by Robin L. Rotham

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BN ID: 2940161224137
Publisher: Robin L. Rotham
Publication date: 01/04/2019
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 202,774
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About the Author

When I complained of being bored the summer before 7th grade, my mother (who worked at a bookstore at the time) handed me a stripped copy of Victoria Holt's The Shivering Sands--and I was hooked. I became a voracious reader and an aspiring author, bringing home stacks of books from the library every single week. The next year, I did a school report on Ms. Holt and wrote to her asking for information. In reply, she sent me an autographed photo and a lovely two-page hand-written letter in which she encouraged me to follow my writing dreams. Sadly, both the photo and the letter were lost over many moves, but my writing dreams remained.

At 14, I tried to write my first two romances. The first was about a federal agent masquerading as a bank robber, and a smart-mouthed customer who drove a custom baby blue Trans Am named Shark. The "robber" stole Shark as his getaway vehicle and the heroine, Nicki, dove in beside him. That was as far as I got--I could never see beyond their flying down the highway bickering as they were chased by bad guys.

The second was a hot mess of an erotic Gothic paranormal involving an eighteen-year-old governess and the sixteen-year-old eldest son of the house, who made quite inappropriate advances toward her via astral projection while she slept. I wrote 100 pages front and back--in pencil--before I hit that I HATE point in the story and shoved it under my bed. When I retrieved it two years later, the lead was so smeared I couldn't read it. The End.

After that, I set my dream aside to address the more practical matters in life--matters like eating and putting a roof over my head. It took finding my own hero to reignite my passion for romance writing. More than 25 years after my last attempt, I bought a used laptop on eBay and wrote my first erotic romance.

Mr Robin and I have been married for more than twenty years; we live on a farm and have three wonderful kids. I love to hear from readers, so don't be timid about dropping by my website or blog to say hi!

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FrankenDom 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
DanaM More than 1 year ago
If your've read Robin L. Rotham's books before you're not bothering to read this review because you already know her books are a guaranteed great read. If she's a new author for you and your finger is hovering over the buy button just go ahead and give it a push...I promise you won't regret it. Frankendom is a twist, a seriously kinky BDSM twist, on the classic Frankenstein story. The author goes places that will leave you catching your breath,squirming in your seat and reading through the pages so fast you'll want to go back and read it again. I read a limited number of BDSM books only from my favorite authors. In the hands of someone less skilled, BDSM in books can just fall flat for me. No character development, no emotionally gripping storyline. All spank, no emotional bite. They're so heavy, they can bring you down. Let me assure you Ms. Rotham is a master! I loved the characters and their relationships with one another. The heroine completely gives herself over to the heros in ways you can't imagine and that wouldn't have worked for me if there wasn't a real, trusting and passionate relationship established. And you'll laugh, I promise. This book will take you through every emotion, each one helping to bulid a well-crafted story. So please let me implore you again...hit the buy button. If you're still not sure, if I told you this book was scorching, make your heartbeat feel like a jackhammer in your chest, hot...would that make the decision easier? I still need to fan myself off just thinking of some of the scenes from this book and I read it weeks ago. now your going to read it I'm sure. ENJOY!!!
SheriV More than 1 year ago
This is a great story. I haven't read a lot of Robin L Rotham's books. And to be honest this book intrigued me. It was hot and delicious and has made me a lifetime autobuyer of Ms Rotham's work. If you like great stories then you'll love this. :) I can't go into this story without giving anything away, I don't want to ruin the experience for you. I read this right around Halloween and it was the perfect read for the time. If you don't like stories when there is electrifying sex, then pass it up, but if you like a to push your boundaries then push that buy button now!
smg5775 More than 1 year ago
Julian was the doctor that Colin and Rachel both interned under. Years later Julian is working on a project with Colin and they need Rachel and make her an offer she cannot refuse. Rachel always felt her submissive self come out when around Julian. She also had feelings for Colin. Until meeting Colin again she did not know how strong her feelings were for him. As they work together, their triangle falls into place. This is a totally different read. I was not sure when I bought it if I would like it but I decided to give it a try. Am I glad I did! I loved it. I loved the dynamics working between Julian, Colin, and Rachel. I liked that the answers were not easy for them nor were they clichéd. The three of them had to work out what was best for them all. Colin always knew but Julian and Rachel had to discover how they fit in the triangle. The BDSM is intense. The story unique. If you are looking for something different to read, this is it.
debruth More than 1 year ago
I don't know what it was about this book, bt I liked it. Enough to buy a sequel if one comes out.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Long bdsm fict story that was quite interesting and just WAY different than anything ive read! I read because of the medical story line because of my medical background and kept open mind KNOWING IT WAS FICTION! I was shocked at many different times BUT amazed at alot! How does one write something like this is what i kept asking myself***in the end i can say that robin did a beautuful job of showcasing a fascinating love filled relationship that i found quite difficult to imagine yet unable to not pull myself away from reading the extremely painful physical/emotional situations occuring throughout! Quite a fictional piece of work that i'm sure contained alot of play that i have NO experience with but can be more open minded about ***** :) well done! And anyone reading this must read NOT SO TINY TIM TRACI W!!!! :)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
TinaB0917 More than 1 year ago
This book is very unique in my opinion. It was interesting trying to figure the relationship dynamics between everyone.  Rachel is empathetic in nature where Colin is cocky and Julian is untouchable (in her opinion). I loved the scenes that they did and how Rachel had almost no inhibitions last times. The fact that she doesn't let anyone or anything alter her ethics/beliefs is admirable, in my opinion. It took some time for her to come to terms with her feelings, but I really enjoyed the outcome. There is harder BDSM in this one than I have read before, but it didn't even make me hesitate even when I cringed. I am hoping the author does another story with some secondary characters.
MissRaeRae More than 1 year ago
Very good. I was worried it would be weighed down with medical crap but nope, very thankful for that. There was more M/M action than I was expecting but I still really enjoyed it!
Fictional_Candy More than 1 year ago
AMAZING This book made my freaking favorites list with a hard smack. Do I recommend this book to readers? Hell yes I do. Whenever I read a new-to-me author, I’m a bit cautious. It could go either way. I could love them or I could hate them, or they could just underwhelm me overall. But Robin L Rotham has knocked my socks back and stole the breath from my lungs with this book.  The characters are fantastic. Rachel McBride is our heroine, and she is an awesome vascular surgeon. You get a little bit of back history with her, and you see how she knows Colin Carter and Julian Kilmartin. Rachel dated Colin for a bit, and he showed her a bit of the BDSM lifestyle. As it turns out, she is a natural, and conventional ways of loving it up just don’t do it for her. But being a sub does. All I can say is “You freaking go, girl!” I love that she recognized this in herself and encouraged it. But things end badly with her and Colin and he disappears – for five freaking years!!! Ooooh my god, I can’t even tell you how mad that would make me. I’m not sure I would be able to look at Colin without being in a bad mood, but when Rachel does, and you get all the reasons why you can’t blame her. And Colin is there to offer her a job with him and Julian in Europe. Yep, my bags would be packed. Colin and Julian were fabulous.  Hell, all of the characters in this book are amazing.  But the three main characters were nothing short of terrific.  They were multi-dimensional and very compelling.  Even at their worst, I found myself caring for them. You know, I read a lot of BDSM titles. I love the sex. When these people get it on and let their inhibitions loose, it’s a very erotic thing to witness. But when a lot of people who don’t read BDSM erotica probably don’t understand is that the level of emotion is usually amped up to a thousand. To trust someone, to call them Sir or Master, to even put your life in their hands at times is not something taken lightly. There is no exception in this book. There are scenes in Frankendom that will rip your heart in two, and sew it back together. I’m serious, the emotions are on high in this book and I can’t tell you how much it pleased me to the very end.  But hey, this is a BDSM erotica book, so that means there is sex, too, right? HELL YES. The sex in Frankendom is electrifying. There are some new things I had heard about, but never read about, but they were done well and with class. It was all a turn on. There are some things in here I am definitely putting on my bucket list, that’s for damn sure. There are multiple Doms, multiple subs, male on male, male on female, two males on female… flogging, caning, anal play, and oh so damn much more. I borrowed this book through Amazon lending, but you can be sure I am buying it.  The BDSM aspect is not the only thing going on here. You also have the whole reason they are in Europe to begin with, and that is amazing in itself. I almost dare say some readers will have more issue with that than the extremely creative and intimate sexual activity.  So yes. This book is going on my favorites list. It will be recommended and talked about for a while. So if you know me, I hope I don’t talk your ear off. Do yourself a favor and read the book, and let’s talk about it together!  (oh, and the cover – FREAKING HOT!!! )
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Really enjoyed this book! Wish it had another 100 pages or so once the pecking order was set...
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A young girl gets a shower in her bathroom. She gets out and stats putting on a towel.