Freaks of Nature

Freaks of Nature

by Wendy Brotherlin


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ISBN-13: 9781633920064
Publisher: Spencer Hill Press
Publication date: 05/05/2015
Series: Psion Chronicles Series , #1
Pages: 248
Product dimensions: 5.34(w) x 8.05(h) x 0.50(d)
Age Range: 12 - 18 Years

About the Author

Wendy Brotherlin is a screenwriter, music enthusiast and all around geek-goddess. She earned a Masters in Screenwriting at the University of Southern California and went on to write for children’s television including Nickelodeon’s Are You Afraid of the Dark?. Today, she lives in Manchester, Maine, with her husband and two little super-heroes-in-training. Freaks of Nature is her first novel.

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Freaks of Nature 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
eternalised More than 1 year ago
A great YA superhero / scifi novel. Devon was my favorite of all the characters, and I loved his quirky sense of humor. The plot was unique and entertaining, and not predictable at all. I’d like to read another psion adventure soon, so I’m looking forward to the next book. I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
mollymortensen More than 1 year ago
 A quick fun book that's part super powers and part dystopian. I've been on a super powers kick lately, so when I read the unique premise of Freaks of Nature I couldn't resist. And I wasn't disappointed! The good: The main story is told by Devon in third person, but the flashbacks are told in first, which easily could've been confusing but actually worked well. The voices of the five points of view were unique enough that I didn't confuse them. (Though it probably helped that I didn't put the book down much) The world felt very dystopian. (Maybe not for the teens, there was little illusion of good there) It must be hard to come up with original super powers and most of them had been done before, but they weren't boring and they all had something special about them. The psi-blade was the most unique, creating weapons and armor from their bodies, but my favorite was the plant talker.  I also liked Devon's personality best, (which is good since he's the main character) he'd been bullied relentlessly for his lame power at the facility, but he was still a strong good person. He's also the funniest, though most of the humor comes from his ability. (I loved the personalities of the plants!)  Nevada, a senator's daughter who acts out for attention came off a bit mean at first, but she was really a nice girl. I appreciated that in her flashback she was still true to herself and a bit abrasive at times. Alya the Romanian healer was a sweet girl and I liked her connection to Devon. There was a little romance and considering they'd only really known each other a few hours (circumstances notwithstanding) it did feel a bit fast, but it was sweet, so I liked it. The plot was fast paced and there were really only a couple of parts that I wanted to go a little faster. The Bad: Vahn's point of view was the most exciting, but it was also the longest. (A little too long if you ask me.) The action was well done, it was just missing that 'the character comes up with something cool/smart to win'. The author tried, but it fell a bit flat for me. The other point of view I didn't care for was Miguel's, but his was short and all of his preying was in italics so it was easy to skip. (Miguel is very religious and if he didn't have super powers he'd have been a padre) Point of View: Third (Devon) First (Vahn, Nevada, Alya, Miguel, Devon) Predictability: 3 out of 5 (Where 1 is totally unpredictable and 5 is I knew what was going to happen way ahead of time.) Source: Netgalley My Summary: In the future a vaccine caused teenagers to be born with bright blue eyes and super powers. The adults want to control these psions, so they're taken from their families and placed in facilities. Devon thinks he has the lamest power in the world, plant talker. After he escapes from a facility he's placed on a plane with other escapees. One is a mind reader named Bai Lee and she has a plan to escape. If the others agree to replay their escapes she'll let them go with her.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
What a fantastic debut! Th plot was fast-paced and full of action, the characters' voices were compelling and distinct, and such a cool concept. This would make a fantastic movie.
LadyBrady More than 1 year ago
I couldn't put this book down! I absolutely fell in love with Devon from the moment he started talking to plants! But once I met the other characters and saw the lives they led I was hooked. These powerful teens are all on the run from the Federal Government after a vaccine has given them psionic powers. There is a wind-walker, a girl who manipulates air, a healer, a psi-blade who can fashion the energy around him into any sort of weapon, two telepaths and Devon, the plant talker! The action scenes are punctuated with heart and a few belly laughs. I can't recommend this book highly enough!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
What a fun read!  The author's ability to transport the reader into the setting is amazing!  The descriptions are  detailed and complete.  The characters are all teenagers who have amazing psonic powers.   Each character tells their own tale in their own unique voice. My favorite character is Nevada and how after a few sentences you feel like you know her personally, just one of the many amazing characters the author has created.  I particularly enjoyed the amazing fight scenes set in a futuristic battle arena. I couldn't put the novel down.  I am looking forward to reading the future novels that will make up the Psion Chronicles