Fraulein: The Classic Years

Fraulein: The Classic Years

by Bobby HelmsBobby Helms

CD(Box Set)

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Fraulein: The Classic Years is a double-disc collection that contains all of Bobby Helms' Decca recordings, including "Fraulein," "My Special Angel," "Jingle Bell Rock," "Just A Little Lonesome," "Jacqueline," "New River Train" and "Lonely River Rhine." In addition to the well-known songs, Fraulein also includes several unreleased songs, alternate takes and failed attempts at crossover hits. While the packaging and sound is superb, the set is simply too extensive for anyone but dedicated fans. Casual fans will find cuts like "Captain Santa Claus" and "I Guess I'll Miss the Prom" extraneous, and they'd be right -- it's the kind of material that only appeals to hardcore collectors, and Fraulein is designed for them.

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Release Date: 06/27/1994
Label: Bear Family
UPC: 4000127155948
catalogNumber: 15594


Disc 1

  1. Tennessee Rock 'N' Roll
  2. I Need to Know Now
  3. I Don't Owe You Nothing
  4. Sowin' Teardrops
  5. (Got A) Heartsick Feeling
  6. Far Away Heart
  7. Just a Little Lonesome
  8. (Now and Then There's) A Fool Such as I
  9. I'm Leaving Now (Long Gone Daddy)
  10. Tonight's the Night
  11. Jingle Bell Rock
  12. Captin Santa Claus
  13. No Other Baby
  14. Standing at the End of My World
  15. My Shoes Keep Walking Bak to You
  16. New River Train
  17. A Hundred Hearts
  18. Hurry Baby
  19. Sad Eyed Baby
  20. Someone Was Already There
  21. To My Sorrow
  22. Lonely River Rhine
  23. Then Came You
  24. Just Between Old Sweethearts
  25. I Can't Take It Like You Can
  26. My Greatest Weakness
  27. Yesterday's Champagne
  28. Yesterday's Lovin'
  29. Hangin' Around
  30. Freedom Lovin' Juy
  31. I've Never Seen Anyone

Disc 2

  1. Fraulein
  2. Most of the Time
  3. My Special Angel
  4. Just a Little Lonesome
  5. The Magic Song
  6. Sugar Moo
  7. School Boy Crush
  8. If I Only Knew
  9. Love My Lady
  10. Playting
  11. Jacqueline
  12. Living in the Shadows of the Past
  13. Forget About Him
  14. I Guess I'll Miss the Prom
  15. Miss Memory
  16. Soon It Can Be Told
  17. The Fool and the Angle
  18. Someone for Everyone
  19. Yesterday's Champagne
  20. Lonely River Rhine
  21. How Can You Divide a Little Child
  22. Borrowed Dreams
  23. You're the One
  24. I Want to Be With You
  25. You're No Longer Mine
  26. My Lucky Day
  27. Let Me Be the One
  28. Guess We Thought the World Would End
  29. Teach Me
  30. One Deep Love
  31. Once in a Lifetime

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