Frankenstein Resurrected

Frankenstein Resurrected

by Joseph Jr Covino


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ISBN-13: 9780943283098
Publisher: Joseph Covino Jr.
Publication date: 01/21/2005
Pages: 392
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.87(d)

About the Author

JOSEPH COVINO JR is a creative multi-genre novelist and the on-demand publisher for EPIC PRESS books. He's also an all-natural classic physique physical culturist and practitioner of the health and fitness principles pioneered and perfected by champion world-class bodybuilder icon and filmdom's one and only original "Hercules": STEVE REEVES. An expert fitness trainer and consultant, he's certified by the American Council On Exercise(ACE), International Sports Sciences Association(ISSA), National Academy of Sports Medicine(NASM), National Council on Strength and Fitness(NCSF), National Federation of Personal Trainers(NFPT)and the National Strength and Conditioning Association(NSCA).

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Frankenstein Resurrected 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Joseph Covino¿s rendition is an intellectual, pastoral narrative in the tradition of Mary Shelley¿s original.---Chiaroscuros, the black and white defined objects, are so finely drawn in this most exquisitely written derivative. These rich images of characters and lands are described in meticulously well-researched detail. The emotions are intensely powerful and tender. I felt as if I were standing on the ice beside the polar bear watching that memorable addition to this Arctic scene unfold. Mr. Covino deliberately wrote this complex beginning in such a hauntingly beautiful monochrome.---And then the paint-box lid opens. The rhythm of the story speeds up a couple of gears just as the creature comes to life.---Within the context of Victor¿s salvation, we meet Dracula¿s Dr. Abraham Van Helsing and the boy, John Seward. Since this is the first title in a trilogy, we¿re sure the other tales will be as artfully woven.---This being a Christian parable, it is fitting that Paracelsus was one mentor to Victor. He was devoutly religious as is young, insightful Safie, the ¿Sweet Arabian¿. It seems as though their spirits have meshed and that she embodies his philosophy and gives it gentle voice.---¿Paracelsus was quite right¿corruption is the beginning of all birth, and that decay transforms shape and substance¿the forces and virtues of Nature. Decay is the instigator of prodigiously great things! It prompts many things to rot so that a noble fruit might be given birth, for it¿s the reversal¿the death and destruction¿of the natural essence of all natural things. It generates the birth and rebirth of creations a thousand times regenerated.¿---Beautiful passages of profound ideas and sensitively chosen words, FRANKENSTEIN RESURRECTED is triumphant. It is a clearly and thoroughly creative, cinematic journey to encounter the human soul.