by Mike Dellosso
4.6 11


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Frantic 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
tross39 More than 1 year ago
When I pick up a novel authored by Mike Dellosso, I expect to find an interesting storyline, well-crafted characters with flaws and vulnerabilities, and an overarching message of hope, faith and the love of God. Frantic did not disappoint me in the least. My only complaint with the story was that it seemed to wrap up too quickly; I would've enjoyed seeing it carry over into a sequel. (For that matter, I thought Mr. Dellosso's Darlington Woods deserved a trilogy!) An added bonus is that Mr. Dellosso steadfastly refuses to add profanity, excessive gore or sexual situations to his books. His writing is further proof that none of those things are requirements for good, crisp storytelling. As a Christian author, I'm always pleased to see fellow writers take the high road. I look forward to adding more Mike Dellosso books to my collection. If he isn't on your shelf yet, I recommend you find a place for him. Mike Dellosso is an author with something to say.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Another great book by Mike Dellosso. What can I say that hasn't already been said. I sit and read on the edge of my seat. Never a dull moment and don't want to miss one single word. When I was reading this book I actually ask my husband to quit talking, something I always want him to do. He took it as a good sport knowing how I am when I read. I love that the author makes me realize that whatever evil is in the book can only be defeated when certain characters realize that the can only win and overome when every part of our being is filled with full faith and giving our lives to God for his glory.
TWJohnson More than 1 year ago
This novel goes from 0 to 60 in the first sentence and only gets faster. Frantic (aptly named) by Mike Dellosso is a tremendous psychological horror thriller held in check by the author's deep understanding of faith (which he knows about first-hand) and charity. Why is it so difficult to find content with this level of quality and morality all rolled into one? This book needs to be made into a movie.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
sunshineJB More than 1 year ago
Marny Toogood’s life is about to change. Marny works as a gas station attendant at the Gas ‘n Go. It was on a hot Saturday morning in Maine when a faded blue 1990’s Ford Taurus pulled up to the pumps for gas. The driver neither smiled nor looked at Marny when he said, “Fill it up. Regular.” Marny noticed a woman in the backseat who appeared to be in her early twenties. He watched the woman as he pumped the gas. When their eyes met he noticed that sadness and doom shone in them. After the car drove away Marny noticed a crumpled piece of paper on the ground where the Taurus had been parked. He picked it up and smoothed it out. Written in all capital letters was a message: HE’S GOING TO KILL ME. Frantic is a book that once you begin reading it you literally can’t put it down. It draws you in for the need to know what happens next. This book will fill you with terror for the good characters. You are on edge as each scene of horror unfolds and relief when each scene of horror for the time being is over. The problem is this goes on through out the entire book. Evil is real and it is out to get Marny and anyone else that he is involved with. The author’s characters are real to the reader and the majority of the characters in this book are plain evil to their very core. Will good win out over evil? Will Marny have the faith, hope, and trust that he so desperately needs? Will he let go and let God? This is the first book that I have read by this author. It won’t be the last. I have the book Scream and I am looking forward to reading it. Coming out in October 2012 is “A Thousand Sleepless Nights.” That book is going on my TBR list!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
onedesertrose More than 1 year ago
Marnin (Marny) Toogood has had a curse on his life since he was born, according to his Grandpa. Unfortunately, Marny has believed this lie and the guilt of all the subsequent circumstances in his life. The beginning of this batch of curses started with a lazy day at the filling station, playing checkers with his boss, Mr. Condon. It was a full-serve station (remember those?), and a new car arrived with a male driver and a young girl in the back seat that he’d never seen before. Small town, Marny recognizes every car that comes through. After Marny filled the car up, he found a dropped message that put him on the heels of salvation for Esther Rose, and subsequently, her brother, William, from their “uncle” Gary. William had a deformity, but also had a ‘special gift’ according to Gary. Thus it was his job to care for and ‘save’ William. Upon Gary’s capture of the three young people, the three worked to get away that night. Succeeding, they drove to Esther’s estranged Dad. He was no better, and captured Esther and ran. From the moment Marny saw the car at the station, to the end of the book, is a literal frantic passage of circumstances that one is hard put to understand. A nightmare! About the time you figure the young people had escaped a horrible trap, in rushes another. This repeats itself in rapid succession in totally new ways that keeps you reading well into the night. Yes, it’s a fast read, but it’s packed with scenarios that come out of the twilight zone–thus the title of my blog, “frantic nightmares…of reality” for everyone involved. Mike is able to satisfy both your mind and soul. The wretchedness of men, who are caught up in the occult, childhood calamities, and revenge versus the faith of William as he encourages the others to pray. The characterizations are complete, though some are uncomfortable and horrific. The dialogue fits into the wretched scenarios. Your heart is touched by the all that the young people have endured, both before and during this chain of events. Your mind is on overdrive trying to figure out who, why and how in every situation. Your adrenaline is pumped! FRANTIC ramps up to be the best thriller by Mike to date! If you love a great thriller, this is one book you will not want to miss! Start to finish, you’re hooked. Test yourself to figure out the reasons behind the bizarre behaviors before you are done reading. Is there a solution? A reconciliation? A restoration? It’s there for the asking. Will anyone ask? This book was provided by the author, Mike Dellosso, as part of The Darlington Society, in exchange for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was exchanged.
NicolePetrino-Salter More than 1 year ago
Mike Dellosso writes what some of us call "Christian Horror". Not a popular term with CBA publishers, but those of us who read (and/or write) Christian fiction recognize exactly what this term means when it applies to Mike's writing. And it's a good thing. Frantic is Mike's fifth novel and releases in February of 2012, published by Realms, a division of Charisma House Book Group. Frantic feels different from Mike's four preceding novels in that there's less horror and more psychological tension. It's a borderline thriller except for the pace moves more deliberately than fast while sustaining the taut storyline of the three main characters being pursued by a clearly confused nemesis who desires to protect one of the three with no regard for anyone else. That one character to be protected at all costs is a seven year old boy named William with a withered arm and hand due to cerebral palsy. Gifted with supernatural faith, young William manages to keep his stoic calm through the worst of the chase. Gary, the man who wishes to capture and protect William, considers him to be the anointed one. Gary listens to the condemning voices of instruction which assault his mind and compel him to do anything and everything to find William once he and his older sister Esther escape Gary's charge. Marnin (Marny) Toogood perpetually acknowledges the curse of his difficult and tragic upbringing, knowing if he gets too close to anyone, something terrible will happen to them. His mother, his friends, and now the strangely attractive young woman in the back seat of a car with its hulking driver getting gas at the station where Marny works, glaring at him, and remaining speechless no matter how hard Marny tries to make conversation. A tattered note left on the ground for him to discover sends Marny on a dangerous rescue mission. The plot elements in this story keep developing through the harrowing adventures of the escape that Marny manages with Esther's and William's assistance. With numerous cold-blooded murders and plenty of imaginative supernatural events, Frantic depicts the power of darkness while contrasting a conflicting light in the same individual. Mike's creative use of the supernatural elements make this a compelling story of danger, hope, fear, sacrifice, faith and love. The twist won't be a surprise to some readers, but even so it demonstrates the extremes of a corrupted love gone wrong. For me there's an underlying commentary on Christianity in this novel. The harm of legalistic religion applied to the faith and freedom that Jesus brings can drive some people to extreme levels and perhaps cause irreparable damage. Contrasted to that is the clear love of a little boy who can trust and access the God of the universe, believing that He alone can solve any situation no matter how grim or threatening. His solid simple faith is an example to us all but also a reminder that the Lord chooses individuals for special giftings and honors their obedience to Him. All of this is shown organically within the confines of the story and character development. Technically speaking, there's some very good writing in Frantic. Mike seems to add a new dimension to his repertoire with Frantic and does it well. An interesting story with intriguing and unusual characters, major tension, some bizarre twists, and a satisfactory ending. Recommended for those who read Christian horror, enjoy thrillers and/or supernatural suspense.
Melin_Williams More than 1 year ago
Marny Toogood was a man plagued by death and tragedy from birth, and the ‘curse’ shaped his entire life. He feared for anyone he came across, sure their close proximity to him would end badly for them. But a crumpled note thrown out of a car window and the pleading blue eyes of Esther drew him to her, curse or not. ‘Frantic’ draws the reader into non-stop, on the edge of your seat action from the moment the story begins until the last page. Marny tries his hardest to keep Esther and her young brother, William, safe from the madman who kept them prisoner, but they barely manage to stay a step ahead in an endless pursuit with nowhere safe to go. 'Frantic’ not only delivers on the action, it’s also filled with the deep truth that nothing is more powerful than faith in almighty God. With a beautifully blended story of heartache, fear, faith, and grace, Mike Dellosso once again pulls the heartstrings, intrigues the mind, and takes the reader on a thrill ride that is sure to entertain and enlighten.
JGChristian More than 1 year ago
What makes a book worth reading? What really compels us as readers to pick up a book and begin the sometimes tedious, but often exhilarating journey that lies within the covers? Is it our need to be scared? Is it the want for a hero? Whatever you are looking for in your next journey through the pages, "Frantic" by Mike Dellosso will fulfill your deepest desires for thrills, scares, deep meaning, and ultimately a satisfying way to spend your time. The story of Marny Toogood is one of a moment of complete chance, or fate?, or divine appointment?, what someone does in that moment, and the fallout of one choice to do the right thing. "Frantic" takes the reader on a nerve jarring ride through the backwoods of Maine, into the depths of the human psyche, and even further into the human soul. It explores the lengths that some people will go in the name of God to "serve Him". The characters are well developed and deeply drawn out. The reader never once wonders what is going through the minds of the players. This is one well written story. If you haven't encountered Mike Dellosso's work before, purchase "Frantic" and when it arrives grab a cup of coffee, a warm blanket, and a comfy place to sit and prepare yourself for a journey you won't soon forget. "Frantic" will stay with you long after you turn the final thought provoking page.
SusanSnodgrass More than 1 year ago
Marny Toogood has been told all his life that he's cursed. He's been told this so much and so often he believes he is indeed cursed. But one day he pumps gas into a car with a scared young woman in the back seat. When the car drives off, Marny discovers the girl threw a crumpled piece of paper outside. Marny takes one look at the note and decides his life is cursed anyway. He may as well try to help the young woman. From that moment on, this book is aptly named. Reading Frantic is like being on a roller coaster ride that will not let you off. Frantic is frantic all the way through. The characters the reader meets are real people, not simply characters in a book, and we root for Marny and his little group. This book is about keeping your faith when everything around you---everything---is falling apart and death seems to be breathing down your neck. Don't miss Frantic!