Framing Your World-Against All Odds

Framing Your World-Against All Odds


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In some ways this book reads like a narrative-novel. The author tells the story of faith-filled words by applying dynamic kingdom principles. “Framing Your World … settles the controversy between the Word of Faith and the Practical Application of Faith uttered in our words! The author puts flesh on the bones of invisible spiritual concepts and brings the principles of the Kingdom of God to life.

The narrative exposition in this book will take believers who desire more (spiritually and naturally) to a higher level to gain more. The author removes controversy from the message and presents a balanced Word that all can relate to. His calling and anointing are to demystify the power of words and bring what we say into practical gospel light. Join the journey as he builds his case for “Decreeing the Word.”

From chapter to chapter, it reveals God’s Hand behind the principles of reciprocity in the universe that operate from the throne of His Kingdom and causes what we “say” to work! Christ is the center of the universe and the source of our words producing results.

Anointed and inspired, Elder Gerald Smith Jr. points out why “Decreeing” should align with the “Things of God;” and why unforgiveness, bitterness, anger, jealousy, envy, regret, frustration, and hypocrisy become barriers that block the things of God from happening.

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ISBN-13: 9781732969162
Publisher: JJ Planter Books Editing & Self Publishing
Publication date: 01/24/2020
Pages: 144
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.31(d)

About the Author

Elder Gerald Smith, Jr. is the founder of GSJ Ministries located in Charlotte, North Carolina. Elder Smith operates under the Apostolic-Prophetic anointing. He empowers and imparts into the lives of those who are hurting, rejected, and lost. His call is to teach individuals to apply principles from God's Word to bring about change. His aim is to point believers in the direction of deliverance and let them know that it is still available today-in many ways like in Christ's day.
Gerald Smith Jr. is a Hartford Connecticut native. He pursued higher education by attending Norfolk State University in Norfolk, Virginia. He is currently seeking a degree in Psychology & Biblical Counseling from Ohio Christian University. He attends Light University and is a member of the American Association of Christians Counselors. He is a Board-Certified Christian Life Coach through the International Board of Christian Care. He is an entrepreneur and the Founder of Sound Mind Coaching and Consulting LLC. Gerald provides a Christian worldview and integrates sound biblical principles to help his clients grow, develop, and pursue their passion.
Elder Smith has passionately served in ministry for eighteen years. He has traveled to Trinidad and Tobago as a missionary to meet the needs of those less fortunate. He has served as a counselor for Christian Broadcasting Network in Virginia Beach, Virginia. That work in ministry gave Smith the opportunity to encourage, counsel, and empower people from all walks of life. The extent of Gerald Smith's ministerial reach expanded in 2001 when he answered the "call" to preach the gospel. That was the beginning of his elevation of service in the pastorate capacity. Although referred to as Pastor, his official title is Elder.
In 2004, Gerald Smith Jr. began his ministry as the Youth Pastor of the St. John's Full Gospel Deliverance Church in Bloomfield, Connecticut. He served in that capacity under the prolific leadership of Apostle John E. Wilson. He also served as the Chief Adjutant to Apostle John E. Wilson. Elder Smith also served as the youngest member of the Executive Board of the Church, and as Pastor Over Episcopal Ethics and Protocol of the church. He is a teacher, preacher, life coach, counselor and author of "Positioned to Prosper" (Serving in the Kingdom.) Today he continues his service as an Elder in God's Church. Elder Smith believes "We" can change a generation one life at a time.

JJ Planter became the AKA for Jarvis Jimmy as a Church Planter. The background of JJ Planter's writing skills comes from approximately 40 years of public speaking and formal writing. His experience begins with writing sermons, articles, how-to booklets, instructional manuals, and writing for different genres from play productions to developing readings about organizing and strategizing for reaching out into the community.
In 2004 while serving as a Mission Developer (Church Planter), JJ Planter was struck with the idea of creating a different pulpit platform for getting the "Word" out there. While serving as a professor at Charlotte Christian College and Theological Seminary in Charlotte, NC, in 2012, JJ Planter was enlightened on the lack of grammatical knowledge and writing skills of adult students and discovered a significant literacy problem within the urban culture. From that moment on, his conviction and drive were to put together the framework for JJ Planter Books Editing & Self Publishing and developing his "Writing with Flair" Grid Program-a writing industry/grammatical guide. JJ Planter Books launched in September of 2014 with the self-publishing of the founders' first book, "Season of Discontent" (A Visionaries True Confession).
JJ Planter Books is located in Charlotte, NC, and around the country through its online connection is a small editing/self-publishing service that offers budding/experienced authors a personal touch. Unlike the assembly line traditional/vanity publishers that see projects like numbers; JJ Planter Books personalizes service to the unique needs and vision of the author. The Editor-in-Chief says, "We are true self-publishers, which means you own the book and the process of producing your book. It's like you have edited, designed, and published your book because you have a 'say so' through the entire process from the beginning to the end of setting your price, commission for distributors and retailers. But we do all the complicated work of managing digital files and electronic processing."
As a BBB A+ accredited business, we provide high-quality work from our interfacing, interacting, interchanging editing process. We do not use the illegible markup method that edits the life out of your story like a professor correcting an essay. We apply informal grammatical/writing guidelines and formal writing techniques when necessary. Our cover designs are not amateurish looking templates, but story illustrations that convey a semblance of the author's story. Our interior design is aesthetic and laid out in a manner that creates a transitional flow from chapter to chapter, subhead to subhead, and paragraph to paragraph.

Table of Contents

Editorial (7-8), Acknowledgments (9-11), Foreword (12-13), The Introduction (Changing Your World: 14-23), Chapter 1 (Pre-Conceived Thinking—The Wilderness Mentality: 24-38), Chapter 2 (Decreeing The Word From A Transformed Heart: 39-53), Chapter 3 (Decreeing Christ's Word Or Your Word: 54-65), Chapter 4 (Elijah's Syndrome—Eating Your Words: 66-77), Chapter 5 (The Job Experience—Decreeing Destiny: 78-90), Chapter 6 (The Life Of Christ—Our Prime Example: 91-103), Chapter 7 (From Deliverance To Freedom: 104-117), Chapter 8 (Re-Conceptualizing Your World: 118-132), The Conclusion (The Battle For The Kingdom Of God & Your World: 133-138), About the Author (139-140), Notes (142-143)

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