
Case Incident: The New Safety Program     356
Continuing Case: The New Safety and Health Program     356
Experiential Exercise: Checking for Unsafe Conditions      358
Managing HR Globally     363
HR and the Internationalization of Business     363
How to Implement a Global HR System     367
Improving International Assignments Through Selection     368
Training and Maintaining International Employees     374
Case Incident: "Boss, I Think We Have a Problem"     382
Comprehensive Cases     386
Glossary     403
Name Index     409
Subject Index     421


A Framework for Human Resource Management provides students and practicing managers with a brief and a lucid review of essential HR management concepts and techniques in a highly readable and understandable form. As expected, it has been used successfully in several situations: in modularized undergraduate and graduate courses that necessarily blend several topics (such as management and HR, or HR and OB); in college courses (such as those offered in quarters or shortened semesters) in which the professor wants a relatively brief treatment of HR; in more specialized HR courses such as "HR in high-technology companies"; and by practicing managers who want to update their HR skills with a brief and intensive review of the subject. The book's basic mission is to provide readers with a concise review of HR's core concepts and techniques, supported, for those who want it, by a complete multimedia and Internet-based learning package. Because all managers have personnel-related responsibilities, this book is aimed at all students of management, not just those who will someday be human resource managers.

The chapter titles are unchanged from the successful previous edition, but a number of other changes have been made. The research and topics throughout all chapters have, of course, been updated to reflect the latest findings and thinking in the HR field, and, in addition, a number of topics have been expanded in response to reviewer suggestions. Expanded coverage includes employment at will and dot-com company pay, for instance. Additional examples (including more small-business and global examples) have been added throughout the text. Because of the rapid deployment ofcomputerized techniques and information technology in HR, many more examples of HR technology, and Web-based HR are integrated throughout all chapters. Modern managers are constantly coping with an implementing change, and so the general topic of change and, specifically, examples of how HR management concepts and techniques can be useful in managing change have also been expanded.

I am, as usual, indebted to a great many people for their assistance and support in creating this book. At Prentice Hall, Natalie E. Anderson, editor-in-chief, first proposed this book to me, and was helpful in developing its basic content and theme. Melissa Steffens, managing editor, was very helpful in working with me as the writing progressed, and Shannon Moore, marketing manager, enthusiastically supported the project, provided important input from potential adopters, and gave me much-needed input and support. It is safe to say that I would not have even considered writing this book without the ongoing support and advice that I have always received from the professionals in Prentice Hall's sales representative organization. I appreciate my wife, Claudia, tolerating the many evening and weekend hours that I had to spend writing this book, and last, but by no means least, I appreciate the support and lessons learned from my son, Derek.

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