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Freak of Nature

Freak of Nature

4.1 49
by Julia Crane

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Donate Body to Science. Check.

When seventeen-year-old Kaitlyn checked the box, she never suspected she'd have her life-and her body-stolen from her. She awakens one day in a secret laboratory to discover that her body is now half-robot and is forced to hide her own secret: that she still has human emotions and a human mind. If the scientists who made her find


Donate Body to Science. Check.

When seventeen-year-old Kaitlyn checked the box, she never suspected she'd have her life-and her body-stolen from her. She awakens one day in a secret laboratory to discover that her body is now half-robot and is forced to hide her own secret: that she still has human emotions and a human mind. If the scientists who made her find out, they'll erase what remains of who she was.

Kaitlyn finds an unlikely ally in Lucas, a handsome, brilliant scientist who can't get over the guilt he feels knowing she was once a vibrant, beautiful young woman. He never expected a science project to affect him the way she does. As he tries to help her rediscover her past, he finds himself falling for the brave girl struggling to find her place and acceptance between the human and computer worlds.

*For mature teens due to some sexual content.

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Valknut Press
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Meet the Author

Julia Crane is the author of the YA paranormal fiction novels: Keegan's Chronicles, Mesmerized and Eternal Youth. Julia was greatly encouraged by her mother to read and use her imagination, and she's believed in magical creatures since the day her grandmother first told her an Irish tale. Julia has traveled far and wide to all the places her grandmother told her about, gaining inspiration from her journeys to places like Nepal, Cyprus, Sri Lanka, Italy, France and many more. And who knows? Maybe the magical creatures she writes about are people she met along the way.

Julia Crane has a bachelor's degree in criminal justice. Although she's spent most of her life on the US east coast, she currently lives in Dubai with her husband and three children.

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Freak of Nature 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 49 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Girl gets into accident. Ends up in a lab after and made to be a cyborg. Girl falls in love with her programmer. Programmer busts her out. I dont know how in hell this is a "beautiful, action packed story". There wasn't even enough description in the "action parts". When she was supposed to be having a paintball fight, the descriptions were like "in two minues she found her target and took them down" a perfect example of mediocre and vague writing. In the beautiful" parts, there were phrases like "this was a dream come true". She's a freaking cyborg. Come on! Use some less cliche phrases! The whole time I was reading this novel my emotions ranged from annoyed to bored. This was a quick, generic read. Nothing special.
ktgrl4books More than 1 year ago
 I got this book from the author for an exchange for an honest review. I am gonna try my best not to spill my guts about the WHOLE book!! Wow! Who knew donating your body to science could come out with such an amazing outcome in the end! Freaks of Nature was a great refreshing and original read! I was really captured by the cover at first and couldn't wait to get my mittens on the book! I really enjoyed this book, it was an easy read that flowed wonderfully and sucked you in right away making you fall in love with it. Throughout the book you follow two of the main characters POV's, Kaitlyn and Lucas of which I loved! Julia did an amazing job creating both sides of their emotions throughout the book! Kaitlyn died tragically when she was 17 andd had checked the box to donate her body to science, little did she know that she would turn into a cyborg in the future! You follow Kaitlyn through her turmoil of not remembering anything from her past and her dealing with her emotions, not only does she not understand them but she has to hide them in fear that they will be erased by the team at IFICS. Come to find out shes not the only one covering up their feelings! Now lets talk about Lucas, I believe he will be my new book b/f for the week!! Not only does he sound super hot but he has an amazing heart! He not only is willing to give up his life for Kaitlyn but actually puts it all on the line helping her. You also get to meet another great character, Quess, Kaitlyn's only friend. She was really funny and I enjoyed the humor she brought into the story, I really hope to see more of her in the next book! There will be another book right Julia LOL! I NEED to know what happens! Can we say Cliffhanger!!!! I fully recommend this book to any and all readers looking for a great book! 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was an amazing read! I fell in love with the characters almost automatically. Hopefully a second book in the series comes out soon. Kaitlyn is amazing and I hope to see her in some real action soon.
kcody03 More than 1 year ago
When everything else about you has been changed can you still be you? This is a story about a girl who after a tragic accident becomes the newest science experiment and her path to find herself again. Kaitlyn doesn't remember anything about her past, but despite the scientists best attempts she still has her human mind and emotions. I really enjoyed the two different points of views both from Kaitlyn and Lucas. Their was a lot of secrecy involved and figuring out what was going on and what they had planned for Kaitlyn was a fun experience. Kaitlyn is a brave and strong willed girl. I really felt for her and admired her courage in such a dangerous situation. She doesn't want to lose her human thoughts and emotions and does what she needs to do to protect them. I also liked to see her develop relationships with other people like Lucas and Quess. Her and Quess are best friends, but have to interact with each other secretly so their way of communicating is really interesting. Quess understands Kaitlyn even when she must act like a machine and she does her best to help Kaitlyn in any way she can. Lucas is one of the scientists working on Kaitlyn and he becomes attached to Kaitlyn. He is confused and afraid of his growing feelings at first, believing Kaitlyn is just a robot. He was an interesting character and although sometimes misguided he is kind and courageous. When he finds out the truth about Kaitlyn he doesn't hesitate in trying to find a way to stop what is being done to her. His relationship with Kaitlyn is really sweet and I loved seeing how they both brought out the best in each other. The only thing that I didn't like about this book was its length. I wish it was much longer, but it was still a fun and interesting read. I highly recommend this story to any science fiction fans looking for a cute and action filled romance. flag
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Excuse me while I run around my house and share awesome scenes of this book with my brother... This book was incredible. I nearly passed it up because it fell in the doomed category of New Adult, which if I'm being honest has become saturated with so much cliches and tropes that I have started to lose faith in it. Well, then Freak of Nature came along! This story was amazing. To the point where I believe I read this in total for about 12 hours (I had to sleep don't judge me) The story-line flowed effortlessly. The lead character was amazingly likable. The author did something that is very rarely done in this New Adult genre--she wrote in third person and she got into all the characters heads. She made you totally empathetic to Kate and what had been done to her (against her will), and how no matter how much they made Kate a Cyborg her own human mind overrode programming to maintain her emotions and her free mind. I don't think I have seen a Cyborg movie as good as this book was. I was totally drawn into this world that appears to be set in now--2014 I believe, but still, the really current future. I loved the subtle romance element that they tossed in. They didn't beat you over the head with it like a sledgehammer they eased you into the idea. Kate is a powerfully written female lead that I would LOVE for my daughter to read when she got old enough to read this book with the slight sexual content that is in it. It is very hard to put into words why I think people should read this book. Mainly, it was a great journey. The author is just a damned good writer and weaved a story that showed you the evolution of not just one character but all of them. I am very intrigued by Erik--her new partner. I keep thinking of Ray Stevenson when I think about him. I see Ksenia Solo as Kate, and I kinda see Kellen Lutz as Lucas because I think he could pull off 'pretty nerd'. I am so glad I decided to jump my netgalley list and read this. The only problem is, I am not waiting on book two, and I now have to read all Julia's other books! This book is so far the best book I have read in 2013. I promise I'm not gushing, it is just fact. It is everything a new adult book should be. *I received a copy of this book from Julia Crane/Indie Inked via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.*
bkwrm29 More than 1 year ago
The Plot. I really enjoyed the concept of this book and I liked the uniqueness of the story line. The author did a great job of pulling this book together and I loved the idea of a girl who donates her body to science and is then built into a robot. Not only was the story-line very unique but the book had a great flow that made for easy reading. I also thought that the author did a great job of keeping Kaitlyn in a robotic tone of voice throughout the book. The only part I didn’t like was when Kaitlyn met her boyfriend from when she was alive, I thought that the scene was very rushed and there wasn’t a clear idea of what was happening. Otherwise the book was really good. Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn was an interesting character because of how her internal thought sounded and read like a robot would probably think like. I felt that a lot of scenes of her life during the book were very blurry and there wasn’t a clear focus on what was going on. I did wish in some parts of the book that she was a little more human-like because I felt like her monotone was not needed in some areas.  Lucas. I really liked the parts of the book that were from Lucas’s view because it was nice to read about someone who seemed to have actual emotions. I didn’t understand how Lucas could fall in love with someone that was thought of as not having any emotions or own thought process. I thought that it was almost creepy that he was so infatuated with her. Then there was a scene in the book where he betrayed her in the name of science and I didn’t understand how Kaitlyn could forgive him. Overall. All in all Freak of Nature was a pretty good book and I would like to see a second book. I’ll also be looking into more books by this author in hopes that the other books are this good.
tiffany31 More than 1 year ago
This was my first time reading one of Julia Crane's books and I must say Freak of Nature was really good.So we have Kaitlyn who donated her body to science and i bet she didn't think she would wake up being half human and half robot. Then you have Lucas who is the one that helps program her and he has the hots for Kaitlyn. Good thing is she feels the same way about him and he makes her feel alive. All Kaitlyn wants is to make her own choices and she wants to do good things with what she has. How will it turn out for Kaitlyn and with Lucas in the mix. Get your copy now and find out for yourself. It was a different read but very good.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
cute story. Quick love story read.
imogenobsessed More than 1 year ago
Author Julia Crane’s new book “Freak of Nature” is original, action-packed, suspenseful, and just beautiful. “Freak of Nature” follows a half-machine half-robot, Kaitlyn, who is being made into a sort of “super solider” to be sold off to the government. The people that made her (the IFICS) are unaware however, that she has kept human emotions even after all of the “upgrades” that were done to her. Kaitlyn got into a tragic accident (which the details of are kept in the dark for most of the book) and had her life taken from her on the brink of death. Kaitlyn checked the “donate your body to science” option before she passed away, but she had no idea how far these scientists would go. Among the scientists there is a young boy genius named Lucas who Kaitlyn cannot stop having feelings for (even though they told her she can no longer feel). Lucas became Kaitlin’s hope, her alibi, and eventually he becomes so much more than that. “Freak of Nature” is a refreshing read, because it doesn’t truly fit the mold of a particular genre. It has romance, action, science, and suspense. Julia Crane’s writing has matured so much and it is a truly shown in her new book. Kaitlyn is so relatable even though she is half-robot, the love story aspect isn’t over the top or pushy, and Kaitlin’s strength is touching. I could go on forever about everything I loved about this book, but I think the readers just have to see for themselves. I am proud to say that I have jumped on Julia Crane’s ‘freak’ train, and I don’t think I ever want to get off.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I must say that I enjoyed this stiry more than I anticipated. The cyborg viewpoint vs humanity in different situations is refreshing. It brought a bit of appreciation for the complexity of the human mind. Things we take for granted on a daily basis. Interesting story with enough romance to keep it a real page turner.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
RosalindaO More than 1 year ago
i loved this book i can't wait to read the others!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
What happens when you make a person into a cyborg
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was more than the Six Million Dollar Man! A mixture of science and romance creatively imaging the fact that science is not the answer to everything.
desertsyl More than 1 year ago
Just couldn't get into this story.
ArtfulCodgerJT More than 1 year ago
This book turned out to be a pretty decent read. Although it was a little "predictable" at times, in all it was a great way to "waste" a day lost in the author's fantasy world. I would DEF recommend this book to a friend to read
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book was very well put together, the ending was perfect. I enjoyed the plot, and the story behind it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A must see for people who are for women empowerment , action , and romance.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I couldnt put this down, i read it all the time. I cant wait to read the next one to find out what happens. I gave this book a 1000000% awesome sign, it has cyborgs, romance, and action and it all comes together to make a great book. Whoever doesnt like this book can go die in a hole.
JBronder More than 1 year ago
Kaitlyn has become the first cyborg. She has had so many upgrades that she resembles a robot more than a girl. But there is a little part of her that she keeps hidden, afraid that they will try to take that away too. Thank fully Quess, the professor’s granddaughter, is at the compound for the summer. She knows that Kaitlyn has feeling and has been a friend when she needed one. Kaitlyn is also finding herself attracted to Lucas, the guy that has been working on all of her programming. But she is afraid to share those feelings because she is supposed to be a robot. Lucas also has feelings for Kaitlyn but no matter what tests are performed he sees no sign of human emotions. Then Kaitlyn learns that she is to be sold to the government and used as a black ops agent she panics. She tells Lucas that she has feelings and doesn’t want to leave him. Now they are trying to figure out what can be done in the best interest of Kaitlyn. I really liked this story. I really felt for Kaitlyn, although she understands the situation she still has the desire for free will. But she is trapped and afraid to lose the last part of herself. I liked Quess, she was such a kick in the shorts. I love how she is “teaching” Kaitlyn slang. The only thing I would say that I found as a draw back is the ending was a little too easy. This is a great story and a wonderful start to the series. I can’t wait to see what happens in Fractured Innocence.