Freckles, Level 2

Freckles, Level 2

by Andrew Matthews



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Freckles, Level 2 by Andrew Matthews

Focus on the Family Great Stories are riveting novels from the past for today's readers. Each book features the complete text and, in convenient footnotes, present-day definitions for older words. They also include in-depth introductions that shed light on the authors and the times in which they lived and discussion questions.

Into a majestic forest wanders an orphaned young man known only as "Freckles." Arriving at the logging camp of Mr. McLean, he persuades the man to give him a job guarding the prized lumber, though Freckles has only one hand. Despite harsh conditions, Freckles soon falls in love with the forest, as well as a beautiful young girl. But he wonders if she could ever love someone like him—crippled, with no family or identity. A surprising turn of events leads Freckles to discover his courage, as well as answers to his mysterious past. Freckles, part of the Focus on the Family Great Stories collection, remains an unforgettable story of love, courage, and adventure.

Introduction and Afterword by Joe Wheeler

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780582426559
Publisher: Pearson ESL
Publication date: 03/28/2000
Series: Penguin Readers Series
Pages: 25
Product dimensions: 5.08(w) x 7.76(h) x 0.11(d)

Table of Contents

IWherein Great Risks Are Taken and the Limberlost Guard Is Hired1
IIWherein Freckles Proves His Mettle and Finds Friends25
IIIWherein a Feather Falls and a Soul Is Born51
IVWherein Freckles Faces Trouble Bravely and Opens the Way for New Experiences93
VWherein an Angel Materializes and a Man Worships157
VIWherein a Fight Occurs and Women Shoot Straight189
VIIWherein Freckles Wins Honor and Finds a Footprint on the Trail217
VIIIWherein Freckles Meets a Man of Affairs and Loses Nothing by the Encounter233
IXWherein the Limberlost Falls upon Mrs. Duncan and Freckles Comes to the Rescue265
XWherein Freckles Strives Mightily and the Swamp Angel Rewards Him281
XIWherein the Butterflies Go on a Spree and Freckles Informs the Bird Woman299
XIIWherein Black Jack Captures Freckles and the Angel Captures Jack321
XIIIWherein the Angel Releases Freckles, and the Curse of Black Jack Falls upon Her359
XIVWherein Freckles Nurses a Heartache and Black Jack Drops Out389
XVWherein Freckles and the Angel Try Taking a Picture, and Little Chicken Furnishes the Subject419
XVIWherein the Angel Locates a Rare Tree and Dines with the Gang439
XVIIWherein Freckles Offers His Life for His Love and Gets a Broken Body463
XVIIIWherein Freckles Refuses Love Without Knowledge of Honorable Birth, and the Angel Goes in Quest of it495
XIXWherein Freckles Finds His Birthright and the Angel Loses Her Heart533
XXWherein Freckles Returns to the Limberlost, and Lord O'More Sails for Ireland Without Him559

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